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In January 2017 I wrote that @KamalaHarris was the Democrats' best option if @HillaryClinton chose not to get the new election she would have gotten in any other country in the world. Speeches like tonight's explain why.
We have seen @KamalaHarris give some very strong speeches, particularly on criminal justice, like when she spoke at #JusticeVotes2020 on Monday. And her grilling of Sessions, Kavanaugh and Barr was expert and gave a clear indicator of how she would bring it to Trump.
So if you JUST heard @KamalaHarris tonight, I gotta wonder where you have been. I first wrote about her in 2004. She has been making news a long time. Which is why she had one of the three biggest rallies of any of the Democratic candidates.
These are facts.
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A tale of MSM erasure in a short thread📌📌📌

In the past few days @KamalaHarris, the only black woman in the primary and one of only three black women to run for president (the others were Shirley Chisholm and Carol Moseley-Braun) has done some impressive work.
Harris challenged the President, she held a college accoubtable, she forced the other top Democrats to address CJR. She made a slew of headlines, but some misrepresented her work and others usurped it, crediting "Democrats" with her work.
Then @60Minutes gave @JoeBiden a free interview. With his wife as cheerleader. There was no rationale given for the interview at the former VP's home over days. Just an opportunity to bolster his flagging poll numbers & fundraising. No discussion of policy. No hard questions.
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On attacks & misinformation on her record I don’t have an easy response because the challenge is we're talking about MILLIONS of cases over a 30+ year career. To pick apart every single one & deep dive on complex things like legal procedure, we'll be here for days/years. (Thread)
But here’s how I look at the big picture: if you do the research on her record it’s not just overwhelming good, it’s actually stunningly visionary & pioneering—she was a courageous leader, doing bold stuff when no one else was even willing to have a conversation, let alone act.
You want to talk about marijuana? Cool, for prosecutions she prob had the most lenient approach in the nation, def in CA. It’s easy to take it for granted esp when we as a society have evolved so rapidly—in ways that reform experts will say they never thought possible 20 yrs ago.
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Live tweeting #JusticeVotes2020 with #KamalaHarris. First Q: Why are you here? #Kamala discusses the "age old concept of redemption"." A civil society allows people a way to earn their way back." She made a conscious decision to become a prosecutor.
#KamalaHarris became a prosecutor so that she didn't have to ask permission for reforms. She created Back on Track which was unheard of at the time (remember she was elected in 2003) to reduce recidivism. #JusticeVotes2020 #Kamala2020
More on #Kamala's Back On Track which became a model program (designated by Obama/Holder DOJ) that expanded statewide when #KamalaHarris became AG.
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