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The #SWTOR Twitch Developer livestream is starting soon! Watch live at (or go to the videos section after it ends.) Updates on 7.3 including story, May the 4th news, game changes and more!

This will be a live tweet thread! 🧵 ... Image
The stream starts off with Eric Musco Game Director and Jackie Community Manager saying hi! #SWTOR Image
New #SWTOR story! This is going to be set on Voss through a new Flashpoint 0 it is not part of the main story and can be played outside the main story.

Old Wounds new storyline and characters are going to be covered too!

PvP, Economic, and new Cartel items. Image
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What's new on the #SWTOR PTS? A little thread.

#1 - You can now choose the colors of your Combat Styles icons and how they appear to you. There's also some defaults including Classic and Colorblind. Image
#2 You can now have up to 32 outfits in the outfit designer! They each cost 1 million for the later ones (or "1 cartel coin" though I assume that's just on the test server) #SWTOR Image
#3 Better controls for the the Outfit Designer /Outfitter preview. You could spin before, but now you can spin, zoom and move.

The #SWTOR normal preview is still not moveable on the PTS. Image
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I was originally going to avoid posting this on main, but it seems I have no choice to get the word out.

The SWTOR Team, including the Devs and Community Management, are blatantly censoring criticism against 7.0.

At risk of getting my account banned, here's my story.
#SWTOR 1/?
We've all heard about the @Aviriia situation, yes?

Well if you haven't, she was removed from the Content Creator Program and got an in game ban for a week.

2/? #SWTOR
The in game ban especially struck me as odd. It seems to indicate something in game caused the ban and removal from the program.

I was giving the SWTOR team the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it's a mistake. Maybe something triggered in game and led to a domino effect.

3/? #SWTOR
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Honestly, I really love the Saboteur story.

Of course there's the dedicated Light Sided Agent defects to the Republic from both classic and onslaught, and I love that.

But I also really love the route I'm taking on my main, which is a self-insert.

My main is a Jedi Sent, pragmatic but leans dark side more often, still will try to save lives and protect innocents first and foremost. (Honestly closer to light 1 by my PTS run.)
But the Jedi always crucified her. I made sure to have Dark V during the origin story. She was denied the rank of master until Shadow of Revan, she clashed with the council's ideology, she is very passion driven, and the Jedi weren't recognizing her for her accomplishments.
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7.0 has officially cemented my change in gameplay.

Operations, SM, HM, and NiM (Nefra/Dash only at this time) are way more fun to me than FPs.

The new change? FPs have become a chore, rather than just something less fun.

Idk what it is. Guess I got gud?
But yeah, I think most of my time is going to be spent with Ops and GSF in game.

GSF is really only for tech frags and pvp gear drop.

I'll grind flashpoints again for Supreme Decurion sets, since I want all of my sets for some reason, but it's on the back burner now.
Maybe it's because I'm not getting enough reward?

Like, I'm good at GSF, but what really makes me enjoy it is that I'm getting a shit ton of tech frags and the best non-rakata gear.

FPs are kinda dull, and at best in MM which can take an entire hour for one, give me blues.
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¡Hilo de curiosidades y guiños de #TheBookOfBobaFett 1x05!
Este espectacular capítulo está dirigido por Brice Dallas Howard quien ya dirigió los capítulos 1x04 y 2x03 de #TheMandalorian. Además, es hija de Ron Howard, director de Han Solo: una historia de #StarWars. Una vez más, el episodio está guionizado por Jon Favreau.
Empezamos el capítulo lejos de las arenas de Tatooine, en la estación espacial Glavis, que hace su primera aparición en #StarWars. En concreto, la primera escena nos sitúa en una carnicería gestionada por Klatoonianos, una de las especies con más presencia en la serie.
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¡Hey! Hoy me apetece contaros un poco la historia que hay detrás de los troopers de #SWTOR. Con el auge de series como #TheCloneWars o #TheBadBatch se ha realzado la popularidad de estos soldados. Pero... ¿Cómo eran 3600 años antes de la caída de la República?

⬇️¡Dentro hilo!⬇️ Image
1- Los primeros artes conceptuales nos muestran la clara influencia de las Guerras Clon en el diseño del ejército republicano de la era de SWTOR. Los desarrolladores cuentan que principalmente fue la obra de Tartakovsky la que les inspiró a la hora de crear toda su historia. Image
2- Los creadores también pusieron en relieve lo mucho que les gustó la idea de los soldados ARC (Comandos de Reconocimiento Avanzado). Y fue tal concepto el que les llevó a crear una historia en SWTOR centrada en las Fuerzas Especiales de la República. Image
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My completed custom action figures, in chronological order:

-Dark Vision Leia from Planet of Twilight (4/1/19)
-Corwyne Liath, @Everlastscribe OC (5/12)
-Weswar, my #swtor OC (6/6)
-GA Thrawn from Heir to the Empire & Manaroo from Dengar's Tale (6/30)
-Mara Jade from HTTE (7/26)
-Pureblood Sith Inquisitor from #swtor (9/14/2019)
-Hutt trader from the Character Guide (9/15)
-Corran Horn from the X-Wing series (10/19) *custom-ordered head
-Eeth Koth from Ep1 (10/20)
-Whistler from I, Jedi (10/24)
-Pellaeon from HTTE (11/9)
-Alternate General Kenobi (11/19)
-Mirax from I, Jedi (11/27/2019)
-Qwi Xux from Jedi Academy Trilogy (6/24/2020)
-OC Jon Rey (8/23)
- Jacen & Jaina Solo from YJK (9/3)
-Tycho Celchu & Cesi Eirriss from X-Wing series/comics (9/8)
-Ooryl Qyrgg from X-Wing series (9/25)
-Aayla Secura from CW03 (10/28/2020)
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I really cannot believe I have to keep repeating this because people apparently know nothing about the KOTOR IP.

A "Knights of the Old Republic" game cannot be developed by any company other than Bioware without revoking the KOTOR IP from Bioware.

#StarWars #kotor #SWTOR
"Knights of the Old Republic" is its own IP that was transferred from Bioware to Obsidian in 2004 and then from Obsidian back to Bioware in 2006/2007 to start development of SWTOR. Bioware Austin, which is still making "The Old Republic" content, is still the holder of that IP.
These rumors are wrong, and you can prove it solely for that reason. Unless Lucasfilm shuts down SWTOR (which has not happened and is not expected to happen for at least 2 more years) and revokes the KOTOR IP, the only company that can make a KOTOR game is Bioware.
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1/ Launched on December 20, 2011, #SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) was a successful release, but soon found itself rapidly losing #MMORPG customers due to weak end game support and the mistake of opening too many servers at once.
2/ #Bioware quickly reformed the game into a F2P + Premium model that saw many people return or come back to the game casually. Those of us that stuck with it were treated to many years of high quality content and a ridiculous amount of story + #RPG content.
3/ While #SWTOR was never the #WorldOfWarcraft "killer" that people may have wanted, it was an excellent MMORPG in its own right, being constantly updated, even today. I stuck with it many years (2011-2015) and once more in 2018.
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