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While #MarsHelicopter Ingenuity is learning how to fly with a broken Inclinometer, Mars Rover Perseverance has been been busy roaming the "bacon strip" area near the Delta region, looking for interesting rocks. Hopefully, it will find one worthy of a rock core collection soon.
This is the current location of Perseverance, right on top of the "bacon strip". Percy is probably hesitant to climb up the delta until Ingenuity moves to a better location, since Ingenuity needs Percy to communicate with earth.
The approach to the "bacon strip" area on June 6 -
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Update on #MarsHelicopter Ingenuity. As the heaters and electronics have been shut off at night to conserve power, one of the navigation sensors, called the inclinometer, has stopped functioning. But the team will still be able to fly it soon using some spare accelerometers.
The inclinometer's two accelerometers measure gravity prior to spin-up and takeoff; the direction of the sensed gravity is used to determine Ingenuity's orientation. NASA scientists had created a backup method to generate this data before Perseverance landed on Mars!
The Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) contains accelerometers which can provide similar but less accurate data. The new software, already being uploaded, will in real-time patch this data in place of the data from the Inclinometer.
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#WelcomeBack After 1 year, both @NASAPersevere & #MarsHelicopter are both back where it all started - #OctaviaButler landing site, or very close

In honor of these two, I have put together several versions of what I am calling #WelcomeBack #VR180 and #3D videos w. #AmbiX audio...
... Using the @UnrealEngine ver #UE5 ( #github main build 2/15) I came up with a new workflow to capt. #VR360 and #VR180, as well as st. #3D images using #RenderQueue at < 1 sec per rendered frame. Still a few glitches, like motion blur, but overall good

You can find more #WelcomeBack videos on
@Youtube :
#VR180 - (still processing > 2K)
#3D -

@MetaQuestVR (might not be ready due to the super long approval delay)

#VR180 -…
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Lors de son 6e vol, l'hélicoptère Ingenuity a survécu à une anomalie 😱 Après 54 s d'un vol nominal, il s'est mis à osciller dangereusement mais a réussi à se poser à 5 m de la zone prévue. Que s'est-il passé ? Thread 1/.. #MarsHelicopter 🚁
Ce 6e vol avait pour objectif d'étendre la zone d'action de Ingenuity et de démontrer sa capacité à prendre des photos stéréo d'une zone intéressante située à l'ouest. 2/..
Plan de vol : monter à 10 m, se déplacer de 150 m vers le SO à 14 km/h, de 15 m vers le S en prenant des photos vers l'ouest, de 50 m vers le NE puis atterrissage.
Cette image montre la trajectoire prévue. 3/..
© NASA/JPL-Caltech/Andreas Plesch
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Congratulations to the Ingenuity #MarsHelicopter team on the first powered flight on another planet!

How far could robotic rotorcraft like Ingenuity take us in space exploration? Far. Very far.

Let’s talk about titans and dragonflies. 1/4
Saturn’s moon Titan is bigger than Mercury! With a soupy atmosphere thicker than Earth's and only 1/7th the gravity, it’s the perfect place to explore with a flying rover. 2/4
The surface is loaded with enigmatic features like dunes of weird carbonaceous material and mountains of ice-rock. It even has boulders and pebbles created by liquid methane, as seen in this image from @esa's Huygens probe that landed on Titan. 3/4 photograph of rocky terrain...
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#NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Touches Down on #Mars' Surface Ahead of Historic First Flight on April 11…

(📸: NASA/JPL-Caltech) Image
#NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity has been dropped on the surface of the Red Planet ahead of its historic first flight scheduled for April 11.

#Ingenuity flew to #Mars while being attached to the belly of #NASA's Perseverance rover, which made a February 18 touch down on the Red Planet.
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LIVE NOW: NASA is holding a press conference previewing the first flight of a Martian helicopter - Ingenuity.

Today's speakers:

Lori Glaze, director, NASA Planetary Science, HQ
Bobby Braun, director, Planetary Science, JPL
J. Balaram, Ingenuity chief engineer, JPL
Håvard Grip, Ingenuity chief pilot, JPL
Farah Alibay, Perseverance integration lead for Ingenuity, JPL
Glaze: "We're here today to celebrate great engineering achievements that required hard work, perseverance, and ingenuity. The Perseverance rover carries several technology demonstrations - including the helicopter."
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