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#TamilNadu often seen as a flat/plain state. But TN has the highest land area above 1000m and 2000m height in south India also in "Non-Himalayan" India. TN has 5312sqkm area above 1000m height, 875sqkm land area above 2000m. At the same time, 85% the state lies below 500m. 1/7
Tamil Nadu also has highest number of people living above 2000m in Non-Himalayan India. But when we add Himalayan state, old J&K (incl PoK) has ~1,41,000sqkm area situated above 4000m height😯. Arunachal, Himachal, Uttarakhand all has huge land area above 4000m height. 2/7
#TamilNadu also ecologically a diverse state, with marine reserve, diverse forest type from every green forest to thorny scrub, wetlands/mangroves, coral reeves, rich sand-dunes, large delta. It has 4 sea coast each with unique character, 17 bird sanctuaries. 3/7
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BREAKING: Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) has petitioned the Election Commission of India to initiate action against DMK (@arivalayam) as some of it leaders allegedly called for genocide of Brahmins in #tamilnadu ( Source: @pGurus1 )
Swamy in his representation has said that the call for genocide of Brahmins will affect the fundamental rights of the community as they would not go to vote in election out of fear. It is alleged that this would make it easier for DMK to win in several constituencies.
The representation alleges that this threat is in violation of Representation of Peoples Act. @Swamy39 has said that he will adduce legal evidence and arguments for cancelling the registration of DMK and withdrawing their election symbol of rising sun.
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A glimpse of #Karunanidhi's few achievements to remember on his birth anniversary.

Five-time Chief Minister of #Tamilnadu.
Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) for 60 years.
Never defeated in an election as an MLA.

#HBDKalaingar99 #FatherOfModernTamilnadu Few Achievements of Kalaign...
💠SIPCOT in 1971, State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu.
💠SIDCO in 1971, Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Limited.
💠ELCOT, Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited in 1977.
💠TIDEL Park, Chennai, is one of the largest IT parks in Asia.
💠First government in India to get a separate IT Policy, back in 1997
💠Single window system for starting industries
💠Tamil Nadu, leading to the nickname for Chennai, “Detroit of India”, with more than one-third of India’s automobile industry.
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குடிப்பழக்கம் உயிருக்கும், வீட்டுக்கும், நாட்டுக்கும் கேடு என்று அச்சிட்டு விட்டு அதை அரசாங்கமே விற்பனை செய்வது நியாயமா….
நீங்கள் தீர்த்து வைக்க வேண்டிய கோடிக்கணக்கான வழக்குகள் நிலுவையில் இருக்கும்போது சாமானிய மக்களை வாட்டி வதைக்கும் இந்த வழக்குகள் அவசியம்தானா. ….

தமிழகத்தில் உள்ள அனைத்து சாலைகளும் தரமானதாக உள்ளது என்று உங்களால் உத்தரவாதம் அளிக்க முடியுமா….
நீதிபதிகள் எல்லாம் ஒன்று சேர்ந்து ஒரு பத்து நாட்களுக்கு ஹெல்மெட் அணிந்து இருசக்கர வாகனங்களில் வலம் வந்து
ஒரு விழிப்புணர்வு ஏற்படுத்தி காட்டமுடியுமா.

ஹெல்மெட் என்பது அவசியம் தான் இல்லையென்று மறுக்க முடியாது. ..
அது நெடுந்தூர பயணங்களில் நெடுஞ்சாலையில் செல்பவர்களுக்கு பொருந்தும்..
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Thread on State Transport Corporations of Tamil Nadu.
1.TNSTC buses carried 2 crore passengers a day in 2010-11.That number dropped by 2019 before Covid to 1.4 crore.During Covid it dropped to around 75 lakh per day. Post Covid,buses carry 50-60% of numbers they did 10 yrs ago
2.Number of buses operated has remained more or less the same over last 7-8 years at around 20000 buses
3.Number of staff has remained almost the same over last decade at between 122,000 to 126000.
4.Bus fares in TN are lower than neighboring states despite hikes in 2011 & 2018
5.Accumulated debt of STCs is now >33000 crore. Interest payment is >Rs.1800 crore/year.
6.Employees per bus ratio is 6.3 against National average of 5.5. In AP & Karnataka it is below 5. This means there are at least 16,000 more employees than there should be for no.of buses
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May 21, 1991: Most people I know, and who are in my age group, remember vividly where he or she was and what he or she was doing because of the shocking news of #RajivGandhi's assassination. If it didn't happen, remember, #DMK would have continued in power in #Tamilnadu.
The next #Tamilnadu election would have been in 1994. There would have been an #AIADMK for sure, but not #Jayalalithaa's servile party. In fact, I doubt if she would have been this important at all. The triumvirates who protected J from harm would have been very powerful too
#Rajiv would have come to power with a fractured mandate, but would have continued his reform path because of economic exigencies of that time. It would have been very possible that #Congress made yet another proper comeback in 1996, on the government delivering promises...
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#Thread on the 8th phase of archaeological excavation in #Keeladi in #TamilNadu

Keeladi, a Sangam-era site, was first excavated in 2014. The 8th phase undertaken by the State Department of Archaeology began in February 2022

One of the first to be unearthed is a rectangular-shaped dice measuring 4.5 cm made of ivory. The ASI and TNSDA had recovered cubical dice made of ivory and terracotta in the past.

