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#BREAKING 'Sporadic clashes' in Syria border town after Turkey announces truce: monitor
#UPDATE Sporadic clashes between Turkish forces and Kurdish groups are ongoing in a battleground Syrian border town despite Turkey's announcement of a truce

đŸ“¸ Smoke rising from the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain on October 18
#BREAKING Turkish air strike kills five civilians in NE Syria: monitor
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Oct 17 - Lebanon
9 pm local time
Demonstrators chanting:
"People demand the government's overthrow!"

Lebanon, like Iraq, is under #Iran's influence through Hezbollah. People are fed up & are demanding change.
#UPDATE - #Lebanon
-Demonstrations in various regions across the country, including Beirut
-Reports of people fainting due to extensive use of tear gas by security forces, ambulances transferring the injured
-Protesters stormed a telecom company in Beirut
#UPDATE - #Lebanon
People reporting masked supporters of #Iran-backed Hezbollah are vandalizing shops to portray a negative image of the Lebanese people's demonstrations.

My take:
Tehran has taught its proxies well.
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#Breaking: The Chief of the #SDF forces says we will agree on a ceasefire, but we won't pull back from our land! He said that #Turkey has to be the one who has to pull back out of #Syria, and leave us alone.
#Update: The ceasefire what has been negotiated by the #US, will be in place for the next 120 hours, just enough time for Turkish President Erdogan to meet with Russian president Putin on October 22 in #Russia, to discuss the situation in #Syria. #Turkey
#Update: But keep in mind #Turkey will not back away from #Syria, because Turkish president Erdogan will see this as a defeat. but also Assad's forces the Syrian Arab Army, and Russian troops are in the northern part of #Syria.
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-Pence & Erdogan reach a deal to suspend Turkish incursion into northern Syria in 120 hours: reports
-Turkey to suspend operations to allow YPG to withdraw from designated safe zone
US Vice President Mike Pence:
-US & Turkey agree on ceasefire in Syria
-Turkey & US agree to protect prisons in northern Syria & confront ISIS
-We agreed with Turkey to protect minorities in northern Syria
-Agreement with Turkey saved millions of lives
-Washington will not impose additional sanctions on Turkey
-We will work with Kurdish units to secure their withdrawal 20 miles from the Syrian-Turkish border

Initial ceasefire is for 120 hours in preparation for a permanent ceasefire.
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#Breaking: Just in - Horrific video has been taken in #Barcelona, of a Spanish riot police vehicle driving over a protestor in the streets when trying to bust through barricades, in this 3de night of heavy clashes and violence with police officers. #Spain #Catalonia
#Update: Correction - Looks like this video has been captured in the city of #Tarragona in #Catalonie #Spain...
I have deleted a Tweet that said that the protestor died in #Tarragona, in #Catalonia. Reports now says that it was a 17 year old guy, who was in a state of trauma and was rushed to the hospital in the region. Doctors now say he is in stable condition. Sorry for the confusion.
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#NewsAlert: Big heavy violent clashes with riot police and protestors enters the 2nd day in #Barcelona, after #Spain prosecutors sentenced 13 politicians up to a +120 years in Prison. #Catalonia
#Update: Total shocking anarchy in the city of #Barcelona in #Spain as it enters it's second day with heavy clashes and violence, with protestors and riot police violently fighting each other.
#Breaking: Just in - Spanish Riot police reportedly shooting with live round bullets on protestors in #Barcelona in #Spain, Shooting them in the leg to avoiding life treating conditions... This is a bloody European country shooting them with live bullets? #EU
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#NewsAlert: Meanwhile in #Barcelona in #Spain, heavy clashes with riot police officers, after Spanish prosecutors sentenced 12 politicians all together to a prison sentence of up 120 years, or approx 10 years each. Making this the first Political prisoners in #Europe. #EU
#Update: Also due to the heavy clashes and protests hundreds of flight needed to be cancelled today towards #Barcelona, because protestors occupied the main airport in the City for hours, tempting riot police officers to go and get them out of there. #Spain #Catalonia
#Update: This is a air picture of drone showing thousands of protestors occupying the airport in #Barcelona in #Spain, protesting against Spanish prosecutors sentencing the 12 politicians up to 120 years all combined, resulting in heavy clashed at the airport. #Catalonia
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#Breaking: Reports of United States Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin is heading towards the White House to hand over the paper with the Sanctions to #Turkey, to be signed by American president Donald Trump, following the invasion into #Syria.
#Breaking: Just in - American president Donald Trump has reportedly signed the Executive order placing sanctions on #Turkey, following the invasion into Northern #Syria.
#Update: The sanctions are reportedly placed at #Turkey's Defense Minister, Energy Minister & the Minister of Interior and their entities. The list of what products will be sanctioned will come out shortly. Following the Turkish invasion into #Syria.
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#Breaking: Just in - French foreign Minister "Jean-Yves Le Drian" has cancelled his meeting with #Turkey's foreign minister today amid the invasion into #Syria, and arms deal withdrawn for the country. #France
#Update: Some reports says that the entire summit with the meeting with #Turkey/#France will be cancelled entirely. And that it might be moved after Turkey stops it's invasion into #Syria.
#Breaking: Reports says that the #UN has withdrawn all of their staff members who were monitoring and providing humanitarian aid at the #ISIS camps, and refugee camps in the Northern part of #Syria, in case of an all out war between #Turkey.
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#Breaking: Reports coming out from a #SDF spokesperson, that they have agreed with #Russia and the Assad regime to hand over control of border cities of #Manbij and #Kobane in #Syria, amid the Turkish invasion into the country. #Turkey
#Update: Also the report says that SDF fighters will leave the area of #Manbij and #Kobane within hours to let the Assad regime Syrian Arab Army #SAA control the area.
#Update: Statement from a #SDF spokesperson allowing the Syrian Arab Army, who is controlled by the Assad regime and is the country main army force. To hand over control of the cities of #Manbij and #Kobani, to the Russians and Assad, to protect them from the Invasion of #Turkey
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U.S. President Trump ordered 1,000 U.S. troops to be pulled back from northern Syria as a result of Turkey's military campaign, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said to Face the Nation.
(File Photo)
U.S. President Donald Trump working with Congress to impose powerful sanctions on Turkey.
@laraseligman reporting:
A second U.S. official confirms that U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered all U.S. troops in Syria, except for those the Al Tanf garrison, to withdraw within 30 days.

