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#ЖППриключение #СъботноПриключение се завръща (в неделя).
Маршрутът е #Epic.
Потеглянето е в 7 сутринта от Централна гара. Целта е друга европейска столица.
#StayTuned. Image
По това време на годината други мъже в криза на средната възраст прекосяват Европа на мотори и кабриолети. Аз се радвам, че ще миткам с влак из Балканите с ето тези сандалки.
#ЖППриключение Image
За пръв път се качвам на влака със самолетния куфар и оценявам колко мисъл и грижа са вложени в обновяването на гара София с 3 различни вида релефни павета, поставени под всички възможни ъгли. Спартанският дух е жив. #ЖППриключение Image
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The largest trial of #ivermectin in early #COVID is now published @NEJM & the results are *NEGATIVE*

#TOGETHER randomized n=1358 outpatients with COVID in 🇧🇷 to IVM vs placebo. No difference in hospitalizations, mechanical ventilation, or death.…

A 🧵
I’ve written about the #TOGETHER trial before (see my fluvoxamine 🧵below)

Briefly #TOGETHER is a large double blind multi-arm platform RCT. Pretty much the 1st 🥇 gold standard for high quality medical research.

TOGETHER enrolled high risk people with COVID from 12 outpatient clinics in Brazil.

Patients could be enrolled up to 7 days after symptom onset (more on this later).

They were randomized to either placebo or to ivermectin 0.4mg/kg daily for 3 days. (Also more on dose later)
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#Purana #Epic

The Question is how do we read our Itihasa-Puranas? The two are not exactly the same. They are used together because they are a Twin. There are overlaps and parameters ought to be different.

For the purpose of this thread, we will talk about them together.

1. Are they Histories? Absolutely No. Reading them as History results in 2 problems.

A. Severely reduce the overall Scope of Itihasa-Puranas. We will cheat ourselves by losing the primary purpose they have served.

B. Will result in an endless loop iof Proof/Evidence search.

2. In which case, dont have have anything to offer in the dimension of History?

They do. Just that it requires a different kind of discipline which we have not fully evolved. The Historical information in the Itihasa-Puranas have suffered 3 kinds of assault.

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Guess what folks? the #ResearchOps Community is 3 years old!!
We'll do a little thread of the past 3 years below, but we'd ❤️ to hear what the Community means to you, or the ways in which all the hard work of the community has impacted on your thinking about Ops?
In March 9, 2018, @katetowsey sent out a tweet asking if anyone wants to get together and nerd out about this thing she's calling Research Operations. She says she thought maybe 20 people would reply...
After we got to around 500 people, we got together and decided we should know what this thing 'ReOps' was...little did we know it would turn into 34 workshops in 17 countries!…
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Oh... oh... Hassounah is speaking live now...

Just what we need at this surreal day!
#Nasrallah rushes to deny #Netanyahu’s claim that Netanyahu shows that Hezbollah has an arms depot adjacent to gas canisters in the Jonah. He invites journalists to visit the place!
#Nasrallah is clearly feeling the pressure. He is fully aware that his popularity has plummeted after #BeirutBlast
The way #Nasrallah talks as if he is the cute lamb of #Lebanon is suffocating!
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#Hariri #tribunal has started.
Judge describes how Hariri was followed closely, even when visited mosques and churches, for months before the crime.
#Hariri #Tribunal
A suicde guy driving a Mitsbushi car targetted Hariri motorcode.
It was a terror attack.
#Hariri #Tribunal
Suspects spread false news about the crime and sent to Al-Jazeera !!

Ha! #Epic
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#Nasrallah’s speech has started.
He is praising his own party for calling for blood donation.
How cute!
*Saint* #Nasrallah offers shelter to the homeless in Dahyia district.
#Nasrallah describes #Lebanon as a country under “American siege”
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When you look at a land map you will see two types of ending words. “LAND” = Adamites and “TAN” = Edomites. Such as; England, FinLand, Iceland, Netherland, New Zealand, Poland, Swaziland, Thailand, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, do you see the point. Now look at TAN, Afghanistan,
Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and on …
This was all laid out just as letters IA endings these are markers, placements of blood types and genetics by the
Aliens and Melting Pots such as America, INCA Those who the Spanish mixed Rh-Negative blood types with to wipe them out in ancient Peru, and Mayans.

