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Remember this?
I do.
Hell will freeze over before I vote @UKLabour again.

#LabourLeaks #RacistLabour Image
@LongTimeLefty made the graphic I used in that ☝🏻 tweet.
Apologies for not crediting you Lefty ♥️✊🏻
For anyone who doesn't know what the graphic is referring to.

"Mr Wadsworth's comment was later twisted to be anti-semitic, argues JvL, and he was suspended from the Labour Party."… Image
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Five years ago today, Theresa May announced she was making a statement in Downing Street ...

... despite repeated assurances that "I'm not going to be calling a snap election", she called a snap election 🧵
The subject of the statement was not announced, speculation swirled: Had a Royal died? Was she resigning? Was she calling a snap election?

May wanted a bigger majority to deliver Brexit, and said the election was about two issues: Brexit & leadership

The press was enthused
The pollsters at the time confirmed the confidence of the Tory press:

ComRes put the Conservatives on 50% and Labour on 25%.

YouGov had the Tories on 49% and Labour on 24%
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🧵 1) Our fourth episode examines the controversial Labour Party Regional Director for the South East, Teddy Ryan.

See our #BehindLabour reports every Wednesday, 1pm til 2pm every week, only on @Standup4Labour's show #NOTPMQs.

#Corruption #UKLabour
2) Behind Labour received many requests to look at Teddy Ryan, because of his central role in the #ItWasAScam hostile takeover of the Labour Party. Actioned with cash, logistical support, direction and encouragement from the right wing of the U.S. Democrat Party... shocking!
3) Ryan works as the South East Regional Director, out of their London-based office (yes we thought that was sad as well), after working underneath his partner Hollie Ridley in the East Of England Region. He makes MANY lofty claims about his achievements on his public profile.
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1/2. Jones was until last year the chief executive of Operose Health, the UK subsidiary of a US private health firm called Centene, which provides services including primary care to the NHS. She is also a former NHS trust chief executive. #StarmerOut #NHS…
2/2 Privatisation of the NHS: Centene’s UK interests include Circle Health Group (In January 2010, Gordon Brown as Prime Minister claimed: "Circle's provision of healthcare from the private sector is crucial to a 21st century health service") #StarmerOut…
3. Between May 2002 and June 2007, 281 PFI deals costing £8 billion were signed off by then Chancellor Gordon Brown. Which should have gone on front-line services instead. Jon Ashworth was a senior Special Adviser to the Treasury from 2002 to 2007. #StarmerOut #ItWasAScam
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1/2. The saboteurs in *2015* knowing Jeremy was about to win the leadership set up Labour Together a few days before. An anti-Corbyn, pro-Keir Starmer party within a party. Lobbyists for *private healthcare* Israel etc. Lisa Nandy is 1 of 4 Directors #NHS…
2/2. 2020: Nandy, a Director of Labour Together, when asked If she would have used the NHS documents uncovered during the election: “No, if I was making that decision, if Keir Starmer was making that decision,...of course we wouldn’t use them.” #StarmerOut…
3. Director of LT Lisa Nandy would NOT have used the NHS documents uncovered during the election.

Delegates overwhelmingly passed a motion explicitly condemning Israeli apartheid & calling for sanctions, including an arms embargo. Nandy & Starmer said NO
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1/12. WHAT? - Imran #Brickgate Ahmed is the “founding CEO of CCDH & SFFN”? - Riley's CCDH, submitted Sir Keir's 'death threat' documents to the police, also shares its address with Starmer's Labour Together (fined for hiding £800,000 invested by lobbyists)…
2/12. Updated: Imran “Imi” Ahmed is reputed to be the source of a prominent #FakeNews storyline which occupied the mainstream media through the summer of 2016. #Brickgate – or the trivial matter of a smashed communal stairwell window in Wallasey.…
3/12. Sep 2018 - Angela Eagle and her friend Imran Ahmed worked closely, and even wrote a book together.

