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͟͟͞͞➳❥ ~ Be My Cupid ~ ♡ [ #Jikook AU ]

Goody two-shoes jimin realizes he's just a nerd, no good for anyone. so he asks the infamous playboy jeongguk to help him be good enough for his crush to like him in return of helping him with his fallen grades in math.


gays 4 u
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͟͟͞͞➳❥ ~ There for you ~ ♡ [ #Jikook AU ]

Jimin & Jeongguk are best friends since seven years. what were to happen if they decided to find each other the loves of their lives and set each other up with them. but deep down, are they really okay with the said idea?
okay so very firstly, this is my first ever au so please go soft on me :( secondly, i'm sure you're gonna love the plot i have for you. this is basically an indian bollywood movie "JAANE TU YA JAANE NA" inspired au, i just made it a bit english young rom-com movie like.
Also, please ignore the dates and time in the social medias. Lastly, give it a shot, i'm sure y'all gonna love it thank you x 💕
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「 better than this 」 ✧ #jikook au ✧

—boxer jk has been slacking lately so his assistant hires a coach for him, not expecting it to be jimin, the shy guy he once rejected in high school.


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Jeon Jungkook runs into the schools prude, Park Jimin, at a sex shop. They both end up fighting over a limited edition sex toy.
Okay but I actually want to complete one no matter how crappy it is ✋🏼🥺

- crack!
- angst? Nsfw? Be aware 🤷🏽‍♀️
- ignore time stamps
- no update schedule

- if anyone even reads this,, don’t be a ghost reader! Interact please!

-I hope this isn’t crap LMAOO ENJOY!!
{ #jikookau #jikook }

0. Twitter profiles
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🖤 Bad Boy 🖤
~ jikook AU ~

Jungkook is a worldwide known rapper with a very strict bad boy act to maintain. Jimin needs help finding the cute guy who changed his tire.
this will be hopefully short x)
- will include 18+ language
- the 4 main characters are jimin, jk , take and Namjoon. The other three will be mentioned but not important #jikook #jikookAU
Our 4 main characters
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ℑ𝔣 𝔴𝔢 𝔥𝔞𝔳𝔢 𝔢𝔞𝔠𝔥 𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯 [ jikook au ]
Jungkook is the son of the principal of a prestigious private school.
Jimin comes from a conservative religious family.
When their (not so) different lives intertwine, can they manage to be each other’s safe place?
— Warnings ⚠️ !!
— two different worlds
#jikook #jikookau
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social media au where jungkook is the new kid in school and jimin wants to ask for his number..but then there's jimins twin brother, who also wants jungkook.
yes these are yoogis eyes😣
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「 rainbows 」 ✧ #jikook au ✧

— in which Jimin’s last year of college consists of writing a story based off of someone else, and he gets assigned to live with Jeon Jeongguk, the controversial rapper, for half a year.


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jikook au in which jimin and jungkook are the most famous idols and they're rivals, they always talk about each other meanly, they always avoid each other when there's cameras around but one day both of them are caught coming out of an hotel late night all sweaty and smily
if someone is interested what would you prefer

#jikook au 』
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「 chasing after you • jikook au 」

Jungkook, a clout chasing you-tuber decides to do the "confessing to my best friend" prank on Park Jimin, not knowing Jimin has had a huge crush on him for the past 3 years.
📍before this au starts: please do not reply to my thread, ONLY quote
jk + jm profiles —
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bored, boarding

✧ jikook au in which delinquent jungkook always skips school and parties, until his parents have had enough of him so they decide to send him to a posh boarding school, where a rivalry forms between him and the popular kids led by jimin

#jikookau #jikook
would anyone read this? #jikookau #jikook
~ i have never been to a boarding school and do not claim to know what they are like this is merely fiction
~ i’ll try to update everyday or every other day but if i can’t then i’m sorry
~ hair colors + time stamps don’t matter
~ social media + maybe written?
~ maybe short
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「 might get lost without you 」✧ jikook au ✧

— where rapper jungkook releases a mixtape with song about mysterious boy.
before you read:
– angst, fluff, slight nsfw 🔞
– only quote, don't reply
– side ships: namjin, nayeon x momo, vhope
– time stamps dont matter

#jikookau #jikook
— jm's & jk's profiles

#jikookau #jikook
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「 love game 」 ✧ #jikook au ✧