(File map from March 13, 2019)
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#Breaking: Update - Reports that the Department of Defence will be pulling 1000 of #US troops out of Northern #Syria this coming week, following the Turkish invasion into the country. #Turkey
#Update: Just in - Another report says that these 1000 of #US troops might be relocated to Saudi Arabia, and will be flying away from #Syria, following the invasion of #Turkey in the country.
#Update: Confirmed the 1000 of #US troops will be leaving #Syria within a week, and might be relocated to Saudi Arabia, following the Turkish invasion into the country, #Turkey
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#Breaking: Just in - Confirmed that #Turkey has bombed #US special forces on the ground in #Syria, during the invasion of the country.
#Update: Just in - Picture of Turkish airforce bombing the location #Kobane in #Syria, that is a town that houses or housed the international coalition forces like...


Some countries still active in that location in #Syria. #Turkey
#Update: However there are still no reports that there are wounded during the airstrikes of #Turkey in the town of #Kobane in #Syria, of the #US special forces. It could be that it just missed the special forces housing.
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U.S. to send thousands of more troops to Saudi Arabia in wake of the Aramco attacks, according to Reuters.

The U.S., UK, France, Germany & Saudi Arabia hold #Iran's regime responsible for these attacks on vital oil installations.
Pentagon confirms large number of troops to be dispatched to Saudi Arabia - via Sky News

Def. Sec. Esper & Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley to announce more forces are heading to Saudi Arabia, including two F-15 squadrons & AWACs, all in response to threats posed by #Iran.
Pentagon announces additional 3,000 U.S. troops will be deployed to Saudi Arabia to confront threats posed by #Iran to Gulf security via Sky News.

WSJ reports "around 2,000 additional troops."…
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#BREAKING Blast sets Iran tanker ablaze near Saudi port: Iran media
#UPDATE Missile strikes suspected in Iran tanker blast off Saudi: company
#UPDATE Suspected missile strikes have hit an Iranian oil tanker near the Saudi coast, company says.

It is the first Iranian vessel targeted since a spate of attacks in the Gulf Washington blamed on Tehran
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An Iranian vessel in the Red Sea is reporting an explosion.
Located around 60 miles off the coast of Jeddah, two of this vessel's main tanks are reportedly damaged.
Oil spill reported.
Fars News agency: Could be terror attack.

