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#KamalaHarris is strikingly consistent in her beliefs and objectives in reforming the flawed criminal justice system.
This thread delves into a 2004 LA Times profile of #Kamala and how consistent her ideals then are with what she has accomplished over 15 yrs & still proposes.
#KamalaHarris: Consistent in her Convictions. How Her Record Reflects her Desire for Change
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#Kamala2020 #Khive #KamalasRecord #UnitedForKamala #Kamala #KamalaHarris2020
#KamalaHarris was a trailblazer as a first in each office she held- SF DA, CA AG, US Senator. BUT let's keep it in perspective that each of these roles were in institutions that existed for over 140+yrs. Change is hard yet #Kamala accomplished a great deal
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What if #KamalaHarris was Prez when @issarae started #Insecure? With #KamalasPlan there woulda been some changes for our favs. Lawrence would've gotten his business off the ground quicker with #Kamala's $12B Black entrepreneurship grant so Issa would've never had reason to cheat.
If Issa never cheated on Lawrence's unemployed ass, we could've gotten the happy ending for both of them we're still waiting for after 3 seasons. Wedding bells not lonely blue shirts 😢
We don't let Issa's cheating define her though...there would've been a LOT good things for her with #KamalasPlan. Like...she coulda still worked with kids as a teacher making $13,500 more a yr thanks to #Kamala's teacher pay plan instead of feeling trapped &broke at We Got Y'all.
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Thread: Kamala has a detailed and innovative plan for combatting domestic terrorism including white supremacist terrorism specifically. #KamalasPlan is a mix of executive action & collaboration with Congress; & a mix of investigative priorities & prevention. #KamalaWillAct
✅Empower fed courts to issue new Domestic Terrorism Prevention Orders to temporarily seize the gun of a suspected terrorist
🚩Avg 10K hate crimes involve guns every yr
🚩42% of mass shooters exhibit concerning behavior before their crimes.…
✅Take executive action to close the online gun sales loophole by requiring platforms like ArmsList to perform background checks.
✅Issue ruling that “dealing in firearms” can mean private gun sales online for profit.……
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I want a GenX president. I want her to be cool, smart, funny. I want her to kick ass and take names and share popcorn with her rivals because she has class. I want her to rock sneakers and blazers & have a husband so besotted he charge on stage to fight her corner. #KamalaHarris
I want a president that watched the Muppet Show and In Living Color and The Electric Company. Who loves a Tribe Called Quest and cooks a mean roast chicken and is a kick ass auntie and sister and step mother and lawyer and friend. I want a president who can dance.
I want a president from my generation who calls her tour bus ‘tricked out’. Who reads the Mueller report like the legal brief it is and sees how to prosecute the crimes detailed within. Who knows that when criminals are abusing people we need A GOOD COP to save the day. #Kamala
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Thread: @WeAreUnidosUS conducted a national survey of the 2020 Latino Electorate focusing on what Latino voters want in a candidate and policies. Here is #KamalasPlan specifically for the #LatinoAgenda priorities and why she is the best candidate #ParaLaGente #ForThePeople #KHive
Kamala's #3AMAgenda tackles the top issues for Latino voters: jobs/economy, health care, immigration, gun violence, education,&housing.
With Kamala you get:
✅More 💰 in your pockets
✅Immediate action on immigration/gun reform
✅Medicare For All &more
#ForThePeople #ParaLaGente
For Latino voters, Jobs/Economy is their top issue. 59% surveyed support raising the minimum wage. Kamala proposes raising the min wage to $15 as original co-sponsor of Raise The Wage Act. Increasing the federal min wage will impact 6.8 million Latinos. #ForThePeople #ParaLaGente
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Thread:@KamalaHarris record as AG is something ppl want to hear from her about. Assembled in this thread are contemporaneous videos of Kamala addressing her initiatives, outcomes, & conducting roundtables. Feel free to RT/Bookmark #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris #KHive #KamalasRecord
