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#HongKong pro-democracy veteran Albert Ho has been arrested again and had his court bail ceased. Several media reported that he may contact Andrew Chiu's family in an attempt to send a message to the defendant-turn-witness in #NSL47 case.
Chiu has always been controversial... Image
1/ You may probably know him b/c of this incident happened in Taikoo at the height of #antielab protest back in 2019.

People outside the core of #HongKong politics may sympathise with him and give subsequent recognition.

That's not quite the case for those in the field. Image
2/ Chiu was well-known for 2 things among people in #HongKong politics. 1) His questionable doctoral degree & 2) His biz dealings w/ pro-#Peking politicians.

His honourary degree is awarded by SABI university, a known diploma mill. Still, he insisted on his doctoral title. Image
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🧵1. So, I've been watching the media, CSIS and the PMO going at the whole Election Interference story from the sideline, and it kinda felt like Deja Vu all over again. I will break this down for you from the POV of the media, #CSIS and the Chinese Consulate. #China #cdnpoli
2. If you read the @scoopercooper , @globeandmail 's reports on the China's #election #interference, you'll know, it's all allegations so far. Some of which are true, others are just "urban legends". why is that? Cuz CSIS doesn't have a foot hold in the Chinese Disapora #cdnpoli
The way CSIS conducts theses "investigations" are mostly through interviews with people who understand the Chinese community, or a member of the Chinese Overseas Designated Community Leaders 侨领系统。 And they don't have to speak to all.
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#CONTINUE Chung Pui-kuen is on the witness stand for the 3rd day. Today defense counsel Audrey Eu began to ask Chung questions about how the prosecution described what happened in Hong Kong in 2019 and after #NSL came in force and the 17 "seditious" articles.
For background this is an old thread about the prosecution's case against #StandNews and what "judicial notice" they wanted the court to take in order to determine the nature of the offence:
The prosecution cited the opening paragraph describing HK's situation since the protests in 2019 in a resolution by the NPCSC on May 28, 2020 to enact an #NSL for Hong Kong. The paragraph said since the #antiELAB protests in 2019, "anti-China destabilising forces in Hong Kong"...
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1/ 3 years since the cross-border terrorist attack in #YuenLong, the #HongKong authorities are still concealing the truth. It's clear that the attack is well-coordinated by those in power behind the scene. If not, school heads in the district won't get the reminder ahead. A 🧵
2/ Max Chung & I felt it was our duty to light up the candle and curse the darkness. Therefore, we launched the Take Back #YuenLong / Liberate YL protest on the July 27. For sure, the police won't let us through by using many technical reasons.
3/ We fought hard at the appeal board we couldn't make it. As the protest has been well-advertised, #HongKongers flock to the satellite town on the day anyway.
Village leaders tried to negotiate w/ us before the day but have been called off as they blocked the protest permit.
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3 years ago today, an event changed #HongKong forever: The police dispersed #antiELAB protesters outside of #LegCo on #Jun12. It marks the start of the (last) pro-democracy struggle of the city. A thread. (1/9)
At the moment when the police fired their first shot, I was being interviewed by the PTS #Taiwan. Link: After the interview, I headed back to CITIC Tower and see what I could help. (2/9)
The atrium of the building was full of smoke and people were being treated by volunteer first responders. The police didn’t stop firing the teat gas outside of the LegCo and subsequently cleared off the area. The rest is history. (3/9)
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BREAKING: 立場新聞 reporting HKUST's Ching Kwan Lee resigned, after having been accused of directly participating in & supporting the #HongKongProtests, is being pressured to turn herself in #香港 兩名科大學者被指離職 李靜君:已約滿離任 成名: 仲喺科大…
#HKUST has issued a statement saying that it supports #academicfreedom but that all of its employees must strictly abide by #HongKong law; and that disciplinary charges have not been filed against her. #香港
Former #HongKong CE & Vice Chair of the Nat'l Committee of the CPCC CY Leung has demanded that she "surrender herself as soon as possible, lest the police launch an investigation" on the basis of a Sing Tao article alleging her involvement in the #HongKongProtests #香港
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The trial of six people who pleaded not guilty to rioting in Yuen Long on July 21, 2019, continued today.

