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Twenty-eight pages later, and the RPGsite is still bemoaning that "woke morons" are going after Steve Jackson Games. The irony, of course is that they give those of us who want #RPG gaming spaces to be better spaces more power than we would ever give to them.
Since our fans over there want this to be talked about, I'll honor the wishes of the RPGsite and continue to talk about it. This is your reminder that Steve Jackson Games supports harassers in the #RPG industry by working with Frog God Games and Bill Webb.
Frog God Games doing the relaunch of Bunnies & Burroughs and converting adventures to The Fantasy Trip is more important to Steve Jackson Games than working to make our #RPG conventions safer spaces.
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Hey #indiedevhour! We wanted to do a little series on assembling characters in Shores Unknown. This week we'll talk about general setup and character material. With screens & gifs!
But first, here's a gif of Birgit, because she's cool and owns an inn.
#gamedev #indiedev #lowpoly
Among the goals we had early on, one was to have as few repeatable, reused characters as possible in the game.

Pictured: one of the two debug "preview" levels where we test our freshly assembled dudes and dudettes.
Inside the project in #ue4 we use a data table we call CharacterStatics which is used to store every unique character look. Right now, about half-way into completing the main story content of the game, we're sitting at 223 entries in this table.
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No dia 23/03 jogámos a nossa quinta sessão da campanha “Para Além da Tela” de @KultRPG

...O sangue jorrou então da garganta cortada do irmão do artista e espalhou-se pelo chão como um balde de água acabado de tombar. 1/49
Ao tocar os pés de Honório todo o seu corpo escorregou para dentro do líquido vermelho-escuro. Os seus olhos abriram-se e este viu-se imerso na imensidão de um líquido quente que lhe dificultava os movimentos. 2/49
Empurrou-se na direção de uma trepidação quase imperceptível e ao sentir o toque de uma superfície sólida emergiu apoiando-se nela com toda a força das suas pernas. 3/49
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Someone wrote on reddit (paraphrasing) "@MonteJCook's Invisible Sun has a $99 PDF. That's ridiculous. No PDF is worth that much."

They're wrong. Let me tell you why you're not paying enough for your RPGs.

P.S. Sorry for picking on you, Monte.

#ttrpg #rpg #rpgwork #gamedesign
For starters, let's set aside "it's 80 different digital components" and arguments like that. One file or a dozen, $99 is still a reasonable price for a complete game system.
First, let's think about how we typically consume games. Unless it's the big one (cough dnd), it's a pretty safe bet that there is one copy of the rulebook per table.

Someone sees a neat system and says "hey, I'll pick this up, the group would love it" and they go from there.
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"Oh put them in the armor first" calls Sir Thorns "I know I needed a change of pants after my knighting!"
There's general chuckling from the crowd
"Mrs S if you wouldn't mind showing them to somewhere they can get changed" the Lady asks her.
"Certainly me
Lady, this way big un" she grasps your arm and steers you off to a small room just off the main hall.
Inside there's a chair and a table with some garments on it, a jacket, pants, and a vest
They seem to be some sort of black leather, you're sure you've seen them somewhere before
Mrs S puts a jar of some chalky powder on the table.
"Rub this on your legs before you put those pants on, they can get a bit tight after a while, this will make taking them off again easier"
You look at her in confusion
"What in the hells is happening to me now?" you ask
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Does more #GM prep make your #RPG better?

Controversial answer: Yes, with just ONE qualification: Only if it's the *right* prep. That means I think every game, from Apocalypse World to Pathfinder, benefits from prep.

More in thread.
First of all, prepping a session isn't NECESSARY for the session or even a campaign to be good. You can run a good campaign start to finish with 0 prep. But prep helps. It makes improvising a lot easier if you have pre-built resources ready to hand. It keeps stories straight.
So 0 prep, you can do good. But without prep, there are things you have to work extra hard for in each session.

For instance, you and your players have to be REAL good at remembering names and story details from past sessions if you don't write session summaries.
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I'm going to start a #DnD formatting thread with this tweet to note some common pitfalls I notice while editing adventures. I'll come back to it as I have more thoughts. #RPG #TRPG #TTRPG
When you write an NPC's statistics in parentheses next to their name, it should look like this: NAME (ABBREVIATED ALIGNMENT SEX OR GENDER SUBRACE RACE STATISTICS). e.g. Fireface McDragon (LG female mountain dwarf knight)
Always indent inline subheads. Those are the subheads that are in bold and italics.
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We need to remember that there are more harassers and abusers in the tabletop #RPG scene than just Zak. All of them deserve to be removed from gaming. These links are the tip of the iceberg.
Bill Webb of Frog God Games. His employees have attempted to attack and discredit people speaking out against him. Meanwhile the company admitted that he had done wrong.…
There's Sean Patrick Fannon of Evil Beagle, and who has worked on various Savage Worlds 1st and 3rd party publications.…
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As someone who uses very similar methods to the Lazy DM ethos on prep of @SlyFlourish , try this out: Right as you finish a session, in addition to normal notes, come up with ways in which villains, factions, npc's et al will react to the characters' actions #DND #rpg
I used to to this as part of prep, but in doing it following a session instead, I find its much fresher in my mind, and helps with with prep for the next session, as well as helping your campaign world feel more alive.
Journal image is from @tabletitans , found here…
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#DnD pondering about my island

Would you as a PC, prefer locations that are spoken/written in your native tongue (for me, English), or using a language that conveys a more remote distant feeling (for me, Arabic).

