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Live tweeting #JusticeVotes2020 with #KamalaHarris. First Q: Why are you here? #Kamala discusses the "age old concept of redemption"." A civil society allows people a way to earn their way back." She made a conscious decision to become a prosecutor.
#KamalaHarris became a prosecutor so that she didn't have to ask permission for reforms. She created Back on Track which was unheard of at the time (remember she was elected in 2003) to reduce recidivism. #JusticeVotes2020 #Kamala2020
More on #Kamala's Back On Track which became a model program (designated by Obama/Holder DOJ) that expanded statewide when #KamalaHarris became AG.
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Sen. #KamalaHarris Mega Thread aka the unofficial #Kamala2020 campaign encyclopedia on all things #Kamala. Here's a comprehensive round of her plans, record, leadership, debunking the lies,& video clips. Feel free to bookmark/RT. Quick links ⬇️ + much more in the thread! #KHive
#KamalaHarris has her proposals detailed on her official campaign website. For more Twitter info on her plans check out this thread. #KamalasPlan #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020
#KamalaHarris has an impressive record spanning decades. Find out more about how she broke the glass ceiling and made history with each election; and what she has accomplished since her career in public service started in 1990. #KamalasRecord #Kamala2020
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Thread: #KamalaHarris has decades of experience as a public servant and elected official (#Kamala got an early start). There's far more to her record than you've heard so dive into her trailblazing tenures as SF DA,CA Attorney General,& US Senator #KamalasRecord #KamalaHarris2020
#KamalaHarris did not just make history with her election as San Francisco DA and California Attorney General, she did so with her US Senate election. Learn more about what #Kamala has been up to in the Senate. #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #KHive
#KamalaHarris had a distinguished tenure as CA Attorney General over the largest DOJ after the US DOJ. #Kamala was a history making trailblazer who was a champion #ForThePeople
#KamalasRecord #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #KHive
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Thread: Setting the record straight on the narratives around #Kamala's anti-truancy initiatives. #KamalaHarris did NOT lock parents up. Also, truancy has been a prosecutable offense in California since **1977**. This thread will focus on the HuffPo editorial on Kamala's record.
It is FALSE that Cheree People's case is a result of Kamala's efforts. GRIP was an initiative in OC that had been in place since 2008 (3 yrs b4 the new truancy bill) and arrested 11 parents in 5 yrs (08-13). The arrests were ALREADY happening for years under the old truancy law.
A trend with anti-Kamala hit pieces is to cherrypick horror stories that don't involve Kamala yet blame her. The GRIP program that swept up People's had 10,000 people involved to provide resources long b4 making arrests. Kamala had zero connection to it.…
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Thread: Let's discuss the justice for victims part of
#CriminalJusticeReform. Since starting out as Deputy DA in 1990, #KamalaHarris has been a staunch advocate for victims; particularly children/sexual assault/rape victims. #Kamala's decades of advocacy warrants recognition.
#KamalaHarris specialized in prosecuting the most heinous crimes, those against children and sex crimes. As DA she created the Child Sex Assault Unit and as AG she created the Bureau of Children's Justice (which is part of her #CriminalJusticeReform plan)
#KamalasRecord for victim advocacy
▪️Sponsoring legislation to allow sex trafficked victims to petition to get their records expunged
▪️Working to get San Francisco's FIRST safe house for those looking for a safe way out of the sex trade.
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#KamalaHarris is strikingly consistent in her beliefs and objectives in reforming the flawed criminal justice system.
This thread delves into a 2004 LA Times profile of #Kamala and how consistent her ideals then are with what she has accomplished over 15 yrs & still proposes.
#KamalaHarris: Consistent in her Convictions. How Her Record Reflects her Desire for Change
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#Kamala2020 #Khive #KamalasRecord #UnitedForKamala #Kamala #KamalaHarris2020
#KamalaHarris was a trailblazer as a first in each office she held- SF DA, CA AG, US Senator. BUT let's keep it in perspective that each of these roles were in institutions that existed for over 140+yrs. Change is hard yet #Kamala accomplished a great deal
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Kamala formed partnerships to serve the immigrant community. For instance, she partnered with Service Employees International Union and Univision to host forums across the state to provide info about deferred action programs and help protect immigrants from fraud and wage theft.
In Dec 2012 #Kamala issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies that compliance with an I.C.E. deportation program was not mandatory. Her review showed that 28% of those targeted for deportation in CA as a result of the program were not criminals. #KamalasRecord #KamalaHarris
As AG, #Kamala issued important bulletins and guidance to CA law enforcement agencies. One such example is her Oct 2015 guidance outlining the law enforcement agencies responsibilities to assist immigrant crime victims in applying for U-visas.
#KamalasRecord #KamalaHarris
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Thread: Kamala has a detailed and innovative plan for combatting domestic terrorism including white supremacist terrorism specifically. #KamalasPlan is a mix of executive action & collaboration with Congress; & a mix of investigative priorities & prevention. #KamalaWillAct
✅Empower fed courts to issue new Domestic Terrorism Prevention Orders to temporarily seize the gun of a suspected terrorist
🚩Avg 10K hate crimes involve guns every yr
🚩42% of mass shooters exhibit concerning behavior before their crimes.…
✅Take executive action to close the online gun sales loophole by requiring platforms like ArmsList to perform background checks.
✅Issue ruling that “dealing in firearms” can mean private gun sales online for profit.……
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Thread:@KamalaHarris record as AG is something ppl want to hear from her about. Assembled in this thread are contemporaneous videos of Kamala addressing her initiatives, outcomes, & conducting roundtables. Feel free to RT/Bookmark #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris #KHive #KamalasRecord
#KamalasRecord Gun Control
-Her DOJ led a 6wk statewide gun sweep
-1209 guns seized from individuals legally barred from possessing them
- Guns seized from mentally unstable & ppl w/active restraining orders
-3X as many guns seized vs 2007
Watch (6/11)
#KamalasRecord Listening to Her Constituents
-Kamala convened a roundtable with foreclosure victims where they provided their stories and she discussed reforms she was prioritizing as AG
-Created the Mortgage Fraud Strike Division
Watch (11/11):
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