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1/ THREAD: Donald Trump, Jr. verbally attacked Sen. Mitt Romney for voting for the conviction of his father. Junior used the same word to describe Romney as some men have used for decades, perhaps centuries, to describe someone who, they assert, lacks courage.
2/ It's also the same slang word his dad thinks where women should be grabbed without their consent.

In doing so, Trump Jr. demonstrated:

• His profound misogyny
• His own cowardice
3/ The use of this particular gendered slur for cowardice is especially ironic since the average woman has greater moral courage than the average man.
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Let's get 2020 started. I'll be posting Campaign Resolutions like #NewYearsResolution but how I'll Represent #NC13 in D.C.
1 - I am not accepting Corporate PAC donations like my Republican opponent. My vote is not for sale.…
2 - I will work to engage citizens to hold our Government accountable to the people. I'm not running to be a politician. I am elected to be a Public Servant. I work for the district not for the #donorclass. Our #workingclass families need representation in D.C.
3 - We live in #TwoAmericas. The #ExtremeRich & everybody else. Everybody else is having to work 2 or 3 jobs. We need to focus on improving #workingclass wages. I will support a $15 min raise. My Republican opponent voted NO on HR 582 - Raise the Wage Act…
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Have you noticed? All of a sudden my Republican Opponent is crowing about his accomplishments in DC. Well, I plan to hold his feet to the fire for VOTING NO on things that would actually help our District & Citizens. Please help amplify.

Let's start with his absence. /1
Since Hudson has been in office - he has missed
242 roll calls or 5.5%. Members of Congress on avg miss 2.2% of their roll calls.
In the last 6 months his absence has increased.
Jul-Sep he missed 11.2% of missed votes
Oct-Dec he missed 13.4% of missed votes
Where is Hudson?
National Key Votes
Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019
Farm Workers Modernization Act of 2019
Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019

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“Electronic poll books, the tablets and laptops that many jurisdictions now use to check voter registrations at the polls, are also of grave concern.” 1/…
2/ @thebradblog “warns that if electronic poll books ‘go down, and these places don’t have paper backups, it will be a disaster… [In the case of] a denial of service attack meant to knock out the Internet on election day, what do you do? There are no do-overs in elections.’”
3/ “We know what this might look like because on election day 2016 in Durham County, NC, problems with the county’s poll books resulted in hundreds of calls from irate voters, many of whom were turned away at the polls, even when they displayed current registration cards.“
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#JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange We express our grave concern for #Assange wellbeing, his detention and the draconian espionage charges. This case stands at the heart of #freespeech .@gianninasegnini signed
#Assange made an outstanding contribution to public interest journalism, transparency, government accountability. He is singled out and prosecuted for publishing information that should never have been withheld from the public .@noamchomskyT signed #JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange
Julian Assange charged #EspionageAct for publishing #WarDiaries State Dept Cables In a democracy, journalists can reveal war crimes torture and abuse without having to go to jail. It is the very role of the press in a democracy. .@edwyplenel signed #JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange
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GA’s new voting machines will preclude the ability of manual audits to ascertain if reported outcomes are legit.

The people exposing this concern observed GA’s election. GA allows public observers.

@JessicaHuseman FALSELY claims that GA prohibits public observers.1/
Huseman’s employer, @ProPublica, is funded by @DemocracyFund, which is engaged in some sort of collaboration with @GASecofState, the details of which are unknown. 2/
Screen shot showing that Democracy Fund funds Pro Publica. 3/
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You expect us to trust you after you lied about remote access & internet connectivity to election equipment and continue buying insecure voting systems from vendors owned by private (undisclosed) equity who donate to your campaigns?! Trust has to be EARNED. You have failed. 1/
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Yesterday @senatemajldr McConnell told the press he wasn't watching the #ImpeachmentHearings:

"I'm going to be paying attention to what we're doing in the Senate."