The District Court judge spent considerable time picking apart the prosecution's opening statement, and it's worth documenting that in a thread:…
The judge first asked why the prosecution cited the events of July 16, when some #antiELAB protesters held a film screening in Yuen Long, and some people with opposing views confronted them.

The prosecution said this was the background to July 21, and the two events are related.
At the prosecution's suggestion that one event led to the other, the judge said: "How? Are you saying the group of people on July 16 are the same people on July 21?"

The prosecution said after July 16, messages appeared online calling for a public meeting in Yuen Long on July 21
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[#AntiELAB Movement vs #UmbrellaMovement: are #HKers walking on the old path?]

1.1/ #HK's protests have indeed reduced due to the #COVID19 and the #NationalSecurityLaw. #HKGov mass arrests protestors, and crackdown on the education, mass media, medical and judicial industries. Image
1.2/ But, NO, we're not walking the old path of division between different sides in the pro-democracy bloc. In fact, we're winning. Here's why: Image
2/ In 2014,
- 70% of polls call for the occupation to stop
- Division within Pro-democracy bloc
- Average results in the District Council Election
- Pro-Beijing bloc gained 57% seats in Legislative Council
- #CCP's economic diplomacy is doing well
- Few countries support HK Image
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[From elected lawmaker to exiled freedom fighter, in four years time]

1. Four years ago today, my former colleague @nathanlawkc was elected as the youngest lawmaker in #Hongkong's history. Four years later, he is forced into exile. Image
2. At that time it was like a miracle when the final result was announced. Everybody cheered with joy at the central counting centre, with hopes in our eyes to make some changes in the rigged system that had lost its touch with the people completely. Image
3. Four years ago, no one would believe what had happened in #HK, with #policebrutality, arbitrary prosecution, draconian #NationalSecurityLaw, censorship, disqualification, election cancellation and media meltdown, with 9000+ #HKers arrested and 12 youths now detained in #China. ImageImageImageImage
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In this #thread 7 questions arising from the press briefing given by SSP Chan Tin-chun just now on arrest of 13 people in relation to "rioting" in Yuen Long on 21 July last year will be discussed.

1, It's a "confrontation" between "evenly matched rivals" and...
..."not an indifferent attack"?

In a pro-police gathering on 20 July, there were already a number of leading figures encouraging supporters to eg "beat the sons with rattans". From the afternoon of 21 July, white-clad men with sticks and poles had already...
...begun to gathering in Yuen Long. If the police stand with their record about "force being dragged to HK Island that afternoon", it should also be recognised that there was no "evenly matched rival" to the white mob in the first place. The black-clad group "fluxed" ...
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For the upcoming @n3conference organized by @aaja at the end of August, I joined some of the best colleagues in #HongKong to reflect on our experience covering the #antiELAB protest last year. Here's the final piece by @BennettHMarcus:…
"I’m given a reason to tear up on most protest days: Maybe I’m moved by the chorus of tens of thousands of voices singing the same song. Perhaps I’m angry at the abuse of power that I witness. Or I’m sad to see what’s become of my home," wrote @laurelchor.
"The past year has also shown me the power of storytelling, images, and journalism in being able to make people all over the world care about a place they might never visit. For those lessons, I’ll always be grateful," Laurel wrote.
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#HongKong activist Agnes Chow @chowtingagnes has been released, 26 hours or so after being arrested on suspicion of violating #NationalSecurityLaw. She says passport’s been confiscated, & #HongKongPolice accused her of collusion with foreign forces on social media... 1)
But Chow said police, during the process of taking her statement didn’t specify when the alleged collusion took place, or through what social media. She said she’s been released on $HK200,000 bail, an amount she called “very harsh”. 2)
Unlike Tony Chung, who was earlier arrested over #NationalSecurityLaw allegations & had a saliva sample taken, Chow said she didn’t need to do so, only giving her fingerprints.

