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The 2 Giuliani associates arrested by SDNY, Lev Parnas & Igor Fruman helped fund efforts to investigate Trump’s political rivals & were also part of the pressure campaign on Ukraine to investigate Democrats. This is HUGE! #ThursdayThoughts…
2-"Two associates of the president’s private lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, who helped fund efforts to investigate one of President Trump’s political rivals, were charged in a separate case with violating campaign finance laws, according to court documents.
3-"The two men, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, believed to be important witnesses in the House’s impeachment inquiry of Mr. Trump, were arrested on campaign finance charges. The arrests and charges were first reported by The Wall Street Journal.
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Turkey is not fighting against the Kurds, but against the PKK who are terrorists-communists armed by Obama
PKK a designated a'Terrorists Network' by Turkey, EU & US
Obama armed the PKK and ISIS

#KurdsBetrayed #WednesdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
Antifa illegally crossing the Syrian border to receive military training from militias as part Antifa, anarcho-communist Kurds members of ISIS
YPG linked to the PKK terrorist organization
👉Turkey not going after Kurds…
#KurdishGenocide #ThursdayMotivation
Kurdish militia trained Antifa fighters in Northern Syria
Antifa is YPG tied to PKK which is a Terrorists Network
Soros funds Antifa
Obama armed PKK&ISIS
It's time to stop #EndlessWars
Trump thanks OAN for reporting #TrustThePlan #Syria

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Evangelicals, whether they know the term or not, generally follow an authoritarian way of thinking called "presuppositionalism." They divide the world into competing "worldviews" grounded in different presuppositions. They reject neutrality…

They reject neutrality because they see their "Christian worldview" as the only true one. Even though other "worldviews" are consistent with their presuppositions, which leads them to shift from epistemological to moral consequentialist arguments. It's relativism on steroids.
But if you ever wondered how evangelicals can make the ridiculous claim that every other "worldview" is also "a religion," basically, leading them to conclude things like "public schools indoctrinate children into the religion of secular humanism," this is how that works.
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Did you know: The cornerstone principle of the global warming theory, anthropogenic global warming (AGW), is built on the premise that significant increases of modern era human-induced CO2 emissions have acted to unnaturally warm Earth’s atmosphere #ThursdayThoughts Cont..
But It is scientifically impossible to distinguish the difference between volcanic CO2 and human-induced CO2.. So how did they Establish this AGW? #ThursdayThoughts
They used Terrance Gerlach’s volcanic CO2 calculation which is based on just 7 actively erupting land volcanoes and three actively erupting ocean floor hydrothermal vents. #ThursdayThoughts
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#BREAKING:Now #CNN reports that #WhiteHouse officials MOVED communications between #Trump and several world leaders, incl the Ukrainian leader, to a DIFFERENT COMPUTER NETWORK. Folks,...

#TheResistance #Ukrainegate #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #Yahoo #Google #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty
(1) Who are these👆👆WH officials (2) why did they move the records (3) On whose orders were they acting (4) Did they violate PR Act......Folks, MOST #CORRUPT admin
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Today, Michael Atkinson, IG for Intel, met behind closed-doors with the Intel Comm & refused to share details of the Whistleblower Complaint that ADNI is illegally withholding from Congress. If, as Trump claims, it's 'fake news' then let us know what it says. #ThursdayThoughts
2-Following the meeting, Chairman Schiff said that it was "scheduled as a briefing on the handling of the whistleblower complaint,” not on its contents. ADNI Maguire is scheduled to appear @ a public Intel hearing next Thurs.
3-"The intelligence community's inspector general declined to share details of a whistleblower complaint that is said to involve a discussion between President Trump and a foreign leader, a member of the House Intelligence Committee told The Hill on Thursday.
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If you truly care about non-whites, and want what's best for them, I have a message for you:
You, not us (race realists), are doing all the harm to them.
And this thread: #Egalitarianism debunked by America's school system. The numbers don't lie.
1/ Here we go
First things, you need to let go of the idea that we're all equal and race is a social construct with skin color being the only biological difference. This worldview makes no sense and fails to make accurate predictions without a vital component: an omnipotent boogeyman.
This explains why you leftists are so obsessed with painting whites as racists in all things. It's a requirement of your ideology, without which equality fails basic logic. How else could you explain the persistent failure of non-whites to meet our bare minimum requirements?
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So @ewarren is a #progressive, you say? Only if you are willing to pretend that foreign policy doesn't exist (or, like most of the Beltway bubble, you're a reflexive apologist for American exceptionalism).

Let's break it down in a nice, meaty thread.

