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Anon, participate on the @SwixDAO, second meme competition, here is a 🧵 with the rules, instructions and prizes ($$$)
2/ Rules:

1.- Nothing too obscene
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From me @townhallcom ✍️

Mainstream Media Blames Violent Video Games for the Buffalo Shooting, Science Says Otherwise🕹️🥼… #videogames #gaming #gamers #buffalosupermarket @TheQuartering @GenePark @YellowFlashGuy @loftipixels @Grummz @xpatriciah @stillgray
I report on the how MS media on both sides of the political spectrum blamed games for the Buffalo Mass Shooting,

I talked w/ @CJFerguson1111 a psychologist & expert researcher on the topic of games & psychology to get to the truth of the matter
Hint: Its absolutely 100% baloney🥪
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Why I became active in #politics

#civic action #government
via #Memes #PhotoModeMonday

a 🧵
Inspired by @Teri_Kanefield
2/ I was raised Catholic and believe in this (ctto via reddit)

Love thy neighbor.
All neighbors. No exceptions.

If I really hated them then I just did not hang out w them 🤷🏻‍♀️. No hateful speech or hateful laws.
3/ Most of my family in Texas is religious, republican, & single issue voters. Anti abortion, no matter what. Even if M@ga Trumpism breaks all the other 9 commandments.

I hate that I now have to discuss forced-birth issues w beloveds.

I'm a social entrepreneur #feminist
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My latest @townhallcom ✍️

All Hail the Doge King of Twitter! 👑
What Elon Musk should do ASAP to Free Twitter🐦… @BillyM2k @MattWallace888 @elonmusk @JackPosobiec @ConceptualJames @BlueBoxDave @benshapiro @michaeljknowles @chadfelixg #ElonMusk
For @elonmusk to succeed in his quest to "Make Twitter Free Again" he needs to make big changes at Twitter & make em fast💨

Establishment & Twitter's employees will do everything they can to thwart him
#ElonMuskBuysTwitter #ElonMusk @LibertarianBlue @MrAndyNgo @wil_da_beast630
Most important part:
To End the Shadow Bans, Document Everything

Musk must immediately prioritize the archiving, documentation, and release of Twitter’s algorithm and censorship records as soon as possible.… @elonmusk @libsoftiktok @TheQuartering
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1/ Swix #DAO and memetic warfare, a 🧵
2/ Is 2022, memes are crucial for every project, every political campaign, every business.
Sure, we are early, because most businesses or political actors don't do it or do it poorly, which is to our advantage.

In this thread I will tell you what is a meme and why they matter.
3/ First, what is a meme? This is the wiki definition.

“A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme. A meme acts as a unit...
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Mega RE-CAP 🧵
@RaoulGMI & @Punk6529

Full interview, 2hr22 @RealVision
CAUTION: Knowledge bombs 💣🤯

NFTs are critical to our freedom.

Crazy? Hyperbolic? Read on.

2/ #NFTs 101 📚

All modern society runs on databases. Our lives are organised by thousands of databases connected to the internet. Bank accts, Uber, Airbnb, Google, etc.
3/ 1000s of trusted third parties (TTPs) can access your data.

The amount of money in your bank account. Property ownership. Citizenship. All centralised systems. TTPs control your digital identity.
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the 🧊 $icETH meme competition is complete

here are the top 10 that made the shortlist 🧵
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I am Rafee. An indigenous activist and herbalist.
My mission is reconnecting the indigenous American, falsely classified as black, back to land history and culture through the use of indigenous remedies. #FBA #ADOS #SaveMasonTN #SecureTheTribe order here👉🏾
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I’m seriously itching for some decent #memes..

So here’s an easy chance to make some #crypto if you can me smile…

Here’s the #meme competition details

The “make me happy” Comp:


Create a #meme about taxes in the #nfts and #crypto space. It’s gotta be funny, simple and somewhat informative….(I need to smile)

The prize: 8.88 $APE

*Will select winner after 10+ are posted…..

Happy to use the #Twitter Retweet Picker..

Or we can go with selecting the best out of the top 3 most likes and/or #RT posts.

So it won’t be entirely bias…sounds fair… coz it’s to lighten me up too..

