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The #Giants finished 13-3 and won the Super Bowl
True Blue the 1990 #Giants
Training camp.
Simms and @CarlBanksGIII talk about the keys to the upcoming season
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Vikings dizisinde Sicilya’da surlara bıçakla bir işaret kazıyan Halfdan’ın Ayasofya’ya gerçekten de ismini kazımış olması. Halfdan ismini vandalizm tarihinin ön sıralarında görsek yeridir.
Ayasofya'da benzer şekilde Vikingler tarafından kazınan 4 çizim daha bulunmakta. Kuzey galeri ve güney galerideki çizimlerde biri tipik ejderha başlı olmak üzere 2 gemi kazınmıştır. @HistoryVikings @HISTORY #Vikings (ref Bob Atchison)
Ayasofya'nın güney galerisine kazınan diğer iki figürün ilkinde sıralanmış üç geminin gövdesi gözükürken, dördüncü figürde ise iki geminin pruva kısmı kazınmıştır.
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1/ Finally finished Season Six of Vikings. The second half of the season was better than the first half. On whole I thought the series did a nice job of mapping real-world history onto its characters. #Vikings
2/ Over 200 years of history and legends were compressed into two generations. That's entirely forgivable as it is not meant to be a documentary. #Vikings
3/ Like all historical fiction, if the series gets people more interested in history in addition to being entertaining, then that's a good thing. #Vikings
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Being a Cinematographer is the best job on the planet (It’s true. Don’t make me fight you). A thread of some of my favorite Female + Trans DPs.

#EllenKuras - 1st time I met Ellen was at a now defunct (?) Women in Film org event. I was ridiculously excited to meet her. Prob best known for #EternalSunshine but was #Unzipped that wow’d. Revolutionized how I viewed docs. Here’s Mizrahi & Eartha Kitt
#SandiSissel. We all watched #SalaamBombay. Keeping tabs on Sandi’s career introduced me to 2nd Unit DP opportunities. I admired her versatility moving from indie film to #MasterAndCommander. Two visual worlds I love to play in.
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Contrary to the image of the Viking funeral in a burning ship floating off into the sea, the ships, instead of being burned were buried. The most famous one is the Oseberg Ship burial in Norway #Vikings
The burial is dated to 834AD. The ship which had been buried in a mound was nearly 22 meters long. It contained an enormous number of grave goods including beds, chests, buckets but remarkably the skeleton of a peacock #Vikings
It also contained 3 full-size sleighs, a full size wagon and best of all a tapestry which allows us to have a look at what these early Vikings might have believed about the otherworld #Vikings
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The picture below is of Jelling, the political center of Harald Gormson, Viking leader of Denmark. The stones represent his conversion to Christianity c. 960. Gormson is also known as Bluetooth and that’s where “Bluetooth” as in WiFi gets its name. Did you know that? #Vikings Image
Anyway, for the time being we have no interest in Christianized Viking, preferring the pagan lads (and lassies) who began settling in Ireland after 835 or so #Vikings
The first raids took place in 795 and were bad enough. But by the 830s they started to set up permanent settlements from which to raid inland. These settlements were called “longphorts” and were established on rivers and lakes #Vikings
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In 2018, the #49ers unveiled all-white throwbacks into the team's uniform rotation. It is a tribute to the 1994 #SuperBowl championship team.

Since then, fans have lauded this and called for the red version to return.

Here is the history of these uniforms.

Continue thread.🔽 ImageImage
These throwback uniforms originally date back to the 1955 #49ers team. That team went 4-8.

The helmet was red (with no logo) and silver pants were sometimes worn. The original white uniforms featured black stripes.

This uniform was only worn this season.

Continue thread.🔽 ImageImage
In 1994, the #NFL celebrated its 75th year. Teams were to participate in league-wide throwback uniform celebration beginning in Week 3. A commemorative 75th anniversary patch was worn by all teams.

For the first two weeks, the #49ers wore the standard set.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/11/2020…
The Cure for Aging Might be the Cure for Alzheimer’s - Andreessen Horowitz…

#alzheimer #cure #aging
Did indigenous Americans and Vikings trade in the year 1000? | Aeon Essays…

#americans #vikings #trade
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/20/2020…
The Pandemic, From the Virus's Point of View…

The World Is Losing the Vaccine Race…

#vaccine #COVID19
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Let's learn some History about #AssassinsCreedValhalla's Landmark: LINCOLN!

It was called Lindum Colonia in Roman times, the wall you see is Roman!