She said this is the 4th time she’s been arrested, “& frankly, this time was the scariest” 3)
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HK Gov to announce postponing LegCo election today or not, this is what HK has been though in July, 1st month with #nationalsecuritylae, in a #THREAD:

Full bill of #NSL came to light and came in force at 11pm

370 arrested in banned rallies, including 10 alleged..
...of violating #NSL. Tong Ying-kit, a young man who drove a motorcycle with a flag saying 光復香港時代革命 became the 1st prosecuted with #NSL for charges of “incitement to subversion” and “terrorism”.

HK Gov says 光復香港時代革命 violates #NSL
Guangdong official Zheng Yanxiong, famous for scolding overseas media during #WukanDisturbances, was named chief of Beijing’s national security agency in HK.
Edwina Lau named chief of HK police’s national security dept.
US Congress passed #HKAutonomyAct
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#LIVE: Defying explicit police ban due to the #coronavirus outbreak, scores of people flow into Victoria Park, known as the only stronghold on Chinese soil to mourn the 1989 Tiananmen Sq. crackdown. Though, it is still unclear how the police will react. #HongKongProtests
The Hong Kong govt says a PA system: “Pursuant to the prevention and control of dieease, prohibitions of group gathering regulations chapter 599G, group gathering of more than 8 people is not allowed in this venue. Offenders are subject to prosecution.” #HongKongProtests
All five football pitches have been filled with participants mourning the 1989 Tiananmen Sq. crackdown, which perpetually influenced the Hong Kong democracy movement. But this time, the memorial is tinted with a localist twist as people chant #antiELAB slogans. #HongKongProtests
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#LIVE: It is the first weekday protest since the #coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong. As it is the controversial national anthem law 2nd reading today, people once again chant #antiELAB slogans en masse. But it is now unclear how the protest will flare out today. #HongKongProtests
“Hongkongers, build our new nation,” participants chant aloud. It is not a new slogan though. But it has apparently been more widely accepted by protesters, especially those who are not considered Hong Kong localists.
Dozens have been subdued and kettled outside a shopping centre in Causeway Bay. As the police have earlier declared such assembly was unauthorised, they might be arrested over taking part in an illegal assembly and violating the social distancing rules. #HongKongProtests
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Long thread on #Taiwan President @iingwen’s latest Facebook statement, and what it might mean to #HongKong and the #antielab #nationalsecuritylaw protests if Taiwan invokes Article 60 of Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs:
1/ Special relationship between the ROC and the PRC:
2/ Special status of Hong Kong and Macao under ROC law:
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#LIVE: Today, Hong Kong sees one of the biggest protests since the #coronavirus outbreak. Hundreds have effectively defied the social distancing restrictions the Hong Kong govt has enacted, to rally against the national security draft bill Beijing bring forward. #HongKongProtests
A replica of the Venus de Milo statue has been put on display on the street. No one is here to explain the idea of the art piece. But Venus de Milo is a symbol of western civilisation. And it is now blindfold by red tape representing the Communist Party. #HongKongProtests Image
The police have deployed at least five rounds of tear gas as soon as protesters have started to occupy roads in Causeway Bay. It seems they have done so in order to stop the protest from flaring out. #HongKongProtests #antiELAB
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#Breaking #THREAD: An official document of the tailor-made national security bill is revealed. The bill is deemed to be a message that the Communist Party is trying to undermine the civil liberties the city has known since the 1997 British handover. #HongKongProtests #antiELAB
Called Draft decision on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to safeguard national security, the law is introduced because of “the increasingly notable national security risks” in the city.
According to point 3, Hong Kong’s executive, legislative and judicial branches shall “prevent, stop and punish” any activities that threaten national sovereignty in accordance with established rules. It has not clearly indicated whether the rules refer to Basic Law Article 23.
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#BREAKING: Speaker for the National People’s Congress, Zhang Yesui, said the NPC will deliberate on a draft bill to establish and improve the legal framework and enforcement mechanism in order to “safeguard the national security” in Hong Kong. #HongKongProtests #antiELAB
“National security is the bedrock underpinning the stability of the country. Safeguarding national security serves the fundamental interest of all Chinese, all Hong Kong compatriots included,” said Zhang. #HongKongProtests #antiELAB
“The fourth plenum of the 19th CPC central committee clearly required establishing and improving a legal framework and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security in Hong Kong SAR.”
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[What the hell is going on in HK?]

