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When will we admit that “clash of civilizations” of Islamophobia narrative is not only false but dangerous. “War on Terror”=waging war vs Muslims but #J6 & #BuffaloMassacre reveal terror is not one religion. When Muslims are “legit” targets…that supremacist hate spreads further. ImageImageImageImage
Who was it “okay” to torture? (assumed is a terrorist?) Whose civil liberties disappeared 20 years ago? Muslims.

“But you all ‘deserve’ it” we’ve heard &: Why didn’t you stop terrorism? Why haven’t you apologized about x & y?

Now: consequences of that…
The “Great Replacement” is an extension of “Clash of Civilizations” that conflict/war is “inevitable” between “different” humans defined by race or religion. It dehumanizes some humans as “less than” or “threat.” Once you label as such, violence follows.…
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One thing that I haven't seen get nearly enough attention is that the leading architect of the critical race theory moral panic is a former employee of the Discovery Institute, which pushed the "evolution is just a theory" nonsense.

They are literally the same people.
This article is good but I really think more media need to point out this connection.…
For more, (and an accurate description of key ideas from #CRT) pre-order my book #oncriticalracetheory which is due out on August 2nd.…
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These people are going to censor all speech? Will these people determine who the domestic terrorists' are? Image
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The idea that a white single mother of a bi-racial child is angry about an anti-racism CHARLOTTESVILLE ....So she's suing the school, is too much nonsense for this early in the morning go on Fox News with this nonsense within 48 hours of a racist mass shooting is probably a good indicator that thos kid's homelife is hell
Look at what #CRT did to my son!!!!
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The Buffalo terrorist left yet another manifesto that once again cited the Great Replacement Theory (GRT) pushed by @TuckerCarlson, @IngrahamAngle, Donald Trump, @StephenM, and others in what @DefineAmerican calls the Great Replacement Network.…
Yes, it's a movement - and a well-funded one. No longer a fringe viewpoint confined to white supremacist dens like American Renaissance or Stormfront: it's mainstream. A tribute to the success of its funders.

Talked w @shaysiggs on MSNBC:

Do you know what the antidote to GRT is?

Critical race theory.
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In January, a Tennessee school district issued a report on 31 texts from its K-5 English language arts curriculum that had been challenged as being obscene, “critical race theory,” or inappropriate for elementary-age children.

Ultimately, only one title was removed.
Complaints targeted books in all five grades, and just over one-third of the criticisms came from parents who have elementary-age children in the district. The remaining complaints came from community members whose students are older or have no children in the district at all. A graphic showing 31 texts ...
One of the most common criticisms was that the material exposed students to difficult topics too young, or were otherwise age-inappropriate. #EdChat #k12 #EduTwitter #TeacherTwitter "To some extend, age-a...
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@SwampTrash2045 @houghkimm @JabariHosey @QuitYourBS2022 1/ Racism IS inherent in the law in the United States of America, despite the best efforts to correct it via Amendments and enforceable legislation. Of course you can't expect that a racist will accept this premise, but thats the point. The anti #CRT crowd IS in the government...
@SwampTrash2045 @houghkimm @JabariHosey @QuitYourBS2022 2/ ...they are passing laws which reinforce inequity, whether that's via voter suppression, school privatization, or literal organized criminal activity in collusion with certain government officials. They've turned #CRT into this catch-all mis-defined label, the same way they...
@SwampTrash2045 @houghkimm @JabariHosey @QuitYourBS2022 3/ ...did with the "n" word, the same way they Nazis did with the Jews. At it's heart, racism stems from a superiority complex that SOME depend on for comfort, impunity, etc., and will even go so far in their dishonesty as to call the reaction to it "racist". There's more...
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Critical Race Theory #CRT lesson one:

Your grandparents identify with one of these two groups, and have handed down their values.

Take all the time you need with this. - JJ Westgate #ncpol
Critical Race Theory Lesson #2:

These folks birthed the idea of charter schools. - JJ Westgate #ncpol
Critical Race Theory Lesson #3:

These are the grandparents of the seditionists who stormed the capitol on January 6th. - JJ Westgate #ncpol
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The committee at @GroveCtyCollege that generated this report thinks they have defended Christian orthodoxy when in reality they have merely asserted their commitment to a regressive and narrow type of fundamentalism that opposes racial justice.
This saga has been ongoing, but I refrained from much public comment until the committee concluded its report. They spent a full page discussing my supposed threat to their mission because I promote what they call "Critical Race Theory." Here are their comments about me.
The committee does not cite any evidence of my supposed shift in thinking. They name check my former employer, and say "in hindsight, inviting Mr. Tisby to speak in chapel was a mistake." First, it's DOCTOR Tisby, was only a mistake if you fear the truth about racism.
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Speaking of Viruses...