Does that mean you are finally going to pass all those Bills from the U.S. House sitting in your inbox?
Since he's not watching the #ImpeachmentHearings. How about passing H.R.1. For The People Act, This would expand voting rights, limit partisan gerrymandering, strengthen ethics rules & limit money in our politics. Wonder why this one isn't important to Republicans. /1
Or here's a good one:
H.R.582 - Raise the Wage Act. I mean the explanation is in the title. It would lift so many people up in my District 8 and your state of Kentucky. It would raise minimum wages to $15 over 7 years. My Republican opponent @RepRichHudson Voted NO. /2
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As an NSA contractor, there was no whistleblower statute or “proper” protocol that #RealityWinner could use to shield herself. But she blew the whistle anyway re: Russia’s attack on our election infrastructure, which the Trump regime had tried to cover up. #FreeRealityWinner 1/
3/ Meanwhile, the govt won’t tell the American public which counties (or how many) were breached. We need more whistleblowers like #RealityWinner, but none have come forward, perhaps due to what the Trump regime did to her. And no one in Congress has raised a finger to help her.
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Free Reality Winner! #FreeRealityWinner
Protect Whistleblowers #ProtectWhistleblowers
🔃Free Reality Winner! #FreeRealityWinner
Please submit this letter asking for release of Reality Leigh Winner. #RealityWinner Thanks to everyone who has ❤…
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TY, but why aren’t you speaking up for #RealityWinner?! As an NSA contractor, there was no whistleblower statute she could use to shield herself. But she blew the whistle anyway re: Russia’s attack on our election infrastructure, which the Trump regime had tried to cover up. 1/
For her decision to warn the public about Russian hacking, the Trump regime locked her up for 5 years. They relied on an “espionage” statute not intended for this type of situation. Maria Butina, an actual Russian spy, received a much shorter sentence. 2/
Meanwhile, the govt won’t tell the American public which counties (or how many) were breached. We need more whistleblowers like #RealityWinner, but none have come forward, likely due to what the Trump regime did to her. And no one in Congress has raised a finger to help her. 3/
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We should be pursuing THIS instead of hoping GOP will "come to their senses" & quit protecting Trump. It's only way to get our country back.

Full investigation would show Trump lost in 2016 & SO DID GOP.

Putin installed his puppet AND his puppet's protectors. GOP are complicit
A lot of shady GOP activity has been happening in elections - not just voter suppression, gerrymandering & closing down polls in DEM or minority areas. We've learned Putin gained access to voter databases in numerous states (thank you #RealityWinner).
We're expected to believe after massive disinformation effort to install Trump (which alone was enough to swing election) Putin gained access to voter databases, but didn't do anything? Yeah, right. Yet we get glimpses of obvious vote manipulation - numbers that don't add up.
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I hope so too. I also hope the Comey movie includes Comey’s false & misleading testimony that voting machines don’ connect to the internet. cc: @Comey 1/
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Thread on the lack of provisions to protect NSA contractors under the current whistleblower laws.
I have literally been screaming this from the very beginning of #RealityWinner's unjust persecution.
Please take a moment to understand, then help!

Here's the report that @SuzanneNossel the CEO of @PENamerica is referring to. Take time to read the downloadable report. It outlines the lack of provisions to protect NSA contractors such as #RealityWinner

Here's the @POGOBlog report on lawful whistleblowing and rights. It also outlines the law under IC Contractors such as #RealityWinner
not having provisions to protect her under the current whistleblower laws.
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Dictators control information to keep the public in line. You want mass protests, mass voter turnout, a mass strike, or a mass anything? Then you must start amplifying what the Trump administration WON'T TELL US and fight like hell to get that information to the masses. 1/
2/ This includes information re: interference with election systems in 2016, something the Tump administration largely withheld until #RealityWinner blew the whistle about VR Systems and two other breached vendors, which have NEVER BEEN IDENTIFIED. Thread.
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“Review finds Wisconsin voting equipment at times connected to internet, potentially vulnerable”
By @ByPatPoblete h/t @SpudLovr

