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Coronavirus hoax was planned under ‘Department of Legacy’ as a Pandora’s box in case a Republican President or any anti-establishment President was elected. @oppenspeaks
“When necessary, unleash virus in order to rapidly hamstring any successful anti-establishment President. This would predictably erase any major economic achievements, making reelection harder. As this goes on, install a standard bearer establishment nominee.”@oppenspeaks
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MP Andril Derkach Makes Conversations Between Petro Poroshenko, Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton Public▫️

Presents Statement on Being Handed Records on International Corruption & Treason at Highest Levels▫️

Former Pres. of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, Boasted to Biden That He Raised Tariffs on Ukrainian People & Makes New Conditions Contingent on Receiving $1Billion in Order for Biden & His Son to Continue Receiving Political “Cover” for Involvements in Gas Company #Burisma
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This is ridiculous! Here we go again another partisan hack. They are a dime a dozen. Another disgruntled employee whose advice wasn’t listened to for he feels he knows best. #RickBright #Whistleblower
Bright isn’t a whistleblower and any one can predict we are going to have a rough winter. That prediction is made every year the flu and how many people get the flu shot?
When will the left blame China? #ChinaLiedPeopleDied
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EXCLUSIVE: New #Fauci #Whistleblower Steps Forward 👇💥

People of Miami were sprayed needlessly for the sake of 'optics' since South Florida is so dependent on tourism, #fauci told Dr. Michael Hall.

Listen To @Hallongevity speak about his personal convo with #FauciTheFraud 👇
#Fauci Whistleblower @Hallongevity sued #Fauci & FL officials in 2017. The lawsuit prompted the cessation of months on end spraying of the organophosphate NALED.

Incidentally, there were no cases of ZIKA in the region where Dr. Michael Hall lived.
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The #CCPCoverUp led to a #Pandemic that now threatens the lives of people around the globe. See through the deception, and keep yourself and your family truly informed. (Thread👇)

Let's reject the #CCP.

Sign the petition:
The #CCPLied about the origin of the outbreak and covered it up, costing the world 6 valuable weeks of preparation.

The #CCPVirus started in central #China, and might have been contained there—but instead, it was allowed to spread, creating a #GlobalPandemic.
Unfortunately, the #CCPVirus is only the tip of the iceberg.

For decades, the #CCP has been actively undermining the economies, #NationalSecurity, and moral fabric of nations around the world.

Sign the petition:
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The @CIA's #InspectorGeneral has taken over a year to clear the release of a House Intelligence Committee report which contradicts the key conclusion of the intelligence community assessment on #Russian interference in the 2016 election. (Thread👇)…
The January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), prepared at the behest of President @BarackObama, claimed that #Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump.
The House Intelligence Committee’s public report on #Russia had already challenged the analytic tradecraft behind this central claim and suggested that the process of arriving at the assessment was not free of political interference.…
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‘Surveillance Capitalism’

“Shadow Game & Real Game”

“Our residual data is being sold; not to us, to unknown 3rd parties that also sell”

“Subliminal cues embedded for language &word manipulation that can change real world behavior & emotions for profit”

“This power being exercised, methods used while bypassing user awakeness...Processes have been disguised, operate in stealth... engineered to be indecipherable, undetectable to create ignorance in users”
“Google pioneered/invented surveillance capitalism...Google Earth started as “Keyhole” which was a CIA invested startup...Pokemon Go was a large scale experiment on a global scale experiment in “economics of action” using remote control means to automate & engineer behaviors”
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🤔If @Crux41507251 was truly a whistleblower, would he still be working in #Hollywood?

I went to IMDB & realized that I've been to #MarkSmith's house for dinner. Back in 2002, an ex was working on Equilibrium.
Incidentally, #outoftheshadows #missionstatement:

"This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals."

Whose blood, sweat, and tears?

#outoftheshadows indeed

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Obviously, this is all ... WRONG! It is NOT supposed to work this way. Yes, the U.S. federal procurement system is flawed (as is any large, complex system involving humans), but ... this is extraordinarily inappropriate (and dispiriting) information. /1
/2 In the (current) dystopia of @realDonaldTrump-world, the fight for survival among businesses related to the #Covid_19 fight — and for a slice of the billions of (taxpayer) dollars going out the door — is about political influence.😡…
/3 😡There's growing evidence that Trump and his aides are using his authority over both the contracting and allocation processes for political gain.😡…
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@JoeBiden you mean like the Neo-Nazis you hired in the #Ukraine revolution?
The C!A backed Coup de'ta that funded and armed neo-nazis in #Ukraine
This is very well known in #Ukraine.
So let's talk about who "REALLY" supports white supremacists #Biden
Remember when Fake Conservative John McCain and Fake #Whistleblower #EricCiaramella went on your behalf to meet with the leader of the neonazi group the Svoboda party.
Then you had a follow up trip to #Ukraine with McCain.