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Yesterday @SpyWolfNetwork had an #AMA with @PoorQuack. It turned out to be a session full of valuable information, which deserves to be spread further around.

So here we go! Slightly edited here and there to save some space. Enjoy the ride!

$POOR #PoorQuack #CryptoNews
Intro by Gyro Gearloose, [9-3-2022 19:08]:
@PoorQuack is all in one #Ecosystem where we are attempting to make it easier for #investors to #research crypto projects and avoid #scams whilst allowing holders to earn via #DeFi.

$POOR #PoorQuack #cryptocurrency #Web3 #Metaverse
We also have entered the #NFT space with our own #NFTcollection and all of these will have #utility within our own #Ecosystem.

The #NFTmarketplace V2 will be released soon and this will allow third party #NFTs like the #OpenSeaMarket.

$POOR #PoorQuack
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#Memes எங்கருந்துடா யோசிக்கிறீங்க 🤭🤭🤭 எல்லாம் எவ்ளோ ஃபேமசான டையலாக்ஸ் 😂😂😂😂 A #Thread to laugh 😂
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Hoe verder met @KB_Nederland in de toekomst? Geen depotwetgeving voor een nationale bibliotheek in Nederland betekent alleen selectieve #webarchivering en heel veel handwerk van o.a. @trienka @bitsgalore @Sophies_posts.… #webarchivingwednesday 2/
De afgelopen jaren hebben we de selectie van #webarchivering bij @KB_Nederland verbreed, verdiept en verbeterd, en gezocht naar wat alsnog kon worden bewaard. Over het onderzoek naar verbetering zie het artikel met @BarbaraSierman
#webarchivingwednesday 3/ Image
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Don't tell @KevinSvenson_ I posted this troll mash-up of MEME content for the "Hopium: Last Day Before Bear Market"

Hope he's kind enough to let the video stay up if he finds out 😂

#Crypto #Bounce #BearMarket #hopium #itsOVER #itsNOTover #deadmarket

Disclaimer: This video is NOT endorsed by Kevin Svenson Crypto - however I am a community manager in discord/VIP-chat for patreons. I made this as a joke/troll for the community. Please consider joining below to support the joke.
and the original content creator Kevin Svenson Crypto. Cheers.

This video is brought to you by DeFi Money-Printer if you enjoyed this content, please consider subscribing to Kevin Svenson Crypto on these platforms ⬇️⬇️⬇️

• Youtube: (SUBSCRIBE!)
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I am no longer in the core team

I wrote this article, knowing that it might cause me to be removed -- and announced it publicly without any permission

The core team voted on me being removed, and I resigned.

I'd like to explain why I wrote it:
I wish I could have reached consensus with the rest of the core contributors before posting that, but I wrote that article at 2am, and I reached out to everyone in the core team who happened to be online (only 2 others)
I acted unilaterally because I thought that it was *extremely* important to get that idea out there in time, since we are so limited on time.

The idea itself isn't anything novel, anyone could have had it, and people have been doing it for a long time.

Here's what it is:
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Quote: "[.] populations that received mRNA vaccines according to standard EUA intervals, our data suggest that vaccine effectiveness against any symptomatic disease is considerably lower against the delta variant and may wane over time since vaccination."… Image
"Breakthrough Infections of SARS-CoV-2 Gamma Variant in Fully Vaccinated Gold Miners, [.]"

Illustrates importance of allowing infection and natural broader immunity of low-risk people, to reduce variant circulation and protect the vulnerable vaccinated.… Image
"Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity"

"Natural immunity affords longer lasting & stronger
protection [.] compared to BNT162b2 two-dose immunity."

Spike-only focus=#fail.
Natural immunity 🎯 M & N Protein. #BigPharma=#noobs?… Image
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* * * * * * THE 13 TYPES OF NFTS * * * * * *
* * * * & Why They Matter to Investors * * *

1/ This is a summary of my looong video on the 13 types of NFTs with the main takeaways.

