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9 OSINT Tools, you might have come across.

Read about them below, it's a thread 👇.

Let me know if I missed an awesome OSINT Tool.
#OSINT #infosec
1. Maltego: Specializes in uncovering relationships among ppl, companies, domains, and publicly accessible information on the internet. It’s also known for taking the sometimes enormous amount of discovered info and plotting it all out in easy-2-read charts and graphs.
2. Mitaka: Available as a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on, #Mitaka lets you search over six dozen search engines for IP addresses, domains, URLs, hashes, ASNs, #Bitcoin wallet addresses, and various indicators of compromise (IOCs) from your web browser.
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Roadmap to contribute to opensource !!
1. Learn Git and GitHub
2. Search for projects with beginner friendly labels in Github.
3. Fork a project and make the changes
4. Raise a PR and Wait the reviewer to review..

Each step is explained in the thread below.


1. Learn git and github
Git is a version control system and github is a hosting provider for version control system using Git.

Git is an essential skill you need to contribute to opensource.

Resources to learn git -…

#OpenSource #github #Hacktoberfest
2. Search for projects with beginner friendly labels in Github

This link contains links of all the issues with beginner friendly tags.…

You can filter issues of particular technologies you want to work on.


#OpenSource #hacktoberfest2021
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السلام عليكم
هذا الثريد بإذن الله بيكون مرجع بالادوات الى أعرفها أو تعاملت معها، البعض منها ما أستغني عنه أبداً والى ماذكرتها ياليت تذكرونها تحت

فضل التغريدة إذا تتوقع بتحتاجها وتابعني إذا يهمك المحتوى

#github #tools #CyberSecurity #أمن_المعلومات #الامن_السيبراني
خلونا نتفق أنها أم الادوات
Burp Suite
ادوات جمع المعلومات :
ادوات تحليل الروابط :
ادوات البحث عن البرامترات الظاهره والمخفيه :
ادوات تحليل وفحص الثغرات:
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1️⃣ Yaptığınız, tasarladığınız foto-resimleri NFT ile satış yapmak istiyorsunuz, sadece opensea ye yüklemek ve satışını beklemek yeterli mi ?

Gelin inceleyelim ⬇️
2️⃣ Klasik olarak jpegleri opensea ye yükleyerek Nft den para kazanmak zor görünüyor artık, buna ilave olarak stratejiler belirlenmeli ve bir satış pazarlama planı ile ilerlenmeli Image
3️⃣ Bunun icin tabiki profesyonel destekler alınabilir ancak kim Nft projesine pazarlama bütçesi olarak 20.000$ ayırabilir ki.

Ayrıca projenin güzelliğininde hiçbir anlamı olmayabilir, Örnegin punk lar milyon $ degerinde ve hiçbiri güzel değil , net bile olmayan pikseller Image
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10 Best Practices to use GIT on team 🔥 🔥 🔥

Always ask yourself why you are using any git command

Here consider `main` branch is `production` branch

OK ready ???
Let's make your git experience on amazing 👇

Thread 🧵 #git #github
🦋 1. Never push into main branch🔥 🔥 🔥

🔸Always create new branch & make a Pull Request (PR) to main/master branch
🔸In this way, your main/master branch stay safe
🔸And your code will get pushed only after review from team member
🦋 2. Always have protection on Main branch🔥 🔥 🔥

🔸Set a rule that no one can directly push to main
🔸Main will progress only with the merge of clean PR
🔸It protects your production branches from receiving unexpected and irreversible changes
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✅String manipulation

Strings are a collection of characters. The keyword String is an object and comes with a lot of useful methods to manipulate a text.

Let's see some of the basic
#Java #DEVCommunity #100daysofcoding
✅The basic method to manipulate a String

length() - return the number of characters that the text contain

toUpperCase() - it will change the text to capital letters

toLowerCase() - it will change the text to lower case

concat() - it adds two strings together.

✅How do we add special characters to String?

✅The value of the string must be in quotes ex. "hello". To obtain the output - Joe's car. We need the help of "\".

✅Let's see how \ can help us to accomplish that.

#Java #DEVCommunity
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1️⃣ Ethereum platformundaki Defi platformu @nowswap_org kodlarındaki bir açık nedeniyle istismar edildi, toplam kayıp 535.706 USDT civarında.
Saldırının teknik detaylarına bakalım👇

İşlemin transaction ı…
2️⃣ Güvenlik açığının nedeni, koddaki 10000'e karşı 1000 tutarsız bir değerden kaynaklanmaktadır.

