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A pathetic defence of Johnson by Nia Lici stating he did not mislead Parliament and that staff who had parties should not have put Ministers in a position where they could be implicated
#ToriesOut347 #SunakOut237 #GeneralElectionNow
#Sunackered Image
Jake Berry also jumped in with defence of Johnson
#ToriesOut347 Image
Bill Cash
Attempted a defence on the basis of the original exclusion of the word knowingly from the motion
#ToriesOut347 Image
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Possibly more significant than any other Tory story currently
Tory voting public still back Boris over Sunak - that is a major issue for any MP who votes for the Privileges Committee report or abstains
#Toriesout347 #SunakOut237 #GeneralElectionNowโ€ฆ
Now as #Partygate drags on with Johnson out of the equation #BackBoris will latch on to every story and magnify it.
Sunak's role and complicity in #Partygate will be exposed by stories and inaction or by the Covid Inquiry
It is obvious from recent disclosures
- no rules in Downing St where he lived and worked
- Mail story yesterday when he walked past a garden gathering in March 2021
- the desperation to hide the diaries and Whatsapp messages from the Inquiry
SUNAK was fully aware and complicit
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Oh dear
Just as Sunak thought it was all over
CCHQ Xmas time party during Covid
14.12.2020 and 2 on the honours list are there
It is the party Shaun Bailey was picture at
#ToriesOut345 #Sunakut235 #GeneralElectionNow #Sunackeredโ€ฆ
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There are many today with the wrong focus
-the #BackBoris #Boris screaming about a kangaroo Court
- Others shouting about Rayner and Starmer - get a grip that was investigated twice

#ToriesOut344 #SunakOut234 #GeneralElectionNow Image

- others about Jenkins and attending a party
- even more about Harriet Harman a non voting Chair on a Committee that made a unanimous decision.

Now that is out of the system focus on Sunak reality
- who is laughing at you
- who was fined for attending the same party
- who registered a campaigning website months before any move
- who was one of the first to move against Johnson
- who stated in Parliament that they attended no parties
- the report appendix highlights a no rules culture in Downing St - as evidenced below Image
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- The Covid Inquiry - the Module which will lead to questioning of Sunak and Johnson is due to start late October / Nov. This is the Module from which Sunak is trying to hide information
#ToriesOut342 #GeneralElectionNow #SunakOut233
- The Johnson factor - the noise will not go away. Byelections to come - expectation they will be bad . Dorries delaying resignation to prolong that pain

- Tory MP response at weekend was a GE in May 2024 but indicating Sunak would be lucky to keep unity until then
- sheer number of Tory MPs not standing at GE - currently 44 with at least 3 others having lost the Whip 2 of whom lost it over a year ago. Those leaving will have little interest in 'working for the future'

- the 5 pledges
Sunak already 6 months through his timescale
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So #PMQs

Starmer - Cost of Living issues and challenged why Tories spent last week arguing who gets a peerage
Sunak - Followed procedure

Starmer - PM signed the list and those who partied night before Queen buried husband get honoured
Sunak - I followed precedent and procedure
Starmer - Honour should be for public service not Tory cronies - Is message 'If you don't like it tough'

Sunak - Challenges on Tom Watson - rebuked by Speaker for criticising other member and not answering questions (also highlights no understanding of investigation process)
Starmer - Country paying the price of distraction - Mortgage payers will be paying more

Sunak - Just has a cheap crack about future Labour policy and chaos with Ed Miliband