1/ After almost a year of #HKprotests, a 22yo lifeguard #Sinkaho, the first person that pleaded guilty to riot charges, is sentenced to 4 yrs behind bars today, even though he just threw umbrella & helmet during #antiELAB on June 12 last year. Image
2/ On the contrary, the pro-#China supporter was praised for his noble sentiment & sentenced to shorter periods of imprisonment, after he stabbed innocent reporters & #HKers with cleaver & knife at #Lennonwall, leaving victims broken bones, collapsed lung & post-traumatic stress. Image
3/ This disproportionate sentencing shows that any protest against evil and abusive law is de facto classified as a more severe crime than actual killings in this city under #China’s growing control. Image
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Eleven months after the #antiELAB protests began in earnest, the Independent Police Complaints Council's study into the events has been completed and its report has been released.

A summary of highlights to follow in this thread…
The IPCC concludes that accusations of police-triad collusion on July 21, the incident which prompted the most complaints to the body, require "serious evidence but none
has been offered."

Chapter 10 of the report does acknowledge "missed opportunities for early intervention."
Among those missed opportunities was the decision made by the quick response team not to stop white-shirted individuals on sight in the immediate aftermath of the violence in Yuen Long MTR station. The IPCC concludes that the officers should have stopped and questioned them.
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NOW TV has reported on some leaked findings of the Independent Police Complaints Council's study into the #antiELAB protests, saying that the report has been submitted to the Chief Executive and may be published as early as Friday

Summary below:…
As a reminder, the study covered key protest dates in 2019, including June 9, June 12, July 1, July 21, August 11 and August 31. Apart from those dates, the study also covered the police's use of the San Uk Ling Holding Centre to detain protesters.
On July 21, the report concludes that the police underestimated prior intelligence, including messages reminding Yuen Long residents not to go out, and did not pay enough attention when white-shirted people started to gather in order to make an appropriate deployment of officers.
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#Thread: Independent videographer Alex Chan captured via GoPro the moment when a violent conflict took place in Mong Kok on May 10th night. In the footage, at least three people have been pushed by riot police to the ground. Two are seen crawling on the ground. #HongKongProtests
Soon after the abrupt arrest, reporters and other people are encircled by police who hem them in with batons and shields and threaten to use pepper spray. Many raise their hands, a sign of surrender. Many also scream when pepper-sprayed by police. Alex’s camera is also affected.
While reporters and other people are being kettled in a crowd, several reporters are seen also raising their hands to indicate that they surrender to the police and sitting on the ground. Meanwhile, a police is seen yelling at the reporter: “Though you are a journalist, so what?”
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1. LONG THERAD: I'm very excited to read this brilliant new biography of @SpeakerPelosi — a longtime ally of #HongKong's pro-democracy movement and one of my most admired figures in contemporary international politics — written by @mollyesque. Image
2. In case after case, Pelosi's mastery of the House of Representatives shows through in the pages. She's a hardworking, purposeful progressive who knows how to lead her increasingly diverse caucus well while also making necessary compromises left and right to get things done.
3. Chap. 7 is the most personal to me. It charts Pelosi's rise to national prominence after the #Tiananmen Massacre of 1989 as a second-term congresswoman from California. She'd support the protests from afar and now wanted to protect Chinese students in the US from retribution.
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