#KamalasRecord Gun Control
-Her DOJ led a 6wk statewide gun sweep
-1209 guns seized from individuals legally barred from possessing them
- Guns seized from mentally unstable & ppl w/active restraining orders
-3X as many guns seized vs 2007
Watch (6/11)
#KamalasRecord Listening to Her Constituents
-Kamala convened a roundtable with foreclosure victims where they provided their stories and she discussed reforms she was prioritizing as AG
-Created the Mortgage Fraud Strike Division
Watch (11/11):
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Thread: Not enough ink has been dedicated to educating people on Kamala Harris' role as CA Attorney General & her record. This thread is CA AG 101 answering: what was Kamala's role and what did she do in that role? Feel free to bookmark/RT #Kamala2020 #ForThePeople #KHive
First lets get some basic things established. Kamala was CA AG (1st Black woman) from 2011-Jan 2017. She oversaw an office of more than 4,500 employees incl.: 1,000 lawyers, investigators, sworn peace officers, & professional staff. She had an operating budget of over $700M/yr.
Kamala's AG duties were: "safeguarding the public from violent criminals, preserving California's spectacular natural resources, enforcing civil rights laws, and helping victims of identity theft, mortgage-related fraud, illegal business practices, and other consumer crimes."
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Kamala Disinformation Debunked Thread: On debate night 2 we saw trash Twitter talking points get parroted by two so-called presidential candidates. They are banking on people taking their smears at face value but I won't stand for it. Feel free to share/RT #KHive #Kamala2020
▪️SFPD Lab Tech Deborah Madden allegedly stole cocaine
▪️Crime Lab was ran by PD not Kamala's office.
▪️Kamala without being ordered to dropped over 1,500 cases (far above the cases that were handled by Madden)
▪️Kamala implemented reforms in response (see addtl sources below)
❌ Kamala did NOT fight to keep prisoners for cheap labor
▪️ DAG Patrick McKinney unsuccessfully argued the case without Kamala's knowledge
▪️Kamala was not personally involved in the 10s of 1000s of filings by all of the 1,000 attorneys per year
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Here is what Kamala accomplished as CA AG....facts not smears. #KHive #DemDebate
Setting the record straight on the trash attacks on Kamala's record as DA/AG. Don't just take my word for it...I have contemporaneous sources included in the thread to backup what I say in videos. #KHive #Kamala2020
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Thread: Kamala's #3AMAgenda prioritizes lifting working families
✅$6,000 Tax Credit 💰
✅Universal health care without raising middle class taxes
✅Executive action on gun control
✅Rent Relief tax credit
✅Bigger childcare credit
✅Invest in teachers
#KamalasPlan #DemDebate
#KamalasPlan LIFT Act
✅Thousands more 💲💲 in your wallet
✅80 million Americans will benefit
✅Lifts 9.6 Million Americans out of poverty
✅Most significant middle class tax cut in decades…
#KHive #Kamala2020 #3AMAgenda
#KamalasPlan for Universal Healthcare
✅Covers Everyone
✅Keep your employer/union private insurance if you want
✅More private insurance consumer protections
✅NO working/middle class tax hike
✅Obamacare alums/Unions approve
#KHive #Kamalacare #3AMAgenda
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Read through @KamalaHarris Medicare For All plan & it's damn good! All the folks who love private insurance should be satisfied it will still be viable but with stricter requirements that will benefit them. This new plan is a clear win-win! #KHive #Kamala2020
#Kamalacare is universal health care that does not eliminate private insurance
#Kamalacare requires insurance companies to adhere to stricter requirements that will save you money and increase your benefits
#Kamalacare won't raise your taxes if you are middle/working class
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#RepresentationMatters and what @KamalaHarris has advocated for and accomplished in places NO other Black women (SF DA/CA AG) or few (2nd Senator) have occupied offers proof of why we need to be on the inside. #Kamala2020 #KHive
