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I've been on the #wutrain since I first met Michelle in the audience @ a 2013 Gaming Commission mtg w/in days of her 1st CC win. She was alone: no staff, no cameras, just listening & taking notes to understand for herself.

Leadership doesn't get more real than that.

I was there with a small contingent of @NoEastieCasino activists, but she seemed genuinely surprised that anyone had noticed her at all when we went over to introduce ourselves on a break. She listened--really listened--to what we had to say, and was straight back to her notes.
That's what I think of every time I think of Michelle Wu. It just seems like so much of politics--especially local politics--is just making sure you're seen being in the right place by the right people saying the right things. Boston's next mayor can and will do so much more.
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Just paid fifty cents at a library booksale for a signed copy of a book by former MA Governor Bill Weld which includes this personal lament about being "the last of the brainy Brahmins in a party now held hostage by redneck yahoos."

In 1998.

#bospoli #mapoli Image
"But we'll yet prevail -- with gentility, irony, and a sense of a shared hatred of taxes."

NARRATOR: they didn't

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lol Image
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Bad news: ICE is again free to arrest people appearing for court in MA. Thus ends our Commonwealth's brief experiment in actual federalism

#bospoli #mapoli
If you're wondering why any of this matters, here's my summary in the @newrepublic last year…
Eagerly awaiting "conservatives" celebrating the federal government's right to wantonly interfere with state prosecutions and court proceedings, just shoot that principled federalism and small-government philosophy straight into my weary veins
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I did a thing while in recovery. In the Boston #sidewalkstressindex, I had identified 4 key typologies of neighborhoods based on incident population and sidewalk widths. This is the 'low width & low density' typology I did some redesign in @SketchUp on it! ImageImage
A bit rusty, but its been 2 years since I last touched Sketchup! Will soon make similar redesign proposals for the other three typologies as well.

The brief article (under construction) is here:…

This particular intersection is at: 42.296950, -71.070516
I kept the one-way street orientation as it already is right now, but added a contraflow lane, and removed parking from one side.
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Sen. @EdMarkey firing up a socially-distanced #EastBoston crowd today while a paid JKIII speaker truck desperately drives up and down Bremen St trying to disrupt him. No idea what they're saying, but it can't compete with the Senator's moral clarity

#ImWithEd #mapoli #bospoli Image
Hearing @EdMarkey riff on the Green New Deal, economic inequality, immigrant rights, environmental justice, M4A, and what we all need to do together to get through this national crisis is giving me more hope than I can remember having in all of 2020

All you need to know about this race:

@EdMarkey came to #EastBoston to speak directly to what he has done for our immigrant community & our most vital environmental & social justice issues.

His opponent came w/a paid goon yelling incomprehensible nonsense.

#ImWithEd #mapoli
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TFW you realize that your city of past 14 yrs is being held together by a "patchwork of special acts whose application requires consideration of their evolution [and scrutiny of the legislative history]" literally called a "strong mayor" system of government

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all we have to do to get an actual government w/in the next 3-4 yrs is

-ask 15% of Boston voters to sign a petition for a new charter ballot Q

-elect commissioners to hold hearings over 18 months to write a new charter

-put that charter up for a vote
Not that we shouldn't do this! Reforming Boston's entire structure of government & drafting an actual governing document *should* be a long and considered process, even if it's at least 100 yrs overdue.

#mapoli #bospoli
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soooo I've spent the past 3 days combing through the @bostonpolice budget for @ACLU_Mass and FOLKS.

just published a blog & report on this (below), but I need to put the worst parts of this publicly on blast. Strap in. (1/10)
#DefundPolice #mapoli #bospoli
At $414 mil, @bostonpolice is the 2nd largest line item in the whole city budget. That means:
- 7x larger than the Cabinet of Health & Human Services (inc 9 depts)
- 4x larger than the Public Health Commission @HealthyBoston
- 182x larger than the Office of Arts & Culture (2/10)
Within their monumental $414 million budget, they are somehow reducing funding for personnel in the professional development & standards bureaus (which includes their Anti-Corruption Division!!!), while increasing personnel in the field (= more #boscops) (3/10)
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For the most part, asthma, hypertension, and diabetes are inequalities — differences that are a direct result of racism, poverty, disinvestment, and other structural barriers — not “pre-existing conditions.”
#publichealth #healthequity #covid19
Here’s an excellent article by @uche_blackstock that provides an overview of the barriers to equitable treatment and other inequalities that emerge during the #covid19 pandemic and similar disasters: #healthequity #phealth
Most US cities have a 15-year gap in life expectancy. Neighborhoods that have seen these catastrophically-high premature death rates for decades, due to inequality, racism, & incarceration, are also likely to be impacted by #covid19 at 2-5 times the rate of affluent areas. #nnip Image
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Why were we still bringing detainees IN PERSON from ICE custody into a crowded courtroom in the heart of downtown Boston?