E.g; 'The Land of the Spear' or Al'ard Ramal

#worldbuilding #rpg
Disclaimer - I think the phonetics of Arabic are wonderful and the visual appearance of the script is stunning. I will however translate, use and modify words in my #DnD world, so they are not perfect, good or even true translations. No offence is meant by this.
Eg 2: The large central mountain range:
'The Dragon's Back' or 'Zahar Altanin'

Eg 3: A famous ship wrecked off the southern tip
'Sailor's Grave' or 'Qabr Bihaarn'

Eg 4: The poisonous 2x vents in the volcano
'The Nostrils' or 'Alhaysheem'

(Some words written more phonetically)
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Eita, vamos entrar no lance.
Para cada 1 curtida 1 perfil de Mulher Podcaster ou podcast feito por #mulherespodcasters
Começando pelo @OlharesPodcast este podcast que vos fala. Um podcast #feminista sobre #mulheres, #movimentossociais e #direitoshumanos #mulherespodcasters criadoras da ação #ativismonaweb pelo fim da #violência
Tem o @Programa_PontoG , um programa feito por mulheres, para todos os gêneros; um podcast sobre #mulheres que marcaram a história e criadoras da iniciativa #mulherespodcasters
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(So 3rd attempt writing this thread. Now condensed)

#DnD World Building thread:

I'm writing up a largely sandy island for a #DnD5e campaign 🏝 The island is loosely shaped like a spear head, with a mountain ridge running along what might be seen as the spears ridge / fuller 🗡
I love the phonetic sounds of the Arabic language for this location. I'm currently thinking the island is called internationally as Al 'Ard Ramali. Which roughly translates to The Land of the Spear. Is that too many syllables for a countries name? Does it flow? ⁉
At the very tip of the island (the pointy end), is the capital, a large trading port city that is literally & physically split in two ⚓ It is known for trading in exotic items, precious metals & precious gems. Due to the desert environment that largely covers the island, food...
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I modified Daekle's super simple character sheet (link in comment) for a kid's introduction #dnd #rpg game.
Making a character: stats have to add up to 10. Each number is a 1d6.
Armor is light 1, medium 2 or heavy 3- plus 1 for shield.

Roll over difficulty number (armour) to score a success (owie).
Weapons give +1 or +2 dice.
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There is a lot of things to be excited about in the #tabletop #rpg games hobby. As much as we need to be critical of text, and folks making games, there's a lot to be thankful for as well. Particular if you're privileged enough to have a gaming group where you can try new stuff.
Being a part of the @GauntletRPG has allowed me to play 50 systems this year. 50!!!! Roll20 forums and in-person groups in Calgary, Alberta had me fucking starving for other systems because all anyone played with Saga Star Wars, Pathfinder, and D&D--and those games aren't for me.
In any given week I play 3 different systems and bi-monthly I playtest my own games, usually. When I'm not writing, anyway. There are so many games, especially indie games, I'm excited for and so much on the Gauntlet schedule that I'm looking forward to.
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#DnD #rpg #coya
The crowd is applauding,
You want to clap too!
How do you...
Hands! I had them! What did they look like?
Spectral hands appear in the air in front of you
No one seems to notice them
Must be yours
Yes that's them! Now arms I had big ones!
I was a big one!
You piece together the memory of the you that was and as it completes you realise that it's what you're supposed to be!
Makes sense now, you were a terrible wolf
You step toward the spectra; shape and as you do, you mentally envision pouring yourself into it
You fill the shape!
You remember it all now!
You are Peu Pue Flintwalker, Goliath of the Thugaga clan, Druid of the Twilight Circle, known as Howls from Wrong End in the Fae courts, guardian of George the shiny pebble and you owe some people a right kicking!
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Who is your game about?
#RPG #DnD #GM #DM thread.
Let's get the obvious one out of the way, DMs: Your game is not about you. And it is not about that really cool NPC you invented.

