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1. @MassGovernor’s statement below embodies the paradox that is his administration’s climate policy. On the one hand it upholds offshore wind as “one of the most significant changes in environmental policy in a very long time,” which is 💯 true. #mapoli

2. On the other hand, it places its imprimatur on a fossil fuel project with the capacity to move 132.7M cubic feet of natural gas (132,700 dekatherms) through the region *each and every day *. That volume of gas will yield 2,835,000 tons of CO2 annually.
3. To put that in perspective, that amount of CO2 equals ~19% of the annual CO2 emissions produced by all of Mass.’s power plants, or ~8% of all NE power plants (per CO2 totals for 2017 reported in @isonewengland’s most recent emissions report—
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Good afternoon #mapoli. Heading Worcester to Pittsfield via Springfield on the Lake Shore Limited with my friend Anne from @palmertrain. We're heading to bring awareness for future East-West Passenger Rail Across the Commonwealth
Check out my last trip from Boston-Springfield on @Amtrak Lake Shore Limited to Springfield. This time we're going all the way to Pittsfield
Went by the construction site of the @WooSox #Worcester cc: @chamberworc @TimMurray_MA
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.@wutrain says “what’s been happening hasn’t been working” and if it doesn’t change, we’ll be a city without families, a city that isn’t equal for everyone. “We’re not short on resources, or expertise...this is a problem of political will” #mapoli #bospoli
.@wutrain adds she was an Econ major so she was told all these warnings about rent control & that supply and demand will work out, but that’s not how she’s seen it work in the last several years at City Hall; she’s in support & it’s clear we need rent control
.@RepDaveRogers giving context on rent control in MA: in early 90’s RE interests got it to a state vote even though we only had it in 3 cities/towns (those voted to keep it but the state overall voted to abolish in a v close vote) #mapoli #bospoli
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I was in my first months as an aide when this vote went down. The pressure from the Speaker, a Democrat, to NOT support more significant investment in transportation was intense. It was a glaring example of lack of courage and lack of vision from the leadership team. #mapoli
This #mapoli history is worth unpacking a bit. It was the most important political debate of it's mini era and helped define the political consciousness of a set of staff and legislators. Here's a thread:
Typically the kind pressure Kaufman describes is implicit. More "we'll exclude you socially" than clear quid pro quos. It's only explicit for the Speaker's top priorities. So in this case, a smaller tax package and smaller transportation investments were a top priority.
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H. 4137 House deliberation thread starts here:

The bill is here:

#FBRC #MAEdu #mapoli
warning you in advice that I cannot identify most members of the House. Sorry.
I do, however, spot @RepJimODay on the floor in his usual sartorial splendor.
My phone is plugged in behind me, so if you need me, please use something that will come to my laptop.
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A THREAD on the horrendous, racist practice of redlining and its connection to Massachusetts' current transportation crisis, using Chelsea as an example. This approach is inspired by a meeting @T4Mass had recently with @jeffreytumlin of @NelsonNygaard. #mapoli
This thread assumes a basic knowledge of redlining. Here's a place to start if you would like to learn more:…
OK, let's start. Look to the left of the "L" in this 1897 map to see Chelsea's Union Park. I haven't yet found an image of it, but we know it took up an entire city block. It probably had trees, park benches, maybe a fountain. In the heart of the city, it likely got a lot of use!
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Every few hrs today I've remembered that a judge just denied an orphan's greencard bc he admitted to smoking marijuana and had a couple of photos (out of hundreds) on his phone goofing with hand signs and that little muscle just over my right eyesocket starts twitching again
Cannabis was legalized in MA the year he got here. And the photos weren't too off from these (to pull just a couple of examples from Googling "white people making gang signs" ), and I would bet my $900 car that the gang unit never came looking for these nice boys and girls
The kid's nowhere near gang-affiliated. I've known his adopted family for years. They keep a short leash. He was working two jobs. Had a baby on the way he's still never met after 14 months in ICE custody. There's no one for him in his home country, nothing but death. He's 21.
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As one who sympathizes with the "tell us all of it right now" types, let's talk through why the Governor thought this #MAEdu spreadsheet drop was going to be a bombshell and why we shouldn't let it be.
First, as has repeatedly said by many, including both @RepAlicePeisch and @SenJasonLewis (and me), local REQUIRED contributions are, yes, going to go up.
But check your budgets: the number of districts in the state that aren't ALREADY well in excess of foundation can be counted on about one hand.
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Gooood moooorning #Boston it's a beautiful day to vote in an off-year low-turnout city election w/serious implications for the future of our city!

