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BREAKING NEWS: Pittsburgh Police say 20 year old Brian Jordan Bartles is the man who incited riots in downtown #Pittsburgh yesterday, vandalized a police cruiser, and set it on fire. #GeorgeFloyd
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I was assaulted by a White male photographer AFTER our very peaceful #PittsburghProtest. I was on FB Live. He ran away but witnesses saw him interviewed on @WPXI (Ch 11), saying he was attacked by Black people. Please help me find him. #BlacksLivesMatter #Pittsburgh
The actual #PittsburghProtest itself went very well, it was a fully, Black led and multiracial coalition of folks who came out in solidarity to seek #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd in #Minnesota and reassert that ALL #BlackLivesMatter, everywhere, even in #Pittsburgh, #Pennsylvania. ✊🏾
We arrived on Centre Avenue, almost headed to Freedom Corner (an historic site of #PittsburghProtest), but organizers received news that someone hit a patrol car, violence was eminent, so they ended the march right there. Half the marchers were still on Washington Blvd. #BLM
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#GeorgeFloyd protesters have halted a long line of cars along the Interstate 579 over the Allegheny River in #Pittsburgh.

A car is on fire outside PPG Paints Arena.

Stay tuned to @TribLIVE for developing coverage. Also: @dillonswriting & @nsmallwoodphoto
UPDATE: Traffic cleared by police on I-579 — but an ambulance just reached the off-ramp to treat an injured man near the intersection of Route 28/Chesnut Street.

Several #protesters told me that a car driver got inpatient and rammed into the protester.

Tristen Nesmith, 23, of Beaver Falls said he saw a car strike one of the fellow #protesters along the I-579/Veterans Bridge over the Allegheny River.

The driver got frustrated, “started reviving up his engine and just hit my man for no reason. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.”
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Keisha Lance Bottoms has a real problem. She’s the mayor of the most important Black city in America, #Atlanta.

she knows that she may actually side w/ the protesters, but can’t allow the city to completely erupt into riots and can’t come at it w/ force like other cities
The next 48 hours made define her entire legacy if this gets out of hand.

#Atlanta has almost 50 years of Black mayors and we’ve had some riots, but she can’t fuck this up and she knows it.

This means more to her legacy among black people and voters than anything else
Those of you who don’t believe me. Atlanta has had riots.
Most significant was in #Summerhill near Turner Field the year the Braves opened in Atlanta.

That protest was over a police killing of a young Black male by a White policeman.
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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We need some #GoodNews. Yes, this is a study in mice but this is so far the first peer-reviewed #coronavirus #vaccine study with promising results in @EBioMedicine published by @TheLancet from @PittTweet @UPMCnews @PittHealthSci vaccinologists
When tested in mice, the #vaccine, delivered through a fingertip-sized patch, produces #antibodies specific to #SARSCoV2 #virus. Researchers were able to act quickly because they already laid the groundwork during earlier #coronavirus #epidemics.
Compared to the experimental #mRNA #vaccine that entered clinical trials, this one - called #PittCoVacc, short for #Pittsburgh #Coronavirus Vaccine - follows a more established approach, using lab-made pieces of viral protein to build immunity (same way current #flu shots work)
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oregon TE Jacob Breeland

Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 78 1/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

3. #FloridaAtlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 243
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 30 5/8
Wingspan: 74
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

4. #Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 248
Hand: 10 right hand (pinky deformation), 10 3/8 left hand
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 4/8
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1) Today marks the 30th anniversary of the start of the #VelvetRevolution. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this moment triggered a chain of events that would indirectly affect me in a myriad of ways. This #story is a bit rambling, but please hear me out…
2) First, let’s back things up to 3/31/90 - the final day of the #NHL regular season. I listened to the @penguins v. @BuffaloSabres on @KDKA 1020, as usual. But this was no ordinary game.
3) The #Pens needed a tie or win to advance to the playoffs. Also, #MarioLemieux was back in action for the first time in months. The stakes were high. I was 14 years old. This game meant the world to me. .
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#BREAKING @splcenter drops another bombshell report on Stephen Miller and his *extensive* connections with white nationalist hate group @CIS_org.

