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Le but du preneur d’image, photographe ou caméraman, dans ce contexte devrait être de retranscrire la réalité, pas de “créer” l’image.

Amis des médias, et je le pense sincèrement, vous avez une responsabilité ici: arrêter cette course à l’image. 1/n
La faute ne point être mise sur les caméramans ou les photographes mais sur la manière dont on “package” l’info. Cette course à l’image est réellement une course: il faut être le 1er a remonter “l’image” sur Paris, il faut obtenir du contenu à temps pour le soir. 2/n
Les gens ne se rendent pas compte mais avoir quelque chose à dire tout les jours est très compliqué. Créer un journal/émission intéressant soir après soir est une tâche ardu. Et si au lieu de “fabriquer” l’image afin de remplir la prochaine émission on ne disait rien? 3/n
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This (quite long) thread is #my2cents on the output gap campaign #CANOO started by @RobinBrooksIIF and supported, among many others, by @alan_tooze and @MESandbu . Pls read it till the end. I don't want to be polemic. I'm just looking for answers (1/x)

In EU this is a vital *political* debate. Given the well-known output gap measurement issues especially in real-time, references to 'cyclically-adjusted' fiscal balances in budgetary rules at EU level and in member states are a serious problem (2/x)
I sympathise with the claim that the Eurozone would benefit greatly from fiscal expansion both in aggregate and in specific countries, primarily Germany. Anaemic domestic demand and limited ECB policy ammunitions call for a fiscal response (3/x)
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This is a really provocative and tantalizing hot take. But it doesn't hold water.


tl;dr: Enough with the "sky is falling" misinfo narrative. Masses of previously unengaged citizens aren't suddenly becoming hyper-partisan shills thanks to the spread of misinformation
Let's parse the argument a bit

1) On the first claim: no research that I've seen suggests that there are more misinformed citizens than at any time in the past. Propaganda, political rumors, and just plain wrong-headedness have been around since time immemorial.
2) The second point, that misinfo drives people to vote is more plausible, but still tricky. The opposite is just as--and maybe even more--plausible: ie, those who are very politically active are more likely to encounter and believe misinformation.
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@supmikeclines @supmikeclines Dear Sir, I was extremely upset to see the disrespectful actions of the @CovCathSch boys in DC this wknd. As you are aware, many taunted & jeered a Native American Elder, made racist gestures, & mocked Native cultural ways. I watched all the..1/cont.
various video clips, even long, 1:46min video showing full confrontation. It incl. more Catholic school students than just @CovCathSch students. I am certain you have now seen the full accounts, also. So you understand my position, I do not place blame solely on the students. 2/
The video clearly shows the Black Israelites challenging the public with their public speech that was difficult for many people to hear/or understand. That they challenged & verbally attacked the boys is just the beginning. The boys, after standing back & listening for a good 3/
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I just blocked someone I’ve known for 7 years. I’m done playing around with negative people. Life is to short and I have enough problems without having to deal with name calling and belittling of those that you done agree with.
For months I’ve seen the name calling and labeling of people on both sides get worse and worse. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again this kind of behavior is part of our society’s problem and as long as it continues there will always be division.
I’m understanding that people just don’t really get #WWG1WGA. There are so many out there that refuse to find common ground so we can work together and move forward. There are those of you I’ve followed for years but I’m not retweeting your stuff because of your behavior.
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Denying Bannon oxygen also means, at least after a certain point, no longer fighting about whether and why the New Yorker made the decision to invited and then disinvite him. Maybe we're not at that point but
Put another way, the @NewYorker got a few hours of righteous blowback and was big enough to walk back a very dumb and bad decision and four years in from same, @jack still won't ban Nazis.
Anyway fighting on Twitter about any of this doesn't mean squat next to voting and irl helping others to do same. #my2cents
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Quando lavoravo nell'industria conserviera conoscevo autisti che facevano 3 viaggi al giorno per andare a caricare i pomodori a Foggia, perchè erano dipendenti di ditte o "coop" di trasporti e venivano pagati a viaggio, quindi più viaggi facevi più venivi pagato. Per interi mesi>
gli autostrasportatori dormivano 3-4 ore a notte. Una sera un'automobiista, forse stremato dal caldo e dai turni massacranti,morì nel "suo" camion. Ebbene, si fece scaricare prima il camion e poi fu chiamata la polizia. la stessa azienda aveva un percentuale di fissi>
>(cioè assunti dall'azienda) meno del 20%, la restante manodopera operaia veniva gestita dalle finte coop che pagavano gli operai in base alla nazionalita' da un minimo di 3€ ad un max di 4,50€ all'ora per 12H di lavoro(senza pause). Tutto questo con l'avallo di>
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Whenever I express my market views publicly, I find it even more difficult to change them when the actual market circumstances change. However good I try but my ego gets involved with my views so I think it is better to try to express data than opinion.
In most circumstances consistency is valued and adaptive. Inconsistency is commonly thought to be an undesirable personality trait. The person whose beliefs, words, and deeds don’t match may be seen as indecisive, confused, two-faced, or even mentally ill.
From - Influence
While in other walks of life consistency is desirable and respected, in markets we all know that traders need to adapt quickly according to changing markets. But we often see how traders are trolled for this adaptation i.e. changing their market views.
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