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This all started with an #ExtraditionBill. But really the fundamental is that we have 2 totally different set of values.”

Speaking at @OsloFF, Hong Kong pop singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic explains why China’s 1 country, 2 systems is doomed to fail #OsloFF #HongKongProtests
@OsloFF @hoccgoomusic “When the system does not provide, we take things in our own hands.”

Pop singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic says Hong Kong protesters have demonstrated their unity to the world as seen in their #StandWithHK campaigns #OsloFF #HongKongProtests
@OsloFF @hoccgoomusic “Stand up for ourselves. Be naughty. Be rebellious. Be fearless. And most of all, be water.”

Hong Kong pop singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic highlights the importance of forming alliances to find solutions as a global community @OsloFF amid ongoing #HongKongProtests #OsloFF #香港
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At @OsloFF, Pete Pattisson talks about how Qatar is using imported slave labor from Nepal to build the World Cup stadium and other buildings. #OsloFF
Pattisson says that the laborers are housed in squalid labor camps and barely paid. But that’s not what makes it slavery.
These four conditions make thousands of men victims of bonded and forced labor, i.e. modern slavery. #OsloFF
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North Korean ex-diplomat and defector Thae Yong-ho speaking with @Robert_E_Kelly. Thae: I lived a double life as a diplomat, having to defend a government I didn’t believe in. Talked about what an impression Europe made on him. #OsloFF @OsloFF
Now North Korean Thae Yong-ho is talking about how as a diplomat colleagues would sometimes disappear and everyone just had to accept 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️ that they had probably ended up in a political prison camp. @OsloFF #OsloFF
It’s a bit nuts actually. Imagine being the highest-level North Korean defector in years. I’d go hide and live a quiet life. Instead Thae Yong-ho is out there at things like the Oslo Freedom Forum yacking away. The Kim regime has assassinated people overseas. @OsloFF #OsloFF
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Looking forward to hearing from @Robert_E_Kelly and @Thaeyongho at #OsloFF
.@Robert_E_Kelly asks Amb. Thae what life was like as a diplomat for the DPRK. Thae says he’s often asked why he defected since he had a good life. Thae says he defected for freedom. #OsloFF
Amb. Thae says he lived a double life as a diplomat. He had to defend the NK system to outsiders, but his family would debate at dinner. When they went back to Pyongyang, he had to make sure his sons didn’t talk about what life was like outside. #OsloFF
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Opening reception honoring fallen friend of Oslo Freedom Forum, Raed Fares, is a powerful reminder of how much it costs when we falter in defense of freedom & make excuses for that silence.

This banner from 2012; not the first from Syria's war against Assad

#OsloFF @OsloFF @HRF
Fares repeatedly referenced the "shameful indifference" of the world to Syria. He wasn't wrong.
"The issue is within us, in the dictator Assad inside each one of us. Our victory is dependent on what we change first from within"

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Unreal reading Trump gushing at North Korean dictator "ruling his country hard" while reading abt my friend @YeonmiParkNK's torture at his hands. Hard labor, rape, abuse of power. We spend our time talking abt nuclear threat. What about the people who suffer under Kim Jung Un?!
I met @YeonmiParkNK @ years ago at #OsloFF & started reading her book yesterday (available at: Here’s some low-lights:
“There were so many desperate people on the streets crying for help that you had to shut off your heart or the pain would be too much. After a while you can’t care anymore. And that is what hell is like.”-@YeonmiParkNK
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