@WI_Elections has some ‘splaining to do. 1/
#HandMarkedPaperBallots #RobustManualAudits
“Vital election equipment in at least 7 WI counties has been connected to the internet, in some cases for nearly a year at a time, despite WI elections officials & voting machine vendors repeatedly claiming the devices cannot be hacked bc they are not connected to the web.” 2/
“A group of election security experts who went looking for vulnerabilities to check claims of vendors found the [internet] connections & warned @WI_Elections ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. But state officials failed to notify all but one of the counties.” 3/
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The “deza” is coming from voting machine vendors, election officials, & their surrogates who LIED about installing remote access software in election systems, internet connectivity, & related concerns. As shown by #RealityWinner, meaningful change does not occur w/o honesty.1/
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American Swamp | NBC News if you believe your own reporting ⁦@KatyTurNBC⁩ ⁦@jacobsoboroff#RealityWinner was eaten up by this swamp. Where has your reporting been?
This is who the swamp monsters annihilated. #Veteran #Daughter #Sister #Friend #FreeRealityWinner
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Still no answer. The American public deserves to know the identity of the 300 jurisdictions where voting machine vendor ES&S installed remote access. The American public also needs to know bc, as #RealityWinner showed, public disclosure is a pre-requisite of meaningful reform. 1/
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@KimZetter @defcon @kevincollier @ericgeller @MaggieMacAlpine Pls discuss how @AdamAmbrogi of @DemocracyFund, which financially supports @ProPublica & appears to have broad media influence, thinks journalists should underplay potential hacking to boost “public confidence” in our untrustworthy election system. TY.… 1/
@KimZetter @defcon @kevincollier @ericgeller @MaggieMacAlpine @AdamAmbrogi @DemocracyFund @propublica And how @ProPublica’s reporters did just that by ignoring the VR Systems breach and then glossing over and misconstruing the glaring problems w/ VR Systems electronic poll books in Durham, NC on Election Day in 2016. Thread. 2/
@KimZetter @defcon @kevincollier @ericgeller @MaggieMacAlpine @AdamAmbrogi @DemocracyFund @propublica And how the DHS is forensically analyzing the electronic poll books from Durham, NC in 2016 despite—not because of—reporters like those at @ProPublica. Thread. 3/
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Dear @ProPublica: Pls explain why ur reporter omitted the glaring electronic poll book problems when specifically asked about Durham, NC on Election Day. Thanks to #RealityWinner—NOT @ProPublica’s Electionland—the DHS is finally forensically analyzing those machines. #NotOK 1/
3/ If @ProPublica and others in the national media had done their job, #RealityWinner might not have felt compelled to leak the information about VR Systems, Durham’s vendor.
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Stephen Dycus (Strafford, Vt)
The writer teaches national security law at Vermont Law School.
A ■■■ Report About Election Interference by ■■■
#RealityWinner mentioned at 22:10 of above linked conference
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1/ Bobby Christine, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia, proclaimed, “The sentence rendered today is the longest received by a defendant for an unauthorized disclosure of national defense information to the media. Proud to Silence the TruthTeller #RealityWinner
2/”It appropriately satisfies the need for both punishment and deterrence in light of the nature and seriousness of the offense.”

He repeated a fabrication by the govt Reality said she “hated” America. We know from the transcript she was referring to overuse of AIR CONDITIONING.
3/The government’s conduct in the detention hearings was rather egregious. As Nichols put it, the prosecutors “took a molehill”—some casual and irreverent text messages—and they built a “mountain to depict her as the second coming of Osama bin Laden.”
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🚨The pending forensic analysis of the NC election equipment that malfunctioned in 2016 might never have occurred “were it not for...#RealityWinner, who leaked...intelligence about the VR Systems hack when most key state officials knew nothing about it...1/…
...and the diligence of special counsel Robert Mueller, who confirmed a successful malware plant by Russian agents.” 2/
I made this exact point yesterday on #TheFullMonteShow and am thrilled to see it in print today.… 3/
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