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The current president of the @ERLC said this "You'll never get me to say that a mother needs to be behind bars,"
Oh really?
What if a mother sexually abuses her 4-month-old baby?
What if she sells her newborn baby to a pervert to pay for drugs?
What if a mother dismembers her 3-day-old baby because she decides it's all just too much for her to handle?
I would wager there are a good number of things he would willingly put a mother behind bars for. The only crime he isn't willing to prosecute mothers for is slaughtering their pre-born child.
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(1) With all sincerity, I cannot stress how problematic it is that all the talk surrounding #SBC22 & their relationship to Missions has been to ramp up & even how the financial cost to protect women & children will impact that endeavor. Dear SBC, Missions should be SHUT DOWN.
(2) You all haven’t even begun to explore how pervasive sexual abuse is over seas among your missionaries & global church plants. There should be deep concern & fear of spreading contamination in the name of Christ, not ambition to plant more churches! #sbc2022
(3) #SBC2022, if you’re genuinely passionate about Missions & are sincere about your desire to plant churches globally, you need to reallocate NAMB & IMB funds to support missionaries of other denominations or of local churches deeply vetted. IMB & NAMB should not be sending.
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Having covered the Catholic Church for 16 years, I know clergy abuse survivors and advocates never stop demanding accountability at the top and that institutions often resist it. I just had the chance at #SBC2022 to ask new prez and VP of the SBC executive committee about it 1/4
I asked @JaredcWellman and @dsons (elected today as prez and VP of the Southern Baptist's administrative body: What will happen with holding people named in the report accountable? Do you think the leaders named should be? 2/4
Wellman said his new position is about carrying out the messengers' wants. "I would defer to how the messengers respond to that. I see this position as an opportunity to serve the will of the messengers, instead of casting any vision I may or may not have." 3/4
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“In the past issues that divided evangelicals, such as speaking in tongues, End Times theology, Calvinism - all of those things have receded, and it’s now these social and political issues that define allegiances" @kkdumez on new bedfellows #SBC2022 1/6…
I'm going to share a bit of context/backstories on some of the hot-button issues that are in the ether here at the #SBC22. They include comments and measures from the recent past 2/6
Some are angry this '19 measure passed: CRT and intersectionality alone "are insufficient to diagnose and redress the root causes of the social ills that they identify, which result from sin, yet these analytical tools can aid in evaluating a variety of human experiences." 3/6
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Today is my 36th birthday. Given we are waking up in Anaheim, CA on eve of the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting, a crucial meeting for southern baptists, I thought I'd write a 🧵 a/b how my birthday has put @tomascol’s faithfulness as a pastor into perspective…

You see, in June 1986, in His providence, the Lord was coordinating two events that are quite important to me! One was my own healthy delivery in Killeen, TX. The other i wouldn’t know until a couple decades later: Tom Ascol becoming pastor at Grace Baptist in Cape Coral, FL.
So while I was learning to walk and talk and as I traveled around as a young boy with my mom and dad doing rodeos, Tom Ascol was faithfully shepherding God’s people.
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1.The #SBC22 #SBC2022. Who runs this place? There are about 700 people that can be said to actually run the SBC. You want to change the direction? You want to maintain the direction? These 700 or so people hold the keys. A thread 🧵.
2. You might think: “I’m not one of those people. I’m a no name messenger. My voice doesn’t matter.” But that’s not true. YOUR ONE VOTE sets a whole process in motion.
3.The SBC is a network of churches that oversees 12 non-profit organizations to carry out gospel work throughout the world. 10 of these organizations (all except LifeWay and Guidestone) receive financial support through our funding strategy called the Cooperative Program.
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You need to know about two very important amicus briefs filed in the #DobbsvJackson case before #SCOTUS. When contrasted they are worth their weight in gold for a Presidential vote at #SBC2022. Let's consider: (1) @ERLC's and (2) Abolitionists'.
2/20 Let us contrast each brief on three points: (1) Filers or amici curiae (friends of the court); (2) List of authorities; and, (3) aims. Ask yourself, "Which amicus speaks for me?" For clarity, let's call them the RC/ERLC and FAA briefs.
3/20 RC/ERLC FILERS: The @ERLC did not write their own amicus, but signed onto one written and submitted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Filers include three other Roman Catholic orgs, Lutherans, and Nat'l Assoc of Evang. Who's NAE?… ImageImagePg 155 from Book of Reports...
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