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I have a few thoughts about the perpetual problem with mythic+ affixes in World of @Warcraft.

Affixes add flavour and variation, which is good. But affixes are unforgiving and solely negative. Change that and you’ve fixed affixes.

#worldofwarcraft #wowdragonflight
Players want variety. Static dungeons get boring rather quickly when you’re spamming them—a problem that was less present in early expansions.

Affixes are a great and obvious way to introduce variety. Their existence isn’t the problem. But nobody wants death by a thousand cuts.
Now as a tank, being on the brink of death is half of how I find excitement in life so I do tend to find an unhealthy level of enjoyment in affixes that require creative positioning or hurt me like a truck. But that’s not how most players feel.
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@FactCheckIndia that you are all no different than any other of us @TwitterParents to see a @GrievingMothers screams for a #helpinghand to be seen beneath #HumanRights as the #lies that are still pouring out of #MarkRowley's mouth that he has to read word to word from a scrip
because coming out of #retired that means #braindead as whoever is #socialmediamanager floods #TwitterFiles with #NicolaBulley, this I also find really sad, so so sad for those who like poor #MollyRussell and those who mare reaching out for @CruseSupport as a senior
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나는 2018년까지 World of Warcraft를 열심히 플레이했었다.
레이드보다는 PvP 위주의 투기장, 평점제 전장에서 열심히 썰었는데 지금 생각해보면 이게 바로 집중력의 원천이었던것 같다.
공부도 게임하듯이 혼자만의 퀘스트를 정해서 했다.
매일 매일 그날의 목표량을 정하여 일퀘/평판퀘 노가다 한다는 심정으로 완전히 숙지할때까지 공부를 하고 어차피 대가리가 나빠서 못외운 내용과 영어 단어들은 빼곡히 포스트잇에 적어 밥먹는 테이블에, 화장실 거울에, 자동차 대시보드에, 아무곳이나 눈길가는 곳에 사정없이 붙여놨다.
문제풀이도 마찬가지였다. 평판노가다 일퀘한다는 생각으로 하루에 3백문제를 정해진 시간안에 풀기를 수없이 반복했다.
이렇게 반복하면 비슷한 유형의 문제를 단어만 봐도 구분해내는 능력이 생긴다.
이렇게 WOW를 플레이 한다는 생각으로 공부를 하는게 꽤 효과적이었다.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Why the Fed wants to crush workers; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A vintage postcard illustra...
Today (1/19) at 1530hPT, I'm joining my co-author @rgibli and our host, @BradStone, for an @internetarchive/@Coil livecast about our book #ChokepointCapitalism: 2/ Image
Why the Fed wants to crush workers: Fall of Rome speedrun.

3/ Image
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Ich bin der Überzeugung, dass jeder vernünftige Erwachsene spielen sollte.
Und in all dem Stress und der Hektik des Alltags ist Spiel die kostbarste Zeit, die ich mir nehme.
Ich verbringe sie mit Menschen, von denen ich die meisten als Freunde bezeichne.
Heute in zwei Wochen tue ich gegen jede Vernunft das, was ich bei Release eines jeden neuen AddOns mache: Ich bleibe bis Mitternacht wach und spiele die Nacht durch. Das ist anstrengend, chaotisch, ich werde mich am nächsten Morgen dafür verfluchen, ich werde müde sein.
Ich bin 44 Jahre alt und bin knatschig, wenn ich nicht genug Schlaf bekomme.
Mein Alltag hält nicht an. Kinder und Hunde wollen um 6 Uhr morgens versorgt werden, Termine lassen sich nicht schieben.

Und: Das ist es mir wert.

Ich freu mich wie blöd darauf. 💚

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#worldofwarcraft cambió TU vida. Sí, la tuya.

Yo no he jugado nunca, pero la mía también la cambió.

Y lo que queda. Menuda la que liaron esos orcos.


Cogiendo apuntes y salseo de #VitalikButerin
Me han dicho que Vitalik es un pobre anoréxico que inventó Ethereum . Ya he comentado que no hagan esas bromas. Que está mu feo.

Seguro que es una bella persona. A ver

Nació en la madre Rusia pero sus progenitores se mudaron a Canadá a por más pan

Allí ya se empezó a ver algo.
El tío iba sobrado de neuronas y lo pasaron a un cole para niños especialmente dotados (no seas tan fácil anda).

Su dotación le permitió ser un master pro en mates, programación y... economía.

Tampoco fue a cualquier insti, fue a uno con el método Socrático (muchas preguntas)
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I am WAY out of the #WorldofWarcraft loop because I only JUST found out that they brought the Mage Tower back for Legion Timewalking.

The rewards are different. I imagine players are happy with the compromise.

Narrator: Players were not, in fact, 'happy with the compromise'.
The rewards are a recolor of T20 Mythic. Which fine okay great I love Druid T20 because it's upgraded T6 and all Druids know T6 is *Chef's Kiss*.

Everyone gets T20 as a reward oh okay.

But Guardian Druids also get Fel Werebear form. A new form that wasn't available previously. Fel Werebear from all angles
I gotta say I like it and it's ALMOST enough to get me to resub and do it. Almost.

