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1) My thoughts on why our #MSM being called a #FreePress is...

Complete bullshit.

2) Our #FreePress never challenges Democrats on their talking points. Only Republicans get this 'privilege'.

@AdamSchiffCA is on TV all day talking about how their is proof of #Collusion, but we've yet to see ANY.

Anchors just sit back and listen to the narrative of the day.
3) Anyone anti-Trump gets to make the rounds everywhere spouting nonsense against @POTUS.

You'd think a #FreePress would of learned after Wolfe's book backfired, but instead...

Here's comes @OMAROSA who gets more insane with each interview.
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I now see people using #BlueWave to promote Avenatti and I fear for our future
Trump team reveals re-election campaign poster
And MakeAmericaAmericaAgain does not actually fucking mean anything
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THREAD: by now, many of you have seen posts or articles re: @defcon’s @VotingVillageDC, and the ease with which machines and websites were attacked and exploited. And now, THIS is happening....#unhackthevote #infosec #ElectionSecurity
For YEARS, advocates of election integrity have been pointing out these issues. This isn’t new. After 2000, the Help America Vote Act was passed to modernize our elections, first proposed by Robert Ney (R-OH). Signed into law by George W. Bush. So much for this theory:
At the same time, Bush’s @TheJusticeDept began an investigation into alleged #VoterFraud. Guess what it turned up? No masses of non-citizens voting, nothing that could come close to altering an election.…
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🌊#BlueWave Candidate Party🌊

Time to turn Twitter #Blue !!

Let's amplify our State Candidate's
Voices! Bring their tweet, tag in a few friends. RT everyone else's candidate.

Everyone welcome!


Tom Joad @JohnnyBlkshrt
SuzieQ @myserenity69

Party info below 💙💦🌊
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Because of #CatchAndRelease a sexual predator was let go because of #KeepFamiliesTogether they could not separate him from the 13yr old he claimed as his daughter and because of #SanctuaryState CA he won’t be deported for raping her. This is the #OpenBorders legacy #BuildTheWall
Congratulations @TheDemocrats you enabled a thirteen year old girl to be brutally raped and abused but don’t worry, he’s safe in California and will be released into our communities because #AbolishIce right? You are all sick.
Cover your ears liberals, @ChuckGrassley AND @SenFeinstein have requested an investigation into abuse at detention centers that went IGNORED during the Obama admin😱Including detaining children in handcuffs where was everyone? The complaints started in 2014 #KeepFamiliesTogether
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1. #Qanon exposed the rampant Democrat voter fraud in several posts...once again, it appears there is evidence of voter fraud in the primary elections today...One Georgia precinct had a 243 % voter turnout...Bill Mitchel pointed out other potential fraud occurrences...#wwg1wga
2. As a reminder, #Qanon implied the USA will see a #redwave in the 2018 midterms back in May...Q told us back in April "midterms are safe...election fraud will be revealed soon"...There is no #bluewave folks...why? because @Potus has it all...he has all the evidence of fraud!
3. There is no way #Qanon would've made such a bold statement that the "midterms are safe" unless Q had clear and irrefutable evidence that the midterms are indeed safe...So why then are we still seeing allegations of voter fraud and irregularities in Democrat precincts? #wwg1wga
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F.D.A. Did Not Intervene to Curb Risky Fentanyl Prescriptions
Physicians should be more closely limited in prescribing drugs not approved for other use.
The Fentanyl deaths scandal should be a warning, since Fentanyl is intended ONLY for use with cancers.
Part of the Fentanyl catastrophe and resultant opioid crisis is that FAR TOO MANY physicians prescribe (even as we speak), Fentanyl for people with chronic muscular or chronic nerve pain, instead of a more judicious use of combo NSAIDs and non fentanyl opioids.
Fentanyl needs to be reserved only for cancer patients.

Also we must find a better law enforcement approach to synthetic, illegal fentanyl. This is what opioid addicts turn to as their bodies adjust to heroin.
We need a true approach to the opioid crisis.
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2. A fundamental principle of the common law is that votes can be declared void for substantial irregularity. If irregularity affects the result of an election it is by itself enough to compel the tribunal to declare the election void.
3. The result doesn't need to be affected. Only a ‘substantial departure’ from the rules, or the election being ‘conducted so badly that it was not substantially in accordance with the law’ is needed to void the ballot.
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The GOP has held this seat since 1983, but polls rate this as a toss-up! Voters in #OH12 are crucial.

