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Welcome to one of our favorite annual traditions: counting down our most popular posts from the past year!

30. Our 2021 list begins with Daniel Williams, who placed four posts on this list in his first full year of blogging.… #YearInReview
29. In another post about the mainline, Dan Williams suggested that many white liberal Protestants underwent a kind of secularizing “conversion experience” during the civil rights movement.… #YearInReview
28. In the first of his two posts on our 2021 list, Philip Jenkins urged us to take seriously the possibility that “we really are seeing a precipitous decline in religion as such… however broadly we define it.”… @BaylorISR #YearInReview
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🧵 Given the multitude of corroborating testimonies and widespread consensus of what is condemnable in BBC’s patterned dismissal of abuse, the repeatability and reproducibility of our findings are beyond dispute.

More and more are catching wind of this orchard’s rotting fruit.
As this relates to my last thread, I was emboldened by the many similarities between what you identified as manipulative and what I had already pointed out in my response (sent days before).

So, thank you to all who weighed in with encouragements and analyses of what was wrong.
That said, I would like to share the email I sent back, detailing my objections to his misguided advance.

I recognize that it may not be of interest to many, but if it can encourage just one more person like myself to express their righteous anger, I will consider it worthwhile.
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Looks like the Christian Post is at it again, Starting with this headline that sounds like a joke, “Heckle Christ’s bride at your eternal peril”
This is a republish of an article that originally had a less attention-grabby but equally evangelical-centric headline: “How to Stay When the World Says Leave”
This is a very common framing for evangelicals, that “the world” somehow exists over THERE, while evangelicals are over HERE being “in the world but not of it”

I don’t buy it.
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Alright alright alright. I have tried to limit how and when I speak in any kind of capacity regarding @TheWitnessBCC, a Black Christian non-profit of which I am the Vice President. My platform and opinions are my own and I try to compartmentalize...until I can’t. So here goes...
In March, @TheWitnessBCC launched our #LeaveLOUD content focus. Our founder, our President, and I shared our stories of leaving white Christian organizations and churches. We have published articles on our website and distributed other media as part of this content focus.
#LeaveLOUD is BY Black Christians, is FOR Black Christians, and is ABOUT who? BLACK CHRISTIANS.

We understand that a lot of our white siblings, particularly #exvangelicals, have resonated with this movement on some level. Not mad at it.

Lemme tell you what IS bothering me...
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Yes, after 20 years of serving with Cru, it’s been a bittersweet transition to position myself so I can lean into the prophetic vision that is needed to articulate how the gospel is needed to address our society’s social & individual sins: injustice & unrighteousness. 1/
It’s also critical to be in organizational spaces that affirm & empower you institutionally. That’s why I appreciate the #LeaveLoud @_PassTheMic message. Many are suffering needlessly in spaces that don’t value their ethnic identity & story. But it’s also tough to leave ... 2/
The bonds w/ those who have been so significant to your own life - even the org’s impact in your life- in spite of its shortcomings is real which is why I champion those who will #StayLoud too. We must choose one, we can’t afford for any to do neither. 3/3
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Storytime. Pull up a🪑.

In 2017, I was working for @WhiteHorseInn as one of the leaders of the organization. At the time, I was optimistic that the organization was making strides toward racial justice.

After the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, I waited
to see what our editorial team at @Core_Christ and @WhiteHorseInn would do to respond. The organization had written on topics related to racism and social justice before, so it was well within the orbit of the organization to respond to this event.
After days of silence, I realized that no one else on the leadership was going to initiate a response. So, I decided to write a piece titled "Is Racism a Gospel Issue or a Social Issue?" The article was very barebones. It was simply looking at passages in the Bible that show
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