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OMG my partner commissioned this from Kimberly Brumble (bonesandstars on Insta). Now my #twerkwithlizzo moment is forever memorialized in this amazing comic-book-style art! @lizzo gave me such a gift this year by letting me grace the stage with her!
Description: Cartoon of me in a sparkly purple romper leaning over twerking w/ silver cape flared out behind me. On the left is @Lizzo in a light blue bodysuit, squatting down & looking at my booty in amazement. The background is purple w/ gold on top & white circles of light.
GIF of the moment this art captures. #twerkwithlizzo
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Friendship breakups are so fucking devastating. The pain, grief & heartbreak can be as bad or worse than romantic breakups. But so few folks talk about it or acknowledge how hard it is to end, downgrade or majorly shift a friendship.
It is hard to love/care about someone & also know they can’t be in your life the way you want, at least not right now. Like any relationship, sometimes you’re not on the same page, want different things or grow in different directions/paces than your friend. And it sucks.
This took off overnight. It is comforting to know others feel the same way. We need more models of appreciating adult friendships in all their complexity as a particular type of relationship.
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I get to live my life people. Period. I get to have joy. #PleasureActivism means that I connect my living a full life as fat Black queer woman to the politics of my work, to the liberation & justice we all deserve. I refuse to compartmentalize my humanity.
Posting pictures of myself as a mermaid doesn’t make me not an amazing educator. Twerking with Lizzo doesn’t make me not an excellent scholar. This is life in the 21st century. Get used to it. #MillenialProf
Here again is my #twerkwithlizzo @voxdotcom article explaining these politics further.…
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Did you like my #twerkwithlizzo Vox article about #PleasureActivism? Then learn more about the concert from @adriennemaree herself on this podcast episode where adrienne mentions me (& talks about sex, drugs, movement politics & more).
And you can buy the book, Pleasure Activism (with a chapter by yours truly in it) directly from @AKPressDistro, currently on sale for 50% off!!!!! This book is a game changer & I am awed I got to be a small part of it.
Ugh *concept* not concert. Not editing tweets will be the death of me.
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The fact that multiple white men have read the sentence “We are not all old white men in libraries” as discriminatory against white men rather than a fact (bc I am indeed a professor but not an old white man like the stereotype), is really just making my point for me.
Those who claim “old white men in libraries” can be/have fun too are also supporting my point. Certain ppl are allowed respect & pleasure (which we all deserve), while others are denied respect when we enjoy ourselves in ways that don’t fit a white ableist heteropatriarchal norm.
And as always, I want to distinguish non-harmful pleasure (#twerkwithlizzo) from harmful pleasure (hunting endangered species, making racist/sexist jokes, etc).
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Well here’s the Vox headline (I didn’t get to choose). Already folks are upset about it, but let’s be clear: choosing to have public joy & pleasure as far black queer person IS political when it immediately exposes me to rhetorical violence & denigration. #twerkwithlizzo
Hey friends, it would be lovely if folks could comment positive things in the Vox tweet above to counter the negative shit from folks who didn’t even bother to read it. I’m trying to not look at it after the first time and there were already several. Thank you!
Also, shoutout to @adriennemaree whose work inspired this take. Thank you for being a brilliant & bold black feminist theorist & activist. We are lucky to have your wisdom, adrienne.
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New amazing #bookreview! Writing in Science Fiction Studies, race & sf scholar @3Isiah calls #BodymindsReimagined a "truly groundbreaking book" & asserts "All libraries should stock this book on their shelves." 😍🤩🥳…
You still have until Oct 21 to get #BodymindsReimagined half off during @DukePress’s fall sale using code FALL50! #booksale…
Plus you gotta love a press that so fully supports its authors. My editor @lizault mentions #twerkwithlizzo in her recommendations of books to buy during the sale! 😆…
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Hey folks, can we start a thread of showing some love to @ProfessorCrunk who has been facing a wave of conservative, racist & fatphobic backlash recently? I’ll start! Let’s use the hashtag #BrittneyCooperLoveFest
I love Dr. Cooper’s work because she is invested in making sure that black feminist theorizing does not stay within the privileged walls of the academy. She is a model for how to be a public intellectual & stay real. #BrittneyCooperLoveFest
I also want to say I really love her engagement with religion/spirituality & black feminist in Eloquent Rage. I have been struggling to analyze disabled black women’s spirituality in my work & her writing helped clarify some things for me. #BrittneyCooperLoveFest
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So a few months ago I tweeted about this rainbow fur coat from @plusequalsuk & one of my followers offered to get it for me. There was a delay when the company was out of the fabric but today, in the midst of #twerkwithlizzo media stuff, I got it in the mail! #plusequals
I own a lot of ridiculous amazing things but this might be the most ridiculous amazing thing of all. I can’t wait to wear it all fall and as far into winter as Wisconsin weather will allow me! Madison isn’t ready for this fabulousness!