Why was keeping up the core , the placenta of a child? Why were certain children taken? The answer is #EPIC!!!!!

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/12/2020-2…

What Doctors on the Front Lines Wish They’d Known a Month Ago - The New York Times…

#CommonSense #Covid19 #Doctors #coronavirus
Don’t Lose the Thread. The Economy Is Experiencing an Epic Collapse of Demand. - The New York Times…

#collapse #epic #demand #economy
Defund (and redesign) everything. - Deep Code - Medium…

#defund #institutions #redesign
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Thread on #BrandBuilding:

The distinguished academic Russell Belk, a pioneer in exploring the cross-connections between the components of consumption and the social fabric, had written about the sacred and the profane in consumer behavior as far back as 1989.
As with most seminal work, the concepts he proposed are relevant 30 years later too because they tap into very primeval ways in which people organize their social lives. Brands frequently look wistfully at the faith and fervor of the followers of religion and sport.
And while the role of rituals, shared beliefs and symbols, common value systems is discussed a lot (especially in the context of brand communities like those around Harley or Apple), there’s one other component that is missing with most brands.
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.@HawleyMO hammers Google about their cooperation with China. Google says they drop project dragonfly in 2010. I wish he would’ve ask did they sell the software to China after they finished with it. You’ll have to see this whole thread. #Epic
.@HawleyMO Hammering Google over project dragonfly. Josh came out like a rockstar today. Just FYI him not me.
.@HawleyMO ask Google would they be willing to let a third-party come in to do a audit and of course they refuse.
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El 5 de mayo de 2010 el Presidente de la República tomó la cuenta oficial de twitter del gobierno, @GobiernoCol y la cambió el nombre a @AlvaroUribeVel
De hecho, el primer tweet de la Presidencia fue el 28 de julio de 2009.
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“Look at the trees!” the thief said suddenly, pointing up. They’d been leapfrogging their slow way through the deep, damp, eerily listening-to-them forest for much of the day, and the light was beginning to lessen.
#epic fantasy
“What?” the dwarf growled, peering in vain. “I see trees, in a ring…faery ring? We go around it, not through?”
“I see,” the ranger said quietly. “The thickenings, up high, where the trunks bulge, and many limbs branch off. Elven tombs.”
#epic fantasy
“WHAT?” the dwarf said. “The long-ears bury each other in TREES?”
“These do, so tread with respect. They return themselves to the forest. Split a living trunk, stand the dead within, bind it up, and let it go on growing.”
#epic fantasy
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“They say this castle is impregnable,” muttered the thief. “So we’re going to impregnate it.”
The cleric opened his mouth rather wearily to correct the sly little outlander, but then shut it again. What was the use? He was…
#epic fantasy
…unlikely to live long enough to learn correct speech, and his outlander manglings of the trade-tongue were occasionally hilarious, and more often mildly amusing. Which is more than many of us manage to be in life.
#epic fantasy
“And how,” he asked the thief calmly, “are we going to do that?”
“I’m going to climb this unclimbable wall, then let down a line for all the rest of you. The guards won’t be expecting anyone to manage that, so if we’re…
#epic fantasy
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(1) The #TrumpRally in Moon, PA tonight will be LIT.🔥🔥🔥 I was going to do just a #PhotosThread (an offshot of my regular pinned thread) but I'll add some commentary about the fascinating Special Election race, too. #VoteSaccone vs the little lamb.
(2) GA Rep Karen Handel who won her seat by special election, is speaking at the rally. Great to see her! #LaughingMyOssoff #MAGA
(3) There's so much excitement to #MAGA in PA. Everyone wants a photo with @Saccone4PA18, including @GOPChairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

I'm confident we will win on Tuesday but don't get complacent. Send a strong message to the rest of America!
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