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I detest this government and everything they stand for,I detest their lack of integrity, I detest their lack of honesty,I detest their lack of honour,I detest everything about their #AntiGrowthCoalition I detest their lies,I detest their obvious distane for the vunerable. #GTTO
I detest the obvious disregard for human life,I detest how they only value the rich and powerful,I detest how they openly lie to cover the lies and corruption,I detest how they supported Johnson and partygate,I detest how their supporting @trussliz @KwasiKwarteng in destroying
Our economy,I detest how they had to be bailed out by the Bank of England,I detest how they weren't concerned about old people's pension,I detest how they've broken people's mortgages,I detest most of all how they just don't care,I detest how unless your rich or a donor your not
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There's no democracy in this country anymore,anyone who believes there is is foolish,we didn't vote for @trussliz or her policies,can't you see Tory voters, your not being heard the same as we aren't being heard,it's not us against you, it's all of us against this stinking rotten
Government,everything sacred for us all is being destroyed,fracking is unethical,dangerous and won't help us,they say their going to put it to local communities to vote and will only do it if the local community support it,but are hiring a private company to do this,who in the
Tory Party has a vested interest in that company? one or more of them will that's for sure,you know it I know it,it's not right wing against left wing,if you openly admit to being right wing I hope you know what that means,being left wing only means we care about
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I'm starting this tweet with a photo this is my brother he died during one of the lockdows,he died alone and scared #ToriesThisIsOnYou ,while he died alone and scared you @Conservatives partied #AreyouReallyATory do you condone this behaviour? If you don't
#LeaveTheNastyPartyBehind,stand up for what's right for the people of Britain,for what's good and honourable #ToriesComeHome.
When my brother was dying I struggled to do the right thing I wanted to be with him so much,but I did the right thing so he died alone and scared
#ToriesThisisonyou #LeaveTheNastyPartyBehind I was a fool,@Conservatives don't respect lives not even in death,@Conservatives couldn't even respect our queen in one of the most difficult times of her life.#ToriesDestroyingOurCountry our pride,our dignity,our families
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I'm speaking to the @Conservatives today, I'm really wondering are there any left who support what your party no stands for,Rot,Corruption, lying? just leave,resign, call in sick do whatever you have to do ,#ToriesComeHome your children are watching you,I know it's scary change
Always is,how can you consider staying, your despised by so many, save yourself,put your family first,#ToriesComeHome it's not to late,the longer you stay the longer your very soul is dying,it was never meant to be like this,#AreyouReallyATory everything they stand for really?
#LeaveTheNastyPartyBehind you know your worth,your worth more than this,#ToriesComeHome.Do you all feel as disheartened as us?,you have the power to change things,Do the right thing for your country.
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