Testlerde bu kod error vermez çünkü çalışır ancak hatalı matematiğin tespit edilebilmesi için test sürecinin uzun ve detaylı olması gerekiyordu
3️⃣ Benzer bir kod açığı @UraniumFinance defi platformundada olmuş ve hackerlqr 50 mio $ çalmışlardı

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What technologies should every #OSINT professional know? Python? Basic Linux terminal skills? Maltego?

Lots of things...

But I think it's definitely worth actively using advanced search operators at ALL STAGES of work.

7 types of advanced search operators. Thread🧵
Let's start with productivity issues.

Type 1

Search operators for mailbox
(#Gmail, #Outlook, #Yahoo, #Yandex)

for quick filtering emails by date, recipient name, attachment type and size, filename and other parameters.

(All links to the docs are at the end of the thread)
Type 2

Search operators for cloud storages

Help quickly navigate through files and sort them by owner name, type, creation date, words in title etc.
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Community means people and people means networking, so I had a great time with all the people I met today!
#GitHubFieldDayIndia @GHFieldDayIndia 💜☂️
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Hello everyone,

I'm officially looking for a front end position. I've experience of about 2 and a half years workin with full stack technologies but I'm lookin to work and learn primarily in front end.


#job #javascript #reactjs #frontend

ReactJs, TailwindCSS, GraphQL/REST, Apollo, Styled Components/Emotion, Javascript/ES, HTML/CSS, Redux/Context



#developer #job #javascript #github
In my free time, I've been building tools/apps and have been streaming them on YouTube while I build them.



#youtube #apps #products #live
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SQL dumps (database dumps) for #OSINT

Super short practical course.


(12 tweets)

#sql #mysql #phpmyadmin

In @GoogleHacking (…) there are 176 dorks for searching SQL dumps, which may contain any confidential information.

Simple ex (pic 2):

ivanov ext:sql

This query search all sql-files, which contain "ivanov" in #Github

Sometimes in this way it's possible find databases with information about orders, customers or employees. Inattentively, site owners forget to close them from indexing in robot.txt.

Such SQL-dumps may contain names, surnames, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers.
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Today I began assembling a list that will include single programmers and small teams that develop tools for #OSINT…

In this thread I will tell you which of these people are working on which project (please subscribe to them and put stars on #Github) 🧵
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Are you up for some thrilling challenges?🌚
Five New Frontiers for NFTs has put together a series of challenges for you.🤜🤛
NEAR DEVs is sponsoring the twentythird obstacle that you'll encounter.🥳
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #MEMES #cryptocurrecy #webdevelopment #Web3 #Bitcoin
So whats there in the #challenge🤔
🔘Let's collaborate on articles that will #assist new NEAR developers.
🔘You are free to write on anything #NEAR-related. Perhaps how-to manuals for NEAR, or tips and #techniques from building smart contracts on NEAR.
It's just a matter of time before you go for the #stars.
🔘The protocol #NEAR is fantastic. People should be aware of a variety of #aspects. Let's write about topics that #interest you but aren't often discussed.
We understand that you have a lot to say.
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Are you up for some thrilling challenges?🌚
Five New Frontiers for NFTs has put together a series of challenges for you.🤜🤛
DevCo is sponsoring the twenty-oneth obstacle that you'll encounter.🥳
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #MEMES #Crypto #blockchains #webdevelopment #Web3 #Bitcoin Image
So whats there in the challenge🤔

🔘Make a metaverse using 3js, Mozilla, A-frame, or any other MIT open source technology with a #web3 component. Be inventive; the #blockchain is a tremendous tool, and the metaverse is a fantastic replica of #human existence.
#Web3 plugins for current metaverse platforms, such as #Mozilla Spoke, are part of this challenge.
🔘Wallet integration, the capacity to establish digital Daos in the metaverse, the ability to protect smart contracts, digital currencies and tokens,the tokenization of digital
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Made a massive repository for the preparation of OSCP. Take complete advantage of it and share it with others and your pentesting partners.
#OSCP #cybersecurity #infosec #github #repository
Inspirations: @three_cube @offsectraining @theXSSrat @hakluke… check it out for a huge list of tools for pentesting [100+(tools and courses)]>>
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Are you up for some thrilling challenges?🌚
Linkdrops is sponsoring the seventeenth obstacle that you'll encounter.🥳
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #cryptocurrecy #digitalcurrency #bitcoinnews #money #bitcoins #JungkookDay #RonaldoReturns #Patriots #pats #NEAR Image
Five New Frontiers for #NFTs has put together a series of challenges for you.🤜🤛
So whats there in the #challenge🤔
🔘Set up a (similar) Twitter campaign using the linkdrop v2 #rust contract…
which allows you to drop #NEAR to Twitter accounts depending on a #certain action
👉They encourage you to think #outside the box on which kind of campaigns make sense in order to strike a balance #between #decent UX and not being too #simple to spam!
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#FacebookAIResearch #arXiv Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics "Results that outperform commercial Computer Algebra Systems such as Matlab or Mathematica."
#FacebookAIResearch Learning advanced mathematical computations from examples "Neural networks nar perfect prediction of qualitative characteristics, and good approximations of numerical features of differential systems."
#QuantaMagazine Symbolic Mathematics Finally Yields to Neural Networks. After translating some of math’s complicated equations, researchers have created an AI system that they hope will answer even bigger questions.… by @StephenOrnes
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Open Source is a great way to improve your reputation as a dev, and practice your coding skills by reading other people's code and receiving feedback!
It's also a great way to give back to the community!

