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#AU #Сероптица #Сероволк (упоминание)
#Птица #Тряпка #Сергейразумовский
Когда Серёжа подружился с Олегом - Птица стерпел. Когда те стали проводить все свободное время вместе - смолчал. Когда Серый стал пропадать ночами, а возвращаться со счастливым блеском в глазах и опухшими
от поцелуев губами - злился, но не встревал. Когда узнал, что Олег забрал документы из университета, выбрав армию, и оставил Сергея в Москве одного - готов был убить.
Злость и обида с каждым днем становились все сильнее, сжирали изнутри, особенно когда Серый впервые за долгие
годы позволил себе показать слабость. Птица знал, что он просто оказался рядом в нужное время и в нужном месте. На его месте мог быть любой другой. И, о, счастье , что не был. Серый плакал. Не тихо всхлипывая как Тряпка, а отчаянно, навзрыд, выплескивая на брата всю свою боль.
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Feb 23 2022: "#WHO facilitates 194 member states to introduce digital #vaccination certificates... WHO will make it easier for its member states to introduce digital vaccination certificates in the future... It is intended to serve as a standard procedure..." #DigitalID
"#WHO is therefore supporting member states in building national & regional trust networks & verification technology. The WHO's gateway service also serves as a bridge between regional systems. It can also be used as part of future #vaccination campaigns..."

"Digitization keeps the world running. Digital #vaccination certificates like the EU's are key to this...The gateway will interact w/ other parts of the system already developed by WHO...This will also give hints for regional & national setups to be followed by the implementers."
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[ #сероптица #мгчд #au ]

Порой этот рыжий мальчишка, которого повсеместно кличут юным гением, становится полной противоположностью данного определения и это просто невыносимо больше терпеть! Аватар бога... Тьфу!
Ничто, вроде бы, не предвещало беды, всё шло своим чередом — сам Разумовский сидит в своей башне на самом высоком этаже и спокойно пишет коды для приложения, толпы по прежнему шугается, плачет иногда по ночам, но тут... Влюбился. Вот прям до глубины души, видимо, раз ничего ~>
не понимает! Всё щебечет и щебечет о своём майоре, хуже журналисток или птиц по весне.

— Ты не понимаешь! Он... Он особенный, правда! — знаем, проходили. В ответ лишь осуждающее молчание. — Ну не злись, пожалуйста..

И такое по кругу каждый божий день, разве что он эпитеты ~>
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#jikookau where —

hobi gave jungkook the wrong number and he starts talking with jimin without knowing…

#jikook #au 💌 ImageImageImageImage
—don’t pay attention to hair color lmao
—fluff, angst(?), crack
—don’t pay attention to time stamps and typo
—like / interact if u enjoy 💌
profiles //

jungkook / jimin ImageImage
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a michaeng au wherein mina is the only daughter of the vampire king, chaeyoung is a hunter, and somi is a troublesome wolf. what could their story lead to?

#michaeng #au #collition #sinoangmisamichaeng ImageImageImage
the vampire clan

mina myoui
the only daughter of the vampire king
as stated right above she is a royal
is seen as a cold intelligent talented vampire
but is really warm and considerate in the inside Image
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Noze suddenly bump into his ex in a bar, she suddenly grab the hand of the nearest person and they pretend to be lovers and that person is Lee Jung, the leader of the famous dance troupe of their university....
#leejung #noze #노제 #리정 #au
Noh Jihye: is a popular girl, she is known for being number 1 in her class, daughter of a ceo, rich girl and gorgeous.
Lee Lee Jung: Leader of a popular dance troupe in their university, smart and the youngest Daughter of the Lee family who owns a big company called LF. ImageImageImageImage
Lee Jung group of friends: ImageImageImageImage
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#jikook #jikookau where jeon jungkook, the cliché bad boy on campus, ends up in a dating scandal with straight As student park jimin just because they are wearing matching clothes ImageImageImageImage
yes this is me trying to get out of writer's block 🦆
should I continue this?
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» i'll never forget you «