(Video here: )
#NFTCommunity #NFTinvesting #NFTs

... 13 circular images representing the thirteen types of NFTs.
2/ I divide the 13 NFT categories into:

#NFTs that already move significant amounts of $$$

#NFTs that are not moving much $$$ but show promise

... Diagram. At the top is written: 'NFT TYPES'. In the left col

Comprises #digitalart but also #jpegs of physical art (photographed canvases, illustrations...) sold as jpegs on NFT marketplaces

Due to megasales like @Beeple's this category got all the headlines during the 1st NFT Mania of Feb-Apr'21

Then focus moved to On the left sales page for a painting of Sean Jantzi on the
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This #meme shows an 'experiment' on #GMO 🌽.

It went #viral multiple times in the last decade.

Do we see a scientific study by 'students in England'❓

I found who took these pictures. How? 👇👇👇 1/..

#GeoLocation 🌎
#Verification 📸
#SpeurJeMee? 🧐 #HowToOSINT
We'll look for the original context 1⃣ AND we'll examine whether this 'experiment' meets the scientific standard 2⃣. 2/...
1⃣ To find the original context, we need to find who posted this picture first.

You always start this kind of investiagion with muliptle (!) Reverse Image Searches. Always use #Google, #Yandex, #TinEye (👇) and #Bing. 3/...
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Are you up for some thrilling challenges?🌚
Five New Frontiers for NFTs has put together a series of challenges for you.🤜🤛
NEAR DEVs is sponsoring the twentythird obstacle that you'll encounter.🥳
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #MEMES #cryptocurrecy #webdevelopment #Web3 #Bitcoin
So whats there in the #challenge🤔
🔘Let's collaborate on articles that will #assist new NEAR developers.
🔘You are free to write on anything #NEAR-related. Perhaps how-to manuals for NEAR, or tips and #techniques from building smart contracts on NEAR.
It's just a matter of time before you go for the #stars.
🔘The protocol #NEAR is fantastic. People should be aware of a variety of #aspects. Let's write about topics that #interest you but aren't often discussed.
We understand that you have a lot to say.
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Are you up for some thrilling challenges?🌚
Five New Frontiers for NFTs has put together a series of challenges for you.🤜🤛
DevCo is sponsoring the twenty-oneth obstacle that you'll encounter.🥳
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #MEMES #Crypto #blockchains #webdevelopment #Web3 #Bitcoin Image
So whats there in the challenge🤔

🔘Make a metaverse using 3js, Mozilla, A-frame, or any other MIT open source technology with a #web3 component. Be inventive; the #blockchain is a tremendous tool, and the metaverse is a fantastic replica of #human existence.
#Web3 plugins for current metaverse platforms, such as #Mozilla Spoke, are part of this challenge.
🔘Wallet integration, the capacity to establish digital Daos in the metaverse, the ability to protect smart contracts, digital currencies and tokens,the tokenization of digital
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* * * * * HOW TO BUY RARE PEPES * * * * *

1/ Since my last thread went viral,
I've been receiving a continuous stream of DMs from people asking how to buy #RarePepes

So here goes the most succinct & simple overview that I could put together

#NFTcommunity #NFTcollector Pepe The Frog with the text 'How to Buy Pepes'

#RarePepes are the first Art project in the history of NFTs.

They were also very popular—in that sense, they were to Bitcoin what #CryptoPunks are to Ethereum.

This makes their rediscovery one of the greatest opportunities in #NFTs at the moment.
... Timeline showing different NFT projects. RarePepes appears a

Because they were damn difficult to buy!

Bitcoin wasn't initially conceived for NFTs,
so until very recently, you needed to get into complex interfaces that kept non-techie investors away.

All of this has changed... Screen capture of a Bitcoin/Counterparty user interface.
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New thread with #memes and screenshots that are ‘collection worthy’ because of their brilliance or humour. Or because they expose the true nature of the #transcult #sexnotgender
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🧵1/ #躺平 lying flat [thread in progress]

In #China Gen Y-Z are tired of the rat race

"New Non-Cooperation Movement"

#Memes and Music ImageImageImage
🧵2/ #躺人 "lying flat" – #censorship

"Lying Flat" was quickly censored on both Douban and Weibo.

Within 24 hours, four 'Lying Flat’-themed Douban groups were suspended.

For background: see @SixthTone
@SixthTone 🧵3/ #躺人 lying flat

#LyingFlat is becoming a social movement of young people rejecting the #CCP's "Chinese Dream" 中国梦.

Xi Jinping announced this ideal in late 2012 to lead China's “great rejuvenation.”…
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