Here's my at-large slate--you have a few hours to change my mind:

St. Guillen

Full credit to @ScamwellTarly and others who immediately inspired a quick revision to this list!
Also, any day I have a chance to vote for @LydiaMEdwards is a good day

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Just spent my morning in the Chelsea District Court just to prove to that a Salvadoran passport is not in fact an "RMV Document" produced by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles as enumerated in Mass. General Laws Chapter 90 Second 24B


You might think the Commonwealth would have agreed three hearings ago that a Salvadoran passport isn't a Massachusetts RMV document and that the officer had made an obvious charging error.

You might think that.
IMO the problem here isn't malice, but neglect. It's the prevailing mentality from both courts and prosecutors that a police officer's factual basis for a criminal charge--even one as clearly erroneous as this was--can only be challenged w/a formal written motion and hearing.
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The city of Boston is illegally stonewalling my request for documents related to #OperationCleanSweep. A quick thread: #mapoli #FOIA
Normally a records custodian must provide public records within 15 business days. If they can't, they can take up to 25 business days, but **still must provide a written explanation within 10**. #mapoli #FOIA
The written response, among other things, must clearly explain the reason for the delay. #mapoli #FOIA
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In honor of the #LaborDay2019 , here are some immigrants and/or POC* laboring mightily in #immigrationlaw, policy, & media you should know about.

Be sure to give them a follow if you don't already!

*I'll try not to make this too New England-centric, but probably will anyway
Let's start with a hometown hero:

Antonio Massa Viana (@MassaVianaLaw) was the 1st undocumented immigrant admitted to practice as a lawyer in #Massachusetts. He demonstrates total dedication to his local Brazilian community and beyond every day.

Hassan Ahmad (@HMAesq) is an incredible advocate in his own right. But he's also doing vital work exposing John Tanton, the man whose white supremacist beliefs became the foundation for modern American nativism. (Also associate Humza Kazmi @Allandaros)

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At Union Station to Ride the #ValleyFlyer from Springfield to Greenfield and back to Northampton on this first weekend of service #mapoli
Great to see the electronic board is working #ValleyFlyer #mapoli
The high level platform is still under construction at Union Station #mapoli
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#BREAKING: new #publiccharge rule is out from #Trump admin.

SNAP, Medicaid and housing vouchers will now be taken into consideration.

Here’s that graph👇…
The new rule "redefines the term 'public charge' to mean an alien who receives one or more designated public benefits for more than 12 months in the aggregate within any 36-month period (such that, for instance, receipt of two benefits in one month counts as two months)."
New definition of “public benefit” to include:

-cash benefits for income maintenance
-most forms of Medicaid
-Sec 8 Housing Assistance (Housing Choice Voucher)
-Sec 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance
-certain other forms of subsidized housing
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Last night, the Leg broke for August with no #FBRC bill. @massgovernor defended it, saying ppl don't give credit for “how difficult it is to change that formula.” I was also characterized as criticizing my colleagues for delay.

So I want to be clear.…
@MassGovernor It is a hard political exercise to change the #MAEdu Foundation Formula—no question.

Just like it’s hard to forge multiple years’ worth of academic gains for a low-income 3rd grader in one school year, when she started far behind her peers.
@MassGovernor And just like it’s hard to get a 10th grader who’s lost 2 friends to street violence to focus on the quadratic equation when he’s struggling with major trauma.

But these are things we rightly ask our schools to do – even though they’re hard.
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Finally getting time to watch this meeting. I've been out of town. #NoCompressorNoWay #mapoli…
So grateful to @MayorBobHedlund for speaking the plain truth about how our federal & state government does not work for the health & safety of the people. #RegulatoryCapture
@MayorBobHedlund And Becky!!!! 💪💪💪💪
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1/ Frustrated and stuck on the @MBTA? Here’s a thread for your morning commute, and a reminder of why the transit system’s main funding source has fallen far short of expectations:
2/ The @MBTA has relied on the “penny on the sales tax” since 2001. At the time, the state thought sales tax revenue would continue to grow by 3 to 8% per year as it had. In 2007, 3% was still “worst case scenario”.
3/ Actual growth of sales tax has, in fact, averaged 1.5% — half what leaders expected. This is partly because of changes in what people buy. Further, the “penny on the sales tax” portion that the @MBTA gets doesn’t include meals.
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Thread👇#Auburn Plastic Bag Ban resolution passed by voters…
The bag ban resolution passed at the ballot box Yes 620. No 381 and 74 blanks #PasticPollution…
Our Executive Committee member @RobertKearns testified at the Board of Selectman meeting for a bag ban. "The cost to the environment exceeds the cost to retailers" #mapoli #PlasticPollution…
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For @cogwbur, I wrote about yesterday's MBTA derailment and how incidents like this have created a transportation crisis in Massachusetts. #mapoli #mbta…
Fixing the T will require voting out politicians who refuse to take Boston's transportation crisis seriously. It will involve amplifying folks like @wutrain @cdempc @transitmatters @MikeConnollyMA and others who've offered tangible solutions. #mbta #mapoli…
After this week's MBTA derailments, #TransitEquity must become a new litmus test for Massachusetts lawmakers. We can keep re-electing politicians who don't give a shit about equitable transportation, or we can hire better leaders.