@ewarren Despite all of her criticisms of Trump as unfit for office, she's had no problems in giving such a menace everything he's asked for -and more- in military spending. She only voted against the most recent defense budget when she decided to run for prez.…
@ewarren And with regards to the military she's voted to overfund, Warren wants to "green" it, but not reduce it - that is, make it a more climate-friendly tool for aggression and global dominion. That's about as bizarre a policy contortion as you can make.…
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Cos I'm in Spain - a thread of Scottish foremothers who fought fascism during the Civil War 1936-9. Cos fighting facism is important. This is Annie Murray Knight - a nurse. Her stories of Italian planes dropping sweet tins with bombs inside, which blew up kids, are harrowing. /1 Annie Murray KnightI went to Spain cos I believed in the cause of the Spanish Republican Gvmt. I didn't believe in fascism and I had heard many stories of what happened to ppl under fascist rule.
Next up, Ethel 'Camelia' McDonald, who broadcast in English for Barcelona Anarchist Radio. She was known as the 'Scots Scarlet Pimpernel' Gaun yersel' Ethel. #ThursdayThoughts /2 Ethel Mcdonald
Then there was Margot Bennet, a crime writer, who volunteered as a nurse. A lifelong CND supporter Margot had a strong sense of politics and a steady nerve. She was one of Ethel's friends and she went on to write TV screenplays incl episodes of Maigret. /3 #ThursdayMotivation Margot Bennett
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This is beyond troubling.

The whistleblower who heard Trump's conversation with an unknown foreign leader was so alarmed that they put their career on the line to take a complaint to the inspector general for the U.S. intelligence community. 1/5 #Whistleblower #ThursdayThoughts
The IG who received it, Michael Atkinson, seeing that Trump's interaction with a foreign leader included a promise that the whistleblower found alarming, also found it to be "urgent" & "concerning,"

He took it to the acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire. 2/5
Acting DNI Joseph Maguire was "alarmed" to the point that he REFUSED to share details with Congress and make himself, by all appearances, look like he's protecting Trump.

The IG was alarmed that the DNI didn't give info to the House Intel committee. 3/5
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“At the time of this writing, researchers in the field have been unable to determine whether the respectable evangelical places greater importance on the personhood of Jesus or of fetuses.”…

#EpicChristianFails #ThursdayThoughts #EmptyThePews
“If female personhood is to be recognized, it may be recognized only so long as it is subordinated to the personhood of men, corporations, Jesus, gun owners, Republican politicians, possibly the family dog, and, of course, any and all fetuses...
... except the ones Republican politicians and respectable evangelicals–who are sometimes the same people: see Moore, Roy-secretly force their wives, mistresses, daughters, and underage rape victims to abort. Come to think of it, those categories can overlap too.”
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In his statement following the House Judiciary vote to move forward with an Impeachment probe, Chairman Nadler said an 'aggressive series of hearings begin next wk' with Corey Lewandowski. #ThursdayThoughts…
2-"Under it, Nadler could designate full-committee or subcommittee hearings as part of the investigation. Committee counsel could question witnesses for an additional hour beyond the members. Trump’s counsel can respond in writing to evidence and testimony at those hearings.
3-"Evidence could be received in closed session. The resolution is significant because it is the first vote on text that focuses on the Judiciary Committee deciding whether to impeach Trump. The committee previously has made that argument in court filings weeks ago." ~Roll Call
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These are trying times so here's a thread of brave foremothers to inspire us. These quines had nerve. 1st Muriel Thompson, a WW1 ambulance driver awarded medals for evacuating Belgian soldiers under fire & moving the injured during a bombing raid. Hellfire Muriel, Impressive. /1 Muriel in army uniform with her medal.
#Thursdaythoughts pls for Hellen Stirk who refused to call the Virgin Mary for help during childbirth in 1544. She was arrested. They say she breastfed her baby on her way to the river where church officials condemned her soul & held her under till she drowned. Fucking hell. /2 Madonna and child image
Stella Reekie worked with the Red Cross after WW2 to rehabilitate Jewish kids coming out of Belsen. Later she was a missionary in Pakistan & from 1968 worked with immigrant communities in Glasgow. Her West End home became an open house despite bricks thrown thru the windows. /3 Stella Reekie in army uniform, with 2 children
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Using hashtags and trending words - How not to make a hash of it on twitter - a thread.

#Stopbrexit #Stopthecoup #FBPE #FinalSay #PeoplesVote

Sadly I see too many people saying that they don't see the point of #hashtag ging - or that it is silly - or doesn't help....

So bear with me here...

#StopBrexit #StopTheCoup #LiarJohnson #DeathByBrexit

This couldn't be further from the truth, using tags well, in any situation on twitter, helps you reach further and link up with other people


Even people in other countries

#FBPE #HaveDemocracy #StopFascism #facciamorete #FBR

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We also know planes did not take down the world trade center buildings #NeverForget911 🧬
Major University Study Finds "Fire Did Not Bring Down Tower 7 On 9/11"…
#QAnon #FridayMotivation #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
3,160 Architects & Engineers who are calling for a new investigation into the destruction of the World Trade Center
#NeverForget 😢

#NeverForget911 #WorldTradeCenter #911neverforget #911Attacks #911Anniversary #September11 #NeverForgetAmerica
I will #Neverforget #September11 in NYC- by 3pm all you could see was darkness, smoke, dust and paper😢
It's time for the truth to be told
The New Pearl Harbor - Best 911 Documentary

