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#3D per spiegare che cosa sono e perche' sono cruciali i #RapidTests :
Solitamente ci riferiamo ai positivi , come a coloro che sono risultati positivi al test diagnostico PCR:
questi test hanno altissima precisione riescono cioe' ad individuare anche cariche virali basse 1/
2/ noi sappiamo pero' che sotto una certa carica virale non si e' infettivi,
attualmente i test con il tampone rilevano anche queste cariche virali (non infettive o non ancora infettive: la carica virale ha una curva che sale arriva ad un picco e poi discende)
3/ questi test sono fondamentali per dire diagnosticare la malattia e sono centrali nelle strategie di test e tracing x isolare infetti e loro contatti
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📹 #ATIBoeingAccelerator going live in 10 minutes at #FIAConnect! Join us on YouTube 👇
… and we’re live! 🚀 Kicking off with an intro from Nour Eid, Programme Lead at the #ATIBoeingAccelerator and Senior Technologist at the @UKAeroInstitute sharing more about the ATI and the programme objectives
Programme Director, Gabriela Matic, introduces our first cohort and the 9 incredible #startups, how we've supported founders and their teams and some of the programme highlights incl. @nadhimzahawi attending our launch event and the cohort traveling to @GKNAero in Filton
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À l’occasion des @journees_archeo, testez la visite virtuelle de l’#expoWisigoths réalisée par @imasolutions3d dans le cadre d’un #mécénat de compétence conclu avec @Toulouse/@MSR_Tlse 👇…

On vous en dit plus sur ce projet dans un #thread. Image
Bien entendu, vous pouvez vous déplacer dans l’exposition.
Mais vous avez aussi accès à tout son contenu : en zoomant sur les panneaux explicatifs, en affichant en grand les cartels et des photos HD des œuvres 👀👇
Vous pouvez aussi écouter tous les contenus audios mis à la disposition des visiteurs : les pastilles sonores de @Padre_Pio et @cha_nyx et la « Saga », destinée au jeune public, écrite par @loussiadt et @MathieuS31 et enregistrée par @CEMToulouse 👂👇
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Elegant, extensive #3D structural biology of #SARCoV2's polymerase, cryo-EM mapping its replication machinery, and remdesivir binding, published @CellCellPress today…
This work follows on unparalleled velocity of high quality structural biology of #SARSCoV2 and neutralizing antibodies (from patients). It will help in drug, antibody and vaccine devp't. If you can't keep all the "NSPx's straight, the @NEJM figure might help!
Yet another paper @nature today… on the #SARSCoV2 polymerase!
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Just published @CellCellPress: From 60 patients convalesced from #COVID19, single-cell sequencing of their B cells-> 14 potent neutralizing monoclonal antibodies. With 1 #3D crystal structure, and model efficacy in hACE2 mice as preventive therapy. Wow.👍…
There have been 2 prior reports (both @ScienceMagazine) isolating neutralizing antibodies, each from a single patient w/discovery of key epitopes +cryo-EM structure. This report goes well beyond those w/ sc-RNA seq of B cells *60* patients, model efficacy, best nAb paper to date
Here are the links to the 2 prior @ScienceMagazine papers:……
This work will accelerate nAbs and vaccine devp't.
I think nAbs have the best short term shot for making an Rx difference
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#DiaporamaCNRS 📸 | La position d’un cycliste sur son vélo est une des clés pour optimiser sa vitesse de course. @FFCyclisme collabore avec des chercheurs pour aider les athlètes à améliorer cette position 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️💨

C'est #JeudiPhoto, en piste pour une séance au @Velodrome_nat ! ⤵️
#DiaporamaCNRS 📸 | Conforme aux normes des compétitions internationales, le @Velodrome_nat dispose d’une piste de 250 mètres de long, de 8 mètres de large et de virages d’un rayon constant de 23 mètres !
#DiaporamaCNRS 📸 | Les protocoles de tests sont l’occasion pour les scientifiques d’observer les athlètes au plus près des conditions réelles. Cette #cycliste, de l’équipe de France junior, réalise un test chronométré dans la position la plus aérodynamique possible 🚴‍♀️💨
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Previously 1 #COVID19 patient's monoclonal antibody was used to determine #3D structure
Now, @ScienceMagazine, neutralizing monoclonal Abs from 4 patients takes this further w/ different epitopes + mouse model impact… important advance for vaccine design
Here's the 1st report @ScienceMagazine
You can't underestimate how much we can learn from the antibodies that recovered patients develop and the work by structural biologists to process it
Correction: that should be 4 monoclonal antibodies with different epitopes from 1 patient
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1/6 How are 3D city models used by the industry? 5 City models User Case Studies (videos) using our 3D London and 3D Dublin models.
Avison Young's Digital Dublin

#Dublin #planning #UE4Study #UE4
Anstey Horne uses Unreal Engine 4 app to develop custom planning tools

#London #3D #rtpi #UE4Study #UE4 #placemaking
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#Potterheads, vous avez lu/vu l’intégrale de la saga #HarryPotter 18 fois en 4 semaines.