How to contribute?
A thread 🧵
#Coding #WomenWhoCode #webdevelopment
1⃣ Find a project in GitHub you're interested in!

Usually this is the first step. Finding a project that interests you will motivate and help you become an active contributor. But as a #CodeNewbie, or your first time contributing, your first approach might be a bit different👇
If you're a beginner, the difficulty of the issues might put you off from choosing a project you like (happened to me!). Don't worry about it, beginners can contribute to open source and add contributing experience to their resumes as well. 👇
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1/ ... #bitcoin why would any of you talk about the fact that since "420" 2021, the old orig. Bitcoin Block Explorer (BBE) at (first http) resurfaced as some auction/DNS bidding blockchain. @cz_binance would rather just use #handshake emojis lol. 🤝
2/ Bottom of the last http capture 06 Aug 2015, aqua highlights point out age diff/cold-offline storage possibly messing up live blocks at time of "Alexa Crawls" capture #WaybackMachine @internetarchive Infamous @MagicalTux @BTCFoundation donations/temp "largest/strange txns"move Largest transactions and strange transactions have been temp
3/ testnet link from Aug 06 2015 page (-3 days) using @waybackmachine toolbar. But dates in sync. Also different formatting than "main Bitcoin network" links/template/buttons (Aug 6 = main for comparison). @MagicalTux and on Main
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GitHub Repositories to improve your Programming Skills -


#github #development #Coding #programming #100DaysOfCode #javascript #WomenWhoCode
1. Free Programming Books -

Freely available programming books

167k ⭐

2. Awesome-

Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics

148k ⭐

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released on #github. here's the link:…
3 most significant changes: mandatory semi-annual updates to the plan of development disclosure and a block explorer; exit report requirement with analysis by outside counsel explaining why the network is decentralized or functional, or an announcement that the tokens will
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(1) Reef Finance is launching the #ReefChain Testnet on 31st March 🥁

We're excited to share with you the main features of ReefChain on the Testnet.
(2) 1️⃣ #Solidity Support - Developers will be able to seamlessly migrate #DeFi apps from #Ethereum to #ReefChain without any change in the base #Solidity code

#ReefChain will maximize the potential of all your favorite DeFi dApps.
(3) 2️⃣ Scalability - ReefChain will offer much higher transaction throughput and scalability esp compared to #Ethereum

Developers will be able to get a seamless DeFi experience by porting over.
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How to combine Virtual Laser Scanning (#VLS) and Open Government Data (#OGD) of @swisstopo? A thread on how the #OpenSource HELIOS++ laser scanning simulator can be used to scan #Säntis 🇨🇭(2502m) and test different scan strategies or generate training data for #MachineLearning. Digital terrain model coloured by elevation (left), real poi
With the #OGD step, @swisstopo is making large volumes of high quality geodata freely accessible. We are most excited about the 3D data, which includes digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM) and classified 3D laser point clouds!
As believe that the combination of #OpenData and #OpenSource software is a key element to promote more transparent, inclusive and effective research, we thought to ourselves: Let’s combine @swisstopo #OpenData and our own #OpenSource software HELIOS++.
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Our paper about large-scale atmospheric flow patterns and extreme precipitation events over the Mediterranean is now available in the Int. J. Climatology #RMetSJournals #OpenAccess #OpenScience…
Here follows a small thread about the main findings:
We analyzed the daily weather patterns over the Mediterranean and grouped them based on their variability in the lower and middle troposphere. We derived 9 patterns that represent distinct synoptic-scale atmospheric conditions over the area.
These patterns are related to the preferential occurrence of extreme precipitation over different subregions. Especially for the coast and highlands, the probability of extremes in the most relevant pattern is over 4x higher than the nominal probabilities .
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