Thank you so much to this amazing, dedicated follower who wants to remain anonymous! What a precious gift for my queer eccentric ass!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Good morning followers new and old! I really appreciate your support of me & #twerkwithlizzo. I’m practicing self-restraint & not looking at the comments on the stories, just at what people tweet directly at me.
When I’m not twerking with Lizzo, I am a scholar of black feminist theory & disability studies, currently on leave from teaching. I often tweet about scholarship, activism, & politics, but also pop culture, fashion & makeup. One work thing I often do is tweet about my #goals.
I try to model SMART (specific, measurable, achieveable, relevant, time-based) goal-making for academics. Today’s #goals:
-Catch up on email (1hr or less)
-Write award acceptance speech for Friday (1.5 hrs or less)
-Give feedback on a paper (1.5hrs or less)
-Read for 1 hr
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An acquaintance made this meme in response to #twerkwithlizzo. ☺️
Image above shows 3 panels. Panel 1: a sad white figure surrounded by purple, red, & green figures that say “problems” “stress” and “pain” on their chests. Panel 2: A yellow figure approaches the white figure.
Panel 3: The yellow figure now with the words “Sami twerked with Lizzo” hugs the white figure as the others move back to the shadows.
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I really have to thank @lizzo for making this headline possible. What a great way to finally make the local news. #twerkwithlizzo #noregrets #livingmybestlife…
Note two errors: 1. I am an assistant professor currently going up for tenure, not an associate prof. 2. @lizzo is already a superstar, not a rising one. #StreamTruthHurts 😘
Error 1 was corrected. 🙃
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Here you go yall! The story of how I got to #twerkwithlizzo! Part 1

Thank you @lizzo for making this fat black queer femme’s dreams come true!
The story of how I got to #twerkwithlizzo! Part 2. #lizzo #lizzbian
Transcript of the above videos since I forgot caption. My apologies for the access fail. I’ll do better next time.…
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Step 1 of @lizzo concert prep: Begin taking anti-inflammatory meds with breakfast & stick with it throughout the day to prepare my body for all the dancing, standing & for when I #twerkwithlizzo.

Note: I also have a massage scheduled for tomorrow to provide my body care after.
As someone with chronic pain, I don’t typically do large shows, especially not ones where I have to stand the whole time. But Lizzo is worth it. Plus, @ehlastigirl has assured me I can visit her in ADA seating if I need a break.
Step 2 of @lizzo concert prep: Lunch & nap. Gotta make sure my body is ready to #twerkwithlizzo
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Final attempt at getting @lizzo’s attention for her show tomorrow in #MadisonWI at @TheSylvee with this cape I made. All I wanna do is #twerkwithlizzo. Retweet to make this fat black queer bitch’s dreams come true.
I have zero makeup on bc it’s 9am and I started working on that cape an hour ago. 🤣 I will have more fabulous face, hair, & outfit under the cape for the show tomorrow night!!! #twerkwithlizzo
Also: don’t forget to #StreamTruthHurts yall. Let’s get @lizzo another week at #1!
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Please retweet. Let @lizzo. All I, a fat black queer woman with a PhD in Gender Studies, wanna do is #twerkwithlizzo at her show in #MadisonWI next week. 🙏🏾
As additional support for this campaign I submit Instagram Evidence B: me twerking in rainbow bootyshorts and purple fairy wing boots at #Pride this summer. #twerkwithlizzo
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My friends, @lizzo is coming to Madison next week. What outfit can I wear that will make her think “That’s a badass fat black woman. I wanna bring her up here to twerk with me on stage”? #meetlizzo #twerkwithlizzo
For support of this campaign, I submit Instagram evidence A: Me twerking into a hippo statue’s mouth at a putt putt golf course.…
Twerkademic. Twerkademia.
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