LegalInsurrection dot Com
LegalInsurrectionFoundation dot Org
WilliamAJacobson dot Com

A group of 'CORNELL LAW' Professors and Pals organizing and spreading takedowns of communities because '#CRT' and stuff like that there...

Found via Jim Watkins Links Image
STAFF using BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE methodologies to restore a 'shared American character' rooted in the principles of self-governance. Anne is an expert at identifying the PSYCOGRAPHIC variables around culture and politics that drive consumer and VOTER DECISIONS. Image
More than 300 Links to 'LegalInsurrection' run by a CORNELL LAW PROFESSOR supported by PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILERS and EXPERT MANIPULATORS using SEO DATA Image
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The @GreenfieldRIV school district fired teacher Kim Morrison - after parents who DIDN'T have students in her class - Complained that she was teaching #CriticalRaceTheory with a worksheet for the YA novel "Dear Martin" by @getnicced
@GreenfieldRIV is one of the whitest school districts in Missouri w/ 7% minority enrollment compared to the state average of 29%. It's also one of the poorest PERFORMING school districts with below Missouri average math/reading and graduation rates. But #CRT is the problem?🤔
Morrison actually taught the award winning book #DearMartin for years and it was never a problem. But thanks to racist fervor over the hoax of #CRT in the classroom the school board did not renew her contract.…
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“The GOP brands itself, through dog whistles, as the party of White parents.

But it is ignoring or bolstering the principal racial threat facing White youth today.

Not #CRT in schools.

White supremacist grooming online.”…
“GOP crusade against anti-racist education has left impressionable white kids unprotected from threat of white supremacists sliding into their feeds, games, DMs—into their minds.

& Republican politicians are doing all of this while insisting that they care about white children”
“The Republican attacks on what they call “critical race theory” aren’t about protecting white kids, or any kids at all.

The attacks are intended to deceive, aggrieve, and mobilize enough white donors and voters to win contested elections this year and beyond.”
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🧵 on Gloria #LadsonBillings, the primary source for bringing #CRT into the field of education. You know, #CriticalRaceTheory that so many super honest & super smart people have repeatedly liked to claim doesn’t even exist outside of Law Schools. 1/19
GLB injected her “critical(Marxist)” socio-historical racial lens of #CRT into the education system in 1995, with her paper written alongside William Tate, & titled “Toward a Critical Race Theory of Education” & followed that up in 1998 with…2/
“Just What is Critical Race Theory, and What’s It Doing in a Nice Field Like Education?”Two works that “extend the intellectual contributions of legal scholars; Derrick Bell, Cheryl Harris, Lani Guinier, Kimberle Crenshaw, Patricia Williams, Linda Greene, Mari Matsuda…3/
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Some resources on “Kill Haole Day”, but of course this all must be made up, as #CRT teaches us that one can’t be racist against “Haoles”…… Before the @splcenter decided to completely adopt the lens of the #RaceMarxists and #CriticalRaceTheory #CRT
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Both houses of the #msleg have passed SB 2113 the “anti-CRT” bill, I’m going to have to teach all of my undergraduate and law students the main points of #CRT so that they understand what the bill is about and how what I teach them does not in fact run afoul of the bill. A🧵
I will not be calling it the “anti-CRT” bill, but instead, SB 2113. Why? Because it doesn’t actually prohibit Critical Race Theory. We should all know that by now. Image
“But,” you might ask, “isn’t the title of the bill” ‘Critical Race Theory; prohibited’? Does the fact that the title of the bill says that CRT is prohibited mean that CRT is prohibited?” Not according to the case law. Image
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The anti-trans & anti-gay legislation & attitudes showing up are troubling for many reasons.

1. Bigotry and hate are rarely developed“overnight” - this stuff has been discussed behind closed doors for a long time. It wouldn’t be making an appearance now unless -🧵 1/11
the people behind it had data to make them think it is useful for votes.

