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Let's celebrate #BlackPanther getting 7 #OscarNoms with our ONGOING art tribute thread..

All art will be by Black/POC artists

" KINGS DEAD " An AMAZING Killmonger piece by Brian ( IG : b.a.irvin )

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#wakandaforever #chocolatecitycomics
NEXT up on our ongoing art tribute thread we set up to celebrate #BlackPanther getting 7 #OscarNoms is this fantastic Okoye & Nakia art by our friend (IG : bmoesart )

ALL art is by Black/POC artists

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#wakandaforever #chocolatecitycomics
NEXT up on our ongoing art tribute thread we set up to celebrate #BlackPanther getting 7 #OscarNoms is this Killmonger @michaelb4jordan piece by Vincent ( IG dre.blake )

ALL art is by Black/POC artists

RETWEET to support the movie/artists

#wakandaforever #chocolatecitycomics
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My next twitter megathread is gonna be to watch every Mickey Mouse cartoon, starting on his 90th birthday on November 18th.

Last night ABC showed this birthday celebration special and so far I am finding it hard to connect with. This is clearly not targeted at me.
Even when I was a kid and full of imagination, I was never on board for celebrities talking about cartoon characters like this. I just couldn't get on board.
When I was a kid I brought an autograph book to Disney World and had the people in costumes sign it as their characters but even then I felt weird about it and what I really wanted was to meet Carl Barks and Clarence "Ducky" Nash.
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2/ adding @FederalistNo78 Thread to this and the rest of the pics from That Face Book Post
3/ lots of Connections to #Huma and #HRC “FBI Raids Possible Abedin-linked home in Dearborn, MI”…
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1/ While most have come around to the viability of #Disney’s OTT service, many remain lukewarm on its prospects. I’m very bullish for 8 reasons, most of which I find overlooked or downplayed. I also don’t worry about the fact that it’ll take years for Disney to be ‘all in’.
2/ Reason 1: IP. We all know Disney’s IP is bar none, but it’s even stronger than you think (URL). Furthermore, Disney can always use this IP to plug any SVOD performance shortfall. Given the platform’s importance, I expect they’ll do this whenever needed…
3/ If Disney ever needs to shore up usage or subs, they’ll spin-up a new Marvel/Star Wars/Pixar/Disney series or shift a film to SVOD. To date, live-action films such as ‘Lady & The Tramp’ and ‘Noelle Claus’ have already been moved from theatrical releases to streaming exclusives
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Comicsgate's attempt to use the late Darwyn Cooke for their agenda was despicable because he can't talk back and they attacked his widow Marsha Cooke when she called them out on their fraud & lies:…
Comicsgaters are fascists posing as cryptofascist posing as Conservative Liberals often posing as comic fans. For a less confusing description check this article. It isn't up to date but it's well researched and accurate:…
Comicsgaters are haters but want the benefits of popularity. They have been bolstered by many strategicians from Gamergate and Alt Right movements, nearly all of them online groups. So like the Alt Right online groups this would give the impression that they are legion.
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Remember this scene in Dumbo?

This scene still kills me. Do you feel compassion for this sad baby or this grieving mama?
#dumbo #disney #trump #immigration2018
Now imagine this happening every day, in your country, to mamas who didn’t hurt authorities or harm someone else’s children. Imagine a mama, any mama, having her baby ripped from her arms. She is taken to a cell to be detained, and her baby is taken elsewhere.
She probably doesn’t know where her baby is or when she will see her baby again. Think of how the babies must feel – alone, frightened, and sad.

This is your legacy, America.
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ABC cancels Roseanne yet keeps The View and Jimmy Kimmel. Let's not even go through the infractions from those shows and how long it took for the host of either show to apologize. All I will say is play fair with the race card. #Roseanne #ValerieJarrett #RaceCard
Word to liberal white people stop telling black people how black should feel.
If liberal white people were concerned about black people and their feelings they would stop giving Al Sharpton and BLM a platform and realize we don't all listen to Snoop Dog or have rap in our music library or are unable to get an ID card. Nor do we think all police are bad.
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