Saviez-vous qu’elle est largement inspirée de mythes et philosophies antiques ?

Le @MSR_Tlse étant fermé, nous vous proposons de suivre ici la visite #HarryPotterRevelio de @loussiadt 👇
Notre visite commence au 1er étage du musée. Il est réservé à l’exposition d’une partie des décors exceptionnels provenant de la villa de Chiragan et ressemble à ça👇…
Pour retrouver les photos non légendées de ce thread, rdv ici 👇
Approchez-vous et prenez place devant les grands reliefs des travaux d’Hercule.

Si vous comptez il y en a ... 9 !
Rassurez-vous, il y en avait bien 12 à l’origine.
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By its very nature, @Europeanaeu supports #eResearch by offering a wealth of resources coming from 3,700+ data providers. In the past few years, these resources have been increasingly complemented by sophisticated #tools for their reuse and enrichment. 1/15 #DHgoesVIRAL
As you may have heard, @Europeanaeu grows, in terms of new collections and tools, mainly thanks to @EU_Commission's funding for @DSMeu. You can get a clearer idea from the ongoing call for proposals under #CEF Telecom Programme:
2/15 #DHgoesVIRAL
#DidYouKnow that a new website was launched on 23 March, offering faster, more discoverable and more accessible experience?
3/15 #DHgoesViral
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#Coronathon #TECH #ProjectHighlights Thread 1/3

1. #Safeslot to find your nearest #retailstore & manage #essentials buying abiding the #socialdistancing policy in these trying times!
2. #Hospital Bed tracker enabling access to realtime status of nearest hospital availability
Thread 2/3
3. #PanMan to empower #HospitalLeads have clear visibility on COVID19 patients & suspects and accordingly plan the resources
4. #Covid-19 PPE Tracker to provide hospitals with a common platform showcasing #supplydemand info of personal protective equipment
If you or #community #network can support these #projects please get in touch with us!

#hackathon for a change - #coronathon2020

Keep following this thread for other project details!
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NEED VOLUNTEERS IN ALL THE MAJOR CITIES: Considering, we may run out of #ventilators pretty quickly, we need to work on a 4-way #splitter solution to save lives.
Splitter solution will be truly fast & cost-efficient way of saving 1,000s of lives.
Following are the 2 solutions that have been conceptualized:1.… 2.…

I am targeting #3D printed prototyping and testing completed by Wednesday in #Jaipur. Need volunteers who could do the same in all the major cities
Plz call 3D printers in ur city, get the prototypes & test with local hospitals.

Collect the feedback (cross-contamination, dimensions, tidal volume, tubing length, material needed etc) & share with the community.

Fill this sheet for collab:…

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Today, I'm going to be covering the @Esri #DevSummit via this thread. Check back throughout the day for updates!
Big schedule today, but it's super exciting! Up first is Sud Menon covering the ArcGIS Platform Overview.
"Your data is at the center of #GIS" - Sud Menon, Director of Software Development. #DevSummit
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We are very excited to share our SHANEL method making the intact human organs transparent, just published at Cell.… by @shan_heather et al.
See short tweetorial for details:
#clearing #imaging #3D #deeplearning #AI @CellCellPress
Mapping the human brain or other organs is a crucial step forward deciphering how they function in health and disease.
Tissue Clearing methods work well on rodent tissue but haven been poorer on stiff & aged human organs. Making the whole human organs transparent required a new approach.
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1/ So excited to hear the news about activity resuming at the Mausoleum of #Augustus in #Rome

