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Game-plan of Cheap Opposition Boycotting Inauguration of #NewParliamentBuilding !

Enough said on how PM Modi Ji turned 20 Opposition Parties Boycott in a Flop-show!

Let's now talk about who is Winner & Loser among Opposition Parties!!

💐Clear Winner is CONgress!

Let's start with why CONgress boycotted Inauguration Ceremony? Was it really over it's opposition to “Dictator" PM Modi?Was it blind Modi-hate?

Everyone thought so.But it wasn't the case.Boycotting Inauguration was राजनैतिक मजबूरी for CONgress.

Just imagine if CONgress would have participated in Inauguration!
🔸Rahul Gandhi wouldn't have EVEN got invitation as he is NO-MORE Member of LS
🔸Priyanka Gandhi couldn't have got invitation even to sweep Parliament Campus as she is not Member of ANY House.

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After the success of #KashiTamilSangamam, the #STSangamam reflects our Hon PM Thiru @narendramodi avl’s #EkBharatShreshthBharat initiative in an effort to trace back the roots of our brothers & sisters of the Saurashtra Community from TN.

#VanakkamSomnath (1/4)
We thank our Hon Minister Thiru @mansukhmandviya avl for spearheading this idea into reality with extreme care & detailing and our Hon Minister Thiru @dpradhanbjp avl for involving NIT Trichy to provide the technical & academic support for #STSangamam. (2/4)
We thank the Hon CM of Gujarat Thiru @Bhupendrapbjp avl for hosting this successful event & for the hospitality provided to our Saurashtrian brothers & sisters during their stay in Gujarat.

We thank the 8 Ministers of the Gujarat State govt for their visit to TN to personally……
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Our Hon PM Thiru @narendramodi avl’s #MannKiBaat has brought to light the lives of Unsung Heroes, cultural significance and exceptional & remarkable achievements of our country.

Our Hon PM spoke about #STSangamam in the 99th episode, today.(1/7) ImageImage
Translating the #EkBharatShreshthaBharat initiative, the #KashiTamilSangamam revitalised the cultural bond between Kasi & TN.

Hon PM said that the Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam is an initiative that will guide the Saurashtrian community in TN to trace their roots in Gujarat. (2/7) Image
Our Hon PM also expressed in detail the letter written by Thiru Jayachandran avl from Madurai thanking the Government’s effort for the #STSangamam.

In today's #MannKiBaat, Our Hon PM laid emphasis on Organ Donation & its significance in saving lives. (3/7) Image
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It is a tradition for DMK Politicians to use the floor of parliament to spread lies & half-truths assuming it to be their party meetings.

DMK MP Tmt. @KanimozhiDMK stood by her party’s longstanding legacy in the Lok Sabha yesterday. (1/19)
To begin, She spoke about how DMK is known for creating models of social justice & inclusive development.

1) Drinking water used by SC brothers & sisters was contaminated by mixing human faeces in Pudukottai dist recently. Months have passed & no action has been taken. (2/19)
2) DMK minister was seen belittling an elected gram panchayat representative calling her Caste out.

3) Elected gram panchayat representatives were not allowed to hoist flags during independence day & Republic day. (3/19)
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#KashiTamilSangamam நிகழ்ச்சி நமது மத்திய உள்துறை அமைச்சர் திரு. @AmitShah அவர்களின் எழுச்சிமிக்க உரையுடன் வாரணாசியில் அரங்கேறிய பிரம்மாண்ட கொண்டாட்டதுடன் நிறைவு பெற்றது.

இதில் உத்தரப் பிரதேச முதல்வர் திரு. @myogioffice அவர்கள் கலந்து கொண்டார். (1/4)
ஒரு மாதம் நடந்த இந்த திருவிழா நமது மாண்புமிகு பாரத பிரதமர் திரு. @narendramodi அவர்களின் சிந்தனையில் உருவாகி, அவரால் துவக்கப்பட்டு நடந்ததன் மூலம் திரு. @AmitShah அவர்கள் கூறியதை போல பாரதத்தை ஒன்றிணைத்துள்ளது. (2/4)
நமது மத்திய கல்வி அமைச்சர் திரு. @dpradhanbjp அவர்கள், இந்த நிகழ்வை முன்னின்று நடத்தி, அதை மறக்கமுடியாத ஒரு நிகழ்வாக்கிட கடுமையாக உழைத்தார்.

