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New era, two thread.
Thoughts on Uncanny X-Men & New Mutants below!

First thread: Image
God Loves, Man Kills. Image
I know parts of this book have aged like milk. I know that, Chris Claremont knows that. But what's worse, I think, are the parts that continue to reflect the times. That a lot of this is still reality. Stryker is any conservative lawmaker on any cable news network. ImageImageImage
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In the pages of New Mutants, Xi’an Coy Manh (Karma) can be seen to function as a constant disruption of some key elements of the superhero fantasy, most prominently through her sense of priorities, which essentially never include actually being a superhero #xmen #newmutants 1/8 Image
First and most obviously, her backstory is truly horrific. She debuts in Marvel Team-Up #100, co-created by Claremont and Frank Miller with a backstory connected to the Indochina Refugee Crisis. Her parents died shipboard, and Xi’an was subjected to sexual assault. 2/8 Image
Xi’an’s younger siblings survived with her, however, and they become the focus of her life. She was appointed the first leader of the New Mutants, but never thrived in that role. She was, simultaneously, the school’s secretary to bring in income to support her siblings. 3/8 Image
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New Mutants 50-52 portrays the tragic breakdown of Illyana’s relationship with her surrogate father, Professor Xavier, helping to set in motion the events that ultimately lead the character toward a path of outright destruction in the Inferno to come. #xmen #newmutants #magik 1/9 Image
Issue 50 (somewhat cruelly) establishes the extent to which Xavier is viewed as a father in Illyana’s eyes through the extent of her jubilance at being rescued by him, but also through her reflection on the fact that Xavier has, in her eyes, earned the role of father to her. 2/9 ImageImage
Moving beyond reaction and reflection, however, Illyana fully demonstrates her devotion to X in that same issue, by taking up her magical powers (despite having purposefully abandoned them) in order to protect Xavier, something he observes quite directly. 3/9 Image
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In an interview with CBR, New Mutants artists Bill Sienkiewicz describes the avant-garde approach that he undertook during his legendary run on the title and the deeply polarizing effect that it had on the existing X-Men/New Mutants fanbase. #xmen #newmutants 1/5
Beginning with “The Demon Bear Saga,” Sienkiewicz transitioned the New Mutants from house style to a kind of innovative, mixed-media, experimental artwork that was rarely ever seen in Marvel comics, and certainly not in a top-tier book. 2/5
“The main thing is, I felt I could play around a lot. And that was a plus. We got letters. We probably lost as many people as we gained. We had some people writing in saying, "This is amazing, this is wonderful, it's really changed" to "Stop him, Jim, before he kills again." 3/5
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Here we have instances of visible crying in Claremont’s “New Mutants.” 50ish comics is not the largest sample in the world, but there’s still some really interesting conclusions that can be drawn here. #xmen #newmutants 1/3 Image
Rahne cries the most, both because of her youth, her traumatic upbringing, and her emotional repression (which tends to result in outbursts). Dani is second because focal character. Illyana becomes the focal character later on, but she’s highly traumatized. 2/3 Image
Sam is taught not to cry, which is sad, given the amount of self-doubt and self-flagellation that he shows throughout the series. Roberto cries a number of times, due to a combination of trauma, repressed emotion associated with masculine posturing, and inward sensitivity. 3/3 Image
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The visual dynamism of any given comic is usually ascribed to the talent of the immediate visual team, but having something dynamic to draw is sort of step 1 and, in that light, Bob McLeod’s designs for the New Mutants are genuinely remarkable. #xmen #newmutants 1/7
With Cannonball, McLeod made the decision to have his legs literally disappear when he’s blasting (by which I obviously mean blastin’). It’s a simple, but very surreal choice that establishes through visual metaphor the synergy between Sam’s body and his eruptions. 2/7
Dani’s power doesn’t always have a consistent visual language, but the concept of it is carte-blanche for nightmarish horror images in which someone’s worst fear can be sprawled across the panel to dramatic effect whenever needed. 3/7
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Rather than simply framing “The New Mutants” entirely from the students’ perspective, Claremont places a great deal of emphasis on the challenges faced by their educators, tasked with nurturing the young mutants through their individual challenges. #xmen #newmutants 1/10 Image
The stories invest the reader in the pedagogical hurdles that the team presents by providing a great deal of internal narration from Professor X and later Magneto as they contemplates how to reach the students – how to help them overcome their individual challenges. 2/10 Image
Rahne is sheltered and traumatized. Karma is traumatized and disinterested in superheroics. Magma is sheltered and entitled. Illyana is traumatized and obscenely powerful. Roberto is headstrong and prone to posturing in order to mask his insecurities (and also traumatized). 3/10 Image
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Roberto Da Costa, created by Claremont (with Bob McLeod on art) for the New Mutants Graphic Novel in 1982, is currently the centre of white-washing accusations in the wake of the New Mutants film adaptation, so here’s some context from the comics: #xmen #newmutants 1/10
Roberto is the son of an Afro-Brazilian businessman and a White American archaeologist. In his earliest appearances, Roberto is consistently rendered with a dark skin complexion, nearly identical to that of his father. 2/10
Comics colouring in this era was not really reliable, though, so we need to turn to the narrative elements and, indeed, Roberto’s skin colour is directly referenced in his first ever appearance, where it plays a key role in defining the character from the outset. 3/10
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Lost in all the business with COVID-19 and jokes about the #NewMutants release date carousel is the fact it will be the first live-action superhero movie to feature a queer relationship. Not queerbaiting, not a tease, but a relationship.…
I just really feel like this should be getting more attention. It's a shame that coronavirus and TENET have overshadowed everything else because seeing queer representation on the big screen, especially in a comic book movie like #NewMutants, is so important and so overdue.
For those who will inevitably ask me: No, I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm just going by what we've been told in press conferences and in 1:1 interviews I've done.
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#Marvel #marvelComics nos muestra el futuro cercano de su gran evento: #Empyre