But that's not what I'm going to talk about in this thread. I'm going to ask: Is your game about your PLAYERS or their CHARACTERS? No wrong answer.
Both answers get at different styles, but if you only ever learn one thing from all the stuff I say, it should be this: Be mindful about your choices! Pick a strategy because that's a fully informed choice you made, not just because that's the way you've always done it.
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#DnD #rpg #coya
Result On hold
I'm back! I was running a combi-comic/anime/gaming.cons confor a few days so I figure I'd better do a recap of the story so far. Eh, you might want to get comfortable for this Ready? No? Tough.
You are playing Peu Pue Flintwalker, a gender neutral
Goliath, 7' 2", 350lb, druid, who left their clan to see the world and map a way to Chult for your chief.
Day one off the mountain range, you met a human father and child with a broken cart wheel you helped them fix it and accompanied them to a nearby village to get the lay of
the land, there was a monster terrorizing the locals and you promised to help them hunt it the next day, you bought a map of the world from a dark gnome book store owner called Bobkins, discovered an ancient temple at the bottom of an old well, underwent the trial of elements by
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Don't split the party!

You hear that all the time. For #dnd fans. Aside from the challenge rating issues and class interaction issues, people hate splitting the party because it's BORING.

You or your GM might be bad at it. And that's OK. I was bad at it for... years. I think most of us are bad at it.

But there's a trick to getting good at it.
Everyone KNOWS you need to cut between scenes pretty often, so no group of players is left sitting around, playing on their phones, losing interest and whatnot. We also know to put both halves of the party in exciting situations if we can.
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You suddenly wake on some sort on bed, a strange white light comes from a globe the ceiling. You attempt to sit up but find you're tied down and there's some sort of ring around your head.
Above you a humanoid looms over you, in an odd coloured green robe
and hat, its mouth covered by a white cloth mask.
You hear the voice of your accuser from earlies ask
"Is it safe?" as it brings an already spinning drill into view...
..Then your flying through the air, faster than you've ever travelled, ahead a metal board held up by tow poles
is coming towards you, fast.
Little buzzing insects fly through it ahead of you leaving red hot holes in it, you duck your head trying to hit it with your back rather than your head for a change.
You overshoot a little and hit it with your arse instead, luckily the sign gives way
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You watch the servants keenly, Father Tree and Sir Thorns seem to be looking as well, you notice there seems to be gaps among the battalion of servants, the mists aren't to be seen, neither is wolf or the mystery servant.
Sally, Mrs S's aide de camp comes
scurrying out of what you assume is the kitchen area and whisper something to Mrs S's eyes go wide, she slams her hand on the table and starts to stand up.
Then seems to think better of it.
There's muttering among the guests as they notice others below them being served first.
New one is up
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#DnD #rpg #coya
Knowing the sort of hilarity your name draw sin mortal circles you decide not to subject yourself to the Fey version of the same and look back at the flea ridden druid.
Perhaps you missed something
-Perception check: Nat :20-
He is still making odd jerky
movements, not consciously, it looks like he's making an unconscious effort to scrape his own shadow off his shoe. His shadow looks wrong too,
It looks like there's more than one person casting it....
The third course is being brought out, your view is blocked by a battalion of
servants carrying the third course.
Your companions have gone quiet again but you have noticed they do that just before each course, your not sure if it's etiquette or something else.
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"Does the name Norman mean anything to you?"
They look thoughtful
"Nor man" says Father Tree sounding like he was physically tasting the word "No"
Sir Thorns brightens up
"Could it be the name of that god we were trying to remember?"
"Hmm it could be "
"Mrs S" calls Sir Thorns, "could that Gods name have been Norman?"
"Not likely I think I'd have remembered a name as odd as that"
"It is a weird one" agrees Father Tree
"Mortals do have the silliest names" says Sir Thorns "I met on once called Beauregard!"
They laugh
New one is up
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#DnD #rpg #coya
With Wolf's voice calmly guiding you the memory comes into focus but it's not of the servant rather it's some sort of room, there's scattered furniture, before you stands a child with a dagger, you babble a description of him to Wolf. There's chanting in
the background, two words being repeated constantly, a rat scurries past behind the child, you feel your attention following it into the fuzzy mass of forgetfulness around the memory, you fight to turn back but it's too late, your mind tries to snatch any last bit of information
as you emerge back to reality you drag a name out of the memory.
"Norman" you say it out loud as your eyes open on the feast again
"Is that it's name?" asks Wolf
"I think so you" reply "It's gone al fuzzy again"
"I can do things with a name" says Wolf "Leave it to me for a bit"
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You scrunch up your face, tensing your body, physically trying to break the mental block. You fail, your shoulders slump in defeat.
"Easy there cub" says wolf "You'll pop something"
"The memory is there, I just can't pull it into focus" you tell him
your doing a lot of physical things trying to achieve a mental thing, you need to get to the same state you achieve when you commune with nature. Sit up straight"
You sit up
"Now close your eyes and regulate your breathing, slow in, slow out emptying your mind of other images"
Okay lets try a mechanic for assisted rolls
Only RT's and likes of the 2 tweets above count
Every RT gets a roll to see the memory. DC 20
+3 mod
Every like adds a +1 to the results
Majority passes = character passes
Majority fails = character fails
Ends 5pm Irish time June 17th
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