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@DrKMSimon @thebethelboston @BostonChildrens Hi Kevin - There's quite a few issues with this study as it relates to my statement that there are no long term studies on the mental and physical outcomes of kids with GD:

1/ GAC includes puberty blockers, cross sex hormones (GAH) and surgeries. This study only addresses GAH.
@DrKMSimon @thebethelboston @BostonChildrens 2/ This is a cross-sectional study of mental health metrics at baseline. It does not allow for any determination of causality, as the authors recognize. That's a pretty serious limitation for anyone saying that hormones improve mental health. (credit: @LeorSapir)
@DrKMSimon @thebethelboston @BostonChildrens @LeorSapir 3/ 2 years is not long-term.
Boston Children's has been providing this type of medical treatment for over 10 years. How are they not able to do a study on patients for longer than 2 years?

4/ Only (7.9%) had received previous pubertal suppression treatment.
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We are saddened to hear of the passing of our friend and comrade Mel King. Mel was a man of action. He was a community organizer through and through. He fought the system from a place of deep love of his community. He was born in and fought displacement in the South End. (🧵) Mel King and Jim Brooks blockade the entrance of Boston Hous
He deeply valued the value of education as liberation, and he taught and fought everywhere he went. He was a teacher, a mentor, a friend, and a fighter for the people of Boston. Our community will deeply miss Mel.
Mel was a close part of the City Life community. The last time Mel King did civil disobedience was at a City Life action in 2013. Alongside fellow ancestor Jim Brooks, Mel sat on the steps of the courthouse demanding the state “HALT NO FALT EVICTIONS.” #bospoli #mapoli Mel King and Jim Brooks blocking the doors of housing court A line of protestors blocks the entrance to the court house Protestors hold signs demanding an end to no-fault evictionsAn organizer leads a chant to "Halt No Fault Evictions&
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*español abajo* This past weekend CLVU and @BTU66, along with so many other local orgs and families, came out to the annual Family2Family conference💚🍎 #BosPoli #MaPoli
CLVU is determined to connect with families and teacher/educator unions in our public school systems, since education justice is deeply connected to housing justice! 🤝 #MaPoli
‼️🍎 If you're a teacher in Greater Boston area, DM us your email & we’ll send you general help flyers to share with students + families resisting rent increases & unjust housing situations. DM us your email, and let’s build the movement for stability at home & in school! #MaPoli
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1/ On Monday, Dec. 12th at 10 a.m., I'm sponsoring a hearing to discuss restoring municipal voting rights to immigrants with legal status. This hearing was the first Order I filed as Councilor earlier this year and where I delivered my maiden speech. #bospoli Dark forest green backgroun...
2/ To be a government by the people and for the people, we must first be a government of the people. I’m excited to begin exploring ways to expand the electorate starting with our most marginalized communities. #bospoli
3/ You can testify in person at the hearing on the 5th floor of City Hall in the Ianella Chamber or testify virtually / submit testimony in writing by emailing #bospoli Dark forest green backgroun...
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That moment as a poll watcher when the polls close and you're locked in with democracy

#bospoli #mapoli
I live two blocks from W1P1's polls and have been coming here every election to get a photo of the count after the polls close because I am a sick freak
Ward 1 Precinct 1 #bospoli #SuffolkDA
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Polls are CLOSED in Massachusetts (except in Barnstable, where voting will continue until midnight due to a vault issue this morning). Stay with me and
@politico for all your #mapoli primary results tonight!

I’m starting my night at AG @maura_healey’s campaign party before heading elsewhere. Healey is en route to officially clinching the Democratic nomination for governor, after her last primary opponent dropped out in June. Few here yet, but the Bachelorette is playing #mapoli
Since I can't be everywhere tonight, I'm threading in some other #mapoli and #bospoli reporters to watch:
@samanthajgross at @MayorDriscoll
@CotterReporter at @RicardoNArroyo
@GraceZokovitch at @DAKevinHayden
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It’s 9:40 a.m. on the day before the Massachusetts primaries and I’ve already seen every Democrat running for statewide office at the @GBLCBoston Labor Day breakfast (save for @maura_healey, who’s coming later.) And yes, that’s @TamiGouveiaMA eating a waffle #mapoli
Presumptive Democratic governor nominee @maura_healey makes her pitch at @GBLCBoston: “As governor, I’m always going to champion those on the front lines.” #mapoli
A joke is made about all of @ShannonForAG’s TV ads — “you may have seen her in her commercials” — ahead of her @GBLCBoston speech. She’s now given her campaign $9.3M to fuel more than $5.5M in ads, and has run six statewide and one in western Mass #mapoli
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ME (last month): the new generation of post-Walsh #bospoli leaders and activists have finally broken machine politics as we knew them and made an uncompromising commitment to moral clarity, honesty, and character

ME (today):
Honestly this one's on me for ever even beginning to believe that could be true, but here we are
I am challenging one other man who has any kind of platform within #bospoli to show that they believe and support women who come out against powerful men who refuse accountability.

