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Today is my 36th birthday. Given we are waking up in Anaheim, CA on eve of the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting, a crucial meeting for southern baptists, I thought I'd write a 🧵 a/b how my birthday has put @tomascol’s faithfulness as a pastor into perspective…

You see, in June 1986, in His providence, the Lord was coordinating two events that are quite important to me! One was my own healthy delivery in Killeen, TX. The other i wouldn’t know until a couple decades later: Tom Ascol becoming pastor at Grace Baptist in Cape Coral, FL.
So while I was learning to walk and talk and as I traveled around as a young boy with my mom and dad doing rodeos, Tom Ascol was faithfully shepherding God’s people.
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Ascol recap - Tom at previous SBC annual meetings

2018: Tom is disappointed he couldn't publicly ask Russell Moore a "gotcha" about if the SBC should host conferences named after abusers. (This was a reference to the SBC-hosted MLK Jr. conference.)

Also: Doug Wilson quote?

2019 : Tom Ascol is VERY upset about Resolution 9 b/c it cautiously says CRT can be a useful tool.

Also 2019: Tom Ascol records Kyle J Howard w/o his knowledge, through a lapel mic, under false pretenses, for a documentary filmed by Marcus Pittman & Jared Longshore.

2020: In the months previous, Tom quotes his own documentary regarding the SBC, urging his followers to "take the ship," a phrase that would be endlessly re-echoed by his CBN "pirate" allies a year later.

He also critiqued SEBTS for talking about racial injustice.

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You need to know about two very important amicus briefs filed in the #DobbsvJackson case before #SCOTUS. When contrasted they are worth their weight in gold for a Presidential vote at #SBC2022. Let's consider: (1) @ERLC's and (2) Abolitionists'.
2/20 Let us contrast each brief on three points: (1) Filers or amici curiae (friends of the court); (2) List of authorities; and, (3) aims. Ask yourself, "Which amicus speaks for me?" For clarity, let's call them the RC/ERLC and FAA briefs.
3/20 RC/ERLC FILERS: The @ERLC did not write their own amicus, but signed onto one written and submitted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Filers include three other Roman Catholic orgs, Lutherans, and Nat'l Assoc of Evang. Who's NAE?… ImageImagePg 155 from Book of Reports...
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1/3 SBC 2021 Messenger, "Establish a task force to study strategies to end abortion." @ERLC, "Already doing it." Is writing a letter with the Roman Catholics to kill LA HB813, an abolition bill, an effective strategy to end abortion? #changethedirection… Image
2/3 Here's the letter the @ERLC + 70 other Big Pro-Life Establishment orgs hurriedly wrote to kill HB813 "The Louisiana Abolish Abortion Act." Written at the exact moment HB813 was being argued on the house floor. #changethedirection…
3/3 #ERLC rejected the best strategy to abolish abortion, an actual abolition bill, in defiance of SBC2021 messengers. "Pro-Life Lobbying Groups Issue Letter Against Charging Women With Crimes For Seeking Abortions" #changethedirection…
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I am asked frequently about the state of the SBC. After the latest Book of Reports and the annual ACP numbers were released, the only possible answer I can offer is: Not well.

A brief thread:
2/ Don’t take my word for it—check the numbers out here for yourself in the full report:…
Our baptism numbers continue to decline. While a slight recovery is being seen from the unprecedented drop during Covid, total baptisms are still significantly decreased from pre-pandemic levels.
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A 🧵 on SBC v. ERLC
The SBC has a rogue entity in the @ERLC. The messengers spoke loudly & clearly about our commitment to abolish abortion & see equal protection under the law for preborn children. The ERLC has defied the will of the churches who own it. 1/
"RESOLVED, [we] do state unequivocally that abortion is murder, and we reject any position that allows for any exceptions to the legal protection of our preborn neighbors, compromises God’s holy standard of justice, or promotes any God-hating partiality 2/
"RESOLVED, that we affirm that the murder of preborn children is a crime against humanity that must be punished equally under the law, and be it further 3/
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A 🧵 about Christian ethics
The inability or unwillingness of Christians to employ rigorous, biblical, moral reasoning to address public attacks on God & Scripture over the last few years has been stunning & revealing. 1/
The attempt by the US Senate to codify the legal murder of unborn children further highlights how anemic Christian public theology is today. 49 Senators voted to legalize the murder of babies up to the point of their birth. Everyone of them is a Democrat. 2/
Yet, Christian deplorables have been lectured by our betters for at least the last 7 years how we must make room for voting for Democrat candidates at every level of government. We have been told that we do not understand the complexities of the issues involved; 3/
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As a pastor of a normative size SBC congregation, I can assure you that what those in the pew want more than anything else when it comes to the SBC is trust. They want to be able to trust that the money they give is being stewarded well according to conservative theology.
They want to trust Lifeway and NAMB and the IMB and our 6 seminaries. They want to be able to trust that the churches we plant and the missionaries we send and the partnerships we have and the curriculum we us is all actually conservative in theology AND practice.
They want to trust that the ERLC isn’t supporting those who are pro abortion or helping Christians vote for those who are pro abortion in anyway.

But in all of these things and more there is such a culture of mistrust.
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Hey y'all. Have you seen @DannyAkin? @kswhitfield? @SEBTS and/or their trustees?

Remember Akin's commitment to public transparency & urgency when sheltering sin is on the line?

The reality is SEBTS *has* been talking. Just not in a way Danny once thought was necessary.

Read these tweets. They are in order. The important info is in the 3rd. Twitter lets you add 4 images so the 5th will be in the next tweet.

Again: note the third tweet here. About SEBTS responding.

It makes plain The Platform's hypocrisy & it is galling, to put it mildly.

To make it obvious:

"SEBTS leadership replied in a letter to the elders at FBC Lindale the night of their initial post."

And, for consistency, you'll see the promised 5th tweet below. But the 3rd tweet (above) is the important one.

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A 7 tweet thread:

In the Fall of 2019 FBC Naples was accused of racism for not calling Marcus Hayes as pastor. Examples of those in Platform calling this church out:
Turns out though, many in the church were not racist at all. They actually had an issue with wokeness leanings of Marcus.

But that’s not all check out the clip in the next tweet.
Here Marcus Hayes says same sex attraction is not a sin:
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