#bospoli #mapoli #covid19
CORRECTION: Why *are* we still doing this, because apparently we are
We should be doing absolutely everything humanly possible to keep #covid19 out of ICE facilities, and this would seem to be doing the opposite of that
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"It's a real public health issue," [Cameron] said.

#mapoli #bospoli #covid19…

-release all (yes, all) ICE detainees

-suspend all USCIS interviews & naturalization ceremonies

-total moratorium on all deportations

Boston is a major nexus for this pandemic. Stop making people come here, and stop sending them out.

None of this is worth it.
As noted in the story, the Boston #immigrationcourt is where non-citizens from RI, NH, VT, ME, and eastern MA are required to report for removal hearings upon pain of automatic deportation if they fail to appear. It's a perfect vector for spreading this all over New England.
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if there's one thing I've learned from my recent forays into #bospoli it's that anyone who talks like this deserves nothing but to primaried into oblivion
this unspeakably condescending question presumes that the only people who could possibly make government better are those who have already been elected into it, the political equivalent of needing five years of experience for an entry-level job
if you are the kind of person who sneers at any primary challenge as "divisive" while calling for "unity" behind the existing power base without any serious consideration of the very real concerns which necessitated a contested election in the first place, just listen to yourself
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“A city with barely half as many children as it had in 1950. And those who remain are likely to be in families that are poorer, on average, than the city as a whole.” #bospoli…
“Reasons, researchers say, range from the high cost of housing to the perception that the city’s public school system is inferior.”

Sound familiar, @BostonGlobe? Spend barrels of ink to paint @BostonSchools as “bad” and folks believe you.
What @BostonSchools suffers from is structural racism. White families fled the desegregation order. A district that serves largely black and brown students was left to physically crumble until facilities became an embarrassment. Decades of city leadership ignored them.
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1/ Proud to announce that I'm joining a team of progressive #EastBoston residents seeking election to our local Democratic ward committee. It's a wicked local #bospoli story, but I think what we're doing here really matters--and that you should try it too.

Yes, you.