Mark D'Arcy in conversation with Labour MP Angela Eagle and Imran Ahmed, discussing their new book The New Serfdom. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
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This latest scandal to break at the crisis-hit council stretches back 5 years and revolves around the often convoluted efforts by Alison Butler, the then cabinet member for housing, backed by a senior council finance director. #StarmerOut #CampaignCompany…
2. Conflicts of interest: Councillor Alison Butler failed to declare interests, despite family links to a consultancy handed hundreds of thousands of pounds:

The Campaign Company was formed by David Evans, Starmer's General Secretary. #StarmerOut…
3. Morgan McSweeney, a former managing director of Labour Together.

Between 2007 & 2009, McSweeney also worked as Director of Communities for the Croydon-based consultancy, The Campaign Company, owned by Starmer's GS, David Evans. #StarmerOut…
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An anti-Corbyn group fronted by former Labour MP Ian Austin spent more than £134,000. Mainstream UK, backed by Rachel Riley, hired PR firm Public First, ran polls as well as Facebook ads targeting Labour. Its last post was on election day #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
Rachel Riley's friend Lord Ian Austin and Ivan Lewis were both funded by Sir Trevor Chinn and #TheLobby. Riley's Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is registered at the same address as Starmer's 'party within a party' recently fined Labour Together.
Starmer is the leader of LFI. Matt Hancock, Sir Eric Pickles, Joan #TheLobby Ryan and Louise Ellman (Registerd as Director of Labour Friends of Israel) with some of Assaf Kaplan's friends. CFI & LFI. #StarmerOut
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October: Sun columnist and Labour Friends of Israel agent, Wes Streeting: "Every day, we should drag a sacred cow of our party to the town market place and slaughter it until we are up to our knees in blood." #StarmerOut #StreetingOut #TheLobby #LFI…
After Corbyn became leader in 2015, pro-Israel groups relentlessly attacked him & his supporters as anti-Semitic.

This defamation campaign ultimately succeeded.

#TheLobby declared victory, with one group claiming to have “Slaughtered” Corbyn. #StarmerOut…
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1/4. Independent Group/Change UK (TIG) received £1.5 million from David Garrard (property developer & BICOM executive) who met with Starmer's General Secretary in Sept 2020. Starmer's donor Lord Myners gave a 'significant' donation (records & donor emails destroyed) #StarmerOut
2/4. 2020 Sept: Garrard is due to meet Starmer’s acting General Secretary David Evans.

“I am particularly comforted by Sir Keir’s comments made during a meeting held with Labour Friends of Israel" (Garrard & Chinn both funds LFI) #StarmerOut #FordeReport…
3/4. Lord Myners: "I’ve given a significant amount of money.

"I don’t know how they’ll approach future elections but I like the idea of a party which brings together people like Chuka Umunna & Anna Soubry. #StarmerOut…
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1/3. Nichols lived in the US working for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Leaked emails show Chuka Umunna was in touch with the Clintons discussing Corbyn. Starmer's Compliance Chief, Mr ABC, worked for the Clintons & Owen Smith. #StarmerOut…
2/3. 2016: WikiLeaks releases a leaked email, Chuka Umunna MP approached Clinton’s campaign team in July 2015 to request a sit-down. It seems the staunch Jeremy Corbyn critic wanted to aid Hilary in defeating her socialist democratic rival, Bernie Sanders.…
3/3. Alexandre Barros-Curtis, Mr ABC (Anyone But Corbyn?) A lawyer for hedgefunds now rules Labour's GLU, above Evans. He was Starmer's data controller, worked for the Clintons, private healthcare lobbyist Owen Smith & Starmer's campaigns. #StarmerOut…
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"We lost that Gen Election under a barrage of media attacks..
We also lost because of the activities of the right in the Labour movement &elsewhere that undermined a Labour campaign that was about transforming our society&challenging elitist control of the media"


" @UKLabour party officials opposed to @jeremycorbyn worked to lose the 2017 general election in the hope that a bad result would trigger a leadership contest to oust him, a dossier drawn up by the party suggests..."

"A huge cache of leaked WhatsApp messages and emails show senior officials from the party’s right wing, who worked at its HQ, became despondent as Labour climbed in the polls during the election campaign despite their efforts."