2. Plenty of reasonable folks will chalk up the transition from things like the nonsensical #CRT and banning books to open attacks on human existence as merely “politics” and not sinister. 2/11
That is flat wrong. This is way deeper than just political gamesmanship. It’s about control and shaping society to fit a particular cultural mold. It’s about the refusal for a section of American society to differentiate between their religious beliefs and public policy. 3/11
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Today is 80th anniv of the US exec order that incarcerated my whole family & 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent. THIS WK, I was shocked to discover that a BIPOC equity-focused critical scholar didn't know ab Japanese American resistance & reparations. A 🧵... 1/ Small Japanese American child sitting alone on a suitcase am
As a kid every yr, thx to my mom, I taught my class ab WWII incarceration of JAs bc it was never in the curriculum. This is my dad & his parents on the CO River Indian Reservation in AZ, aka the Poston camp. Their smiles belie the racist injustice that devastated their lives. 2/ Asian man, woman & baby from 1943 sitting on a small area of
But there was a WHOLE ASS resistance & redress mvmt that (apparently) many don't know ab - led by young JAs.

No-No boys & Tule Lake incarcerees resisted during the war, Gordon Hirabayashi (a student @UW!), Mitsuye Endo & others sent cases to SCOTUS. 2/…
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What thing that has troubled me is how @azcentral @abc15 @AzCapitolTimes @kjzzphoenix and other local media outlets never reach out to black parents about #CRT. It is as if we do not matter our children do not matter. Both of my parents graduated from #ASU with teaching degrees
My parents were also attended segregated schools. My mother in Chandler, AZ. She is a teacher and lived through a lot of what @dougducey wants to keep buried and hidden from our children, from my 8-year-old daughter. Yet, the press never wants to hear from us.
I actually was educated by one of the best #CRT minds, @NiggaTheory when I was in law school at @USCGouldLaw. I have well crafted opinions based on understanding the subject matter and the experience of being a black parent, raised by educators who were educated in Arizona.
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'Critical race theory' is a theory critical of racism.

NOW do you understand why only 'certain types' strongly object to it?

Ironically, those MOST intolerant of #CRT are often the most vocal about free speech & most critical of the supposed 'intolerance' of the Left!
Critical race theory is an academic sub-discipline, loosely organized a framework of legal analysis, based on the premise that race is not a 'natural' feature of physically distinct subgroups, but a culturally invented category, often used to oppress & exploit people of colour.
The overwhelming consensus in modern science is that 'race' is a 'social construct' - an identity which is assigned based on rules made by society.

While partially based on physical similarities within groups, race does not have an inherent physical or biological meaning.
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@StephenAtHome Sorry but YOU need to know what #CRT is really about. It is NOT teaching "real history" of race. Marxist in premise & praxis, it teaches whiteness is evil, makes white children stand up & confess "I am white, I am privileged, I am an oppressor" & blacks can't learn
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Don’t be fooled by bad actors who use #disinformation to scare you. Fight the #fear with #facts.
People have been spreading a false narrative that they are teaching #CRT to kids in school. In #reality CRT is a complicated theory created in law school. Way above the difficulty level of any k-12 curriculum.
#CRT does not teach anyone to be anti-#American. It tries to get a clear picture of how #racism effected our legal system.
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The timing is no coincidence. The day after #MLKDay House Education Committee Chair
@michudall will hear her bill to muzzle teachers by banning factual discussion of controversial subjects like racial injustice and discrimination. #CRT #HB2112 🧵
None of the concepts Rep. Udall's bill seeks to ban are taught in Arizona schools. That's irrelevant. The bill would open the door for any political activist sowing anti-"Critical Race Theory" hysteria to wreak havoc in Arizona schools, costing $ and ruining careers.
For example, if discussions of the Holocaust, or why we celebrate MLK Day, or why Arizona took longer than other states to approve the holiday, or the Navajo Trail of Tears bring discomfort to an activist, the school can be sued and the teacher fired.
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Welcome to one of our favorite annual traditions: counting down our most popular posts from the past year!

30. Our 2021 list begins with Daniel Williams, who placed four posts on this list in his first full year of blogging.… #YearInReview
29. In another post about the mainline, Dan Williams suggested that many white liberal Protestants underwent a kind of secularizing “conversion experience” during the civil rights movement.… #YearInReview
28. In the first of his two posts on our 2021 list, Philip Jenkins urged us to take seriously the possibility that “we really are seeing a precipitous decline in religion as such… however broadly we define it.”… @BaylorISR #YearInReview
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