This was the first time TNSDA stumbled upon a rectangular dice after it took over in 2017
Another important finding this season is an intricately designed female figurine made of terracotta. The ASI had also recovered similar figurines.
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As #SupremeCourt orders no further action on pending #Sedition cases, our year-long investigation of sedition data & stories—used by most petitioners in current case—lays bare how cases rose 28% every year after 2014. 1/n…
25 #Sedition cases filed after anti-#CAA protests, 22 after #Hathras gang rape, 27 after #Pulwama bombings: 519 sedition cases by #Modi govt (2014-2020), against protest movements, journalists, intellectuals. 2/n
96% of sedition cases filed against 405 Indians for criticising politicians & govts between 2010 & 2021 registered after 2014: 149 accused of making “critical” and/or “derogatory” remarks against #NarendraModi, 144 against #YogiAdityanath. 3/n
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भारत का हिन्दू ईशू के चमत्कार को देख कर धर्म परिवर्तन करता है तो आंख खोल कर देख लो कि ईशू अपने सबसे बड़े #धर्म_गुरू की (#गठिया_बाई) नहीं ठीक कर पा रहे हैं तो तुम्हारा कैंसर कैसे ठीक हो जाएगा
धर्म कोई भी बदल लो पर बात सनातन धर्म कीही बात खरी उतरेगी
@assampriya @Sabhapa30724463
👇 Image
।।काहु न कोउ सुख दुःख कर दाता।।
।।निज कृत कर्म भोग फल भ्राता ।।
घुटने में दर्द के कारण पोप व्हील चेयर से चल रहे हैं और भारत के पादरी प्रेयर द्वारा कैंसर बाझपन नपुंसकता का इलाज कर रहे हैं!
साम दाम दंड भेद द्वारा धर्मांतरण पूरे देश की समस्या है इसलिए कालाजादू अंधविश्वास और
धर्मांतरण के खिलाफ IPC में ही एक नई धारा जोड़ना चाहिए!
Dear POPE, @Pontifex
'Please visit #punjab #tamilnadu #Telangana #Jharkhand etcetera. There are many powerful CONVERTERS, they will just touch you and all your "THREE LEGS" will be able to stand". Norbert Elekes
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It's been one year of the #MKStalinGovernment in Recall there was some scepticism. My sense is people are generally satisfied with the level of governance and I would personally rate its performance better than most other states that got new governments in May 2021. #TamilNadu
#MKStalinGovernment 2/n Although one has not seen any "big-bang" moves, the key has been his appointing competent and efficient bureaucrats around him (believe that was the Karunanidhi model too) and @ptrmadurai is an asset providing him the bandwidth for politics. #TamilNadu 3/n
#MKStalinGovernment 3/n Surely, there have been a few stress points on religio-political issues, some isolated controversies and the NEET stand-off But, by and large, the frictions have been less than what one has seen in some other non-BJP ruled states. 4/n #TamilNadu
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Okay, I have 2 major doubts in this #HippocraticOath issue at #Madurai:

1. Medical colleges in #TamilNadu were communicated about the change in oath by @NMC_IND 2.5 months ago. It was admitted by the @MaduraiMedical VP in the story (published on Feb 15) below. But...

Why the #TamilNadu govt. did not issue a clarification or circular to all govt. & private medical colleges for the past 2.5 months till April 30, reiterating the stand over a Centre vs. State conflict?

So, why didn't @Subramanian_ma & @RAKRI1 instruct the Director of Medical Education (DME) to issue a circular to all colleges in Feb, immediately when they learnt about the issue, if TN had decided to stick to #HippocraticOath, as opposed to NMC guideline❓❓

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Love you all for the Support and Love.

எதிர்பார்புகளே இல்லாமல் இணைந்திருக்கும் ஒரு உறவு நட்பு!

