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Here's Amanda Orlando, campaign manager of the worst statewide campaign ever in Massachusetts history -- the catastrophic gubernatorial race of  Geoff "DoorDash" Diehl. (He couldn't even get 35% of the vote.) Image
The third person in that photo of Amanda and DoorDash is Russell Morris, a close friend of Amanda's. Here Amanda and Russ are in happier times, getting upclose  & personal. ImageImageImage
Tomorrow morning at 9:30 Amanda's pal Russell Morris will be back in Superior Court in Salem for another hearing in his ongoing child rape case.
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What ideological garbage from Jeff Jacoby. And what a partisan, motivated misreading of the evidence. To not mention housing costs? What @GlobeOpinion garbage. Let me go after what Jeff willfully ignored. 1/x #mapoli…
So sure, a very small number of rich people are leaving. In fact, rich people move often. Jacoby and Pioneer won’t baseline wealth migration over time, as that will hurt their argument.🙄 Are a few now leaving because of taxation? Yes. 2/x
In fact someone I know around here is living in NH a few extra months a year (he has five houses) to not pay here anymore. He spends 5 months a year here now instead of 9. On paper he “left.” 3/x
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@massgop plans to grill hapless failed candidate @RepGeoffDiehl about 2022 "campaign finance irregularities" now being probed by state regulators at its upcoming June 8 meeting.
Party will also try to question other principals in the catastrophic Diehl campaign, which ran up hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid bills which were then apparently improperly charged to @massgop, per statements of new chair Amy Carnevale.
DoorDash Diehl et al. could refuse to answer questions about the six-figure disputed $$$$ expenses, or they could just not show up.
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This piece thoroughly examines the extreme racial disparities in pretrial detention and 58A requests.

But there's a math error in this video:…

By these numbers, the percent of district court cases in Suffolk with a dangerousness hearing is 2.2%, not .02%. Screenshot from Boston25 in...
That said, a bigger problem: the figure has a misleading denominator.

80% of MA cases involve a lead misdemeanor charge. The *vast* majority of misdemeanors are *statutorily ineligible* for these hearings.

The denominator should be cases with *eligible* offenses, not all cases.
Getting those numbers right matters because it allows for a more precise investigation into @DAKevinHayden's claim that his office uses these hearings judiciously.

They routinely file them on possession offenses without any individualized assessment of the particular defendant.
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Kool Aid Kult gets Konfused... promotes fundraiser with "Cong. Jim Jones." Image
Hunnnh?!?! Jim JONES?

Surely some mistake here? Do the illiterate losers mean "Jim Jones Lyons," the leader of their political suicide cult? He couldn't get elected dogcatcher... as a Democrat or a Republican. (Lyons has run as  both -- and lost as both.)
Cong. Jim Jones — if he does show, that will be quite an appearance. He's been dead since 1979. Image
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Here's letter @massgop chair Amy Carnevale just sent to Bruce Mittman, Jim Jones Lyons' ad guy, pointing out that the party is not responsible for at least $262,000 he billed party for spending on hapless guv campaign of @RepGeoffDiehl, who couldn't even manage 35%…
of vote last fall.

According to Amy, Mittman has not responded to inquiries about the $400K+ bills in more than 7 weeks. Mittman is a donor to the shady sheriff of Suffolk County, Steve Tompkins, who has been fined a total of $14,800 (once for nepotism) by the State Ethics..
Commission. Mittman has given his dodgy Democrat crony $1250. Tompkins isn't Mittman's only Democrat pal. ImageImage
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Kool-Aid Kult update!

