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"#AfroFuturism: Of #Obatala and #Oduduwa's Peace Archetype for the World" - by @SMBofAfrica

Time, space and historical events are often encumbered in determinism. That George Floyd's scenario is historical and a re-enactment of past experiences of the Blacks is not elusive... Image
Before the amplification and proliferation of the Trans Atlantic Slaves Trade, the rupture of world's peace had started out. Racialization coded and systemized in slavery in the US, though contested but not defeated by the events of the US Civil War under Abraham Lincoln Image
Rosa Parks and the 20th century's Blacks were unable to bring down racism, instead the monster renew it's energies in all ramifications in the 21st century. Now, George Floyd's ghost is reenacting the same eventualities of the 19th & 20th centuries. Time, space, events looping. Image
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MAY 25 is #AfricaDAY. Reflecting on the import of the day, I remembered an article I mused to celebrate a living African LITERARY ICON (Wole Soyinka) on the occasion of his birthday sometimes last year.... I am mirroring it today within the paradigm of #afrofuturism
"Wole Soyinka: A Modern Reincarnate of Ogun" as written by @SMBofAfrica

Akínwáandé Olúwolé Babátúndé Sóyíinká is a literary god. His writings on OGUN, his beloved Yoruba Pantheon shaped my ideas of the scientific past of the Yoruba nation within the framework of #afrofuturism Image
Within the remix of concocted and convoluted myths in Yoruboid cosmogony, OGUN is a mysterious figurine with multi-dimensional capabilities. He erupted as Yoruboid Pantheon with seven lives. Image
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"Re-framing Yoruboid #AfroFuturism: Ogun's Transduction, Modernity and Globalization" by @SMBofAfrica

Premised on the disquisition of the likes of @RPhillipsEsq and @moormother, it's apt to agree that #afrofuturism reimagines Africa's past and envisions Africa's futures Image
Myths and oral traditions of the Yorubas affirm OGUN as a figurine and one of the deities (irunmoles) that created the world (Yoruba's ontology, cosmogony and historicity). Ogun's affects transcend space, time, science, tech, temporalities and futurities. Ogun lives till today Image
#Ogun's spiritism articulates time. It interrogates time-space as a loop, as wheels within wheels. Envisages the futures of Africans and the African diaspora ahead of time. Ogun erupts and brews into the nowness of the events that have characterized Africa's lived experiences Image
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A thread on process? Organizing #ZoraAcademic Conference is a group activity. Building on @zorafestival commitment to #humanities and the #arts. I work with @scotfrench, Trent Tomengo (@SeminoleState), @clarissawhite and others. @WorldProfessor @Prof_Kennedy
@zorafestival @scotfrench @SeminoleState @clarissawhite @WorldProfessor @Prof_Kennedy This is a year long process linked to five year vision. The Zorafestival20# is first year of new cycle. The turn toward #Afrofuturism at @zorafestival
give @k8dee16, @Hardcore888 & @3Isiah opportunity to speak to the public. @WorldProfessor @Prof_Kennedy
@zorafestival @scotfrench @SeminoleState @clarissawhite @WorldProfessor @Prof_Kennedy @k8dee16 @Hardcore888 @3Isiah This year's theme has always been "What is Afrofuturism?" internally. The programming across the festival spaces is an answer. The festival bring a black speculative past and future into dialogue. @scotfrench @Prof_Kennedy @WorldProfessor #zorafestival20 #zorafest2020
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Black folks in SFF & black folks in SFF only (do not respond if this doesn’t apply to you please): Has anyone else noticed how some Afrofuturism fan groups/lists become a gathering space for hoteps & their particular brand of misogyny & racial essentialism?
I’m in two groups & it seems to be getting worse. I feel like the rise of popularity of #afrofuturism & #africanfuturism has attracted a lot of problematically/single issue pro-black kind of cis men who seem to hate women, queers & mixed race folks. Am I just in bad groups?
I tried to post in the group naming what I’m seeing and asking folks for suggestions of other groups and this is what I got from the admin of the Afrofuturism group on FB so I left.
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#HowICameToClimate: I grew up in an activist fam. Mom was an elected official+attorney fighting police violence. As a teen I was active in the peace movement+witnessed much eco-activism connected to that (mostly white). In my 20s I did black community organizing.
In the early '00s, I co-faciltated a bunch of activist spaces w/ Van Jones+Julia Butterfly that connected racial+economic justice w/ eco activism. Back then, I was primarily an artist+occasional facilitator. Most of my energy went into making art that has strong social commentary
At the time, I wasn't part of any particular political organizations, but I had strong relationships with activists in many movements+folks knew they could call on me for different stuff: performing, teaching, facilitating. Folks commissioned me to write poems for their movements
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Woke up to a Google alert about this new review of #BodymindsReimagined in American Literary History by Rebecca Wanzo (@rawreader) & I am just so honored & amazed.

I’ll share my favorite quotes below! Happy to send folks a copy who don’t have access!…
“Schalk offers the most paradigm-shifting challenge to what is speakable and unspeakable: the problem of linking blackness with disability and how to reframe our treatment of these categories”

“The issue of pleasure is one of the most radical interventions of the book, thus modeling a new ideal of what the nexus of race and the speculative genre can do.” (And shout out to @adriennemaree, @WalidahImarisha & @OctaviasBrood) #pleasureactivism
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We’re less than 2 months away from the 1st birthday of #BodymindsReimagined. Right now the book has a 4.75 rating on @goodreads & 5 stars on @amazon. I would love to see a few more reviews up in the next month. If you’re read it & loved it, please submit a review!
Ugh if *you’ve* read it. This new phone and me are having issues.
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After my talk on #Afrofuturism #Blackpanther and black video game characters at #feralvector, lots of people asked me for resources and recommendations. Here's a thread...
My talk was based on this article I wrote for @guardian…
Octavia E Butler is a black, feminist writer who is associated with afrofuturism. She tackles slavery, power, gender and sexuality in her books. Her most famous work is Kindred. Also the Xenogenesis series…
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