Kamala being in the Senate meant the FIRST ever bill introduced to specifically tackle the Black maternal health crisis.
Kamala being elected California AG meant the creation of theBureau of Children's Justice, Racial & Identity Profiling Advisory Board, Open Justice Initiative, eCrime Unit, Mortgage Fraud Strike Force, Division of Recidivism Reduction & Re-Entry, etc
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I'm doing another tweet about impeachment bc there is a campaign of disinformation out there. Don't listen to bullsh*t. #FollowTheFacts These ppl are having a go at Democrats on purpose.
Maybe we shouldn't be freaking out about impeachment & let judiciary do their jobs by making sure they have all the evidence. I'm supporting these Dems that are doing working diligently to get him out of office in whatever form that takes. Exactly what does impeachment do?
#FollowTheFacts If the Senate fails to convict, then Trump will have been impeached but not removed. Do we have a two-thirds majority? No, we do not. Yet. He will be acquitted. Trump will be victorious & everything uncovered is gone. I can hear it now. "witch hunt"
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Kamala discusses her campaign moves: hiring staff, lots of campaign events, but slow and steady. Lots of work left to do! #Kamala2020 #KamalaMaddow #TRMS
Kamala discussing the racist attacks...she says she was not surprised and found it "rather uninteresting". Unbothered and tough...not whiny about attacks. #TRMS #Kamala2020 #KamalaMaddow
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The #BlackCensusProject offers a comprehensive guide for what kind of action Black voters want from elected officials. Here is how the @KamalaHarris #BlackAgenda answers the needs and desires identified within the survey. Feel free to RT/Bookmark. #Kamala2020
#BlackCensusProject 90% say lack of affordable housing is a problem.
Kamala's solution: Pt 1- $100 billion to close Black homeownership gap
-Increases median Black wealth by $32,113
-Shrinks the Black wealth gap by 31%
-$25K downpayment/closing assistance
Keep in mind that studies have shown the devastating impact of redlining/ discriminatory practices on Black homeownership and wealth. @KamalaHarris plan rights those wrongs impacting 4Million families in redlined areas
#BlackCensusProject #Kamala2020
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We started looking at automated activity (and potentially other aspects of) tweets containing various #<candidate first or last name>2020 hashtags (e.g., #Warren2020, #Kamala2020, #Bernie2020, etc.) We examined tweets from Jan 1st - July 3rd, 2019.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Looking more closely at the 2020 hashtags that have both a significant percentage (we used 10% as a cutoff, 3%-ish is average) of automated activity and at least 1000 tweets, we see sizable volume for tweets posted via VK (Russian Facebook-esque social network.) What's the deal?
The VK activity in the 2020 hashtags comes from 21 very similarly-named accounts. Account names are the display name with "Im" prepended (e.g., "Alberta Swift" = "@ImAlbertaSwift.) All tweets were posted via VK, and none tweeted before 2018 (despite some being created in 2015.)
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Thread Part 2: Not enough ink is dedicated to educating people on Kamala Harris' role as CA Attorney General & her record Part 2 highlights her fight for children, immigrants, workers, and trafficking victims. Feel free to bookmark/RT #Kamala2020 #ForThePeople
As AG, Kamala CREATED the Bureau of Children’s Justice in February 2015. It ushered in a new focus and streamlined approach to enforce civil/ criminal laws that uphold children's rights and pursue policies that improve the lives of children.
With Kamala's leadership the CA DOJ was 1 of 3 state agencies accepted by the US DOJ to be part of its national Defending Childhood State Policy Initiative which developed shared priorities to prevent and address children's exposure to violence and the impacts of trauma.
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The popularity of Joe Biden as a candidate for president in 20-effing-20 perplexes me, especially after last night’s showing. Do people actually PREFER him to #Kamala, or have they bought into the fear-based narrative that only Joe can beat Trump in battleground states?