It's our call.

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1/ My first client as a solo practitioner shared his name with the protagonist of "1984."

His crime?

Talking to a white woman.

In #Massachusetts.

In 2008.

He was convicted under a weirdass 17-century MA statute, and he was doing 6 months for it when we met.

2/ I was impressed when I first came here to learn that there are still colonial-era laws in effect in the Commonwealth.

Like this one, charged in pertinent part as Accosting & Annoying a Person of the Opposite Sex. Sounds like something you'd be put in stocks for, right?
3/ (Quick footnote:

The law was recently amended to remove reference to "the opposite sex" so that the charge is merely "accosting and annoying a person." This is because making the victim's gender an element of a crime is both highly problematic & blatantly unconstitutional.)
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DAY 2 of compressor AQ hearing at @MassDEP

Enbridge's real estate attny (?) questioning a Weymouth witness, Mr. Hinkley about the air modelling of compressor turbine startups. Turbine startups will happen over and over and over and over on the compressor.
@MassDEP Mr H is going into his professional background after questioning from Attny Cramb (Enbridge)
@MassDEP Mr H worked with Delaware riverkeeper for Indian Point Nuclear Power plant (NY) evaluating if it would be possible to meet NY clean air requirements of alternate power was sought.
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Dr. @Curt_Nordgaard is being questioned by Enbridge's lawyers right now.

What we know from air testing is that the AQ in the Fore River Basin is already quite poor, and there are many reasons for that, large vessels coming to port being one of them.
@Curt_Nordgaard There is NO DEP permanent air monitoring station in the FRB. That's why Enbridge is trying to split hairs here.

With all of the stuff that's located right by the site it's criminal that there isn't an air monitor.
@Curt_Nordgaard Enbridge is trying to argue (slowly) that how/what Dr. N measured is wrong. Not a peep about what Dr. N actually found.

Side note: The Corner Mall's classical music has turned on downstairs. We now have a soundtrack.
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THREAD For anyone who thinks Weymouth & @gb_psr is overreacting re: compressor dangers @ this site, pls watch this meeting w/ LEPC’s from Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree, Hingham & former State Undersecretary of Homeland Security McMurray. #mapoli…
@gb_psr Don't have time to watch the video? Slides from Oct 2018's Weymouth Local Emergency Planning Committee Meeting that included LEPC’s from Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree, Hingham & State Undersecretary of Homeland Security McMurray start here:
@gb_psr This blast area seems conservative & is likely based government numbers. Prior pipeline explosions have extended more than this, & compressor explosions'd be far worse. This IR doesn't take into account other infrastructure that could be ignited frm compressor explosion.
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@segalmr This imperative includes Legislature. The absence of concrete REAL and meaningful policy from #MALeg is an appalling moral failure. This lies at every legislator's feet until THEY are protesting and organizing for #Safecommunitiesact, DLs.
#AbolishICE #MAHouse @MA_Senate #MApoli
@segalmr @MA_Senate So, call, email, buttonhole at the Senior Center coffee, your State Legislators, senators and reps, and ask them: what, dear Elected, are you actually doing to push #Safecommunitiesact to a vote, and mobilize your colleagues, your caucus, your Leadership, to pass it? #mapoli
@segalmr @MA_Senate Listen to their answers. Notice if, how they shift the burden of action to Someone Somewhere Else (leadership, other legislators, The Voters (lol), I dunno, Trump). Politely, firmly bring it back to, what, then, are YOU doing to push them/that? #legisplaining #Safecommunitiesact
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