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Turns out that Pompeo didn't just ignore Congress to sell those arms to Saudis, he was told by NSC, Pentagon, State & Intel officials not to do it..
But he did it anyway..that is scary!
2-“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo disregarded the advice of high-level officials at the State Department, Pentagon and within the intelligence community in invoking an emergency waiver last year to circumvent congressional review of billions of dollars in arms sales to the
3-"U.S. allies in the Persian Gulf region, according to two former administration officials and three congressional sources. .. During meetings last spring of the National Security Council at several levels, high-level career and political officials from the Pentagon,
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Remember the reporting (Mon) that Trump was calling a hard stop to National Guard troops deployed to help Covid-just 1 day before their benefits would vett?
Well, that pressure may be causing the WH to rethink their stupid, cruel decision
2-“Trump administration officials are preparing plans to extend the federal deployment of more than 40,000 National Guard members performing c/v relief work across the country, after scores of lawmakers moved to pressure Trump to keep the Guards in place past June.
3-“Four people familiar with the matter said the administration is prepared to extend the deployments through July, which would maintain federal funding for troops administering Covid-19 tests, disinfecting nursing homes and performing other public safety duties in nearly every
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Larry Kudlow's talking again
He said that that Congressional Budget Ofc are looking for a 21.5% growth rate in the 3rd quarter..
Ridiculous under these circumstances
Trump admin aren't capable of creating economic recovery kids
Kudlow's just part of the reason
2-Kudlow's quote: “The Congressional Budget Office has just redone its estimates. And after a rough -- a predictably rough pandemic contraction in the second quarter, they’re looking for a 21 and a half percent growth rate, sir, in the third quarter. …
3-"Which would actually, if it came true, would be the biggest growth quarter in American history, or since the data were compiled.”
There is NO viable Trump economic recovery plan-they're winging it & hoping for stuff to happen..
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If you think Republicans were scared of emails, you should see how scared they are of just mail.
Be sure and give me a follow if you haven’t already ✨✨✨✨
We have to research all possibilities....... Image
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Re Dr Bright Testimony today:
GOP will say the House Comm is led by Anna Eshoo (D)-her No California district is home to a company that received more than $110 million in awards from BARDA while Bright ran it.
I'm surprised Trump hasn't said it already. #ThursdayThoughts
2-"Eshoo, helped craft the 2006 legislation to create BARDA & has since worked to bolster its authorities, also has been a longtime booster of Bright, incl for his work to fund the development of vaccines, drugs & diagnostics through public sector-private industry partnerships"
3-"“Both Eshoo and a spokesperson for Bright characterized their relationship as professional and not a factor ahead of Thursday’s hearing.”
But this will be the reason GOP say the hearing is a fix. Wait for it...
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DC Chatter re the Burr warrant & phone seizure last night:
Kelly Loeffler (who also sold Covid rel stocks) wasn't touched bc she's a "Trump girl" while Burr is not Trump's fav
& Barr's DOJ signed off on this..
2-"Federal agents seized a cellphone belonging to a prominent Republican senator on Wednesday night as part of the Justice Department’s investigation into controversial stock trades he made as the novel coronavirus first struck the U.S., a law enforcement official said.
3-“Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, turned over his phone to agents after they served a search warrant on the lawmaker at his residence in the Washington area, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity..
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Repubs won the Ca-25 spec election Tues-the seat that Dem Katie Hill quit last yr, GOP expected to have a hard time with this-they didn't
Please take NOTHING for granted in Nov..
We have to do the work, & we cannot lose
Covid or not, we HAVE TO VOTE! #ThursdayThoughts
CA-25 is the first CA House Seat the GOP have flipped from blue to red since 1998-and it was ALL about ad buys and lower voter turnout.. it has energized the Nat Repub Congressional Comm.
It's scary as hell that they'd win in this climate.
We must really take this as a warning.
The guy who won CA-25, Mike Garcia has to run again in the Fall bc it was a special election, so if you live in that district & you do the work, we can get this seat back. His opponent Christy Smith was up in the polls, but more R's turned out. PLEASE fix this, every seat counts!
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#GrowYourLove for the NHS today and every Thursday in May! 🌳🏥

Together with @Ecosia & @NHSForest, we'll plant trees around hospitals in the UK to thank our brilliant NHS key workers, but we need your help! Get involved:

#ThursdayThoughts #ClapforCarers
Urban trees and green spaces are incredibly important to everyone's physical and mental wellbeing.

