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Under Art. 29 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001, anyone can make a SUBMISSION or OBSERVATION on planning applications.

This is a feature of living in a democracy although some might paint it as a pesky glitch in the system.

These submissions are called “Third Party Observations” and can be submitted within 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt of the planning application stating the name & address of the person making the observation / submission + a fee of €20.

❗️The period for Local Authorities to make decisions on applications doesn’t change if there’s zero or 10,000 “Third Party Observations”.

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Won't someone do something a/b those NIMBYs at the Federal Reserve? They've done it again! 🙃

Zoning is & always has been a red herring. Wall Street determines when, where, how & what type of housing gets built. Been this way for 40+ years. #YIMBY…
If it's not already in construction, it is in trouble.

And even if it is in construction, numbers might require some significant adjustment.

Don't believe me. Ask any developer.
Raw data here:…

Next update is mid-September. It'll be much worse by then.
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BREAKING: @GavinNewsom SIGNS #SB9 and #SB10 to allow duplex/lot splits on single-family lots and streamline up to 10 units
@GavinNewsom Neither bill is expected to make as big of a dent as #SB50 or other big-ticket, stalled #YIMBY pushes

But this still signals a major shift from single-family zoning, which dominates CA's housing landscape -- a dynamic Newsom and others fault for a severe housing crunch
Relatedly, reporters who thought we were off the clock a bit post-recall are remembering about those late-afternoon @GavinNewsom bill signings
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NEW REPORT+THREAD: The price tags of essential services like education, child care, etc., are out of control.

The progressive approach? Socialize the costs.

But cutting regulations that limit the supply of these services is the ONLY way to address the root of the problem.
The problem with the progressive approach of guaranteeing affordability via subsidies is:

(1) Public debts/deficits can’t grow without limit
(2) Subsidies will cover up the bloat and waste and drive costs up further (we’ll throw out a few examples).
But the budget hawks who, out of concern for the national debt advocate for spending cuts across the board, ignore the real expenses that Americans face.

In the end, Americans will support the subsidies over this backwards-facing approach.
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I'm in the mood for some NIMBY memes. Quality and milage may vary.
1/243 🧵
#NIMBY #YIMBY #Housing #HousingCrisis Image
2/243 🧵 Image
3/243 🧵 Image
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As we grapple with LA's failure to house its people, we want to reaffirm a commitment to equity and fairness in our approach. @CamnerLeonora wrote about why it is important for the #yimby movement to center WHERE to put housing and for WHOM:…
Abundant Housing LA is building the pro-housing movement for LA. But it’s not enough to just be supportive of housing in general. Achieving housing abundance requires thoughtful approaches that center equity, racial justice, and environmentalism.
Abundant Housing is committed to critically reexamining our approach to housing, our past positions, and direction in the context of equity and racial justice.
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#YIMBY twitter, you don't want to miss #SB349 - "Increase Housing Opportunities" - introduced today in North Carolina's Senate.
It's a fourplex bill. It's an ADU bill. It's got a @cmsandefur-flavor "no downzoning without cause" component. And it's got one of the biggest changes to a SZEA since Euclid: a jurisdiction may not entirely zone out any use other than industrial, nuisances, and strip clubs.
Let's get into it, shall we?
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MASSIVE NEW PAPER: Last year, we released our policy vision that rejected the false dichotomy of “pro-market” and “pro-government."

We've transformed this into a concrete agenda, our blueprint for the "free-market welfare state" THREAD 1/…
The focus of our efforts is not to provide a complete program to save America. In this agenda, we’re addressing the problem of restoring inclusive prosperity — revitalizing lagging economic dynamism while ensuring that the rewards of such dynamism are broadly shared. 2/
Even before #COVID19, America’s 21st-century malaise of dimming economic vitality and deepening social divisions demonstrated that something has gone wrong. Very wrong. Let’s do a little review.…
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Check out proposed #ZoningRedesign changes in #NewtonMa for residential districts: single fam homes could convert to 2-fam “by-right” instead of requiring special permits. 👍🏻 step forward for #YIMBY movement seeking more affordable, abundant housing.…
If you support efforts to bring “missing middle” housing to #NewtonMa, take this survey to let Councilors know. Warning: the survey & accompanying letter are biased (pro single fam). Select the first box in the form and leave a comment w your thoughts. 🗳…
Example of bias in the survey:
“Existing single family homes could be converted to up to six units “by-right", which means without a vote from the City Council”
--> Fact: this would be possible for only 8% of homes as proposed, and an even lower percentage would desire to do so
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ITEM PASSES UNANIMOUSLY! As the mayor said, “this is a big deal.” We now have by-right approval (no CEQA, no discretionary hearings) of general plan-compliant infill housing in the City of Sacramento. Sacramento says YES to more neighbors and more homes! #yimby
Now, let’s get this housing element update done so we can unleash the full power of by-right approval.

