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Some thoughts about the #Dobbs decision, abortion, dialogue, social media and death threats....
Over the past few days I’ve received several death threats, though not from where I usually expect them, that is, from the right. Usually I get what I call Catholic death threats: “I hope you die and go to hell, you heretic,” but occasionally I get real ones, too...

The recent ones, from the left, were in response to my posting the official statement of the Society of Jesus in the United States and Canada to the Dobbs decision a few days ago. (And since many people thought otherwise, these were not my own words...
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Some things to know about #abortion in the United States:

50 state supreme courts now get to interpret their own state laws under state constitutions and look there for privacy rights…
There is no one religious view on abortion…
Privacy isn't directly in the Constitution, but it is invoked in many different ways indirectly…
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Now is a moment where many people will be erasing the vast experiences that trans people have while seeking abortion care. The deliberate decision to remove trans people results in a incomplete story about what this SCOTUS decision criminalizing abortion means. #DobbsvJackson ImageImage
We urge journalists and the public to report with diligence and accuracy. This is not just a matter of inclusion. This is about telling the truth.

#Abortion #AbortionCare #AbortionRights #RoevWade ImageImage
Trans people, especially those who disabled, Black, Indigenous, already face immense violence in medical settings. To erase their experiences only adds to that violence. ImageImage
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We won’t let this dampen the commitment we have to each other. We will continue finding ways to support each other in finding the abortion care that we need, as we’ve always done.

#DobbsvJackson #RoevWade #ReproJustice
We are in solidarity with the many people and organizations that have been fighting for the right to bodily autonomy for all, from
big cities to rural towns. Bodily autonomy and agency are under attack and we all have a stake in this fight.
This attack on our bodily autonomy will move beyond abortions. We are seeing across the country that people are not able to access the medical care they need. Black people, disabled people, trans people have all experienced dangerous or fatal consequences when denied care.
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You need to know about two very important amicus briefs filed in the #DobbsvJackson case before #SCOTUS. When contrasted they are worth their weight in gold for a Presidential vote at #SBC2022. Let's consider: (1) @ERLC's and (2) Abolitionists'.
2/20 Let us contrast each brief on three points: (1) Filers or amici curiae (friends of the court); (2) List of authorities; and, (3) aims. Ask yourself, "Which amicus speaks for me?" For clarity, let's call them the RC/ERLC and FAA briefs.
3/20 RC/ERLC FILERS: The @ERLC did not write their own amicus, but signed onto one written and submitted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Filers include three other Roman Catholic orgs, Lutherans, and Nat'l Assoc of Evang. Who's NAE?… ImageImagePg 155 from Book of Reports...
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In light of yesterday's #scotusleak in #DobbsvJackson, we invite you to learn more about the history of abortion and women's rights and health. Thread
In this episode from season 1 of Intervals, guest Alicia Gutierrez-Romine and host @XtopherBrick explore the history of abortion in California pre-#RoeVWade.
A list of more than two dozen book and film reviews that have appeared in @JournAmHist on the history of abortion.
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Hearing today: At 10:30AM, the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee will hear sponsor testimony on a "trigger ban" that would block all abortion in Ohio if the US Supreme Court banned abortion anywhere. Our @JMiracleOH speaks to the media before the committee starts.
@JMiracleOH TAKE ACTION: Email your representative in the Ohio House and tell them to reject House Bill 598
Testimony documents on the committee website:…
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"This is about controlling our bodies" said @RepJayapal today outside the Supreme Court as the abortion case began oral arguments.

"Do not criminalize me and millions of women like me across the country! Do not criminalize those that help us!"

#DobbsvJackson #RoeVWade
"Nobody is free until everybody is free!" said @AyannaPressley speaking outside the Supreme Court. "Liberate abortion!"

"We must legislate and organize and mobilize as if lives depend on it, because they do!"

'#LiberateAbortion' was frequently chanted today outside the court.
Across from the Supreme Court, anti-abortion activists identifying as progressive and secular chanted "hell no, we don't need Roe!"

"We are the pro-life generation, and we will abolish abortion!"
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Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments surrounding #abortion today, so it’s a good time to reflect on Koch involvement in the restriction of reproductive rights. 1/10 #DobbsvJackson
The Koch network has long been involved in the fight against safe, quality reproductive health options, supporting some of the most active anti-abortion organizations: Alliance Defending Freedom, Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, and more over the years. 2/10
The Koch network has poured tens of millions of dollars into organizations like the Center to Protect Patient Rights and Freedom Partner, both of which spent millions in promoting anti-choice legislation and candidates. 3/10
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1: Justice Sotomayor's assertions in today's oral argument in the landmark abortion case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health about fetal pain were wholly ignorant of the tremendous scientific advances in fetal medicine. #DobbsvJackson
2: As recently as last year, doctors in the Journal of Medical Ethics wrote, "Current neuroscientific evidence supports the possibility of fetal pain before the 'consensus' cutoff of 24 weeks" and may be as early as 12 weeks.
3: Not only does medicine agree that fetal anesthesia be administered for fetal surgery, a clear reflection of the medical consensus that unborn babies can feel pain, but like viability, the line marking when they feel pain continues to inch earlier.
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With every attempt to ban, now in Mississippi, remember: It's what white supremacist Christian conservatives have been working for, while telling US women "be grateful you don't live over there (Muslim country)." I explain 👇🏽#DobbsvJackson #SCOTUS
Liberal, affluent, white cisgender women thought as long as Roe v. Wade survived, they could ignore whatever the Christians were saying all along - since the 1970s. In the U.S., white and Chrisitian is considered the default, a norm, not scary, not brown or Muslim or pathologized
They remained willfully ignorant to the fact that Roe v. Wade died for many Black and women of colour and poor women in the South, where one after another clinics that provide abortions were being shuttered.
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Okay here we go, folks. Tune in here.

God save the United States and this honorable* Court indeed #DobbsvJackson
Roe v Wade and PP v Casey "haunts our country" Mississippi SG Scott Stewart starts his argument
Mississippi is fully going for it.

Stewart argues that abortion is a "hard issue" that should be left up to the people to decide.
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In 1996 I had an “illegal” abortion in Egypt. In 2000 I had a “legal” abortion in the U.S. I use "-" because the State can fuck off with its opinions about what I can and can’t do with my uterus. That control belongs to me.…
I was not raped. I was not sick. The pregnancies did not threaten my life. I did not already have children. I just did not want to be pregnant. I did not want to have a child. And so I had two abortions.
I am glad I had my abortions.They gave me the freedom to live the life I have chosen.

Criminalizing abortion doesn't eradicate it nor does it make it rare. It makes it dangerous & often deadly for the poorest & most vulnerable people who can get pregnant…
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We’re here at the Supreme Court of the United States where organizers and advocates from @ACLU, Center for @ReproRights, @PPFA, the @LiberteAbortion coalition and @ShoutYrAbortion, among others, have gathered ahead of oral arguments in #DobbsvJackson. A photo of the Supreme Court of the United States with many
If you’re, come find us and tell us why you’re rallying for #abortionrights! (We’re wearing beanies that say Rewire News Group)
Jennifer Driver of the @stateinnovation Exchange talked to Rewire News Group about why they’re in front of the Supreme Court this morning ahead of oral arguments in #DobbsvJackson
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