#Followers #love #Twitter

#fun #ParundhuMedia #ShriTwitz #ParundhuNews #Tamil #rtitBot #Tamilnadu #Parundhu #ShriDeets

@threadreaderapp unroll for seo
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CLAIM: #Rama is not known/ worshipped in Tamil Nadu (#Jothimani Congress MP)

REALITY: Incorrect, likely untrue and deliberate disinformation. Here is why👇

Thread on references to rāma/#rAmAyaNa in Tamil literature till 1000 CE prior to kamban (12-13th C CE)

#TamilNadu #Tamil
Puṟanāṉūṟu (5th C CE or earlier)
notes rAma, sIta & monkeys (vAnara). It refers to sIta’s abduction by the rAkShasa & her dropping jewels

கடுந்தெறல் இராமன் உடன்புணர் சீதையை
வலித்தகை அரக்கன் வெளவிய ஞான்றை
நிலஞ்சேர் மதர் அணி கண்ட குரங்கின்
செம்முகப் பெருங்கிளை

#puRanAnURu 378
aganaṉūṟu refers to the victorious rAma in dhanuShkOTi, studying vedas under a banyan tree

வென் வேற் கவுரியர் தொல் முது கோடி
முழங்கு இரும் பௌவம் இரங்கும் முன் துறை,
வெல்போர் இராமன் அரு மறைக்கு அவித்த     15
பல் வீழ் ஆலம் போல,
ஒலி அவிந்தன்று, இவ் அழுங்கல் ஊரே.

#aganAnURu 70
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#WATCH | Tamil Nadu: A huge crowd of devotees witness the entry of Lord Kallazhagar into the Vaigai River, for the unity & amity of the Saiva-Vaishnava, as part of the #MaduraiChithiraiFestival2022 festival, in Madurai
#UPDATE | Two people died in the rush during entry of Lord Kallazhagar into the Vaigai River as part of #MaduraiChithiraiFestival2022: Madurai Government Hospital Dean A Rathinavel to ANI

#UPDATE | Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin expresses deepest condolences to families of victims & immediately orders the CM's General Relief Fund to provide Rs 5 lakhs each to families of the 2 deceased, Rs 2 lakhs to one seriously injured & Rs 1 lakhs each for 7 people with minor injury
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Off late there has been a lot of talk about why Chennai/TN aren’t in the startup race despite the talent density and why BLR/MUM/DEL take most of the honours! Here is a 🧵on my take

In the good old days, #Bengaluru was THE place for IT aspirants across India. Any kid choosing to study IT wanted to be placed in the companies hailing from Bangalore

Most Indian IT stalwarts like @Infosys , @TCS , @Wipro and large foreign consulting/product cos chose Bangalore as the hotspot. The city had a unique advantage of having both linguistic and lifestyle compatibility. 3/n
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@AmitShah @mohamedathau
இதை கேட்டால் உங்களுக்கு ஒரு புரிதல் ஏற்படலாம்

@arrahman ❤️❤️

Sorry @annamalai_k #Thilagavathi IPS is a real IPS officer,so have to listen to her
#ParundhuMedia #ShriTwitz #ParundhuNews #Tamil #rtitBot #Tamilnadu #Parundhu

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அப்படியே இந்த NEET விலக்கு பத்தி எதாவது நியூஸ் வந்தா நல்லா இருக்கும்

#banneet #news #ParundhuMedia #ShriTwitz #ParundhuNews #Tamil #rtitBot #Tamilnadu #Parundhu #JUSTIN #SunNews

@TamilArivai Image
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Sri Ranganatha Temple in Srirangapatna, #Karnataka

It is a #Hindu temple. But how many of us know it's connection with #Jainism??