Why is this so important? Of course Stephen Miller is a white nationalist, right?…
Ramped up #ICERaids.
#TPS loss.
#DACA revocation.
#RemainInMexico protocols.
The #MuslimBan

Miller is often credited as architect of 45's immigration policies, but these policies didn't just appear in his mind overnight. He had lots of help, going back a long way.
The Center for Immigration Studies was founded by white nationalist/eugenicist John Tanton. If you follow me, you know I've been seeking to unseal the private #TantonPapers for 3 years.…
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Ok. This is gonna be the start of the mega-thread for the trip.

I start this thread with excitement, nervousness, humility, and with intention.

We introduced ourselves and “invited” folks to join us spiritually. I brought #Pittsburgh’s religious leadership with me. My hope is that we can become motivated to engage deeper in this work, starting with myself.
Next, we continued with stories from the border and a broad overview of some of the legal situations here. #Metering, #MPP (Migrant Protection Protocol), and the situation with #MexicanRefugees. More on that as we get our legal briefing later tonight.
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Pay attention 👇👇👇

Here’s a list of 47 Communists posing as Democrats that are running in local elections on November ballots.

Lots in #Michigan, #Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Tennessee.
They are running in local city council races and school boards. People don’t pay enough attention to these commies and then wonder why their cities and schools go down the sewer.
Fits perfectly with my post here.

H/t @Jenny_OceanHun for the link!

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Whew, look at these numbers! Great job! 👍

US Atty for the Western District of #Pennsylvania announced a record number of prosecutions.

Prosecutions increased 46% over 2016.
Drug prosecutions increased 83% over 2016

Firearms prosecutions increased by 19% over 2016

All prosecutions together are the most the district has prosecuted on record.
The drug prosecutions are for drug traffickers, including drug traffickers “in lab coats.”
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A year ago today 11 souls were taken in the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in 🇺🇸 history. It was both distinct and linked. I wrote my reflection about that here.…
If you want to understand anti-Semitism, a good place to start is realizing that there are 5 billion more people alive today than there were in 1939 yet 2 million fewer Jews.

Anti-Semitism didn't start with the Holocaust, but it also didn't end there.
Jews make up 2% of the U.S. population yet account for more than 50% of all religiously motivated hate crimes.

That stat always takes my breath away.
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Joyce Fienberg
Richard Gottfried
Rose Mallinger
Jerry Rabinowitz
Cecil Rosenthal
David Rosenthal
Bernice Simon
Sylvan Simon
Daniel Stein
Melvin Wax
Irving Younger

11 lives were lost on October 27, 2018. We honor their memory by taking action — join us:
We commit to strengthening the Jewish community by coming together for Pause with Pittsburgh, a collective moment of solidarity to memorialize the 11 lives lost. Join us on Sunday 10/27 at 5pm ET. #FightHateForGood #TreeofLife #Pittsburgh
@jfederations In memory of the 11 lives lost on October 27, 2018, volunteer with your favorite organization or charity. Whether it’s a few days or one hour, your time can make a positive impact in your community. #FightHateForGood #TreeofLife #Pittsburgh
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My favorite sound is children in a synagogue. Each shout, each giggle, each whine, each shriek, each laugh. The clattering of prayer books accidentally knocked over, the rumble of chase and tag and pretend, the hard breaths held in during hide and seek, the thumps of jumping 1/4
and dancing. The squeak of shoes climbing handrails, the inconsolable wails of bruised knees, the arguments over turns, the eager munching of cookies and challah. I love the sound of children in synagogue. Nothing is more poignant or holy to me. 2/4
Never take it for granted that there are Jewish children. Too many times have our babies been taken from us, slaughtered and stolen and silenced. Each child is a triumph, a testimony to our faith and strength as a people. 3/4
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Twitter Family, I had a wonderful, peaceful trip with Black American women to Ghana, followed by a productive, solo artist retreat, only to return to the USA and see two Black women in my city of #Pittsburgh being brutally beaten by FOUR MEN @ExxonMobil!…
We are still gathering the facts; but based on what has been reported so far, one woman pumped $17 worth of gas⛽️ but noticed the pump was leaking. She went inside the @exxonmobil (at 2501 Brighton Street, 15212), to report it and was rudely dismissed by employees. #Pittsburgh
An employee claimed the woman had not paid. The situation at the @exxonmobil turned violent and at least four men of apparently foreign origin, are viciously beating two Black American women in the head, slamming and hitting them on the ground, etc. Completely unacceptable!
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So last month the MSM was treating #BernieSanders like the nominee.
Now they're treating #Biden like he's the nominee.