2/2… Image
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1/5. Ben Nunn has now joined Lexington Communication, lobbyists for industry including private healthcare, ' opportunity for greater NHS – industry collaboration.'

'We can help you achieve this. We can help you to shape tomorrow.' #StarmerOut #NHS…
2/5. ' the NHS seeks to build back better, it will face significant challenges, necessitating new ways of working. A culture of collaboration and investment across the public and private sectors will prove essential to responding to these barriers.'…
3/5. Sept 2019 Greg Cook joined Lexington Communication. Greg Cook was part of the abusive misogynistic bullying of Diane Abbott including calling Diane “repulsive.” in the #LabourLeaks report. #StarmerOut #FordeReport…
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1/12. Sir Keir Starmer & his team exploited parliamentary rules so that Labour Party members were prevented from knowing his campaign was bankrolled by multi-millionaires (private healthcare etc.) with a history of opposing Corbyn, some even funded opposing parties. #StarmerOut
2/12. The £100,000 donation from Lord Waheed Alli wasn’t registered until 9 April, finally being published 14 April. By which time, of course, the leadership election was long over & the relevant information could have no effect on the result. #StarmerOut
3/12. Waheed Alli was also one of 64 Labour peers who signed a full-page advert in the Guardian denouncing Jeremy Corbyn for “allowing antisemitism to grow in our party and presiding over the most shaming period in Labour’s history”. Other Starmer donors signed too. #ItWasAScam
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June: Ex- Labour MP Mary Creagh awarded CBE for political service. The third highest honour which can be bestowed by the Queen. In 2019 Creagh said: " Jeremy we have a man without honour & without shame - and a type of preening narcissism" #StarmerOut…
Lady Tracey Allen was awarded an MBE in last New Years Honours list, joked about Corbyn staff being ‘ready to join the dole queue‘ after the 2017 general election – and looked forward to them being ‘ashen and in tears‘ after the the election. #StarmerOut…
2020: Served under Neil Kinnock & Tony Blair at Labour Party HQ. She returned to the Westminster environment to work for General Secretary Iain McNicol, now Lord McNicol of West Kilbride, politics being very much the business of the household. #StarmerOut…
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No amount of whataboutery, legislation around personal data nor focus on context; will erase the vile toxicity of those exposed by the #LabourLeaks report.
If you joked that a member would burn in a fire, that you would not 'piss' on them to put it out & wished for a petrol emoji; no data breach will take away from the fact that you are a disgusting individual. There is no context that would make it anything other than abhorrent.
If you laughed at the fact that one of the most abused black politicians had been reduced to tears & then decided to tip a 'journalist' as to her location; no data breach will absolve you from being vile & probably a racist.
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1/4. Trevor (BICOM) Chinn is regularly talked of as a Zionist and influencer for the Israeli government.

Chinn has given Labour Together £245,500 since August 2017. Chinn donated £50,000 to Starmer’s leadership campaign, also registered late. #StarmerOut…
2/4. During the 1980's a ‘triumvirate’ of Trevor Chinn, Gerald Ronson and Michael Levy played a part in the rightward shift of the Labour Party under Tony Blair – and perhaps some role in the party’s rapprochement with Israel. Blair and Levy👇.#StarmerOut Image
3/4. Angela Rayner & Tony Blair's Lord Cashpoint 'plot to topple Corbyn'. Rayner was spotted dining with Lord Levy at the House of Lords, Levy raised more than £100m for Tony Blair. Feb 2019 #LabourLeaks #TheLobby #StarmerOut Press Reader Link -…
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1/5. A key association in Labour Friends of Israel's powerbase is Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. The strategic alliance with New Labour was formed just before the 1997 election when Murdoch's The S*n and The Times switched sides to support Blair. #StarmerOut… Image
2/5. Taming The Media: Peter Mandelson praised Thatcher's intolerance towards the siege of Murdoch's union-busting Wapping plant by protesting printers. In the past Mandelson has appeared at pro-Israel rallies with the far-right former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. #StarmerOut Image
3/5. Lord Mandelson also happens to be a close friend of Elisabeth Murdoch - Rupert Murdoch's daughter, and given Murdoch's own investments in Israel and his close friendship with Ariel Sharon, the orientation of Murdoch's newspapers is predictably pro-Israel. #StarmerOut Image
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When antisemitism smears kicked in after 2015, it took most of us by surprise & we didn't call it out