So as well as the #ClapforCarers tonight, why not give them the gift of nature that not only celebrates their efforts but gives back to them as well? 💚
It costs just £6 to plant a tree in one of our UK projects, and each tree will help clean the air and increase the biodiversity of our cities. If you are able to join in, please do - it would mean so much to those who are giving so much right now:…
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Without further ado, we present the 40 accounts that most frequently tag the frequently hilarious bot @arguetron. Some of the frequent fliers are themselves bots. #ThursdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
A couple of our bots made the list. In 29th place is @SeanSpammity, due to a lively six-hour debate that took place a week ago.
Taking 2nd place on the list of accounts that've tagged @arguetron is @DrunkAlexJones. We added botbait tags to @DrunkAlexJones' replies, which had the effect of causing @arguetron to reply to clones of @DrunkAlexJones' tweets as well as the originals.
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Okay, so the first Atheists at the Movies Twitter event, organized by @AndrewLSeidel, begins in 9 minutes.

I'll be threading my thoughts on tonight's travesty of a selection -God's Not Dead (2014) - here, and you can follow and/or join in the discussion using the hashtag #AATM.
My first two thoughts are:

"I only have two beers"


"Why did I agree to do this again?"

This movie is straight up fake news evangelical propaganda from start to finish. I'll try to make it fun by mocking it.

#AATM #EmptyThePews
By the way, Dean Cain is in this movie. I hope that doesn't ruin Lois and Clark for you.

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Meet @JaiRaison, @PoutineFrance, @TrumpFranceInfo, and @VotezPoisson, a quartet of French retweet bots with a fondness for various right-wing politicians. Each bot tweets via a custom app with a name ending in "Trusted News". #ThursdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Who do these bots retweet? The most frequently retweeted accounts are @kleensamsonite (a French account that supports Trump, Putin, Israel, and Bolsonaro), @mfa_russia, and @realDonaldTrump, with a mix of French and English news and right-wing accounts rounding out the remainder.
What kind of news does one get from "Trusted News" botnet? It's a mix of Russian and French sources, with the White House and Iranian state media site PressTV thrown in for good measure. Some of the French sites include anti-immigrant content and #coronavirus disinformation.
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Re Trump cancelling the election, from L.A. Times' Eric Halper: "The president does not have that power. Legal scholars are widely in agreement on this point, as are both Republican and Democratic election officials.
2-"The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service reached the same conclusion when it investigated the question in the aftermath of 9/11.
Under the U.S. Constitution, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence cannot stay in office past their four-year terms without being reelected.
3-"If the election does not happen for any reason, constitutional rules of succession kick in." Intelligencer: "Halper says, technically Cong could delay the election for a bit in the case of an emergency, but when the president and vice-president’s terms run out on January 20
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We've been discussing what could or would happen if Trump either postpones the election or refuses to leave office. Led me to this February pc from The Atlantic.
Everyone should read this! #ThursdayThoughts…
2-"If Trump were inclined to overstay his term, the levers of power work in favor of removal. Because the president immediately and automatically loses his constitutional authority upon expiration of his term or after removal through impeachment, he would lack the power to direct
3-"the U.S. Secret Service or other federal agents to protect him. He would likewise lose his power, as the commander in chief of the armed forces, to order a military response to defend him. In fact, the newly minted president would possess those presidential powers.
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Banana farming is a lucrative venture that anyone with resources and commercial interest in farming should venture.
Kenya is among the largest banana producers globally with estimated annual production of 1.4 million metric tons.
It ranks 4th after rice
Benefits include:
Source of vitamin B6 and C, manganese, potassium, starch n fibre.