Records say that it was constructed extensively using material of 101 #Jain temples demolished nearby at Kalaswadi by a Vaishnavite Timmaya.
An inscription in the temple reveals it was first consecrated in 984 CE by Tirumalaiah, a vassal of the Western Gangas. He founded 2 temples on the island - one of Ranganatha & a smaller one of Tirumala Deva enclosing them with a wall; & called the place Sri Rangapura/pattana
Ranganatha temple is protected by @ASIGoI. It is just 400 metres away from Tipu's Summer palace in Srirangapatnam. In the early 12th century, Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana (1108-1152 CE), granted the village of Srirangapatna to Ramanujacharya as an Agraharam (place of learning)
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For the past 10 years, I've traveled by public transport & I often tells my friends how safe I feel though I travel alone all the time. But it is days like today when I realize I am wrong. Some men do think it is okay to grab a woman's legs as she is sleeping in an overnight bus
This 30 yr old man was staring and smiling weirdly the entire time. Even though the curtains were drawn I noticed his glance a couple of times. At 3am he grabbed the legs & even after I looked, he didn't flinch. He just stared back with a creepy smile, like he was coming for more
I shouted him asking why he thought it was okay to touch another woman & not even feel any remorse or regret. The bus had just 10 other men traveling in it & 2 of them asked what happened. But that's it. He continues to lie down in the berth next to me while I nervously type this
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Supreme Court to hear a plea raising safety concerns about the Mullaperiyar dam in Kerala, a longstanding dispute between the States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. #Mullaperiyardam #SupremeCourt #Kerala #TamilNadu
Senior Adv Shekhar Naphade for Tamil Nadu: we have received something today morning from other side. We have not taken a look at it. Can the hearing be tomorrow #Mullaperiyar
Sr Adv Jaideep Gupta: We had to file last two affidavits as some pleadings were made earlier #Mullaperiyar
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#Thread #TNBudget #Polytechnic #Education #Tamilnadu
அரசு பள்ளிகளில் 6 - 12 வரை படித்து உயர் கல்வியில் சேரும் (பட்டப்படிப்பு, பட்டயப்படிப்பு, தொழிற்கல்வி) அனைத்து மாணவிகளுக்கும் மாதம் ₹1000 வங்கிக்கணக்கில் நேரடியாக செலுத்தப்படும் என்ற #TNBudget ன் கல்வித்தொகை உதவித்திட்டம் பல
மாணவிகளுக்கு அவர்களின் வாழ்க்கையில் வெளிச்சத்தை கொடுக்கும். அது அவர்களின் உயரத்தை அடைய ஓரளவுக்கு உதவும் என நம்புகிறேன். இதற்காக தமிழ்நாடு முதலமைச்சர் திரு.ஸ்டாலின் அவர்களுக்கு நன்றி. நேற்று காலை டிவி செய்திகளில், சில மாணவிகள் தங்கள் பெற்றோருக்கு சரியான வருமானம் இல்லை எனவும்,
இந்த ஊக்கத் தொகை அவர்களுக்கு மிகவும் பயன்படும் என்று பேசினர். மாணவர்கள், மாணவிகள் கல்லூரி பட்டப்படிப்புகளை படிக்க நான் எப்போதும் ஊக்குவிப்பேன். ஆனால், பட்டப்படிப்பு நேரடியாக சேர இயலாதவர்கள், அல்லது குடும்ப சூழ்நிலை காரணமாக விரைவாக வேலைக்குச் செல்ல வேண்டியவர்கள், அல்லது டிப்ளமோ
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Tracking sequences with both #omicron and #delta signatures

Flagged by @GISAID as "ML" sequence under investigation (#Recombinant or #Contamination ?)

Sequences are under investigation: 4511

Tracker: Image
#USA has 2423 sequences under investigation from multiple laboratories.

They contain signatures from both #Delta and #omicron #variants

ML sequence #hotspots: #California, #Texas, #NewYork, #Arkansas and #Minnesota

#deltamicron or #deltacron or #contamination? ImageImageImage
#India has 568 sequences under investigation from multiple laboratories.

They contain signatures from both #Delta and #omicron #variants

ML sequence #hotspots: #Karnataka, #TamilNadu, #Maharashtra, #Gujarat, #WestBengal, #NewDelhi

#deltamicron/#deltacron or #contamination? ImageImageImage
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தமிழ்நாடு பட்ஜெட் 2022- 2023🖤❤
🔸சத்துணவிற்கு 1949 கோடி.
🔸சமூக நலத்துறைக்கு 5922 கோடி.
🔸முதல்வர் காப்பீடுக்கு 1547 கோடி.
🔸அரசு பள்ளி மாணவியர்களுக்கு உயர்கல்வி ஊக்கத்தொகை மாதம் 1000/-
🔸அரசு பள்ளிகளில் 18000 வகுப்பறைகள்.
🔸பேராசிரியர் அன்பழகன் கல்வி மேம்பாடு திட்டம்.
🔸ஐஐடியில் சேரும் அனைத்து மாணவ, மாணவிகளின் கல்வி செலவை தமிழ்நாடு அரசே ஏற்கும்.
🔸ஏரிகள், ஆறுகள் உள்ளிட்ட உள்கட்டமைப்புகள் மூலம்
நிலத்தடி நீரை சேமிக்க ரூ. 2787 கோடி நிதி ஒதுக்கீடு
🔸டெல்டா கடைமடை பகுதிகள் வரை தூர்வாரும் பணிகளுக்கு ரூ.80 கோடி நிதி ஒதுக்கீடு
🔸சென்னைக்கு அருகில் தாவரவியல் பூங்கா அமைக்கப்படும்
🔸பயிர் கடன் தள்ளுபடிக்காக ரூ.2531 கோடி ஒதுக்கீடு
🔸பழங்கால கோயில்களை புனரமைக்க நிதிஒதுக்கீடு.
🔸பெரியாரின் சிந்தனைகள், 21 இந்திய மொழிகளில் புத்தகமாக வெளியிட ₹5 கோடி ஒதுக்கீடு.
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