#Ukraine flag in background
The party leader is Oleh Tyahnybok and so everyone is clear nazis are NOT conservatives and are NOT right wing. They are #socialists and should be labeled far-left.
Next to @AOC
@JoeBiden doesn't want you to look into Ukraine because you will run into some very familiar names
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#Whistleblower Bryan Kofron Explains What’s Going on With Highly Classified Programs Operated by our Own Government in Social Engineering Programs/Scenarios Without our Permission▫️

#TargetedIndividuals #GangStalking #VoiceToSkull #DEW #FrequencyWeapons

“Estimates of #TargetedIndividuals in Seattle, Washington area are 300-400 people being surveilled 24/7. Estimates nationwide are 1-2 million people that are being targeted by these energy frequency weapons, stalked, harassed, have career sabotage campaigns run against them, etc”
“Highly intelligent people are selected for these programs, even PhDs who are outspoken critics of prevailing science theories, etc. Seattle is a concentrated hub for this research & development that utilizes emotion, thought & behavioral manipulation.”
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1/ Who were the individuals working at the National Intelligence Council during the coordination of the Intelligence Community Assessment of 2016? Image
2/ The National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia was @JuliaGurganus, who is currently on sabbatical from the @CIA.… ImageImage
3/ Gurganus's Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia was @AKendallTaylor, a CIA analyst.… ImageImage
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The #Chinese regime has muzzled citizens who have sought to reveal the true situation of the #CCPVirus outbreak that originated in #Wuhan.

Those suppressed include #Whistleblower doctors, citizen #Journalists, scholars, and business people. (Thread👇)…
Dr. Li Wenliang

“Seven ‘SARS-like’ cases from the Huanan seafood market have been confirmed,” he wrote on Dec. 30, 2019 on @WeChatApp.

#LiWenliang was among the first people to publicize information about the #CCPVirus outbreak in #Wuhan.
The police statement said he had violated the law.

“Don’t go against the authorities, don’t wear masks, don’t make careless remarks,” hospital colleague Zhao Chen recalled a department director as saying, after #LiWenliang was summoned by police.
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#Thread #धागा #कोरोना_व्हायरस

जगभरात आज पाच लाखाहून अधिक मानवी जीव कोरोना विषाणूने ग्रस्त आहेत तसेच पंधरा हजार पेक्षा अधिक जणांना आपले प्राण हकनाक गमवावे लागले आहेत.

ह्या विषाणूंचा प्रसार चीन देशाने UN आणि WHO च्या संगमताने कसा कट रचून केला ह्यावर उजेड टाकणारा हा थ्रेड !
ज्यांना माहिती नाही त्यांच्या साठी - पहिल्या ट्विट मधले छायाचित्र आहे WHO चे डायरेक्टोरेट जनरल डाॅ टेड्राॅस घेब्रीयेसूस.
डोळ्यावर चीनी झेंड्याची पट्टी बांधलेला त्यांचा फोटो आज जगभर वायरल झाला आहे.
तर चला आपण हा वायरस चीनने जगभर कसा पसरवला हे जाणून घेऊ.

तर अशी आहे #क्रोनोलाॅजी
कोरोना विषाणूने प्रादूर्भाव झाल्याची पहिली केस चीनच्या #वुहान प्रांतात नोव्हेंबर २०१९ मधे समोर आली. वुहान प्रांत चीनचा एक मोठा प्रसिद्ध Business Hub आहे ज्याची लोकसंख्या एक कोटीच्या आस पास आहे.
दिवसागणिक केसेस वाढत गेल्या आणि ३० डिसेंबर २०२० पर्यंत कित्येक डझनभर केसेस समोर आल्या.
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Part 1 {Thread to Document}:

Joe Biden, Biden Family, Burisma #Corruption

“Report Shows Joe Biden Stole $140 Million From US Federal Treasury & Transferred the $$ to Rosemont Seneca, Purportedly
For Bank Bailouts & Then to His Personal Account in the Cayman Islands”

“Financial records showing a Ukrainian natural gas company routed more than $3 Million to American accounts linked to Hunter Biden, younger son of Then-VP Joe Biden, who managed US-Ukrainian relations for the Obama administration.”
“Biden’s son served on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings.”

“Records show that then-VP Biden pressured Ukrainian officials in March 2016 to fire the prosecutor who oversaw an investigation of Burisma Holdings & who planned to interview Hunter Biden...
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Information About Possible Child Database: Screenshots From Anonymous Source 3/22/2019

“CHAI..IBM holds the information..Diane Olsen was gatekeeper...Epic a huge gate... ....