#FantasticFour #Avengers #Hulkling #Kree #Skrull
Ahora novedades del mundo #XMen en #MarvelComics:
Jerry Duggan y Tini Howard nos presentan #TenSwords el mega crossover de todas las lineas mutantes: #XMen, #Excalibur #Maraurders #NewMutants #Cable #XForce
El nuevo arco de #Maraurders irá centrado en la adolescencia de #Storm
#XMen #MarvelComics #MARVEL
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Hoy arranca la edición VIRTUAL de la #SanDiegoComicCon, la convención más grande de cine, series y cómics 📍

📅 22 al 26 de julio

ABRO HILO con todos los paneles, cuándo y dónde verlos 👇 #SDCCatHome
- Paneles #Disney (y todo su universo) 👇

🔹Los nuevos mutantes (#NewMutants) - @20thcenturyla

🎬Con el director Josh Boone y el elenco; Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Henry Zaga, Charlie Heaton y más.

📅Día y hora: 23 julio - 18hs (Arg)
🔹Espíritus oscuros (#Antlers) - @searchlightpics

🎬Con el director Scott Cooper y productor Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT).

📅Día y hora: 25 julio, 17hs (Arg)
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Due to the rapidly evolving situation, I'm sorry to say that there will be no new #Charting episode this week. There's no shame in playing it safe. BUT - did you think I wasn't gonna make charts anyway? Let's do this in 280 characters or less! (THREAD)
#Onward tops the box office, despite barely eking out a $10 million weekend gross. #Bloodshot debuts in second place, but #IStillBelieve & its $12 million budget may be the real winners here. Ironically, after being pushed due to controversy, #TheHunt was barely noticed.
Just how bad was this weekend? Here's the gross for the second weekend in March for the last 10 years. COVID-19's first significant effects on the North American market are crystal clear. The bad news? This is just the beginning, as most theaters that were open are now closed.
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What do you know, #XTwitter? Another month, another set of @Marvel solicts—April’s to be exact!
Naturally, a few changes have been made along the way to #DawnOfX’s shipping schedule.

So I updated the list of release dates for the #XMen line available from February through April.
#DawnOfX releases for February 05, 2020:

#Marauders 007
#XMenAndFantasticFour 01/04
#DawnOfX releases for February 12, 2020:

#Excalibur 007
#XForce 007
#XMen 006
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