Danelaw gave Lincoln to #Vikings. (2) Bc of its Geography(3-4), it prospered in trade & crafts!(5-7)

#ACFacts/Theories (8/8)

🔲#Vikings invaded England in 865 & conquered East Anglia, Northumbria & Mercia, latter including Lindsey, which is the region Lincoln is in.

🔲 Struggle was made to reclaim, but the Danelaw signed by Alfred of Wessex & Danes divided 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, being 1/5 boroughs given to Vikings.

🔲Lincoln was a Goldmine to Vikings, because it was Geographically a GREAT Place for Trade to Prosper.

- It had ready-built Roman walls for defense. In #AssassinsCreedValhalla, you can see the rusted bricks signifying its old age.🧱

- River Trade routes around Lincoln.👇

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Week 5, 1965
#Bears #Vikings
A high scoring affair between Minnesota and Chicago from the Met.
Gale Sayers has a great game (4TD’s in the 2nd half)
Ronnie Bull has a 33 yard TD.
7-0 #Bears
#Vikings fumble the ensuing kickoff.
#Bears recover and Morris catches a TD.
14-0 #Bears
#Vikings fumble, then intercept the ball.
Petitbone picks off Tarkenton.
#Bears punt
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I can't stop thinking about the #Eagles' decision to draft WR Jalen Reagor over WR Justin Jefferson -- who went one pick later, to the #Vikings
Was it speed, like @MoveTheSticks suggested? I don’t think so.

Justin Jefferson: 4.43 forty-yard-dash
Jalen Reagor: 4.47 forty-yard-dash

So, why did one of the league’s most statistically-minded / forward-thinking GMs decide to take Reagor over Jefferson?

Roseman made this point very clear: Outside Separation
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Hoy arranca la edición VIRTUAL de la #SanDiegoComicCon, la convención más grande de cine, series y cómics 📍

📅 22 al 26 de julio

ABRO HILO con todos los paneles, cuándo y dónde verlos 👇 #SDCCatHome
- Paneles #Disney (y todo su universo) 👇

🔹Los nuevos mutantes (#NewMutants) - @20thcenturyla

🎬Con el director Josh Boone y el elenco; Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Henry Zaga, Charlie Heaton y más.

📅Día y hora: 23 julio - 18hs (Arg)
🔹Espíritus oscuros (#Antlers) - @searchlightpics

🎬Con el director Scott Cooper y productor Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT).

📅Día y hora: 25 julio, 17hs (Arg)
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1] The #unrelenting #hypocrites who said #Chamisa was afraid of a #Congress & was taking power through boardrooms accuse(d) him of not using #political #tokenism to protect #Mwonzora from #Hwende

They equally wanted #Mudzuri & #Komichi to be rewarded outside Congress #elections.
2] The #unrelenting #hypocrites who accused the #MDC-A of lacking party discipline want to christian #Chamisa a dictator for taking measures to realign party communication channels with the constitution.

They prefer seeing #MDC-A officials excitedly behave like a #Vikings army. ImageImage
3] The #unrelenting #hypocrites pretend like there's no difference between #discipline & #democracy.

They enjoy seeing #MDC-A officials quenching their thirst for rumours & discord by needlessly rushing to the #media to share #personal #opinions even against #party #positions.
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(1/4) Un cuple in #Norvegia quel vive proxim al cité de #Bodø esset surprisat quande ili trovat un sepultoria #viking sub lor dom. Li afere comensat con lor intention de renovar li dom, pos quel ili trovat quelc petres con strangi aspecte. Trovante it

#Interlingue #Occidental Image
(2/4) interessant, ili continuat forar e poy trovat alquo scintillant: it havet li aspecte de un rote de un litt lude-auto ma pos inspection it esset un perle ex vitre. Pos to ili decovrit li cap de un grand hache e altri objectes ex ferre, e contactet li autoritás in li comtia
(3/4) de #Nordland. Li die sequent venit expertes del muséo de #Tromsø, qui confirmat li decovrition e dit que li objectes datat del epoca del #vikings. Secun li lege norvegian, omni monumentes cultural con tracies de activitá homan e plu old quam li annu 1537 es automaticmen
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Exciting new boat discovery in Norway! This time, an almost perfectly preserved LOG BOAT. Why is this exciting? And does it relate to the Vikings? Repton? And the Silk Roads? Maybe.... bear with me: #riverkings /1

Photos: Leon Arne Kleiva via Facebook/Arkeologi i Norge
This boat was found a few days ago on a farm in southern Norway, at the edge of a lake. We don't know the age yet, could be ~2000 to 500 years old, maybe older. BUT the farmer's great-grandad found two log boats there in 1932, both dated to the Viking Age or just before /2
A few other logboats dating to the Viking Age have been found elsewhere in lakes and bogs, and very occasionally, in graves.