Be a part of the growing #BlueWave! Help Dems secure health care and defend rule of law. #BeAVoter

Vote for @dannyoconnor1
OH Id requirements:…

Locate your polling location:…

Check your registration:

Hear what @AdyBarkan, a dying father, has to say to Ohio voters about GOP healthcare policy:
Today is also the SPECIAL ELECTION for CA State Senate District 32

As well as Primary day for Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington.

Show this nation we have had enough of the #ComplicitGOP. Help give Dems the oversight they need to end the obstruction. #BeAVoter
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🌊BlueWave Candidate Party🌊

Let's help out our Democrats!!

It's easy:

💦Find a candidate in your state

💦Paste their tweet into this thread

💦 Tag 5 or more friends

💦Have them do the same

💦 We all retweet your candidate

Let's get their voices amplified! (1/2)
🌊 Blue Wave Candidate Party🌊

* Do not tag the candidates. Use tweet. No flooding their notifs.😁

*RT original tweet /follow(opt)


Let's flood Twitter with #BlueWave Democrats!!

(SEE 1st Tweet for Party Info)👆

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Meet/RT/Follow/Support #BlueWave💙 U.S.Army Vet Democrat @dorothy4house challenging Herrera Buetler for the #WA03 congressional seat.
Dorothy Gasque is a 3rd generation public servant. She served 8 yrs in the U.S. Army. In 2005 she deployed to Iraq, with an
2/ @dorothy4house #WA03
otherwise all male combat unit, and she earned accolades for her ability to lead in the face of fierce opposition and danger. Although she was trained as an anti-tank missile systems technician, the insurgent forces did not have tanks. And due to her
3/ @dorothy4house #WA03
rank as a non-commissioned officer, she was often asked to lead combat patrols, organize traffic checkpoints, and manage base security.
After leaving the military & her brothers in arms, she earned a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Portland
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I can only do this for so long anymore.

Twitter wears me out.

We have only 93 days until midterms.

I'm going to go ruin a bunch of people's Saturday by calling them and asking them to do their civil duty on #November6th and help usher in a giant #BlueWave.

There are tons of ways you can help do that too.

Stop what you're doing and call your sister who might be on the fence. Get her off of it.

Educate you your neighbor who is buying into this Trump's "economic revitalization" fiction. Obama did better. Way better.

Wear a Clinton tee and a smile.

Body paint #Resist onto yourself at the beach.

Retweet this thread.

You can resist in other ways too.

Smile at those you pass whole walking.

Look a homeless person in the eyes as you hand them a dollar and shake their hand or hug them.

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Hey @SenSchumer why are you suddenly crying about 3D Guns? The blueprints were downloaded 100k times in 2013 obviously that was @realDonaldTrump’s fault? Where were all @TheDemocrats bragging about their bill to stop this 5 years ago AND why does the press have amnesia.
An even better question would be WHY did the Obama administration give 3D Gun makers a Federal license @SenBlumenthal @chuckschumer HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN.
#guncontrol #bluewave #BLUELIES
This is all your fault Chucky, you were BEHOLDEN TO THE @NRA AND DID NOTHING!! 😂🤣😂…
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Texas #BlueWave could take down Cruz & deal a big blow to @realDonaldTrump & GOP

@QuinnipiacPoll placed @BetoORourke 6 points behind Cruz

▪Beto 43%
▪Cruz 49%

Sizable jump from 11 point advantage Cruz had end of May

Texas Lyceum Poll indicated a much tighter race
@BetoORourke 2 points behind Cruz

▪Beto 39%
▪Ted 41%

"This race looks different because it's a strong Democratic challenger raising prolific sums of $, tons of earned media"

—Josh Blank, Lyceum Poll, Dir…
.@BetoORourke raised over $23 million this season without accepting donations from corporations of lobbyists.
Cruz has raised $30K more than his opponent.
Texas Senatorial race is currently the most expensive in the country.
A democrat hasn’t won Texas statewide race in 24 years.
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Tomorrow, Thurs Aug 2nd, is your primary day!

One Senate seat up for election, rated a toss up. TN hasn’t had a Dem Senator in over 20 years! Let’s get a huge turnout for @PhilBredesen

TN is under complete GOP control.

All 9 House seats, 18/33 House Senate, 99 seats in State House, & Gov up for election.

@DHStokyo w/ further details:…

Check your registration:

Find your polling place:

Voter turnout during primaries is being used to gauge expected voter turnout for the midterms. Help build the #BlueWave

Bring your friends and family to vote!
Make this an event that puts TN on the map! BE HEARD! #BeAVoter #WednesdayMotivation
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