The original Guardian challenge was difficult for me. I wasn't raiding Antorus at the time and I didn't have Luffa Wraps. So it took me a LOT of attempts before I completed it.
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Some thoughts about the economy of @crypto_raiders

But first an improved graphical overview for the @crypto_raiders ecosystem

Since the original version was well received, I finally managed to enchance it visually


...and more thoughts about the economy👇
Looking at $RAIDER, we've seen an enormous increase of price in the last few days

A well-deserved prize jump for the team and a possible indicator that the project is on the right track
Hypothesis: Sentiment towards game developers and general opinion of players can be interpreted based on price fluctuations of tokens and #NFT assets associated with the game

Similarly as we can interpret the rise and fall of the subscriber count in #worldofwarcraft
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As an employee of Activision bound by a NDA, I can't disclose much about the corporate process going on right now. But I'd like to speak out. I don't want this to be forgotten. I don't want this to pass as other viral sensations take over the media. We, employees of ABK, are- 1/?
here, we are living this. We are concerned for ourselves, for the community, for the company, and the future of our careers. Some of my female coworkers are terrified of the way the system's in place have been abused and twisted to allow for such harrasment to pass on unseen- 2/?
or uncared for. We are all in shock, we are all in a state of anger, confusion, and fear. We want change. We did our walkout, we signed petitions, we've asked thousands of questions in corporate meetings. I know the community feels this same outrage just as the employees do. 3/?
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1/ The world of video games is about to get swept off its feet, as the rise of the #PlayToEarn model, brought to the mainstream by @AxieInfinity, charts a new path for ALL game developers, threatening conventional business models.…
2/ For studios like $ATVI, the decision to acquire @king_games was a boon to their revenue and cashflow, acting as a stabiliser to overall earnings, providing a stable base to offset the seasonality that previously characterised most video games businesses.
3/ Monetising the casual gamer was easy money, although as the "loot box controversy" showed, applying Pay-to-win on AAA games isn't a good idea, for various reasons. Engaging gameplay, storylines, music and graphics make a game, not just "winning".…
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Gonna talk a bit about non-linear #LevelDesign in #WorldOfWarcraft because I've obviously been thinking a lot about it recently. To catch people up, WoW has gone back to a linear progression through zones from a "go where you want" mentality during the levelling experience.
It's played with these concepts on and off for years. Once you hit max level obviously you go back to free roaming but levelling is where the majority of the story is experienced and its here that these concepts of worldbuilding matter most.
You'd think in an open world RPG/MMO, this would be a backwards step in design due to a loss of agency. However, WoW has a unique problem in being a massive (old) MMO where player's don't really have much agency over the world. It's a theme park.
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Please share this thread, if you don't mind

TL;DR: I'm attempting a 24hour stream today starting at 1:00pm PST for the #WorldOfWarcraft #Shadowlands launch, and I would love it if anyone wants to hang out with me as I get back into streaming.
I've avoided being completely open about my own #Mentalhealth because I don't like the idea of trying to use it or wield it for pity or attention.

That being said, I've learned to appreciate the value of sharing, and destigmatizing mental health discussion.

So why now?
For many of us, gaming has been an invaluable escape during difficult times, whether it be during a pandemic, dealing with personal mental health, or just other general adversity.

I've been dealing with severe #depression for 14 years. I'm 26, so since I was 12.
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There's a phrase that entered my mother's lexicon as the impeachment of Bill Clinton progressed in the 90's:

"It don't matter what you've done, lying will only make it worse."

Myself, being in the thick of my teen years at the time, had that drilled into my head.

As a result I rather think of myself as a poor liar, but that's neither here nor there.

But it's been on my mind deeply, lately, with the streaming industry going through it's own #MeToo moment. Because the core of this is not just about many bad apples doing sex crimes.
Don't misunderstand me: each and every story is something to make you feel sick to your stomach, and deserves justice. It's just not what I'm talking about.

What I'm talking about is this:

The entire games industry, top to bottom, has lied to us for years.
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Hilo; "Paseando por #Azeroth"

(Aquí iré colgando capturas del #worldofwarcraft y así tenerlas organizadas en el mismo hilo)

Empezamos con el Maravilloso #Skyline de las ruinas de #Lordaeron visto desde #Rémol! Image
Hoy en "Paseando por #Azeroth" ;

#Orgrimar! sobran las palabras...

#QuedateEnCasaSubnormal Jugando al #WoWClassic ! o en su defecto al #WorldOfWarcraft retail... Image
Hoy en "Paseando por #Azeroth" ;

Gracias Guardia Real del Terror por proteger a Nuestra reina Alma en Pena.

#QuedateEnCasaSubnormal Jugando al #WoWClassic ! o en su defecto al #WorldOfWarcraft retail... Image
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People have been reminding me in the last few days, this paper I have written a decade ago about the outbreak of a ‘pandemic’ in World of Warcraft. So - this is the wikipedia page:… and the actual paper - in thread #Covid_19 #pandemic #worldofwarcraft 1/2 Image
And the scientific paper: 2/3
And the TED talk...…
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1/ Launched on December 20, 2011, #SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) was a successful release, but soon found itself rapidly losing #MMORPG customers due to weak end game support and the mistake of opening too many servers at once.
2/ #Bioware quickly reformed the game into a F2P + Premium model that saw many people return or come back to the game casually. Those of us that stuck with it were treated to many years of high quality content and a ridiculous amount of story + #RPG content.
3/ While #SWTOR was never the #WorldOfWarcraft "killer" that people may have wanted, it was an excellent MMORPG in its own right, being constantly updated, even today. I stuck with it many years (2011-2015) and once more in 2018.
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