Tonight @massgop will elect a new state committeeman in Sen. Pat O’Connor’s South Shore district, filling a vacant seat.
The pathetic losers in @JimLyonsMA’s political death cult are still scheming to regain control of GOP to finish off MA as a two-party state once and for all. Image
Meet Kool-Aid Kult’s candidate, Joe Bronske of Weymouth. He lives at home with his mom & this photo sums up what he’d do to @massgop – the same thing his hero Jim Jones Lyons & his clown posse did during their four catastrophic years in control. Image
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Yesterday the House unanimously passed their $56.2B FY24 budget. The budget process was quicker and quieter than normal. Finishing a day ahead of schedule, the House “debated,” “deliberated,” and “voted” on the $56.2B package and its 1,566 amendments in just three days. (1/11)
What’s in the budget? It’s tough to tell — the bill was largely crafted behind closed doors, and the 1,566 amendments were rewritten (or in most cases, entirely removed) by leadership into 7 categorical “consolidated amendments”. (2/11)
A consolidated amendment is a conglomeration of budget amendments in specific categories (education, labor, etc) crafted privately by leadership. Content can be rewritten or fully removed in consolidation, and it’s near impossible to further amend a consolidated amendment (3/11)
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@massgop Chair Amy Carnevale just mailed out a statewide update to local GOP activists, including info about the unpaid $602,000 in bills left behind by ousted crackpot chairman @JimLyonsMA.
For the first time, Carnevale reveals that an unnamed statewide campaign last fall made huge ad buys that according to public filings were "authorized" by the hapless candidate, but after the election were "incredibly billed" to the committee to be paid for.
In boldface Carnevale says of the unpaid bills, "Not on my watch."
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Meet ex-state Sen. Dean Tran, awaiting trial on felony charges in state court after being indicted last summer for allegedly intimidating an old lady and then lying to cops about stealing her Colt .45 firearm.…
Tran, who’s lost his last two elections by ever wider margins (as befits someone in photo finish w/a grand jury) is now part & parcel of the @Massgop’s Kool-Aid Kult. He works for Rick Green, another failed pol who is the $$$ guy for crackpot ousted GOP chairman @JimLyonsMA.
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We are saddened to hear of the passing of our friend and comrade Mel King. Mel was a man of action. He was a community organizer through and through. He fought the system from a place of deep love of his community. He was born in and fought displacement in the South End. (🧵) Mel King and Jim Brooks blockade the entrance of Boston Hous
He deeply valued the value of education as liberation, and he taught and fought everywhere he went. He was a teacher, a mentor, a friend, and a fighter for the people of Boston. Our community will deeply miss Mel.
Mel was a close part of the City Life community. The last time Mel King did civil disobedience was at a City Life action in 2013. Alongside fellow ancestor Jim Brooks, Mel sat on the steps of the courthouse demanding the state “HALT NO FALT EVICTIONS.” #bospoli #mapoli Mel King and Jim Brooks blocking the doors of housing court A line of protestors blocks the entrance to the court house Protestors hold signs demanding an end to no-fault evictionsAn organizer leads a chant to "Halt No Fault Evictions&
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Hoy, nos reunimos en solidaridad con la Asociación de Inquilinos LatinX Clark Ave Groma, TA, quienes enfrentaron su primera corte de desalojo de "mediación" para exigir un acuerdo justo con mejores condiciones💯🐀📣. #MaPoli
La Asociación de Inquilinos de Clark Ave Groma empezó con 4 familias, pero el propietario Groma intimidó a 2 familias y las desalojó. Ahora, solo quedan 2 familias LatinX en la asociación de inquilinos…
El cruel propietario corporativo, Groma Properties, parece decidido a vaciar los apartamentos, pero nosotros estamos decididos a resistir y a negociar colectivamente un acuerdo de mudanza DIGNO 💪🏽
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Today in Chelsea we stood w/ families of Groma Properties Tenant Assoc ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿

Suneyda, who has a small daughter + husband living w/ her in apt, says Groma raised rent by HUNDREDS despite persistent leaks, rodents— and pushed out neighbors for bringing up issue of LEAD 🤯#MaPoli
Suneyda’s friend + upstairs neighbor, who is also a mom, complained about exposure to lead — her young daughters kept getting sick. Tenants say Groma intimidated & evicted the family. #MaPoli
Suneyda & her family have themselves been living with mice, cockroaches, & more… and yet Groma raised rents by hundreds of dollars 🫠#RentControlMA #ControlDeRenta
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Did you catch our op-ed w/ @homesforallmass in @CommonWealthMag!?✍️🏾

Our fight to lift the statewide ban on rent control is a fight for racial + economic justice for MA working-class tenants + property owners.