.... I do so hope work won’t grind to a halt again....there was so much to do when we last visited a couple of weeks ago...
We managed to sneak a few good peaks through the hoardings...
....the WONDERFUL hoardings surrounding the Mausoleum of #Augustus #Rome....
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Italia strano paese, non solo per i politici puri a dire il vero, ma anche per tutte le figure tecnico-economiche prestate alle politica. #3D
Ogni anni, tartassano i maroni con le spese fiscali a livelli assurdi. Partecipano anche a panel che valutano l’entità di questi mezzi inefficienti per erodere base imponibile e regalare qualche soldo, scambiato per diminuzione delle tasse.
Prendiamo, come esempio, il nuovo taglio del cuneo cosiddetto. Si utilizzerà di nuovo lo strumento del credito di imposta à la Renzi. Come tutte le spese fiscali Irpef, ha effetti bizzarri sulle aliquote marginali effettive.
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Computer vision, label-free, #3D (really #4D) of live cells enables seeing things previously not visualized, like this cell division, and organelles, lipid droplets
by @PatrickSandoz @scilifelab @gvdgoot @epflSV @EPFL_en @EPFL & colleagues #AI
@PLOSBiology @PatrickSandoz @scilifelab @gvdgoot @epflSV @EPFL_en @EPFL Or accumulation of lipids in endosomes
@PLOSBiology @PatrickSandoz @scilifelab @gvdgoot @epflSV @EPFL_en @EPFL or the cellular dynamics of lipid droplets without perturbing organelle biology
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Estos días de #COP25 proliferan gestores hídricos comentando futuros efectos del #cambioclimático sobre nuestros #recursoshídricos.

Nadie se acuerda de un problema que reduce las reservas: el #aterramiento de #embalses.

@elagoradiario @mitecogob @Colegiocaminos

Abro #hilo👇
1- Para ilustrar mejor el problema veremos datos de un sistema de embalses (Camarasa, Terradets y Talarn) de la @chebro, situado consecutivamente en el tramo final del río Noguera Pallaresa, afluente del Segre.
2- En el 2000 realizamos unas #batimetrías para visualizar en #3D y calcular la capacidad de almacenamiento de cada embalse. Esta tabla refleja los resultados. Image
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Der Freiburger Physiker 👨‍🔬 Dr. @P_Bronner hat die von mir #3d gedruckten #5G Blocker wissenschaftlichen Tests unterzogen. Er kann die Aussage des Flyers von @moritz_bross bestätigen. #twitternwie5gGegner #freiburg #aluhut #5gfreiburg
Hier noch ein swlbstgebauter Strahlenschutz Helm aus Aluminum
Und hier Bilder aus dem Drucker. Was das Teil macht steht hinten drauf!
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A molti hanno spiegato male la disciplina delle scienze sociali chiamata economia. Mi prendo un attimo di tempo, nel mio piccolo, per illustrare tutte le porcherie che si trasmettono, in forma più che altro orale, da diverse generazioni. #3D anche per il @SignorErnesto, maestro!
Narrativa prevalente: una persona che lavora è uno schiavo. Lo schiavo riceve una remunerazione in valuta nominale, possono essere dollari, euro, cotiche, lenticchie. Lo schiavo è disposto a lavorare di meno (badate di meno), per più dollari, euro, cotiche, lenticchie.
Allego un esempio per l'amico Minibottaro o Minibottano @gianlucac1. Il Minibot crucco-marxista, che stimola la domanda e "fa girare l'economia", secondo l'ex fantasista del Milan, Rey de la Rabona.
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Si eres nuevo aquí, debes saber lo siguiente para escribir la bio de tu perfil. Porque esto no es Vietnam, en Twitter hay reglas. 👇
1) Si eres periodista independiente, pon con @ TODOS los medios con los que trabajas o TODOS los países que has cubierto en tu carrera. Y una cita interesante que cogiste de un libro, es decir, de otro.
2) Si eres periodista para un medio concreto, no te olvides de aclarar que es una cuenta personal y que tu opinión no tiene por qué coincidir con la de tu medio, no vaya a ser que te despidan por pensar.
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For all those unable to make my 7 AM presentation on Speckle Science yesterday, here's the requested #Tweetorial on Strain basics #ASE2019 @ASE2019 as promised.
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Allora caro amico @SignorErnesto , ho pronto un thread per te, solo per amicizia verso te, che sei quasi imbattibile in quest'arte. Pronto? #3D
Hai fatto ironia su Socrate e Platone, che avrebbero ispirato la lettera del premier inviata alla Commissione UE? Cercherò di dimostrarti che è un'ironia mal posta. Anzi è proprio così. Sono loro il vero problema, o meglio le loro ombre, insegnate nelle scuole.
Ieri come tema per la matura, hanno proposto un brano sull'illusione della conoscenza, tratto da un libro di Steven Sloman e Philip Fernbach. La traccia è stata la più scelta. Ho il sospetto perché fa fico, per gli studenti, sparare boiate a raffica su una cosa che non conoscono
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