Just one.

This should not be an actual challenge.

Don't make me start tagging you, you cowards
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The Governor's Council is not a clown car. It is the guardian of an entire branch of our government: our judiciary. My campaign is about making our judicial branch responsive to the will of the people and reflective of our values. Here are the how and why.…
Just as the legislative and executive branches of our government must reflect the will of the people, our judicial branch must too. But as the data shows, Massachusetts is falling very far short of that reasonable objective. MA has one of the world's highest incarceration rates.
We incarcerate people of color at 7-9x the rate of whites + we have the highest Latino incarceration rate in the country. Who is responsible for this unconscionable disparity? Judges. It is judges who hand down those sentences, but because MA wisely does not elect our judges...
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"Progressive prosecutors" are rearranging deck chairs on the Death Star. They are trying to captain a battleship through a narrow sewer.

I'm done with ticky-tack memo-based reform. Tell me how you'll use your office to the furthest possible extent for liberation.

Questions for all "progressive prosecutors": what will justice look like in 10 years after the changes you want to set in motion? 20? What legislation do you support or are you proposing to fundamentally reimagine--and ideally end--your job as you know it?
This has been a long road for me and I still have more reading and thinking to do, but I will say that moral clarity in electoral politics becomes much easier when you realize just how little some of these choices ultimately matter toward getting to the world you want to live in
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I've worked w/100+ sexual assault survivors in the past 17 years, mostly in asylum cases. I've seen what both not being able to tell anyone & not being believed when they do does to ppl--& the work it takes to heal--& I've just about lost my mind in the past 48 hrs. Wtf #bospoli? Summary of allegations against Sufolk DA candidate Ricardo A
Am I the asshole here for actually believing every word of this? Honestly it's days like these that I'm just as happy that I don't depend on state or local courts/electeds/politics for my livelihood. What a sorry fiasco this all is
So now we'll either have a #SuffolkDA who many believe on the word of a survivor is an unrepentant rapist or a DA who others now believe on the word of the accused leaked *records of that assault involving a minor* for political advantage. Great work everyone
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I believe her, and it matters. She matters. That's it, and that's all.

The responses (and absence of responses) to this tomorrow will define #bospoli + #mapoli for years to come

@kennycooks This isn't about teams or sides or supporting any candidate over another. I fundamentally don't even support the role of DA as it currently stands in our system, so I honestly hardly care which of the two candidates with nearly identical policies wins. But I do care about this.
I honestly thought it was bizarre enough that I was being asked to get behind a candidate who had never entered an appearance as counsel in the court all of his most serious charging decisions as DA would be heard in, but it seems we're way past that now
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🚨Crimes committed by cops!🚨

@bostonpolice has an officer UNLAWFULLY recording peaceful protesters at @MayorWu’s Coffee event in Dorchester. 🍩

BPD why are you harassing moms w/ kids in strollers? 👀

Resources best spent elsewhere! 📸

#shameonwu #bospoli #boston #mapoli
UPDATE: The citizen who recorded this video, SHAWN NELSON, was just arrested @MayorWu’s Coffee Hours in Ronan Park, Dorchester while peacefully protesting.

#boston #bospoli #mapoli #shameonwu #civilrights #blacklivesmatter
Link to video credit of @bostonpolice profiling Shawn Nelson while he peacefully protested:…
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1/This thread on an obscure committee nominally responsible for directing a beloved #EastBoston park is this week's essential #bospoli reading. Meet me back here when you're done for a few more thoughts from someone who has been following this fiasco closely for the past 10 yrs
2/ For context, here's the finished portion of Piers Park. I live around the corner, walk past it every day, and visit as often as possible. It"s a treasure, one of New England's beautiful spaces. The angry racists you've just seen in those videos are tasked with managing it.
3/ Piers Park is an amazing place for working people of limited means to have parties, get married, shoot music videos, take family photos, and hear great music. Like my band, @hightiderocks! Here we are playing some Dead on Jerry Garcia's birthday

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how were we ever supposed to know that the woman who spent months siding with an abusive mother in lying about her child's suicide while publicly fundraising off of accusing another child of her murder was a shameless grifter?

Sorry for the hyperlocal subtweet, but IYKYK. I didn't have much of an opinion about her before that, but just beyond all accepted norms of decency, humanity, and what I understand to be activism--and if we were still doing journalism around here you'd already know that
When all you've got is "only a right-wing "citizen journalist" troll was covering this!" all I'm hearing is an indictment of our Boston media class. Not the troll.