a seulrene tagalog au where seulgi is a tiktoker who made a video trend in hopes of finding her airplane seatmate only for it to be irene, a 2nd year medical student.
» seulrene tagalog au
» don’t mind the timestamps
» quote to reply/react :D
» written in taglish
» fluff???
this is a work of fiction. names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. :)
🏷 #seulrene #seulgi #irene #au #redvelvet #aespa
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The blackmailing #Morocco uses against the #EU& #Spain,and the use of two sensitive topics (#migration & #terrorism) has not started with what happened in #Ceuta. It has been the case along the #EU-#Morocco relations’ history. A quick flashback:
1:used to push #EU to accept #Morocco’s claims to join the #EU in the 90s after being lonely/unwanted in its natural continent,the #AU(b/c of its illegal military #occupation of the neighbouring #WesternSahara)->the #EU submitted but proposed an association agreement instead
2:migration used as key element during negotiations of the 2000 #Association_Agreement to maximise the funds provided to #Morocco by the #EU under the agreement and to get what the #EU calls “Advanced status” under the #ENP (European Neighbouring Policy) with related advantages
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» go ustar «
a seulrene tagalog au where seulgi's ustar result got mismatched with irene's... the one she ghosted before ImageImage
special thanks to @//piapaat i asked for her permission for this it's just too funny 😆

so now imagine seulrene

(dont forget to stream like water!!) Image
» seulrene tagalog au
» don’t mind the timestamps
» quote to reply/react :D
» written in taglish
» idk if fluff or angst jk we'll see ;)
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"Africa should join #COVAX not just a beneficiary but as a contributor of the best science and financial resources," ✍️ Prof. @FrancisOmaswa in his @newvisionwire op-ed today

Here is the link to the article by Prof. @FrancisOmaswa on the Global Scramble for COVID-19 vaccines, and what this means for Africa.…
We must call upon Africa to mount an effective response now and prepare for the future pandemics by developing internal capacity to develop, manufacture and distribute vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics within the continent in partnership with the rest of the world.
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#Africa #AU #AddisAbeba #Coronavirus

On Saturday, the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) said the ongoing COVID-19 second wave infections may be linked with the emergence of more transmissible variants.
"Africa is currently experiencing an increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases," the specialist healthcare agency of the African Union (AU) Commission said in its latest publication on Saturday.
As of Jan 27, at least 40 countries have undergone a second wave of the pandemic, including all countries in the region of Southern Africa, the Africa CDC said. "This new wave of infections is thought to be associated with the emergence of variants that are more transmissible,"
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This raises real concerns about how robust the US investigation into Russia and #CambridgeAnalytica was. Appalling they did not ask for the data they needed to investigate then stated they could not get this from UK authorities!!!!
I just want to call attention to impt role of #AU student @zamaanq47 here - after I revealed that @ICONews had quietly abandoned their long-awaited final report on #CambridgeAnalytica, we chased @commonsDCMS & he was successful in pressing them to get Denham to speak today!
@zamaanq47 @ICOnews @CommonsDCMS Everyone should give him a follow as he's very good at compiling and communicating the unfolding information from the community working on this subject.
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#xicheng #AU
I read a tweet wanting WWX and JC to have a huge age gap (6-8 years) but then, I realise they ship chengxian, so I'm kinda shy to qrt them with xicheng content.

Everyone is the same age, except for JC who's 8 years younger than WWX, making xicheng 10-year apart.
"Shige!" The corridor of Lotus Pier echoed with the voice of 16-year old Jiang Wanyin, running after 24-year old Wei Wuxian. The scowl on his face was deep as he hastened his steps to catch up with the laughing Wei Wuxian.
"Aiya! A-Cheng! If you want to catch me, you better move those little leg faster!"

"I'm not LITTLE!" Jiang Wanyin cried in outrage.

"As long as you can't reach my upright hands, you're still my little shidi!"