#NeverForget911 #911neverforget #911Attacks #911Anniversary #September11
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"..turns out there’s a whole category of American law that is above such checks and balances. The public knows nothing about it and there’s no way to challenge it in court."
READ THIS! #ThursdayThoughts…
This is REALLY dangerous with Barr in charge: "For decades, the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel has flexed its interpretive power as the ultimate arbiter of what the law is for the executive branch, building a whole body of secret law that remains shielded from
2-"public view. Very little is known about these opinions—which carry the force of law, resolve disputes between agencies, direct the conduct of federal officials and can even affect civil rights and liberties. In the view of one scholar, these opinions date
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Let's see which retweet bots are super excited about the third Democratic presidential debate. #ThursdayThoughts

#Warren2020 #AmyForAmerica #YangGang #Booker2020 #FeelTheBern #KHive #MayorPete #Biden2020 #BetoForAmerica #Castro2020

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote A duo of extremely similar real estate bots (@RealtorFairfax and @FairfaxVAAgent) were the first two automated accounts to retweet the preceding tweet. Based on a brief jaunt through their timelines, they seem more focused on retweeting political hashtags than real estate.
@ZellaQuixote @RealtorFairfax @FairfaxVAAgent The third bot retweet comes to us courtesy of @BernieBot_2020, which retweets various Sanders-related hashtags (#Bernie2020, #FeelTheBern, #NotMeUS, and #NoMiddleGround.) We've run across it before.
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Hurricane Dorian is now projected to grow into a Cat. 4 storm.

One of the most accurate storm predictions, the European Model expects a track that would strike a full frontal blow on Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

If #HurricaneDorian follows this path, it would devastate Florida's beaches, many of which are nourished by dredging.
As of the 11pm update tonight, #HurricaneDorian2019 has jumped 20 miles per hour in wind speed to rise from category one to category two. In the evening. Since the 5pm advisory. These kinds of hurricanes can grow to awesome sizes if they slow down near the coast. Dorian might.
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@MichaelBennet. I’m a fan. Hope he rises in the dem polls.
Who do you think has the best chance of beating Trump - out of the choices below - in the general election?


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I scorn the goose-step of their massed attack
And fight with my guitar slung on my back,
Against a regiment I oppose a brain
And a dark horse against an armoured train.

For #ThowbackThursday, we remember Lieutenant Alex Colville who recorded what he saw with @3CdnDiv during #WWII.
@3CdnDiv Colville was with @3CdnDiv when they relieved @82ndABNDiv during #OperationMarketGarden at Nijmegen.
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It was a university course for the price of a packet of cigarettes: Pelican Books! Maybe the blend wasn't to everyone's taste, but there's no denying the addictive nature of the range!

Today in pulp I look back at the autodidact's library of choice... #ThursdayThoughts
In 1937, two years after Allen Lane founded Penguin books, the company decided on a new imprint to provide academic and intellectual non-fiction for the general public. Lane believed there was a market for “intelligent books at a low price” which he was determined to serve.
Over its lifetime Pelican sold a quarter of a billion books covering almost 3,000 subjects. Lane apparently came up with the Pelican name when he overheard a woman at King’s Cross railway station mistakenly asking for a Pelican book instead of a Penguin one.
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Trump was definitely making a joke that he was "the chosen one" to tackle China on trade, because former presidents had not done so.

But in the context of the "King of Israel" tweets this was clearly also more than a joke. What people choose to "joke" about is often telling.
There's a variation on the saying "In every joke there's a grain of truth" that's popular in Russia, where I picked it up:

In every joke there's a grain of joke.

This wry humor drives home the point that joking is a form of truth telling. It can even be "prophetic," I suppose.
In a joke, when we punch up, we tell on society. We tell on leaders. We tell the truth about what's wrong in the world that needs to be rectified.

By contrast, when we use humor to punch down, we tell on ourselves.

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▪️Why would Saudi Prince Alwaleed busted for Corruption pay Obama to attend Harvard Law School?
▪️Alwaleed donated $20M to create the Prince Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program at Harvard
▪️Alwaleed holds large stakes U.S. corporations including Twitter
#QAnon #TuesdayThoughts
4EVA - Eva Braun Trump/Obama tweet
▪️Is Trump getting ready to expose who Obama is?
▪️Hitler's wife Eva Braun w/ daughter maybe Ann Dunham
▪️Was Obama placed w/ C_A Ann?
▪️Is Loretta Fuddy Ann Dunham?
▪️The Cult of Subud=C_A front
▪️Related by #Bloodlines
#QAnon #MondayMorning
Obama's mother Ann Dunham and Loretta Fuddy were both part of the cult Subud (C_A front) that began in Indonesia in the 1920
Ann Dunham trained in Russian language
FARM requires select skill-sets🤡
What are the odds?
#QAnon #MondayMotivaton
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