There's a high demand of bananas in Kenya n deficit in supply.
Much is imported from Uganda

Areas that lead in production are Meru, Kirinyaga, Embu, Kisii, bungoma, vihiga, Busia, Taita
The most common varieties include:
Williams, Cavendish, Grandnain, Giant and Dwarf Cavendish, Uganda Green, Ng'ombe, Sweet bananas and others considered indigenous varieties.
Most farmers rely on propagation through suckers. However, tissue culture is gaining popularity.
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Eggs can as well be abnormal. It's very important to know causes of egg abnormalities and how to prevent them. #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts
Common Egg Quality Problems and Causes
1.) Pale-shelled Eggs
Pale-shelled Eggs

The degree of brown color in the egg shell is determined by the quality of deposited pigment in the cuticle.


Infectious bronchitis
Bird age (older hen)
High stress in the flock
Egg Drop Syndrome 76
Use of chemotherapeutic
agents (i.e. sulfonamides and nicarbazin)

2.) Lilac Eggs/Pink Eggs
Lilac Eggs/Pink Eggs

The egg appears to be pink or lilac due to the association between the cuticle and an extra calcium layer.


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We left this ID-based profile harvesting process running after posting this thread, and checked on it today to find that we've accumulated profile information for 184 million accounts created in 2011 and 2012. Can we pull out some botnets? #ThursdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We wanted to find bot/sockpuppet networks made up of long-ago created accounts that are still active today (or have recently reactivated.) To this end, we narrowed our search to groups of accounts with identical biographies where at least 2/3 of the accounts had tweeted in 2020.
The first botnet we looked at strikes us as relatively benign. It consists of 120 automated accounts (118 created in bulk) that tweet daily weather reports for various locations in Canada once a day via an app called "Canada Weather." Moving on. . .
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This made me laugh so hard, bc it's exactly what happens to my email when Trump starts talking everyday:
From Politco this morning:
“WAIT, HE SAID WHAT?” says every editor and television producer to a chain of reporters and correspondents. Depending on their fortitude,
2-"reporters invariably reply something like this: “Ugh, this will never happen, and let me explain why.” It’s typically a waste of energy, as breaking news alerts go out and red banners get splayed across TV’s lower thirds.
3-"THERE IS MOUNTING EVIDENCE-a pile of it, in fact-that President DONALD TRUMP enjoys releasing trial balloons, and doesn’t mind when they float into the ether and explode out of sight. PUT MORE BLUNTLY, lots of times, his words are just words.
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Some questions that #China must ANSWER to the #world

1. Evidence of number of deaths in China (they must have a death register of Wuhan City), just oral statements are not enough now to trust you.