Jiang Wanyin huffed in frustration. It was bad enough he was the-
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Thread: What do we know so far about the #war on #Tigray in #Ethiopia, which has been running for nearly 2 months now? In this thread I will sum up some of the key developments.
First, the so-called “law and order” operation, which @PMAbiyAhmed declared completed one month ago, has not yet reached its basic objectives, and it is doubtful that it ever will. Hence, the war in #Tigray will continue indefinitely, or until a political settlement is reached.
#Tigrayan forces, under the command of the elected reg. gov. of #TPLF, are still waging an active resistance war. Over the last few days, Tigray forces seem to be on the offensive, challenging #ENDF military control of the main routes (Mekelle-Wukro-Adigrat; Mekelle-Alamata).
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#Eritrea has been a pariah state for its conflict with all its neighbors and went through more than a decade long sanction that have started in #IGAD #AU & by #UNSC for its role of destabilizing the region; direct involvement in arms and contraband trading; &supporting #Al-Shabab
.@AbiyAhmedAli, nominated and subsequently appointed as PM by the “late” ruling coalition EPRDF, on 2 April 2018; following the four years of street protests, that multiple report had been indicating the involvement of foreign forces, including #Eritrea.
Immediately Abiy initiated rapprochement with #Eritrea. To the surprise of everyone, despite Eritrea’s consistent position of handing over the disputed territories before initiating any normalization for almost 2 decades, agreed to the normalization without any pre-condition.
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Thread: The statements and evidences on the horrendous atrocities taking place in the war on #Tigray #Ethiopia are mounting, despite the fed gov imposed information blockage. | Terrified' survivors recount attacks on civilians in Tigray | AFP via @YouTube
It seems clear that widespread and systematic #humanrights violations mounting to #CrimesAgainstHumanity and #WarCrimes are taking place in #Tigray #Ethiopia.
Whether we are also observing a #Genocide in the making in #Tigray #Ethiopia, is leagally speaking too early to confirm due to lack of access. #GenocideWatch and #UN special advisor on the prevention of genocide have expressed concerns in this regard however.
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Did you know that it is not possible to revoke a #NobelPeacePrize even if one is no longer worthy of the honor? Imagine #Hitler was awarded the #NobelPrize, he would still keep his prize after the #Holocaust. I think this is flawed and unscientific!

That's not a far-fetched example. Something extraordinary is happening in front of our eyes. The #Tigray region of #Ethiopia is on the edge of genocide at the hands of the 2019 #NobelLaureate @AbiyAhmedAli. #TigrayGenocide

You may not have heard or seen much of the atrocities Abiy is committing. This is because there's a complete communication blackout in #Tigray. Abiy has shut down the #Internet and blocked roads so no independent reporters are on the ground.…

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Karena yang bikin FF/#AU tentang #JOHNIL dikit banget, aku mau bikin AU tentang #johnil ah~
Seo Johnny/ Jyani (21)
Hobi: ngeliatin foto lucu Taeil sama jalan-jalan pake motor (bersama Taeil) kesayangannya.
Moon Taeil/Illie (22)
Hobi: struggling dan suka nemenin Johnny jalan pake motor kesayangannya
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What #AI lacks, humans can fill in.
What humans lack, who will fill in.

Dual standards of our society and human thinking. #Ethics, #fairness and other values are regulated for AI but same values for humans are not regulated.

Time to do introspection.
If humans are unable to grasp the ethics, morale and fairness values due to deep diversity of humanity, how can we ensure ethical frameworks created for #AI will be universal.
Humans have failed to uphold the values of #ethic across history and geography. Humans have used the technology to gain control and become superior. The weaponisation of #ai is inevitable. We have seen parallel cases from field of #biotech and specific case of #crispr
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» talk to strangers «
a seulrene tagalog au kung saan si seulgi kang ay mayroong online class kaya’t napag-isipan niyang mag-omegle dahil bored na siya only to match with irene bautista, isang iska, na hinihintay magload ang CRS website para makakuha na ng units. ImageImageImageImage
» seulrene tagalog au
» don’t mind the timestamps
» quote to reply
» written in taglish
» fluff lang :) Image
main characters:
seulgi kang - ust 2nd year bs pharma student
irene bautista - upd 3rd year bs chem eng
#seulrene #au ImageImage
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#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
A Big Shake up is coming for #Bollywood & #Cricket.

Some more shocking news on the way for the #Bollywood & #Cricket lovers in India.

Just follow #patrakati

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#DishaSalian used to work for #Cornerstone Sports & Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.It's a Celebrity Management Company.

Google Cornerstone Celebrity Management Company.

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#Cornerstone looks after the endorsements & management of all key Cricket Players
It also looks after prominent players from the Indian Women's Cricket Team and many prominent faces from other Sporting Arena in India
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New article with @sostapel:
'Cooperation and Conflict at the #HornOfAfrica: A New Regional Bloc between #Ethiopia, #Eritrea & #Somalia and Its Consequences for #EasternAfrica' #HoAC
In: #AfricaSpectrum (@GIGA_Institute; @SAGECQPolitics) #openaccess…
In January 2020, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia proposed to form a new regional bloc, occasionally referred to as the 'Horn of Africa Cooperation' (HoAC). The proposed the HoAC would be the 23rd (!) #RegionalOrganization in #Africa. #regimecomplexity #HornOfAfricaCooperation
Our article assesses which factors have contributed to making this proposal and contemplates potential effects for the complex #security challenges, political tensions among the neighbours, and existing institutional environment at the Horn and the #EasternAfrica.
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