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I wish everyone under 25 could have been part of a conversation I just had.

I wish everyone could have been, well, actually two of them.

A lawyer friend of mine who I've known for about 20 years recently asked if I'd make a few phone calls in support of the resistance.

He attends a fairly progressive megachurch in a large urban area, somewhere.

I have to be light with the details because I promised I wouldn't even tweet about it, but I'm feeling anxious & I just texted to say I wouldn't name names or share the location but I had to tweet.

I confess I don't even know where to begin with this story. The list of names was fairly short and, in fact, numbered fewer than 25.

Some of the calls have been easy and straight forward. A few men & women among the congregation were interested in making political donations.

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Thank you to the literally thousands of tweeps who sent comments, DMs, RTs, & likes for this tweet, truly.

I was amazed & humbled by the well meant pieces of sage advice & as always slightly humored by often misspelled or misdirected trollings.

I find it exciting that so many are so tuned into the midterm elections, which will be one of the most consequential elections in our nation's long history.

Blue or die.

I am also encouraged by the response from actual Texans who often said that the poll is nonsense.

Like me, those Texans believe that @BetoORourke can and must win next month.

Sending Ted Cruz packing is not just a national priority, it's a Texan one as well.

Thank for being an active participant in your democracy.

You might just help save us.

#Vote #November6th
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Which one? πŸ‘‡

You pick. πŸ”΄ or πŸ”΅

November 6th is coming.

What’s it gonna be? πŸ‘‡

πŸ”΄ = 😁
πŸ”΅ = 😫

Victor or Victim.

Your call.

What say you ? πŸ‘‡

πŸ”΄ Law and Order


πŸ”΅ Open Border

You decide.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ November 6th is coming. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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There are 45 more days left until Midterm Elections.

If you have not verified your registration or actually registered to vote you must do that as soon as possible.
Registration deadlines for most states are fast approaching.

Please, verify / register.

If you have recently moved make sure that both your ID and your registration are updated and current.

if you live in a red state, or a possible swing district, please check and recheck to be certain.

I checked my registration in April & it was fine, but in July it was not.

There were far too many people in both the California & New York primaries who were either unable to vote or forced to cast a provisional ballot because of registration issues. Some of them were well known public figures.

I believe that it's going to be worse #November6th.

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I can only do this for so long anymore.

Twitter wears me out.

We have only 93 days until midterms.

I'm going to go ruin a bunch of people's Saturday by calling them and asking them to do their civil duty on #November6th and help usher in a giant #BlueWave.

There are tons of ways you can help do that too.

Stop what you're doing and call your sister who might be on the fence. Get her off of it.

Educate you your neighbor who is buying into this Trump's "economic revitalization" fiction. Obama did better. Way better.

Wear a Clinton tee and a smile.

Body paint #Resist onto yourself at the beach.

Retweet this thread.

You can resist in other ways too.

Smile at those you pass whole walking.

Look a homeless person in the eyes as you hand them a dollar and shake their hand or hug them.

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