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New #ResearchStudy recruitment #thread: Attention pleasure activists & organizers! I’m beginning a new research project to study the practice of #PleasureActivism by interviewing organizers of pleasure spaces for multiply marginalized people.
For the purposes of this study, pleasure spaces are defined as social spaces intended for pleasure, joy, creativity, healing or other positive emotions. These could include but are not limited to dance parties, art shows, hobby or sports clubs, social groups, & kink/sex parties.
Multiply marginalized people are defined as those who have at least 2 marginalized identities in regard to race, class, gender, sexuality, or disability. Please note I am including kinky and/or polyamorous people as sexually marginalized people in this project.
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Some people really get off on starting fights on social media about literally anything. When those folks are progressives & radicals, it often involves shaming people. I’m just not interested in a movement based on shame & shade. Especially not right now. 🙁
One of the reasons #PleasureActivism appeals to me is the idea that we need to make our movements irresistible, make liberation the most pleasurable experience possible. That doesn’t mean we don’t call each other in, we don’t grow, but we do it from a place of love, not shaming.
People are more likely to change their behaviors long-term when they internalize the value of those behaviors not because they are afraid that others are watching/policing/judging. We are all so tender right now, let’s try to lash out less & be compassionate more.
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I lost some followers over the weekend. I guess people don’t like me tweeting about sex? Here’s the thing: I’m a whole ass person. I’m a writer, professor, activist AND a polyamorous Black queer woman who has sex. Recently, pretty great sex. These are just facts.
For me, being open about my pleasures (sex, twerking, fashion, etc.) alongside my politics & writing is essential to my ability to survive academia & a racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic world that wants to deny me full personhood, complex humanity.
So yea, sometimes I’m gonna tweet about pretty ladies or getting dicked down. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: People out here thinking I’m not a scholar & a thot are hugely mistaken. Unfollow if that’s not for you. I don’t need to appeal everyone. #pleasureactivism
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OMG my partner commissioned this from Kimberly Brumble (bonesandstars on Insta). Now my #twerkwithlizzo moment is forever memorialized in this amazing comic-book-style art! @lizzo gave me such a gift this year by letting me grace the stage with her!
Description: Cartoon of me in a sparkly purple romper leaning over twerking w/ silver cape flared out behind me. On the left is @Lizzo in a light blue bodysuit, squatting down & looking at my booty in amazement. The background is purple w/ gold on top & white circles of light.
GIF of the moment this art captures. #twerkwithlizzo
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Morning yall. That #friendbreakup tweet is still going. It’s striking a chord with a lot of folks. I’ve tried to share resources as they get suggested, but my mentions are pretty chaotic right now.
In the last day & a half I’ve gained 2k new followers so I just want to say hi & welcome to the new folks. I tweet about everything from my academic work & teaching to pop culture& pleasure activism from my perspective as a fat Black queer polyamorous woman with chronic pain.
Some things you’ll see commonly: 1. #collectyourcousins (calls for typically white or straight folks to come educate one of their own who is engaging with me but not getting it). I do not encourage my followers to harass but actually try to help people learn with kindness.
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I get to live my life people. Period. I get to have joy. #PleasureActivism means that I connect my living a full life as fat Black queer woman to the politics of my work, to the liberation & justice we all deserve. I refuse to compartmentalize my humanity.
Posting pictures of myself as a mermaid doesn’t make me not an amazing educator. Twerking with Lizzo doesn’t make me not an excellent scholar. This is life in the 21st century. Get used to it. #MillenialProf
Here again is my #twerkwithlizzo @voxdotcom article explaining these politics further.…
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Did you like my #twerkwithlizzo Vox article about #PleasureActivism? Then learn more about the concert from @adriennemaree herself on this podcast episode where adrienne mentions me (& talks about sex, drugs, movement politics & more).
And you can buy the book, Pleasure Activism (with a chapter by yours truly in it) directly from @AKPressDistro, currently on sale for 50% off!!!!! This book is a game changer & I am awed I got to be a small part of it.
Ugh *concept* not concert. Not editing tweets will be the death of me.
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Woke up to a Google alert about this new review of #BodymindsReimagined in American Literary History by Rebecca Wanzo (@rawreader) & I am just so honored & amazed.

I’ll share my favorite quotes below! Happy to send folks a copy who don’t have access!…
“Schalk offers the most paradigm-shifting challenge to what is speakable and unspeakable: the problem of linking blackness with disability and how to reframe our treatment of these categories”

“The issue of pleasure is one of the most radical interventions of the book, thus modeling a new ideal of what the nexus of race and the speculative genre can do.” (And shout out to @adriennemaree, @WalidahImarisha & @OctaviasBrood) #pleasureactivism
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Men have no inherent right to sex. That is, no right to others’ bodies. Maybe if men weren’t so shitty, someone would fuck them. As women assert their right to say no & to choose sex on their terms, I imagine this number will rightfully keep going up. #DontFuckShittyMen2020
I say this as someone who has fucked a lot of shitty men in my 20s bc I didn’t know I was allowed to have standards. As a fat black woman I thought I was supposed to accept any attention I was given, even if that person wasn’t good to me. I know better now. And I fuck better too.
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