Some more info by Frans-Arne H. Stylegar in Norwegian on log boats here:… /3
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#StayHome THREAD 🧵

Love #Archaeology is on Instagram and we're going to share some of the best images, starting with the wonderful @NT_SuttonHoo helmet at the @britishmuseum, which was buried in the early 7th century.


All 📷 by @HorneSupremacy Image
We move from Germanic East Anglia to eastern Germany now. This is part of the Zwinger, a baroque palace garden complex in Dresden for the rulers of Saxony. Stunningly beautiful.

➡️… Image
From Germany to #Glasgow: this is the glorious Main 'Gilbert Scott' Building at the University of Glasgow (@UofGlasgow). It was largely built between the 1860s and 1880s. The #WW1 Memorial Chapel completed the west quadrangle in 1929.

➡️… Image
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Instant Round 2 Grades! Here we go! #NFLDraft2020

Starting with...
33. CIN - Tee Higgins WR9 ... C

My 44th overall player, I think there are better values & better WRs available.

I also would've gone OT here, unless an AJ Green trade is imminent.

Building around Burrow is a good move, though. #Bengals
34. IND - Michael Pittman Jr. WR12 ... D

I'm lower than many on Pittman - 53rd - I just think there are much better prospects at WR. Multiple are still on the board: Laviska 21st, Mims 36th, Edwards 43rd.

Also, not the route I would've gone here with such a valuable pick.
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My 1st Round Grades w/ Analysis in the thread:

Referenced my Big Board for value (linked again below w/ my other #NFLDraft content)
All my #NFLDraft content, including my Top 100 Big Board, in one spot👇
A+ (5 total) = Elite pick - great player & fit + excellent value
A (6) = Great - great player & fit
B (5) = Good - would've done it differently
C (5) = Reach / Left value on the board
D (6) = Come again? ... Why.
F (5) = See gif👇
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The Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock #NFLDraft!

I pretend to be all 32 #NFL GMs for 2 Rounds using my Big Board (🔗👇) & rough team needs.

LOTS of trades factored in. Summary of them in the thread below.

(again this is what I'd do- *not predictive*)

Summary of all trades in the Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock Draft!
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WOW. A huge podcast for all you #Vikings out there!

Dr. @CatJarman and our own Dr. @HorneSupremacy talk #Viking fightin', tradin' + travlin' from Central Asia to Canada *AND* the gory science of Repton's Great Army graves for @hack_history! ☠

#StayHome… ImageImageImage
Artwork by the brilliant and lovely @Smith_Design.
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I am an absolute glutton for punishment so I’m going to complete a Mock #NFLDraft for all 32 @NFL teams tonight. I’m using @PFN365 mock draft tool.

I’m going to draft based on team needs with no trades.

Let’s get started with the AFC East.
First up, the @BuffaloBills #NFLDraft #BillsMafia

How’d I do @ujohns44
Next we’ve got the @MiamiDolphins

The have 14 picks, with 6 in the Top 75. I’m really pleased with how these first 5 picks went. #NFLDraft #DolphinsTwitter
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Online museum archives thread 🧵 for self isolation.

AMAZING MUSEUMS all around the world 🌍🌎🌏 have web resources you can access 24 hours for FREE: #archaeology, #history, & #museum Twitter, let's find and share as many as we can!


➡️ Image
Thanks to @northbird_ellen, we also know about the FREE, online website for all Norwegian university museums. It's UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. You'll need a wee bit of Norwegian, but Ellen has that covered! 🎩tip: @slewisimpson


➡️ ImageImageImageImage
Amis, ♥️ we now take you virtually from 🇳🇴 to 🇫🇷 and the wonderful #Roman #archaeology from the Chiragan villa, brought to you by the superb @MSR_Tlse. In French, but most browsers will have a translation option:

➡️ Image
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A #Browns thread on the Andrew Berry hiring...
1. From what I understand, the #Browns offered the GM position to Berry late last week and the two sides went to work on the contract. The 5-year deal dialing in the same length as HC Kevin Stefanski was of chief importance to Cleveland - making sure the two were tied together.
2. I've been told by a #Browns team source that even before #Vikings exec George Paton pulled out of the process, it was essentially unanimous inside the building that Berry was the right choice for this job and situation. That said, Paton definitely impressed in his interviews.
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