#CoronavirusOutbreak #Lockdown2 #India #media #ChineseVirus19 #COVID19 #vaccine
2. Measures you took to control Covid19 pandemic so well and quickly keeping mortality rate very low (as per their claims)
➡️ Measures taken by u to isolate other 🇨🇳 cities with Pandemic, which are by& large marginally affected while countrie like USA, Italy, France, Spain in spite of 1000s of km far, r facing grave& unmanageable situations hving very high mortality rate, unlike nos declared by u 🇨🇳?
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Pelosi said this am said that she has heard funds are running out, but she hasn’t seen data confirming that. “We want to make sure that as it gets more money, many more people get access to the credit.” She also said she wants to make sure hospitals/State & local govt's get $
2-About State & local govt's & hospitals Pelosi said: “They’re in the hole.” She said they have no cash flow coming in, & she said their needs are “self-evident.” About Trump: “Instead of focusing on the needs of the American people during this crisis,
3-"[Trump] continues to wage an assault on the truth."
Word is Pelosi & Schumer are set to cont 'talks' w Mnuchin today, & Dems maintain that a small biz-only bill can’t pass the House unanimously.
Trump is 'not available' to speak to press @ this acc to WH. #ThursdayThoughts
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As Mnuchin tells CBS that $1200 should last people 10 wks, we also find out the Stimulus funds aren’t explicitly off-limits to debt collectors or creditors, unlike other gov't $ like SS & SSDI, debt collectors CAN seize people's Stim $. #ThursdayThoughts…
2-'[This is] a devastating development for many consumers. And that makes the issue doubly problematic at the moment, given that millions of Americans are struggling with lost jobs and income. Not only could they lose all or part of their stimulus checks,
3-"but they could also get locked out of their bank accounts. "We are hearing a lot of stories for people whose bank accounts are frozen” because of garnishment, Saunders says.
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Senate set to return to DC on 4/20, House on 5/3-so far. But here's what it's like on the Hill, & why it's likely they may not be able to return so fast & points to the chaos & possible illness if Trump DID try to 'adjourn' for his Judges #ThursdayThoughts…
2-“More than 10,000 employees, on a normal day, are spread across the Capitol, seven office buildings for lawmakers and committees, the Capitol Police headquarters, the Library of Congress and a dormitory for Senate pages. …
3-“The most basic duties -- 100 senators showing up for a roll call, or up to 435 members of the House voting -- are inherent violations of federal health guidelines that say groups should be limited to no more than 10 people.
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بینظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام کے تحت ۳۰۰۰ ماہانہ کے حساب سے چار ماہ کی اکٹھی ادائیگی میں مستحقین کی بےبسی کو نچانےوالوں نےعوام کو سمجھ کیا رکھا ہے؟
آزاد کشمیر میں #CoronavirusOutbreak کے لیے @farooq_pm کِس طرح کام کررہے ہیں اس کی کوریج ہمارا سہما ہوا مقامی میڈیا کرنےسےقاصرہے
فیصل واوڈا، @AliHZaidiPTI اور @MuradSaeedPTI جنہوں نے بیرون ملک سے پیسہ لا کر دنیا کے منہ پر مارنے کی بجائے @MuradAliShahPPP حکومت کے خلاف میڈیا کیمپین شروع کررکھی اور پھر اتنا ظرف نہیں کہ مینشن کرپائیں @CMShehbaz نے پنجاب میں کتنے ونٹیلیٹرز کا اضافہ کیا۔
ہمارے کاشتکار، چھوٹے کسان اور موسمی لیبر کے لیے ریاست نے کیا منصوبہ بندی کی ہے؟ ویسی ہی پلاننگ جو چینی اور آٹے کے لیے تھی؟
۱۳۰ سے زائد ھیلتھ کئیر پروفیشنلز #coronavirus سے متاثر ہیں، مقامی ٹرانسمیشن کی شرح ۵۲% ہے لیکن قوم کو اب جزوی اور مکمل #lockdown کا فرق سمجھایا جائےگا
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About Trump's claim that he'll adjourn Congress to get what he wants, let's be clear: In order to do so, McConnell would have to bring the Senate back & have them vote to adjourn. Pelosi would then bring the House back & they'd have to amend the Senate’s adjournment resolution
2-by voting against it. Then the Senate would have to disagree to the House’s amendment. Then, & ONLY then can Trump adjourn Congress. The odds are remarkably slim. Pelosi can essentially ignore the resolution from the Senate, killing the disagreement Trump needs to adjourn
3-unilaterally. Some GOP say it’s privileged, and thereby gets immediate consideration, but no-Pelosi can turn off the privilege in a rule with a simple majority vote and then she doesn’t have to touch it.
No disagreement, no adjournment from Trump.
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Jerry Falwell Jr., who should be arrested for violating Virgina's stay-in-place order, is trying to have legitimate journalists arrested for "trespassing" because they dared to cover his decision to keep Liberty University open…

#EmptyThePews #COVID19
This is entirely in keeping with Falwell's disgusting egocentrism and authoritarianism. He runs Liberty like a dictatorship, threatens to arrest outsiders, and heavily censors the student newspaper, on which see:……

Falwell of "pool boy" infamy has been one of Donald Trump's most vocal supporters since he first endorsed Trump during the 2016 election cycle. He makes a perfect exhibit A, really, for my contention that evangelicalism is incompatible with democracy:…
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