Read why we need a 5% max cap #MaPoli ‼️…. Image
@homesforallmass @CommonWealthMag @CPAJustice @ReclaimRoxbury @LynnUnitedMA @NEU4J @RTCB_Boston @SpringfieldNOL @maura_healey 30 yrs ago, the big-profit real estate industry spent $$$ to ban rent control, even though a majority of working-class Bostonians (+ the other cities that had it!) voted to keep it in place. Since then, we’ve experienced a foreclosure crisis...
@homesforallmass @CommonWealthMag @CPAJustice @ReclaimRoxbury @LynnUnitedMA @NEU4J @RTCB_Boston @SpringfieldNOL @maura_healey ...and a housing affordability/ displacement crisis that is ripping apart our neighborhoods--- but, at the same time, fuels our communities’ fight to remain here in Boston and in our communities across the Commonwealth.
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*español abajo* This past weekend CLVU and @BTU66, along with so many other local orgs and families, came out to the annual Family2Family conference💚🍎 #BosPoli #MaPoli
CLVU is determined to connect with families and teacher/educator unions in our public school systems, since education justice is deeply connected to housing justice! 🤝 #MaPoli
‼️🍎 If you're a teacher in Greater Boston area, DM us your email & we’ll send you general help flyers to share with students + families resisting rent increases & unjust housing situations. DM us your email, and let’s build the movement for stability at home & in school! #MaPoli
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*español abajo*The number of evictions filed weekly in Boston is up nearly 75% from last year. We need STRONG tenant protections. Sadly, we’re seeing MA ROLLBACK on tenant protections, like trying to end Chapter 257 at the end of this month & trying to roll back & LOWER Image
financial support from statewide rental relief applications to rates LOWER than pre-pandemic times even though the housing crisis is worse. For those who don’t know, chapter 257 PREVENTS judges from deciding on an eviction case while the tenant has a statewide rental relief Image
application in process. This meant that NO eviction decision was made until your rental relief application was either approved or rejected, which protected MANY people from losing their homes. @MassGovernor @maura_healey, we NEED these tenant protections extended & expanded, Image
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Two new lawsuits involving ousted crackpot state GOP chairman @JimLyonsMA, one as plaintiff (against @massgop that he controlled for 4 years) and the other as the defendant.
In the second suit, a collection agency for United Parcel Service (UPS) is suing Lyons, his wife & their company for $70,203.28 for the "shipment of numerous items" from their shop Dandi-Lyons in Tewksbury MA.
"The audits revealed that the items were inaccurately described by the Defendant with respect to the items' weight.... The Defendants have refused to honor the Contract through their failure to pay UPS for the total amount of the shipping services provided."
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We spent hours at last night's Braintree Town Council meeting getting updates in the wake of the @CleanHarbors chemical fire. We heard from the agencies that exist to keep us safe. We learned they are deeply flawed. Let's break this down. #maspoli 1/
Say your neighbor has a certain perfume that smells great. One day they get another bottle, and they spritz both of them on, and they smell great together. Eventually, they're buying all the perfume that can fit on their bureau, spritzing all of them on throughout the day. 2/
Now their scent is making you sneeze, is lingering on your clothes, is getting on your kid's car seat, is in your partner's hair, etc. You start to smell so much of it so often that you're sneezing, breaking out in hives, having allergic reactions, etc. 3/
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Consternation in Kool-Aid Cult this p.m. as local losers scramble to figure out who ratted out their sneaky plans to wreck state GOP at tonight's sit-down in Worcester. Image
All the has-beens, also-rans & never-were's will be eyeing each other nervously as Jim Jones Lyons ladles out the fruit punch.

Who's the canary? Is there more than one stool pigeon? Did someone just squeak?

Tip for all GOP losers heading out to Worcester:
The more somebody is accusing somebody else of being the rat, the more likely they're the ones trying to cut a deal with the law, to avoid inevitable round-up that's coming for all the dead-enders still holding out in bust-out Kult!
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They’re back! Three weeks after the @MassGOP’s local losers all gulped @JimLyonsMA’s Kool-Aid and committed mass political suicide, the Jonestown cult is trying to rise from the grave & return, zombie-like, to finish off the 2-party system in MA once & for all.
Tonight’s sit-down in Worcester is all very hush-hush & on the q.t. but what remains of “the Enterprise” (as they always say in indictments) is gathering at 765 W. Boylston St. at 6:30 for their 2nd organizational meeting of Losers Anonymous.

They even have their own logo:
Tip to our law-enforcement partners: Tonight would be a good opportunity for OCPF, AG’s office, etc., to serve subpoenas all at once, or take surveillance photos for future probes.

Here’s the guest list:
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This decision, issued yesterday, holding that a lesbian spouse is not a parent of her child, is a poignant reminder of how vulnerable LGBTQ families are, *especially* in this post-Dobbs world.…
But there are things states can do. They can update their parentage statutes so that they clearly and expressly apply to *all* of their children and their families. The Uniform Parentage Act of 2017 (UPA 2017) is a model states can use.
Here I explain some of the important updates included in the UPA 2017:…. And here I explain some of the challenges families face when states have out-dated parentage laws.…
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1/ #mapoli
as I sit here w/ my family watching The Last of Us, I'm exhaustedly angry at our new MA Governor @maura_healey. After EIGHT years of watching Charlie Baker ignore environmental laws & strongarm his environmental agencies in favor of unneeded gas projects ... I thought
@maura_healey 2/ we'd caught a break w/ a Dem Gov. who appeared to care about the environment & justice. Maybe there'd be brighter days ahead for those of us who had gas projects in Environmental Justice areas?

There were signs she'd favor utilities over people:
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📢Rules vote is tomorrow!!📢

This is not a drill folks, TOMORROW, the legislature will be voting on amendments to make committee votes public, and to give us more time to review bills before they come to a vote. Email your rep now to ask them to support:
Tune in tomorrow at 1PM where we'll be live tweeting the action! #ThePeoplesHouse
There’s still time to contact your rep ahead of the transparency votes! Send them at email at to make sure your voice is heard
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In what may be in record time, the MA appeals court has tossed out crackpot GOP chairman @JimLyonsMA's attempt to stop @MassGOP member Lindsay Valanzola from voting against his reelection tomorrow night in Marlboro.
This morning, judge noted that Lyons had no authority to toss her from committee, that he had to go through committee as required by MA GOP bylaws:

"Defendant Lyons knew there was a process; however, he did not avail himself of that process."

Case dismissed.
Here's the full decision:
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