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The public’s help is needed to raise awareness of persecuted whistleblower, Reality L Winner, on 2nd anniversary of her arrest. Where: Washington DC, 7pm local time in Lafayette Square to raise awareness for the unjust treatment of this US Air Force Veteran & TruthTeller.
If you can't join in DC, as there's still plenty you can do:
-Organize your own local gathering. Bring signs and tell everyone you see about Reality Winner’s sacrifice. (Don't forget to tag @standbyreality on Twitter so your photos can be shared!)
-Write to your local representatives about the unjust persecution of whistleblower Reality Winner. Request their voices in seeking #Justice4Reality through #Clemency4Reality. and @resistbot on Twitter are great places to reach out to them.
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So let me get this straight, AGAIN!

Our electoral process was invaded by a foreign enemy via an interference of phishing attacks.

Then the one person whom seen this attack, knew at that moment there are no provisions of whistleblower protections for her, as a NSA Contractor.
But she still decided that it was such a threat that #WeThePeople had a right to know, so she sent this [overly] classified doc to a news source...and then the very next day the EAC tweeted out an alert, hash- tagged her name as credit for finding the said attack
Then Mueller confirmed the attack by the Russians as evidence by the indictments against them...
Now we are finally getting info of the penetration into the Florida states (of which this selfless Patriot already told us).
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1/ I was thinking about how #RealityWinner's plea deal included not being able to appeal her conviction. Then I came this part of an article I was reading. Conservatives ❤ "by the book." SCOTUS needs Constitutional textualism to understand Right vs Wrong.…
2/ Now take into consideration Am citizens Constitutional 6th Ammendment Right to a fair trial. Among others,it lists these necessities for a fair trial: Not to bare witness to ourselves and to be heard by unbiased,impartial judge in a reasonable amount of time.
3/ So even if #RealityWinner accepted a plea deal with one of the stipulations being that she cld not appeal, she still should be able to appeal on the grounds that her 6th Ammendment Rights were violated due to not receiving a fair trial.
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1/#RealityWinner tried to warn us of RussianHacking.She was denied bail for over a yr before taking responsibility for telling us the truth & changing her plea. Since the day the group of all male, mostly armed FBI agents boxed in her car after a grocery trip, she's been ignored.
2/ Starting w asking those armed men if she was being arrested,she never received an answer, nor read her Miranda Rights & her admission was admissable in court .
While in jail #RealityWinner has been denied medical attention, denied proper nutrition...
3/ ...& even denied her 1/2 hr of sun she's supposed to get everyday. She's had her mail held back bc the gaurds feel overwhelmed when there are too many letters. (Ya know bc they have to open & read them all.) From the court side of things, she's been denied witnesses,
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So our govt is lauding to a leak that #RealityWinner is accused of blowing the whistle on(Russian hacking)&saying it *was* in the publics best interest to know,yet she *still* faces 10yrs,denied bail4x,not mirandized,silenced&slandered. #justice4reality…
Following,will be excerpts from this @theintercept article. Yes,thats the outlet where #RealityWinner is alleged 2have released proof of #RussianHacking 2.Theyve since had thier parent company investigate&donated $50k,which dsnt last long,2 Re's defense.
So states understood a threat existed, but didn't understand how serious this threat was (although some ppl knew of these cyber threats well before that.) DHS warning wasnt "sufficient"& state election officials weren't notified til Sept'17. #RealityWinner was arrested in June'17
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