Starmer - Tories never take responsibility - challenges Truss honours list rewarding failed policy
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No, that is an insult to most high schoolers. Most look out for each other and don't constantly blow things up because they need to cover for horrendously selfish misconduct. That they think they are well placed to reinvent education to get kids to agree with them blows my mind
We get constant personal responsibility mantras. Pull yourself out from under stagnant wages, crumbling services, rising prices, creaking infrastructure, erosion of rights, attacks on unions, while jolly boy takes public money to say kangaroo blobs did it
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- they have destroyed the criminal justice system leaving criminals to walk the streets
- they have destroyed the NHS and associated MH services
#Toriesout342 #SunakOut233 #GeneralElectionNow
- they have destroyed the asylum system - leaving people to dwell and do nothing sometimes for years
- they have destroyed real time pay
- they have destroyed education
- they have failed to build housing
- they want you to blame others
- they want you to believe culture wars and the 'woke' are responsible
- they want you to blame migrants
- they want you to blame Lefty Lawyers or the blob
- they want you to divide so they can rule
- they crave division
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This is pitching for eroded state services to do more with less. I am appalled by the thread. His prior tenure is going to be the focus of the first part of the #CovidInquiry, staff attrition speaks for itself, along with latest labour supply figures
Please people. Tell me how this makes sense. With 18 months tops to go until a GE. All they can do is ignore issues and order cuts if I read this right. I saw the debt servicing predictions. People are going to bear the brunt again while private sector firms favoured
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The proof Sunak is lying - Holac is an advisory Committee only - the final decision lies with the PM
#ToriesOut340 #SunakOut231 #GeneralElectionNow
#Sunackered Image
The reports highlight Sunaks lying / interference
- Nov 2022 - Holac wrote asking for a meeting reference Johnson honours list.
- there were many briefings identifying Dorries, Sharma, Adams and Jack as being on the list from the very beginning
- in February 2023 it was reported that CCHQ was working on dry runs for byelections due to #Partygate and possible Johnson sanction and the honours list
- in March Johnson was advised he needed to reduce the list
- Dorries and Sharma had stated they would stand down
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Growing up poor you learn lots of ways to budget,reuse, repair or just go without, you learn to ignore hunger pains, not having the right equipment for schools was the norm, so many were poor we at least had a hot meal at school, sometimes the only meal of the day and yummy milk
In junior school , how has our country come full circle but not with the safety nets from my childhood, who decides that children can literally starve in 2023?.
The worse thing about being poor is not the hunger,it's the desperation that there's nothing you can do to change your
Situation either as a parent or a child , I worked 60 hours a week when I had my children I lost so many years of watching them grow as a single parent it was all on my shoulders, getting older facing the same poverty feels normal to me, what doesn't feel normal is knowing that
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All Conservative MPs not standing in next GE
#ToriesOut321 #SunakOut212 #GeneralElectionNow

1. George Eustice, 51.
Majority in Camborne and Redruth: 8,700
2. Mark Pawsey, 65.
Majority in Rugby: 13,447.
3. Sajid Javid, 52.
Majority in Bromsgrove: 23,106.
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Feeling a little D.I.S.C.O today so I wrote an Ode to the odious one running our nation into the ground #AltLyricsParodyCrew #ToriesOut309 #GeneralElectionNow #SmallusBallus

He is Rishi
He is Rishi
He is Rishi
He is Rishi
He is R โ€“ Rambunctious
He is I - Insufferable
He is S - Sanctimonious
He is H - Horrendous
He is - Insidious

He is R - Repugnant
He is I - Insipid
He is S - Scandalous
He is H - Heartless
He is - Ignorant
He is Sunak
He is Sunak
He is Sunak
He is Sunak

He is S - Sycophantic
He is U - Unpleasant
He is N - Non dom status
He is A - Atrocious
He is Kleptocratic

He is S - Slippery as fuck
He is U - Unfavourable
He is N - Nepotistic
He is A - Abysmal
He is Knavery
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Johnson approved this greenwashing redevelopment site for luxury apartments in a pocket of 1 of the worst deprived areas in Ealing, despite Council and residents campaign to block it, now they are falling ill due to petrol like fumes in the area. Obscene.โ€ฆ
Case in point
Royal Ins. of Chartered Surveyors do not serve the public interest, they're a powerful lobbying group for venture capitalists with a direct channel into Govt. Housing crisis is no accident, a calculated product of an elite group.โ€ฆ
Meanwhile, local authorities have been forced into public-private partnerships for major developments on their own land, including the โ€œregenerationโ€ of estates that leads to the loss of thousands of council houses and the break-up of communities.
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Yesterday the Tories blocked Labour's motion to prevent water companies discharging raw sewage into rivers and coastlines. Tories preferred to protect water companies profits over public and environmental health. How is any of this not a criminal act?
Here's @DefraGovUK @theresecoffey tweet via the Govt's website - 'The legally binding targets that already exist through the Environment Act 2021 to cut 80% of total phosphorus pollution from sewage treatment plants by 2038'. 14 years waiting time...
Because Tories have a majority, Sunak had an amendment put to the vote where 290 Ayes against 188 Noes said a big fuck off to public health and a big congratulations to the water companies carrying on dumping shit while making astronomical profits.
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Incredibly, the 2022 stress tests for the UK banks also did not include testing for substantial hikes in interest rates. The list of failures, policy mistakes, & uncovered crimes, of UK governments & their bankers, grows by the day. #TimeForAChange
Instead of this reckoning, we should be focused on #NetZero now, the #CostOfLivingCrisis and the coronation. We must move on from the rotten Tory system to survive. #GeneralElectionNow
The gutter press supporting the Tory right are on a mission to distract the people so that they overlook the destruction of the countryโ€™s infrastructure, society, and economy by the last 5 destructive if not actually corrupt Tory governments.
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#Labour is fighting dirty, provoking the woke @Young_Tories @loveukhatetory What to think? About time? Itโ€™s political theatre, grandstanding on the issue of crime. But justified, because the legacy on 13 years of #ConservativeParty misrule has led to #BrexitBrokeBritain #Strikes
The Tories #brexitshambles followed by @trussliz were accompanied by underfunded public services, especially policing, the courts, jails, & probation services. Lawlessness stalks the land and this is at least partly to blame.
We have a government skimping on law&order, without compassion, barely clinging to the idea of public service, and without new ideas. #GeneralElectionNow @labourandtrade is anticipating the dirty political fights ahead, and laying the ground to win them.
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Good morning everyone ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒธ
Are you ok with this? I'm not!.
Sunsk is constantly comparing the Nasty Party to labour, let's see