2/ Ward committees are as local as local politics get. They are (or at least can be) the foundation of party organizing, and the aspirational face of a community. They're the closest thing to Jeffersonian democracy most of us will ever see. (Photo credit: @SecretaryofMass)
3/ And they're fun! This guy gets it
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1/11 I was curious about TOP TWEETS IN 2019 about #dyslexia #research. Are you?
(note: removed those with no content, ads and clearly not "research-based (e.g., dyslexia fonts claiming it's research based), & abbreviated some of their original tweets)
3/11 "The research says it all, hiring people with dyslexia will help future-proof the workplace." by @richardbranson.
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On this day 30 years ago, a non-binding referendum to change the Boston School Committee from an 11 member elected board to a 7 member appointed body passed with a razor-thin margin of 1.5% – but there is so much more to this story (1/15) #bospoli #BosEdEquity
Mayor Flynn was under immense pressure from the Boston Compact, the Private Industry Council, the Vault, & @ResearchBureau1 to change the governance structure of the Boston School Committee but after the ballot question's lukewarm reception by voters Flynn shelved the idea (2/15)
@ResearchBureau1 In Flynn’s neighborhood of South Boston the measure was defeated 2 to 1. African American voters in Mattapan, Roxbury, and Dorchester (Wards 9, 12, & 14) voted overwhelmingly against the referendum. In total, 37% voted YES, 36% voted NO, & 26% left the question blank (3/15)
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.@wutrain says “what’s been happening hasn’t been working” and if it doesn’t change, we’ll be a city without families, a city that isn’t equal for everyone. “We’re not short on resources, or expertise...this is a problem of political will” #mapoli #bospoli
.@wutrain adds she was an Econ major so she was told all these warnings about rent control & that supply and demand will work out, but that’s not how she’s seen it work in the last several years at City Hall; she’s in support & it’s clear we need rent control
.@RepDaveRogers giving context on rent control in MA: in early 90’s RE interests got it to a state vote even though we only had it in 3 cities/towns (those voted to keep it but the state overall voted to abolish in a v close vote) #mapoli #bospoli
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Every few hrs today I've remembered that a judge just denied an orphan's greencard bc he admitted to smoking marijuana and had a couple of photos (out of hundreds) on his phone goofing with hand signs and that little muscle just over my right eyesocket starts twitching again
Cannabis was legalized in MA the year he got here. And the photos weren't too off from these (to pull just a couple of examples from Googling "white people making gang signs" ), and I would bet my $900 car that the gang unit never came looking for these nice boys and girls
The kid's nowhere near gang-affiliated. I've known his adopted family for years. They keep a short leash. He was working two jobs. Had a baby on the way he's still never met after 14 months in ICE custody. There's no one for him in his home country, nothing but death. He's 21.
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Do you remember? Today, October 8, marks the 5 year anniversary of the closure of Long Island Bridge in #Boston, which cut hundreds of people off from shelter and recovery services. #BostonWarm #StillLongIsland #Bospoli 1/
"when the bridge was finally deemed unsafe for travel on the afternoon of Oct. 8, the city had no emergency evacuation plan in place." It was a disaster for the city of #Boston. So many lives were uprooted. #StillLongIsland #BostonWarm 2/…
Oh, deferred maintenance! Long Island Bridge was crumbling slowly and all of the sudden came down. "We've known for seven or eight years. As did the city. Not a surprise to a lot of folks who know about transportation," #StillLongIsland…
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I’ve had conversations about @BostonSchools #ExamSchools with equity advocates, but also with folks I’ve met knocking doors across the city. I appreciate that @BCassellius faces the same political barriers her predecessors did on the topic of admissions. #bospoli
The statistics for #BostonLatinSchool, considered by some to be BPS’ “crown jewel” are plain enough. In a district ~14% white, BLS enrollment is ~46% white.
In a district ~31% Black and ~42% Latinx, BLS enrollment is 7.5% and 12.5% respectively.
Some folks argue that such a disparity is simply the result of “merit-based admissions.” That thinking imagines students in a racial and socio-economic vacuum, not the city of Boston where white family wealth is more than 20x that of families of color.…
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For my fellow white #bospoli voters, especially those of us in District 5: A thread on place, identity, and entitlement.
I’ve knocked on a lot of doors this cycle, and talked to a lot of voters in Rozzie and Hyde Park. As the Boston City Council edges toward a majority POC body, one theme I’ve heard from white voters is a concern over “identity politics”.
This worry over candidates of color (who note their own perspectives as an attribute) assumes that electeds can’t provide constituent services while ALSO working to promote #equity in a city with a huge racial wealth gap. It also ignores the fact that…
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Gooood moooorning #Boston it's a beautiful day to vote in an off-year low-turnout city election w/serious implications for the future of our city!

Here's my at-large slate--you have a few hours to change my mind:

St. Guillen

Full credit to @ScamwellTarly and others who immediately inspired a quick revision to this list!
Also, any day I have a chance to vote for @LydiaMEdwards is a good day

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Hundreds of our neighbors signed our petition in support of the proposed BTD design for Centre St in West Roxbury! The design includes important changes that would make this stretch of Centre safer for all street users. (Thread) #SaferCentreSt
The #SaferCentreSt design is a 4-to-3 lane conversion, a proven method for making 4 lane streets safer. Information about the design proposed by BTD can be found here:
Information about 4-to-3 conversion style road diets, common myths about these designs, and examples of successful implementation of these designs across the country, can be found here:
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#Boston gave white supremacist thugs obsessed w/exterminationist violence a permit for today's sad #straightprideparade & allowed every overtime-seeking cop in eastern MA to assault us

We need a @BOSCityCouncil investigation to keep this from happening again

#bospoli #defendBOS
@BOSCityCouncil The motives & associations of the organizers and their supporters (well beyond the dumbass #straightpride cover) were easily knowable. If nothing else, Milo has been a reliable Nazi stooge for years now. Why give him a platform, his fans an excuse?…
@BOSCityCouncil Events like today's are held to (1) give fascists (& fash-curious) a chance to feel comfortable in public & (2) to provoke antifa. That's it. That's all.

How is that a permit? And on one of the city's busiest weekends?
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Our first open meeting in town was a great success! We had 35 attendees including @classicwenty, @wutrain, @ShannMurph617 from @MattOMalley’s office, @votepaulsully10 from @mfflaherty’s office, and @juliaforboston. Everyone who showed up wants a #SaferCentreSt for our @WRMS.
Our goal was to continue the important conversation that began earlier this year after the tragic death of Marilyn Wentworth, who was killed on February 5, 2019, in a car crash while walking across Centre St. to buy a cup of coffee from @ElRecreoCoffee
That same month, @BostonBTD and @MattOMalley engaged the community and heard that many residents involved in crashes when walking in town. @PeterFurth also talked about his prior analysis. We all demanded a #SaferCentreSt!
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