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1/ Bobby Christine, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia, proclaimed, “The sentence rendered today is the longest received by a defendant for an unauthorized disclosure of national defense information to the media. Proud to Silence the TruthTeller #RealityWinner
2/”It appropriately satisfies the need for both punishment and deterrence in light of the nature and seriousness of the offense.”

He repeated a fabrication by the govt Reality said she “hated” America. We know from the transcript she was referring to overuse of AIR CONDITIONING.
3/The government’s conduct in the detention hearings was rather egregious. As Nichols put it, the prosecutors “took a molehill”—some casual and irreverent text messages—and they built a “mountain to depict her as the second coming of Osama bin Laden.”
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Let me remind: The Geneva Conventions and the Law of War is applicable at -ANY TIME- our military personnel is involved in a conflict. ANY violation of either is a criminal act per military and international law.

@VP @POTUS @ICEgov @SecPompeo are criminals.

@CIA @FBI @cnni
@Potus @VP @SecPompeo are unfit to lead, have given unlawful orders that violate the Law of War & the Geneva Conventions.

They must be removed; Immediately.
Anyone who willingly followed the unlawful orders are just as guilty.

As per the LOW: all wounded and sick must be respected and protected.
Treatment must be the same regardless of Sex, Race, Nationality, Religion, Political Opinions or other similar criteria.
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🚨The pending forensic analysis of the NC election equipment that malfunctioned in 2016 might never have occurred “were it not for...#RealityWinner, who leaked...intelligence about the VR Systems hack when most key state officials knew nothing about it...1/…
...and the diligence of special counsel Robert Mueller, who confirmed a successful malware plant by Russian agents.” 2/
I made this exact point yesterday on #TheFullMonteShow and am thrilled to see it in print today.… 3/
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@josh_lawson, “who was general counsel of @NCSBE..., says that...state election officials seized those 21 laptops as evidence [after the report leaked by #RealityWinner about VR Systems in June 2017].” #FreeRealityWinner 1/…
“But it was more than a year after the Election Day episode-plenty of time for hackers to erase their tracks.” 2/
3/ “On Thursday, Lawson said that his office had asked federal officials to do a forensic exam of those laptops, and that the state, working with the FBI, had taken images of the hard drives.”
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Who wants to follow me down a rabbit hole of unanswered questions?

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid
Here we's called the "Silence of #RealityWinner Continues"
For starters, I have a very concerning question here. Why did @nicoleperlroth mention #RealityWinner in the @NPR podcast but not the @nytimes article?
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I “troll” journalists when they provide sub-par reporting. I guess you don’t believe in vetting sources? 1/
I assume u agree it’s important to vet sources? Dearing appears to have been Huseman’s Democratic source. Why wasn’t this in her piece? It wasn’t hard hard to find out. 2/
As far as my references to Russia’s attack on our election system, I’m sure #RealityWinner—who is serving 5 years in prison for leaking information about this attack—would love to hear that you don’t consider the Russia angle to be important.… 3/
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So let me get this straight, AGAIN!

Our electoral process was invaded by a foreign enemy via an interference of phishing attacks.

Then the one person whom seen this attack, knew at that moment there are no provisions of whistleblower protections for her, as a NSA Contractor.
But she still decided that it was such a threat that #WeThePeople had a right to know, so she sent this [overly] classified doc to a news source...and then the very next day the EAC tweeted out an alert, hash- tagged her name as credit for finding the said attack
Then Mueller confirmed the attack by the Russians as evidence by the indictments against them...
Now we are finally getting info of the penetration into the Florida states (of which this selfless Patriot already told us).
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Why were we led to believe that VR Systems (which Mueller says was hacked by Russia) handled "only" voter registrations?! It seems that they also handle the online reporting of electronic vote tallies!! And it caused a delay reporting results in 2016! 1/…
2/ "'A staff member of ours inadvertently created a link that was a preview of the election results that were not intended to be public,' Perkins said.
In an affidavit.., Perkins said the snafu delayed the posting of elections results across the state."
3/ "VR Systems contracts with 60 of Florida's 67 counties, said Tonya Edwards, a spokeswoman for Snipes. Perkins apologized to the counties in an email Wednesday."
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@JoyAnnReid @senatemajldr Trump, McConnell, and everyone else who have tried to cover up Russian election interference are accessories after the fact. 1/
@JoyAnnReid @senatemajldr @AndreaChalupa 3/ “I think we all have been worried about the hacking of voting machines. But what this story suggests is the potential for HACKING the [Florida] VOTE TABULATION SYSTEMS, where the votes are tallied & how the results are displayed. " - Jeremy Bash, 7:43…
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Per Mueller's report, Russia gained "access to the NETWORK of at least one Florida county...”…