— in which taehyung, hoseok and yoongi realise they’re all dating the same guy; jeongguk.
So they come up with a plan to make him fall in love with jimin, the school’s nerd, and then break his heart.
— this au is inspired by the movie “john tucker must d*e”!
Remember that the characters are all fictional and vv different to the real members of bts. If you want to talk about this au you can create a hashtag and i’ll go through the tag! Have fun reading it 💌

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─ jikook au

「 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚢𝚘𝚞 」

➴ where jimin & jeongguk overhear how jimin’s boyfriend has been cheating on him & jeongguk wants to cheer him up but thing is... jimin can’t stand jeongguk
- this is my first au sooo
- ignore time stamps & all that
- sorry for any mistakes
jimin + jeongguk
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jikook au

high school au where jimin is the art teacher and jungkook is the photography teacher

one day jungkook is teaching the class with a powerpoint

and on the slide is the wrong file attached of a very flatter picture of jimin

#jikook #jikookau #kookmin #kookminau

(jungkook has too many pretty pictures of jimin) #jikook #jikookau #kookmin #kookminau
should I continue this?
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「 dawn 」 ✧ #jikook au ✧

— in which Jimin comes back to Seoul after two years and Jeongguk’s nephew really wants to take particular acting lessons.
— 💌

Before you continue, this is the sequel to my previous au “twilight” !! Go back to read that one to know the full story since the vv beginning <3 i love u guys and have fun reading he continuation of their story!❤️

jimin two years later
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💫「 apology tour 」💫 —jikook au

in which struggling photographer jeon jungkook goes on tour with his bestfriend taehyung, not realizing how much his life is going to change on the road, especially when he meets backup vocals and dancer, park jimin
- fluff, angst, crack and nsfw wrapped into one
- will put warnings when needed!
- my first AU, so be nice pls 🥺
- social media + written parts

#jikookau #jikook
- profiles! pt 1 💫

#jikookau #jikook
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jikook / kookmin au

- that one where jimin drunk texts the wrong number and ends up texting idol Jeon Jungkook, and the one where Jungkook is ‘Jeongguk’ instead.

#jikook #kookmin
anyways should i do it
#jikook #kookmin

- will contain nsfw ‼️
- tropes: strangers to friends to lovers, jealousy, dancer!jimin, idol!jungkook
- will include angst but at a later time
- idk how long this will be, but i have a lot of fun ideas for it :)
- side ships: taegi, namjin, yoonmin
- enjoy :)
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[ #jikook #jikookau ]

❅ ice cold ❅

rich and, very, straight ceo jungkook is the single father of a troublesome 6-year-old. he’s known for his cold personality, but that seems to melt away when he meets park jimin, his son’s new tutor.
❄️ more info:
- plz do not mind hair colours and time stamps
- there will be full writing!
- side ships taegi (namseok?)

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Alpha's Baby, Beta's Baby
[🔞JiKook AU]

Beta Jeong Guk is starting his first year at Seoul Arts. He's already got a place to stay, his class schedule, and a solid idea of how the next four years will go.

Falling in love with beautiful alpha Ji Min was never part of his plan.
I'll be starting this soon!
#jikook #kookmin #jikookau #KookminAu
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🌼𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐚 (𝐈 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐰 𝐚 𝐟𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫)🌼


Taehyung has Hanahaki, and the flowers are Jungkook's favourite white dahlias.
Hoseok is determined to cure him, but it doesn't quite go according to plan...

#vhope #jikook
This has one of my favorite moodboards ever that the wonderful @vhope_twtt was kind enough to make for me 💜💜💜

Chapter 1 Hanahaki:…
Chapter 2 Flowers:…
Chapter 3 Tears:…

#vhope #btsau
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「 twilight 」 ✧ #jikook au ✧

— in which a scandal involving olympic swimmer jk and actor jm breaks out, which makes both of them meet for the first time.


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My Galaxy●○

[Jikook AU]

An universe in which Jimin is kissed by the sun and Jungkook is kissed by the moon.
Jimin sleeps through the night and Jungkook sleeps through the day.

How will their paths cross?

#jikook #kookmin #jikookau
My Galaxy - jikook au Trailer

"Its nearly impossible to be together with the night if you're kissed by the light "

(Repost - audio redo)

#jikookau #jikook #kookmin

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In which Jungkook is a rich kid who likes to party and try his borders. Jimin is a poor guy who loves to dance. What will happen when those world collide.

#jikook #jikookau
Disclaimer :

My friend @yunajinnie will write the Yoonjin parts of this AU and I am looking forward to it ♡ love you

-i'm not native in English
-fictional universe
-don't like don't read!



Quote only/don't comment
Their profiles

#jikook #jikookau
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