My initial take:
False flag operation.
.@TankerTrackers reporting this could be "the Iranian Suezmax tanker SINOPA... w/ 1mn barrels of oil bound for Syria. That’s her regular run. This is the 3rd Iranian tanker in 6 months to be incapacitated in this part of the Red Sea. 1st it was HAPPINESS I & recently, HELM."
@TankerTrackers #UPDATE
#Iran's official IRNA news agency
-SABITY ship hit by two "missiles" at 5:00 and 5:20 am local time
-No personnel hurt
-Situation under control
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#Breaking: Just in - Massive explosions just heard according to ground reporters at Ras Al-Ain in #Syria close at the border with #Turkey, as the Turkish army and their paid rebels make it forward over the border. #SayNoToWar
#Update: Just in - First zoomed pictures from Turkish news media camera's, being reported of the Turkish airstrikes at the town of Ras Al-Ain in #Syria, after #Turkey declares war on the Syrian people.
#Update: Just in - More pictures of people and Kurdish news outlets covering the Turkish airstrikes at the town of Ras Al-Ain in #Syria. #Turkey
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports of Turkish airforce bombing targets close at the border with #Turkey and #Syria in Ras Al-Ain.
#Update: Not sure if they are warning strikes or they are actually bombing #SDF positions near the border with #Turkey, in Ras Al-Ain in #Syria.
#Breaking: Update - Reports that #Turkey has started with their airforce bombing targets of Kurdish outposts in Ras Al-Ain in #Syria, but the army has not crossed the boder yet with the Free Syrian Army rebels.
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#Breaking: just in - At least 2 people killed in a shooting incident outside a synagogue in #Halle in #Germany, the suspect is still on the run.
#Update: Just in - Apparently there are Two shooters some German news outlets reports, and one suspect was arrested outside the synagogue in #Halle before killing one person the other shot at a Kebab shop who also a person he is on the run. #Germany
#Breaking: Also reports of a shooting in #Landsberg 15KM away from #Halle, it is unclear if they are connected or it the "other suspect" who got away after he shot at an kebab shop killing one person and ran away. #Germany "Corrected the place"
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#UPDATE - #Iraq
Washington calls on the Iraqi government to address protesters' complaints

Newly obtained video from Najaf, southern Iraq, provides more insight on the ruthless methods used by Iraqi security forces (infiltrated by #Iran's regime) against peaceful demonstrators.
More video from unrest in #Iraq

Footage from Baghdad also shows protesters setting fire to a poster put up by #Iran-backed militias reading, "Death to America & Israel"

Iraqis are against Tehran's meddling in Iraq & being pulled into the mullahs' wars.
#UPDATE - #Iraq
-Iraqi sources to Sky News: Ministry of Defense ends the army's state of alert and returns it to normal
-Iraqi government issues second package of reforms in response to demands of protesters
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#BREAKING: Initial reports of a Turkish airstrike on the Kurdish-controlled Semelka border crossing between Syria and Iraq
#UPDATE: Multiple airstrikes reported
#UPDATE: Video of reported Turkish airstrikes on the SDF/Kurdish-controlled Semalka border crossing between Syria and Iraq
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Oct 7 - Baghdad, #Iraq
New video of today's protests and security forces targeting demonstrators.
Oct 7 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Protesters storming & setting fire to the Badr (Corps) Organization headquarters in the Iraqi capital.

The Badr Org., headed by Hadi al-Ameri, is known for its strong ties to #Iran's regime.
Oct 7 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Reports indicate four individuals, including a senior Iraqi MP, died in a fire incident at a hotel.

My take:
Considering the fact that some Iraqi MPs have accused #Iran's regime of murdering Iraqi protesters, this is quite suspicious.
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Oct 6 - Najaf, southern #Iraq
Iraqi security forces, SWAT teams, seen firing directly at protesters and using heavy machine guns to disperse demonstrators.

My take:
These are methods very similar to those used by #Iran's regime against its protesters.
Oct 6 - #Iraq
Scenes of Iraqi protesters with flags coming under heavy fire by Iraqi security forces (most likely #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) militias who are armed, funded & trained by the IRGC).
This video vividly shows peaceful demonstrators in #Iraq protesting for their rights and how security forces (most likely #Iran-backed militia groups) open fire on civilians.
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#BREAKING US troops in northern Syria will no longer be near Turkish border: White House
#UPDATE @realDonaldTrump gives his blessing to a Turkish operation targeting Kurdish militants in northern Syria, saying the US will stand aside as Ankara launches its "long-planned" operation
@realDonaldTrump #BREAKING US forces in Syria start Turkey border pullback: Kurds
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