1/ Biden’s long tenure in the Senate leaves him wide open to all sorts of attacks on his record—as Kamala showed last night in respectfully pushing back on him about leaving the school busing oversight to the municipalities. Even Sanders hit him on Iraq.
2/ The 3 sitting Senators who jumped directly to the White House—Harding, JFK, Obama—were all relatively young. They didn’t have long records to attack, like Joe does.

Anita Hill wasn’t mentioned last night, but Biden helped give us Clarence Thomas & our right-leaning SCOTUS.
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Let’s talk about the politics of fear. Trump uses fear to manipulate, to divide, to destroy. It is essential that our side not act out of fear. We must not fall into this trap.

1/ One of the Trump’s authoritarian goals is to exhaust us so thoroughly that we surrender. He seeks to sap our strength, our courage, our faith in the goodness of our fellow Americans. We must not let him.
2/ So often I see this: “No one is doing anything.” Or, “He is never held accountable.” Or, “He was already won.”

This is defeatist talk, and while I understand how anyone could have these thoughts—I do, too, sometimes—we must recognize that they are falsehoods.
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THREAD: @BreakingBrown Reviews the current state of AmericanDOS.

#ADOS #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #PeteForAmerica #Buttigieg2020 #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #BreakingBrown
State of AmericanDOS in Baltimore, MD

#ADOS #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #PeteForAmerica #Buttigieg2020 #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #BreakingBrown
State of AmericanDOS in Baltimore, MD #2

#ADOS #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #PeteForAmerica #Buttigieg2020 #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #BreakingBrown
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I can’t sugarcoat it: the fate of the republic may depend on how the Dems, the media, & the American people respond to Barr/Mnuchin/Trump/Mueller in the coming weeks.

I remain optimistic & hopeful as ever, but that doesn’t mean the danger isn’t real.

Some thoughts.

1/ This point in @Teri_kanefield’s thread is so critical, so let’s start by talking about the flow of news and information in the Age of Trump.
2/ Trump bashes the media 24/7, calls them “Enemy of the People,” & the irony is, THE MEDIA SPINS WORKS FOR HIM MORE THAN US. Whether b/c of nefarious ownership, corrupt reporters, or outright bad journalism, MSM has failed, over & over again, to accurately report the news.
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As much as I hate the idea of money driving politics, the simple fact is that money drives politics. To get the candidates we want (my two faves are pictured), we must support their campaigns financially. Even a buck or two goes a long way.

1/ Campaign funding is important, because candidates need to raise enough money to make it into the debates. We don’t want a debate stage of old white men & also YOUNG white men. And not just because of diversity. Because those candidates are the weakest.
2/ MSM already has its preferred candidates, which is to say, the aforetweeted white men. The institutionalized sexism that brought us “but her emails” will continue to run amok.

“We need someone who will beat Trump” is code for “We need a strong white man to save us.”
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With all this footage from Trump’s latest Klan rally trickling down my TL it feels like now’s a good time to post my footage from Kamala’s Houston rally. As you’d imagine, the contrast is stark af. This’ll be a thread of course....
The rally was held at Texas Southern University, an HBCU in Houston’s 3rd Ward. We arrived about 15 minutes before start time and the line was not only long but tremendously diverse.
Kamala was introduced by former Texas Senator and current Harris County Commissioner, Rodney Ellis. He touted her position on bail reform, first and foremost.
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Dot Connection: DIA (Denver International Airport) -> LOOP CAPITAL

Both things Q has posted about separately are connected.…

#Qanon #UraniumOne #Loop #LoopCapital #DenverInternationalAirport #DIA #QTeam #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
the loop starts at the 1 trillion dollar stimulus - and they give that money to Loop Capital - Michele Obama's brother oversees it and despite whatever it was meant to be paid for instead ends up looping back to bad actors. I think... #Qanon #Looper #LoopCapital #MichelleObama
based on #Qdrops that includes funding organizations like this which hires ex government employees - slush funding out tax dollars as needed to buy people off as an "analytical service" #Qanon #Qteam #Slushfunds #LoopCapital #Analytics #GreatAwakening
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