@POTUS @DonaldJTrumpJr (Photo from “Silent Children’)
“or ...They take kids thru medical systems to sell for profit. This is why all these #CPS cases...” Anonymous #Whistleblower 3/22/2019

#MedicalKidnap #FamilyCourt @MichaelBarden8 @AllyHud7 @rachelbruno @MeganFoxWriter @NWLibertyNews
Screenshot From Anonymous 3/22/2019
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Thread to Document Information/Posts

From #Whistleblower #Patriot @Johnheretohelp

March 15, 2019 - March 2020

#TheItalianJob Explained: by @Johnheretohelp & @g_occhionero

“The "Italian Job", Obama's back-up plan to take out Trump w/help of corrupt FBI. Let's meet some of the key players. Obama, Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime Minister, Hillary, Comey, Mueller...
“ItalianJob Included @FBI Operative Jordan Rae Kelly who replaced Comey Spy, AnthonyFerrante, & continued to give him access to the WH. Anthony Ferrante was placed into the White House to Spy for the FBI Against the Trump Administration”
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Part 2

Thread to Document Injustice Perpetrated Against @GenFlynn & By Extension Against All Innocent Americans Targeted by DOJ & Corrupt Prosecutors:

“As DIA Director @GenFlynn Received “Enormous pushback from Obama Administration after he warned them about dire consequences of toppling Assad”

“I felt that they did not want to hear the truth” Gen. Flynn stated”… 12/27/2015
“the President when Flynn had been cleared of everything long before that. The DOJ is withholding a lot of evidence & information, as are Clapper & Brennan & all of the people who participated in the complete setup of Michael Flynn.”(Terrible!) Sidney Powell. This is a disgrace!”
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Part 1: Documenting Cases of #Corruption In #CPS
#FamilyCourt #FosterCare & #CrimesAgainstChildren

Dedicated To The Children, Nancy Schaeffer & Linda Collins-Smith

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @flynn_neill
Judge Lyris Younge, charged with 10 counts of judicial misconduct including blocking the rights of parents in family court cases, admitted wrongdoing to avoid going to trial▫️

“Prevented parents from speaking in court proceedings about removal...
Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Amy Farmer & Tiffany Long Against Owner of Drug & Paternity Screening Lab Contracted With AL DHS #CPS - Owner, Brandy Murray, 36, Arrested & Charged With 2 Counts of Forgery▫️ Many Child Custody Cases Now Being Questioned▫️
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2018: Courageous FBI Whistleblowers Informed Congress In 2016 Weiner Laptop In NY Office Held Incriminating Evidence✨

@POTUS @FBI @GenFlynn @freedomcaucus…

6/9/17: “I am convinced that what is on Weiner’s laptop will vindicate my brother. Specific name of DC elite who’s involved! It’s there!” @Justice4Rod
2016: “FBI Unseals Search Warrant for Clinton Emails; Full Search Warrant for Weiner Laptop” @Thomas1774Paine
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#Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp 3/9/2020: Quoted in screenshots concerning his friend & mentor Major General Eldon Bargewell, American Treasure & Hero, who lost his life 4/29/2019 “He was holding info for me, got it to intel community good guys & they started resetting things..”
“Someone died suddenly a while ago, a man I trusted implicitly. He was holding something for me. It went to his estate and took a bit to retrieve. Rod, Brennan, Hillary, Obama,"Sean", and all you local favorites and friends should be VERY nervous. You tried to get it, killed my”
“You killed my friend to keep it quiet. This is only one copy in case you're thinking of knocking on my door. All of you are toast. Here's a pic, I think you'll recognize the bug drive😁, one of many. You're toast.” 😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎”
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“Molly was helping me work on my project the VoG tech. I was helping her with hers. Molly had discovered that satellites were being used to manipulate election results on a national level. Results from states beamed up to satellites were different when received back.Favoring DNC”
#Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp @POTUS @freedomcaucus

Evidence of Massive #VoterManipulationFraud

Molly K Macauley, an economist specializing in satellites & the US Space Program & VP at Washington-based think tank - Resources for the Future - lost her life July 8, 2016▫️
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2/ 911 - 19 - 33 number connections? 🤔
19 Terrorists - Nov 3 = 11/3 = 33
Nov 3rd 2014 was The One World Trade Center Opening

ARE WE LOOKING AT 911 Disclosure? Is a certain Whistleblower involved?
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
3/ Trump Promised 911 Disclosure.
👉🏻PINKY PROMISE👈🏻 @SecPompeo
Watch says Memory
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
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