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This all started with an #ExtraditionBill. But really the fundamental is that we have 2 totally different set of values.”

Speaking at @OsloFF, Hong Kong pop singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic explains why China’s 1 country, 2 systems is doomed to fail #OsloFF #HongKongProtests
@OsloFF @hoccgoomusic “When the system does not provide, we take things in our own hands.”

Pop singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic says Hong Kong protesters have demonstrated their unity to the world as seen in their #StandWithHK campaigns #OsloFF #HongKongProtests
@OsloFF @hoccgoomusic “Stand up for ourselves. Be naughty. Be rebellious. Be fearless. And most of all, be water.”

Hong Kong pop singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic highlights the importance of forming alliances to find solutions as a global community @OsloFF amid ongoing #HongKongProtests #OsloFF #香港
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Why a withdrawal is too little, too late for #HongKong

1. Carrie Lam announced the withdrawal of the #ExtraditionBill that came after 3 months of protests with 8 lives sacrificed, 1,200 protestors arrested, several thug attacks against citizens, and extensive police brutality.
2. Police brutality is not some separate incidents; it’s a part of Lam’s unholy contract with the police, trading systemic cover-up of their crimes for her political survival. Police've been partaking in institutionally unchecked violence, e.g. by concealing their i.d. and faces.
3. Giving up now is to accede to this “new normal” of repression: waves of massive arrest, suicide, exile, outsourced violence via thugs, and unrestraint police brutality will be the new baselines of HK resistance movements.
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Beijing Presser on HK Situation
- official define radical and violent protesters as separatists: "a small number of rioters have proven to the public with their criminal deeds that their purpose has nothing to do with the #extraditionbill. They submit themselves to external...
...forces and forces that attempt to oppose China and disturb Hong Kong. They aim to bring chaos to Hong Kong, to paralyze Hong Kong gov and eventually to seize the governing power, which means to turn Hong Kong into an independent or semi-independent political entity...
...In the name of "high degree of autonomy and HK people administering HK", they are trying to realize complete autonomy and oppose the central government, which will make one country two systems exist in name only."
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[THREAD] Over the past weeks I’ve met a few #HongKong politicians in the pro-Beijing / centrist camp on the #antiELAB protest.

One message I’ve consistently received is that many of them are pushing Carrie Lam to respond to protesters’ top 2 demands.…
A senior pro-Beijing lawmaker told me she is “furious” that Lam has missed every single chance to defuse the crisis, and most in the pro-Beijing camp are aware it cannot resolve the crisis peacefully without meeting SOME of the 5 demands.
She also said her party believes there are “no political risks” involved for the #extraditionbill’s full withdrawal now.

According to a source in the centrist camp with close ties to the govt, Carrie Lam’s refusal to fully withdraw the #extraditionbill is merely a “face” problem
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#StandWithHK rally in Chater Garden. Maybe first time in over 2 months when a major #AntiELAB rally here failed to pack the whole garden 40 minutes before its opening. The rally appeals to UK and US to mount pressure on China and support Hong Kong.
Poster sized leaflets distributed by organizers of #StandWithHK rally. Two causes of the rally in 2nd pic, and a timeline of how relations of UK, China and HK unfolded from 1984 to 2019 in the 3rd. #AntiELAB
UK and US flags and their bearers often caught the spotlight in #AntiELAB movement. But to put it into proper proportion and perspective...
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#HonKong Thread: Hong Kong protesters abandoned Facebook for other platforms - "Facebook is not a useful tool for the movement except for those celebrities and parties, on which they make announcements and deliver statements."…
The 2014 Hong Kong generation was dependent on Facebook. Now, "most young people don't use Facebook anymore & turned to Snapchat or Instagram." At the core of the issue is Facebook's algorithm, which prioritizes posts triggering an intense debate in the comments.
"In 2014, Facebook amplified the disagreements between the various "school of thoughts". EconReporter wrote. "In 2014, the movement had no experience and leaders did not know how to handle it and promote democratic decisions within it," Han Mei said.
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1/ On #Singapore and the #HongKongProtests: This is a comment left on my FB after I shared @limlouisa’s excellent @nytopinion op-ed. It’s one guy w/o a pic but I don’t think he’s a troll + I’ve seen this same sentiment expressed by other Singaporeans so had some thoughts...
2/ First, the disclaimer: I don’t know how representative Robert Wee’s views are of Singaporeans in general—I just know that it’s not uncommon. There are also some instances of this, although again, not sure how representative:
3/ I feel like the sentiment of “the protesters should just understand and accept they are a part of China and 2047 is coming” tells us more about Singaporeans than about anything happening in #HongKongProtests. And it has an impact on our own politics + civil society.
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Sea of black in Hong Kong: Will march against suspended extradition bill get another record turnout? Follow our tweets and #LIVE blog for all the latest
#LIVE: The protesters are beginning to move from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. From here they will march towards the government headquarters in Admiralty #extraditionbill
#LIVE: A flower shop in Hung Hom is offering free flowers to people who want to pay tribute to a protester who died in a fall on Saturday #extraditionbill
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🇭🇰 "We have no intention to set a deadline for this work."

Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam says she’s suspending the controversial China-backed #ExtraditionBill that’s sparked thousands to protest. More @business: #香港 #反送中
🇭🇰☂ In Hong Kong, another massive march is pushing ahead today despite the government's decision to suspend a controversial China-backed #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中

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A sea of black in Hong Kong today as protesters gather for another march over an unpopular #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中
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I grew up in South London in the Thatcher years. There was a lot of hostility towards the police. When I moved to #HongKong in the early 90s, I was struck by the genial relations between people and the police. They were generally liked and respected 1/
#HongKong people were proud that their police force was not like the Public Security Bureau of China. There were always bad eggs but generally, the force was considered clean and professional. People trusted them 2/
I covered and attended many protests over the years. In the past they were almost always peaceful and there was little aggro from the police. This began to change in the CYLeung years as Beijing tightened the screws and society became more polarised 3/
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Demonstrators have gathered for another day of protests as Hong Kong officials are set to debate a controversial law that would ease extraditions to mainland China
🇭🇰 Protesters in Hong Kong drag barricades into the middle of a road leading to the Legislative Council building as they prepare for another mass demonstration on a controversial #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中
🇭🇰 Here’s the scene now near Hong Kong’s Legislative Council building where a mass protest is set to take place #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中

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Calls for strikes & protests for June 12th in #HongKong. That's when the extradition bill is scheduled for a second reading. Carrie Lam, the HK head of government is under pressure to resign. She is doing the bidding of #China's #CCP government.
HK leader Carrie Lam says the extradition bill was not proposed by Beijing. "We are doing it," she says. Not true. She is China's stooge in H.K. Why HK people elected these leaders? It's because China has veto power over the candidates. Only pro #China candidates can run.
#HongKong leader defiant as city gears up for fresh protests, strikes - Carrie Lam vowed on Tuesday to push ahead with the bill…
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