As confirmed by Jeremy Bash 7:43, this broad statement suggests the POTENTIAL that VOTE TALLIES WERE ALTERED!

via @kimberlybozeman… 1/
"I think we all have been worried about the hacking of voting machines. But what this story suggests is the potential for hacking the [Florida] VOTE TABULATION SYSTEMS, where the votes are tallied & how the results are displayed. " - Jeremy Bash, 7:43… 2/
3/ Indeed, as I've emphasized again and again, all electronic vote tallies can be hacked, even if the voting machines themselves aren't connected to the internet, because all voting machines & scanners are programmed b4 each election on centralized election management systems...
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The FBI has been incompetent at best. Remember when Senator Harry Reid sent a letter expressing concern that Comey was covering up Russian interference during the election? Imagine how different it would have been for America had he not fallen ill. Schumer is no Harry Reid. 1/
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Why isn’t Trump an accessory-after-the-fact to Russia’s criminal election interference, which he tried to cover up in order to lift sanctions on Russia? 1/
2/ Trump sure was acting like an accessory-after-the-fact when #RealityWinner intervened. Thread.
3/ I’m raising this question in the context of impeachable offenses. I know Mueller concluded the DOJ can’t indict a sitting president.
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As I posted long ago, I worried that Mueller wld avoid anything involving our easily corrupted voting machines bc he bent himself into a pretzel to avoid this issue back in 2004 when Bob Ney & Diebold lobbyist Jack Abramoff exchanged favors. Alarmingly, it appears I was right. 1/
As far as I can tell, the unredacted portions of the Mueller report don’t mention any investigation of electronic vote tallies or voting machines at all. 2/
Even as to voter registration systems, electronic pollbooks, and election-system vendors, the report defers to DHS, the FBI, and state election officials, knowing full well that they have NOT been forthcoming with the public about election interference. 3/
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This FBI policy is unacceptable and bizarre. The state AND the public must know if elections have been compromised. These elections belong to the public. Why is it that #RealityWinner alone understood this? 1/
3/ Seriously. What if county or state officials sought or benefited from the compromise? Telling the public is necessary to hold them accountable for the breach. This isn’t rocket science! #TransparentElections #ProtectOurVotes
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Reality Winner is in prison for leaking an NSA report on Russian meddling in the midst of an attempted cover up of Russian election interference by the Trump administration. Pls read the TL in my thread below. 1/
3/ Per the indictments, Russian hackers said they wanted to hurt Clinton & support Sanders & Trump. Assange’s suporters are mostly Bernie supporters. They’re quiet about #RealityWinner bc she exposed hacking of VR Systems by Russia, which wanted to help Bernie.
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Dear @SenFeinstein: Pls explain why the info. leaked by #RealityWinner was deemed “classified” & thus off limits to the public. Why do you feel the public is NOT entitled to know the scope of election interference? And who are the other 2 election vendors that Russia hacked?! 1/
2/ Pls read the timeline in this thread. It certainly appears that #RealityWinner was blowing the whistle on a cover up by the Trump administration as to the scope of election interference in 2016. Thread.
3/ What exactly have YOU done to alert the public about this attempted cover up? It would seem that @SenHarryReid (no longer in the Senate) and @RonWyden are the only ones who have tried to tell the public that the interference was broader than the Trump admin. lets on.
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Wow. On 6/5/17, the Intercept published the NSA report on Russian hacking, & Reality Winner (who leaked the report) was was arrested that day. The next day, @EACgov tweeted this post w/ guidelines & recommendations & using the #RealityWinner hashtag. 1/
Thank you to @Trace___65roses for telling me about the EAC post and timing! 2/
3/ Source showing the Intercept published the report on 6/5/17 and that #RealityWinner was arrested that day.…
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You know who seems to have done more to save our country from Trump than James Comey and Bob Mueller combined? Reality Winner. #ThankYouRealityWinner #FreeRealityWinner
#Shero… 1/
2/ In September 2016, NBC News reported that Russian hackers had targeted voter registration systems in nearly have of the states in the US & successfully penetrated four.…
3/ Comey, however, downplayed the concern: "’There's no doubt that some bad actors have been poking around,’ FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Wednesday, without offering any more specifics.”…
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Why did Trump consider joining with Putin to form a joint “Cyber Security unit “after #RealityWinner exposed Russia’s attack on US voter registration systems in 2016?!#ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport #ProtectOurVotes 1/
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U.S. Claim That Reality Winner Harmed National Security Doesn't Hold Up #RealityWinner 1/…
2/ “If the GRU was already aware that the U.S. was watching its activities in 2016 — thanks to the FBI and not the media — how could the Winner document have ‘gravely harmed’ national security almost a year later?”
3/ Moreover, “There were no “sources and methods” in anything The Intercept published [from the NSA report leaked by Reality Winner].”
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Dear @TulsiGabbard: Have u forgotten that Trump discussed forming a cybersecurity unit w/ Putin AFTER #RealityWinner leaked the NSA report confirming Russia’s attack on US voter registration systems?! If u care about transparency, u will demand release of the Mueller report. 1/
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In the spring of 2017, federal officials still claimed that Russia had “no major success in penetrating electronic voting systems,” so “Winner blew the whistle,” & “took down a cover-up of information...” #FreeRealityWinner cc: @bjwinnerdavis… 1/
”Several key state officials said no one had warned them about the Russian scheme until the...memo [leaked by #RealityWinner] appeared in The Intercept in June 2017. To them, Winner's leak was a form of public service.” via @will_bunch cc: #FreeRealityWinner 2/
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Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP

👉So Kamala Harris smoked Pot
👉Yet GOP Matt Gaetz has a DUI & he & Steve King still have jobs

👉Clinton was impeached for lying under oath
👉Trump refuses to speak under oath about working w/ Putin to overthrow our Govt or his various ongoing crimes
👉Al Franken resigned over sexual misconduct allegations
👉Roy Moore was accused of sexual misconduct by 9 women yet Trump endorsed him

👉Clinton was impeached for lying about a BJ
👉At least 13 women accused Trump of sexual assault. There was no investigation & he became POTUS
👉Last summer Jim Jordan was accused of ignoring the sexual abuse of over 100+ wrestlers. To date it hasn't been investigated & he's still a Congressman

👉Based on 2 sexual misconduct allegations that have yet to be investigated, everyones demanding Justin Fairfax's resignation
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1/ I was thinking about how #RealityWinner's plea deal included not being able to appeal her conviction. Then I came this part of an article I was reading. Conservatives ❤ "by the book." SCOTUS needs Constitutional textualism to understand Right vs Wrong.…
2/ Now take into consideration Am citizens Constitutional 6th Ammendment Right to a fair trial. Among others,it lists these necessities for a fair trial: Not to bare witness to ourselves and to be heard by unbiased,impartial judge in a reasonable amount of time.
3/ So even if #RealityWinner accepted a plea deal with one of the stipulations being that she cld not appeal, she still should be able to appeal on the grounds that her 6th Ammendment Rights were violated due to not receiving a fair trial.
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