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Throughout the years in my life I have never felt so proud & honored to vote for a President @realDonaldTrump like you, I never wanted to vote. You have inspired so many people Mr. President Trump from #MAGA to #KAG & #KAS that you've inspired the world
...& #WeThePeople stand by you & with you bc you put your life out for America. People rise to your occasions to support you & show how thankful America is for #PromisesKept Like no other President has done before, you have done for America. This #WeThePeople
.thanking you for all the slings and arrows you have taken for us & we stand together in full support of you. I know how proud & honored I feel just to hold my sign #WomenForTrump & four more years #TRUMP2020 is the GREATEST honor yet. More people have woken
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🇺🇸PATRIOTS-I’m Saying It!🇺🇸

This will take a few twts, so bare with me. I have a point to make & supporting info. I’ve been haunted...

💥I believe the #ChinaFlu #COVID19 #WuhanVirus could be/is a War Crime or at the very least a Crime Againt Humanity-per the UN definition.
POTUS doesn’t use words loosely. Words matter. March 22, during a #Covid_19 briefing, POTUS states “We’re at war. In a true sense, we’re at war.”
April 1, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milly addresses military preparedness during the #coronavirus period.

During the briefing Milly refers to US being at war.

Are we,have we been? Does this lay the groundwork for possible charges?…
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DELICIOUS: Lindsey Graham said a quick dismissal is “not practical;
It would be very difficult to dismiss the case upfront,” Graham said. “I just think that is going to be a hard sell in the Senate.”

"Get the popcorn"
2. [D]'s delight over free… #ImpeachmentHoax
3. Three cheers for Martha McSally outing CNN's "Manu Raju" 🤣🇺🇸
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🇺🇸 COMING SOON: Samantha Power’s Unmasking Campaign Linked to Obama’s Deep Hatred of Israel
Obama’s hatred of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Jewish state is well known
🇺🇸 #Obamagate #Spygate
🇬🇧 #SpyGateCoup
🇺🇸 Report: Obama’s Spying on The Press was far more Extensive than previously thought
Trump might be openly hostile to the mainstream media, but it was the Obama admin that was engaged in an effort to thwart the media.
🇺🇸 Evidence of Obama Administration Political Surveillance Beginning Mid-2012
The Obama administration already knew everything about the Trump campaign, and were monitoring everything by exploiting the FISA database
🇺🇸#Spygate #PromisesKept
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Roger Stone entering the Women for Trump 2020 campaign kickoff to thunderous applause.
"Some people run for office to be someone, @realDonaldTrump ran to do something; to make America great again." -- Roger Stone
Stone reveals that just days into office, Trump promised him he'd leave the Iran nuclear deal. And he did. #PromisesKept
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Trump pledged to refuse the $400,000 salary that comes with being US president shortly after winning election. Since then he’s held to his promise, w each quarterly pay going to a different organization *HE IS DOING THIS FOR FREE* #letthatsinkin…
Even the almighty Snopes has confirmed this as true...

Trump is doing this job for free. What does that tell you about his character? How does the left smear this fact? Oh, that's right...they just forget to mention it.

In Oct, he donated his quarterly salary to the Small Business Admin. Other past recipients of Trump's salary donations incl Transportation Dept, Health & Human Services Dept for use in fighting opioid epidemic, National Park Service & Dept of…BlkGSlph
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Senator Chuck #Schumer just launched a mean-spirited and grossly unfair tirade against President Trump. He thinks he can get away with it because the MSM has his back and Republicans are too timid to call him out

out on it. Schumer miscalculated I am going to expose him for who he is in this thread for all to see.

Our political leaders of eras past used to debate ideas and compromised. They predomonantly had the welfare of America at heart. So when they disagreed they had an ...
over-riding objective of serving the people.

What the Democrats do now is follow the lead of the most execrable member of the Senate: Chuck Schumer. Sure, Menendez is a pervert but Schumer is calculatingly evil.

There are 2 issues at play here:. 1) securing the border ...
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(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread from May 18, 2018. #MAGA

🇺🇸35+ previous threads like this one:…

🇺🇸Unrolled versions:

Below: Ivanka at the #USEmbassyJerusalem on its opening day. #IStandWithIsrael🇮🇱✌️ #PromisesKept
(2) This YANNY/Laurel thing is a fleeting gimmick but the ending of this video is something everyone should see.

(3) POTUS, VP & Pompeo at the Thursday meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in the Cabinet Room at the White House. #Winning #MAGA
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(1) The #TrumpRally in Moon, PA tonight will be LIT.🔥🔥🔥 I was going to do just a #PhotosThread (an offshot of my regular pinned thread) but I'll add some commentary about the fascinating Special Election race, too. #VoteSaccone vs the little lamb.
(2) GA Rep Karen Handel who won her seat by special election, is speaking at the rally. Great to see her! #LaughingMyOssoff #MAGA
(3) There's so much excitement to #MAGA in PA. Everyone wants a photo with @Saccone4PA18, including @GOPChairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

I'm confident we will win on Tuesday but don't get complacent. Send a strong message to the rest of America!
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