National debt in 2010 ยฃ890 billion
National debt in June 2022 ยฃ2.4 Trillion

Inflation 3.4% in May 2010
Inflation 11.1 % in October 2022
Net migration in 2009, 242,000
Net migration in the year ending June 2022, 594,000

Never forgetting Sunak cost us an extra 11 Bn by not taking out adequate insurance against interest rate rises.

Never forgetting Truss 30 billion disastrous mini budget.
We can't allow the Nasty Party to continue to bankrupt this country anymore.
No wonder they are trying to stop us from voting, getting photo IDs registering to vote by post, this has to stop the lies, the rot the corruption #EnoughIsEnough
#GeneralElectionNow #VoterSuppression Image
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#Budget2023 and #NetZero a thread. The UK is lagging behind in its commitment to achieving a drastic reduction in GHG emissions & protecting us against climate change.
#Budget2023 has an industrial strategy. However, it is clear that it will be insufficient to meet the requirements of #NetZero in the right place, in a timely manner in order to reach the target by 2040, not 2050. We are in war-time crises of an unprecedented kind.
Russia has been waging a cyber war against the West for at least 10, if not 15, years. Now due to #Brexit, #COVID19 , & #WarInUkraine, prices, especially energy & food, are spiking, but the Tory govt is either inadequate or absent in response.
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Iโ€™m watching, on delay, @SuellaBraverman on @bbclaurak this morning. What a liar, what a fake, what nonsense she utters, no end of squealing and misbehaviour. She should be on a boat in the channel, experiencing the wrath of the sea. Ruanda! Deterrent! โ€œEvil people smugglersโ€!โ€ฆโ€ฆ
She should be on the cross of public opinion. What drivel, what โ€ฆ This is insupportable. โ€œCohorts of peopleโ€. Who does she think she is? We are not stupid. The ear rings! I could swear they were mine in a previous bad life. I canโ€™t watch any more. #PostTruthSociety She surelyโ€ฆโ€ฆ
These photos come from Paris and reflect my view of our Home Secretary, who is beyond the pale, so right wing as to be a racist, a bigot, a liar and a fraud. Trying to speak for the racists and miserable unwoke of the country. Promising the earth, but telling lies not truth.
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Good morning everyone ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒธ
Criticizing poor people is this government's main aim, that and criminalizing them, making being homeless a crime, what's fucking criminal is this government spending our money willy nilly on their luxuries, they want the very best for themselves.
While they are take, take, take, many of us are starving and freezing, this government response is, fuck you we're alright jack, no care, no compassion, not one fuck given.
time for change.
#ToriesOut264 #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ToriesDevoidOfShame
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New rules for parents of young children sneaked in through the budget but not mentioned.
Massive increase in work commitments and threats of loss of benefit
Children it appears should not be with parents
#ToriesOut259 #SunakOut150 #GeneralElectionNowโ€ฆ
The changes, to be introduced this financial year, apply to parents who are the familyโ€™s lead carer โ€“ the vast majority of whom are women.

The government says it could dock benefits unless parents:
Are available for work up to 30 hours a week once their youngest child turns three, nearly double the current requirement of 16 hours.
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The Johnson defence document in full
He essentially pleads ignorance
#Toriesout257 #SunakOut148 #GeneralElectionNowโ€ฆ
"It is of course true that my statements to Parliament that the Rules and Guidance had been followed at all times did not turn out to be correct, and I take this
opportunity to apologise to the House for that.
That is clear from the findings in the Sue Gray report, and the result of the Metropolitan Police investigation, which I accept. "

(That is an admission that he did not correct the record when able in the House - as far as I read it)
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