It's two months till debates. But if other candidates are shut out of coverage, how many will be allowed on the stage?
Where were
#KamalaHarris, #ElizabethWarren, #AmyKlobuchar, #KirstenGillibrand, #JulianCastro,
#Buttigieg--the remaining top ten candidates--campaigning Monday? Because all we heard about was #Biden in #Pittsburgh.
In an interview on @AC360, Sanders was asked about Biden only. Sanders said he was running against 19 other candidates.

He's right. The MSM is wrong.
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In a two and a half years we have gone from a place where diversity was celebrated, to a place where hatred, bigotry, racism rears up being nudged by a nutter in the WH. This is not okay. As a Jew, I weep for what happened in #SanDiego yesterday & in #Pittsburgh six months ago.
As an American, I cry for what happened in #Charlottesville in August 2017. As a woman, I shed tears for a Muslim Congresswoman targeted by POTUS* and that hate tweet remains @jack #JackStopTheHate
As a human being, my heart breaks for how POC are treated by this regime stocked with crooked good old boys. As a citizen, I can’t bear that children are in concentration camps in Florida, in Texas along the border. All this demonizing to play to a base of bigots shatters me.
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[1] This is the Empire Building in #Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania. This pic was taken on August 24, 1920 .
[2] The Empire Building was 12 floors, and was built in 1900. It was destroyed in 1984. Its address was 501-505 Liberty Avenue .
[3] 501-505 Liberty Avenue? Where have we seen that address in our research?

Oh yea - In the year 1900, Gustave A. Mueller, MD, moved his thriving ear-nose-throat practice in Pittsburgh to that address.

Stay with me ...
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This will be the 2019 #NFLCombine measurements thread. (The league records prospect information in 8ths of an inch and does not reduce the fractions...if you don't like it, tweet management.)
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

1. #Utah K Matt Gay
Height: 6-0
Weight: 232
Hand: 9
Arm: 30 4/8
Wingspan: 73 4/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oklahoma K Austin Seibert
Height: 5-9 2/8
Weight: 213
Hand: 8 7/8
Arm: 30 3/8
Wingspan: 70 4/8
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In December it was reported that #Luzerne County’s director of elections accepted trips from a vendor that was selected to provide voting equipment.
I launched a statewide review & asked all counties to report if any officials accepted similar trips/gifts from voting equipment vendors.

I acted because I want to ensure the decision-making process at the county level is as transparent as possible & free of outside influence.
Here’s what I found:
Election officials in 18 counties reported accepting gifts from voting equipment vendors.

Gifts included:
· expense-paid to trips to places like #LasVegas
· tickets to a wine festival & distillery tour
· meals at high-end restaurants
· amusement park tickets
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Last Shabbat, 11 Jewish people, united by faith & community, were killed in synagogue. Honor them by recommitting to fight hate. NEVER allow hate to take root. Action is how we ensure #NeverIsNOW. We’re asking you to take 11 minutes of action:…

We’re experiencing a continuing threat of anti-Semitic violence. Join us to stand in solidarity with the Jewish Community of Pittsburgh and beyond by declaring #NeverIsNow & updating your FB profile frame:…
Taking ACTION is how we flood the darkness with light. Sign ADL’s Digital Vigil to pay tribute to the lives lost at the Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday, October 27.
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