*slaps land use map* this bad boy can fit so many more neighbors in it
A big thanks to ALL who have eCommented, called, and emailed along the way. Your city is a reflection of your welcoming, ambitious spirit.
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Inspired by @milesintransit1 live-tweeting his NYC-LA Greyhound trip , I will be attempting to live-tweet my trip from Ushuaia (and Antarctica) to Boston without flying.
In fact I've already been travelling north for over 800 miles, since reaching my furthest point south at Port Charcot, Booth Island, Antarctica on January 13.
My northward journey thus began with a zodiac ride back to the MV Ocean Endeavor, another day of Antarctic stops, and 2.5 days at sea sailing to Ushuaia.
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Never think about managing curb parking without thinking about how your approach will affect housing supply, home prices & rents.

We gained majority political support for converting 4 acres of parking into 357 homes at the S. #Hayward #BART Station in no small part by…

…agreeing to provide existing nearby residents with free residential parking permits, so they had no fear of the curb parking in front of their homes becoming overcrowded.

photo courtesy of:…
Agreeing to give free residential parking permits to existing nearby residents also created support for removing all minimum parking regulations, reducing the cost of these affordable & market-rate homes & allowing for lower rents.

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When cities manage curb parking properly, curb parking shortages will disappear & minimum parking regulations can be removed, even in cities where no public transit exists.

If your planners don’t believe me, ask them to critique this presentation.

Corollary: When cities fail to manage curb parking properly, no amount of public transit will prevent curb parking shortages.

Do you doubt that? Try visiting #SF’s #UnionSquare, which has the best transit service of any place west of Chicago, after 6 PM when the meters turn off.
Before 6 PM, #SF’s #SFpark program is in effect in #UnionSquare: demand-based curb parking prices balance supply & demand, so curb parking is easy to find.

After 6 PM, curb parking prices are cut to $0, so curbs become overcrowded. All the buses in the world won't fix this.
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I’m here at the @NewWayCA 2019 Summit with a simple message: We have an obligation to offer California a @CAGOP with broad appeal again – because a vibrant, competitive two-party system is essential for our state.
California prides itself on being a place where innovation is born.

It’s time for our party to tap into that bold attitude – and modernize itself as a party in step with the residents we want to represent.
The @CAGOP must not be a carbon copy of the national GOP.

Each state is a unique laboratory of democracy, and California Republicans need to create a party tailored to the people of California.
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I finally read Enrico Moretti's "The New Geography of Jobs" this week. It was better than I expected - both a good introduction to the topic and interesting details and research results that kept me engaged.
Stylistically, he does an impressive job hewing close to the research results while avoiding jargon and identification strategies. It's a clear, coherent narrative about city growth and decline, with lots of evidence at each step in the argument.
TL;DR: Industry clusters go through a life-cycle. A newborn technology is scattered. It coheres in 3 or 4 clusters, with stars, VCs, or other key factors as coordination points. Rapid employment, productivity, and wage growth follow.
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2019 is an important year for San Diego as we commemorate our 250th anniversary. We became the city we are today with ideas that were big, bold and groundbreaking. In 2019, we must tap into that same spirit to address the challenges that define our time. #SOTCSD
A housing crisis we must tackle. Communities we must lift up. An environment we must protect. These are the issues that will define this year, and help shape our next 250.
Now more than ever it’s important that San Diego works together as one city. Just look at Washington, D.C., to see the alternative.
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Attended a thought provoking lecture today, “The Miracle of Density”: The Politics of Urban Design and Densification in downtown Bogotá" by Federico Pérez, a prof in @Portland_State Honors College

There were some HEAVY lessons therein for the #YIMBY movement, gonna try relay 1/x
First off, we gotta rethink how we talk about density because TBH, it's not density NIMBYs fear, it's overcrowding and all the threats that an urban mob presents 2/x
“The spectre of the crowd has always haunted” urban planning efforts, fear of the “unruly masses”-- We conflate density w overcrowded nhoods, unruly and uncivilized. These fears are “rather spectacularly performed" (think of the children, said the NIMBY) 3/x
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