By time we learned enough about the smearers & their tactics they already had a grip on the narrative & most ppl were afraid to challenge

But #ItWasAScam

Say. It. Loud.
I remember being attacked by Jeremy D*ns as an 'antisemite' for supporting Corbyn, really vile and vicious, quite scary. To be honest, these days I'd tell him to fuck off but when it was new to me it was disconcerting and I actually tried reasoning with him #ItWasAScam
And back then there were lots of memes & stuff about bankers etc, which many people hadn't realised were antisemitic tropes. Think we've been on a journey since then. But we ended up where you can't even use facts to criticise Israel without being called antisemitic from some
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"Evidence contained in two detailed reports now suggests that the Labour Party’s failings in handling antisemitism complaints were, in large measure, not the fault of Corbyn. On the contrary, it seems that it is some of his fiercest critics who have a case to answer. Yet they
are in receipt of considerable quantities of Labour Party funds, while it is Corbyn who has had the whip withdrawn.

The choice facing Martin Forde QC is a simple one. Does he obfuscate and distort - trusting that, as with the EHRC report, a complicit and
inept media will fail to probe and scrutinise his findings?

Or does he honestly investigate the reality of what happened within the Labour Party between 2015 and 2019 - no matter how embarrassing it is for Keir Starmer?" Peter Oborne
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The Labour Party smears me again. And thousands of other former members and members who were accused falsely of antisemitism for supporting the human rights of others. Pretty soon they won’t have any members at all!…
Like hundreds of thousands of others I joined the Labour Party in 2015 because I heard @jeremycorbyn speak. He was the first politician I had ever heard who was honest and respectful and answered every question asked sincerely. An intelligent, well read man.
A year later it suddenly became apparent that in spite of the smiles and applause at the time, Labour MPs weren’t going to stand for an honest leader. They resigned from his cabinet, one every hour, in a coordinated attempt to force him to resign.
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It is now a year since the Forde Report was first meant to be published.

Corrupt factional Labour Right!

Why has justice still not been delivered in regards to racism, bullying and internal sabotage that was revealed in the #LabourLeak, @Keir_Starmer?

It's such a Tory tactic for Keir Starmer to point to a dodgily indefinitely delayed report for the reason he has still, a year on, not taken action against those who when working in Party HQ not only sabotaged from within but behaved in bullying and racist ways. #Newsnight
⬆️ Justice delayed is justice denied according to Keir Starmer's original profession.

So where the hell is the Forde Report @Keir_Starmer?

We know the excuse for its INDEFINITE DELAY is bollocks!
#LabourLeaks #Newsnight
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1/5. 2020; Waheed Alli gave Angela Rayner £50,000.
2019; Alli was one of the 64 Labour peers, including Peter Mandelson & Iain McNicol, accusing Jeremy of leaving a legacy of antisemitism in the party and having “failed the test of leadership” #StarmerOut…
2/5. Name of donor: Waheed Alli

Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £50,000 for my campaign for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

Date received: 21 January 2020

Date accepted: 21 January 2020 #StarmerOut
3/5. Lord Waheed Alli also gave Keir Starmer £100,000, Alli worked with David Cameron at Carlton Communications & as part of Tony Blair’s election team. He co-founded Shine Limited with Elisabeth Murdoch daughter of Rupert Murdoch. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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May 2020. Kier Starmer’s appointments to the Forde panel questions their ‘Independence’. One shared anti-Corbyn message another opposed the left in the 1980s and was a leading figure in opposition to Labour’s Black sections. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut…
Panel member Baroness Wilcox, a firm supporter of Starmer for the Labour leadership, endorsed anti-Corbyn comments made by former GS Iain McNicol – one of the supposed targets of the investigation. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
Tribune editor Ronan Burtenshaw said that Larry Whitty, another member of the Forde panel, opposed the left in the 1980s and was a leading figure in opposition to Labour’s black sections. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
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