மத்திய அமைச்சர் திரு. @kishanreddybjp அவர்கள், மத்திய இணை அமைச்சர் திரு.@Murugan_MoS ஆகியோர் இந்நிகழ்விற்கு உறுதுணையாக இருந்தனர். (3/4)
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PM Modi Ji inaugurated #KashiTamilSangamam on Nov 19.

Question is why the hell is he forced to launch this Programme?

Let me present all facts in this thread.

It's a long thread, but pls read till end!!


Let me divide thread in 4 parts!
🔸What is #KashiTamilSangamam?
🔸What's the need for this outreach programme?
🔸How is Tamilnadu directly connected with Kashi?

Ready? Shall we go?

Part 1: What is Kashi-Tamil Sangamam?

Kashi-Tamil Sangamam celebrates many aspects of historical & civilisational connection btwn Bharat’s North & South.
Broader objective is to bring 2 knowledge and cultural traditions (of North & South) closer.

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காசி விஸ்வநாதர் கோவிலில், சம்போ ஆர்த்தி என்றழைக்கப்படும் நாட்டுக்கோட்டை நகரச் சத்திர மேலாண்மை கழகம் நிகழ்வில் தென்காசியிலிருந்து 4 நாதஸ்வர வித்வான்களின் இசை முழங்க மாண்புமிகு நிதியமைச்சர் திருமதி @nsitharaman அவர்கள் கலந்து கொண்டார்கள். (1/5)

#KashiTamilSangamam #VanakkamKashi
காசி விஸ்வநாதர் கோவிலில் நடைபெறும், ஐந்து கால பூஜையில், மூன்று கால பூஜை, தமிழர்களான நாட்டுக்கோட்டை நகரத்தார்களாலேயே நடத்தபட்டு வருவது தமிழர்களுக்கான பெருமை. (2/5)
1813ஆம் ஆண்டு முதல் இன்றுவரை காசி விஸ்வநாதர் கோவில், மற்றும் அன்னபூரணி கோவில்களுக்கான பூஜைப் பொருட்களை வழங்குவதோடு 1893ஆம் ஆண்டு காசி விசாலாட்சி கோவிலை கட்டியதும் நாட்டுக் கோட்டை நகரத்தார்கள் தான்.

இந்த கோவிலின் பூஜை பொருட்கள் செல்வதும் நகரத்தார் விடுதியில் இருந்து தான். (3/5)
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Acknowledged Facts -

1. Over 1000 families reside in Benaras.

2. If you visit Maa Annapurna Devi’s temple you will find devotees speaking Tamil more.

3. This connection is nearly 2500 years old when Tamil poets, kings & their families visited Kashi.

4. Tamils started setting in Benaras due to efforts of poet Kumaraguruparar who convinced Mughal ruler Dara Shikoh to give land for Kumaraswamy Mutt.

5. You can find locals speaking certain Tamil words.

6. Ayachak Rama Shastri who was an ascetic from present day Tirunelveli
district established Bhajan Math at Hanuman Ghat by bringing 360 shivalingas & 12-13 shaligrand.

7. Madras Cafe is just a movie name for most of us but a real place exists in Kashi since decades.

Will conclude by saying that North-South divide is due to petty politicians but
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Rama leaves Kishkinta to reach Tamilnadu, where he crosses the ocean to reach Lanka.

Based on clues from the epic & local legends, it is possible to track his route.

Come, let us follow along the footsteps of Rama, in modern day Tamilnadu.

With google map links!

A thread!
Some background: Hanuman has discovered the location of Sita in Lanka & flies back to inform this to Rama stationed at Kishkinta.

Kishkinta is modern day Hampi, Karnatala.

Rama leaves with his Vanara army from Kishkinta, plans to reach Lanka to battle Ravana & bring back Sita.
Ram, Lakshman & the Vanara army is said to have avoided cities and crossed through 7 hills to reach the shore.

Based on local legends, the route is :

Hampi -> Sakhyagiri -> Srirangapatna -> Nilgiri (Malayamalai) -> Palakkad Pass -> Trichy -> Kodiyakkarai
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