This is what happens when we put people over causes, and personalities over principle.
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A storm is coming! Here are some resources to help you stay warm and safe during this weekend’s snowstorm

¡Se acerca una tormenta! Aquí hay algunos recursos para ayudarte a estar abrigado y seguro durante la tormenta de nieve de este fin de semana
❄️To report unplowed roads or fallen trees after the storm is over, call 311
❄️Here are some numbers to call if you need help with gas, water, shelter, etc.:…
❄️Sign up for emergency alerts at

❄️Para reportar caminos sin arar o árboles caídos después de que termine la tormenta, llame al 311
❄️Números para llamar si necesita ayuda con gas, agua, refugio, etc.:…
❄️Regístrese para recibir alertas de emergencia en

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Do you know the 13 members of the #Boston City Council (@boscitycouncil)?

Follow them all (details in thread). Whenever they make some type of post, ask if they agree w/ @MayorWu’s vaccine verification ~> #bostonsegregates & #bostondiscriminates.

Silence is compliance. #bospoli
@edforboston is President of the #Boston City Council (@boscitycouncil) & District 2.

Follow their handle. Whenever they post, comment & ask if they’ll vote to end vaccine verification ~> #bostonsegregates & #bostondiscriminates.

Silence is compliance. #bospoli #civilrights
@ruthzee4Boston is a #Boston City Council Member (@boscitycouncil) at Large.

Follow their handle. Whenever they post, comment & ask if they’ll vote to end vaccine verification ~> #bostonsegregates & #bostondiscriminates.

Silence is compliance. #bospoli #civilrights #shameonwu
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Boston #FreeAssange Rally early #FirstNightBoston
Brought in the New Year praising Julian & #WikiLeaks Positive, sympathetic reactions!
Tide is turning!
✴️Letters to Merrick Garland @TheJusticeDept
✴️Petition to senators @ewarren @SenMarkey
Thread 👇
"Assange's only crimes are exposing the crimes of the war makers, of the genocidal war machine that exploits and oppresses working people in countries around the world. ...He is our hero. Please join us in the campaign to #FreeJulianAssange." John Harris,
"Here we are New Year Eve's day as part of #FirstNightBoston. We are very concerned about Julian Assange. He just lost his case...who knows how long he'll be in jail?...@POTUS & Merrick Garland could just #DropTheCharges & the case would go away" Susan McLucas, Activist Organizer
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Government leaders have failed to put the health, well-being & dignity of every resident at the center of our #COVID19 response. Many of us are suffering unnecessarily and every sector is impacted by preventable challenges. 🧵 1/…
This all could have been avoided. Our government leaders could have prioritized the needs of residents rather than protecting special interests and getting lulled into believing that a privatized response would save us. 2/ #mapoli #bospoli
We know how stressed our community members feel, how our nurses & doctors are #burntout, how much our teachers & students want to safely return to the classroom & how worried our parents are for their children and their aging parents, never mind themselves. 3/

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SPOTTED: Among the dignitaries at @wutrain’s signing in, @SecretaryOfMass Bill Galvin (with a vote mask) #mapoli Image
*swearing in — they’re in line to be checked in
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Boston is on the brink of history.

Ahead of the mayoral election, Globe reporters fanned out to six neighborhoods across the city that help illustrate where and how Boston’s political ideologies and power structures have shifted over the last decade.…
The Sept. 14 preliminary results help tell the story of a divided city.

In one Mattapan precinct, Annissa Essaibi George claimed just 3 percent of the vote. In another, a few miles east in Dorchester, she got over 80 percent.… A map showing Boston's prel...
Dorchester’s Ward 16, Precinct 12 is among Boston’s whitest and most conservative pockets.

It’s also home to Florian Hall, home of the firefighters union that has backed Essaibi George, considered a more moderate candidate and the underdog of the race.… Image
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1/ MAHA incoming executive director Symone Crawford issued the following statement today after President Biden and Congressional leaders released the framework for the #BuildBackBetterAct
2/ the agreement includes significant funding for affordable housing, including a first-generation down payment assistance program inspired by MAHA’s STASH matched savings program for first-gen homebuyers. #mapoli #bospoli #FirstGenHome
“3 years ago when we designed the nation’s 1st program for buyers without a family history of homeownership, we never dreamed the concept of targeting #FirstGenHome buyers would go from an idea to the verge of reality in the halls of DC in such a short time. #fromDorchestertoDC
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Follow the money, Boston!

#KeepIt100 💯
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“Massachusetts' historically racialized home mortgage market and resulting racial wealth inequalities indicate a need for programs like STASH, which creates equitable homeownership opportunities for families of color,” said @jittygurl /1 #bospoli #mapoli…
MAHA today announced that the developers of Dorchester Bay City, a joint venture of Accordia Partners, LLC and the Real Estate Group of Ares Management Corporation, have committed $10 million to fund its STASH program for first generation homebuyers. #bospoli #mapoli /2
STASH provides homebuyer ed and matched savings for a down payment on a house in MA. Launched in 2019, the program is the 1st of its kind in the country and serves a population, first-generation buyers that is not widely recognized by policymakers or public. #bospoli #mapoli /3
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