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Olá, cultistas! Apresento a vocês o Receptáculo Macabro, uma adaptação dos Ovos de #qsmp para o universo de Ordem Paranormal.

⬇️Segue o fio

#GrimorioParanormal #OrdemParanormal #DnD #RPG #Catarse #qsmpfanart Image
Para ter acesso a ficha e token da criatura, você pode clicar no link abaixo ⛏️🌎:…

#GrimorioParanormal #OrdemParanormal #DnD #RPG #Catarse #qsmpfanart Image
Apoie o Grimório Paranormal em:…

Acesse também o:
• Nosso Discord:
• Nosso TikTok:

#GrimorioParanormal #OrdemParanormal #DnD #RPG #Catarse
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I understand the concept of operations but have learned to appreciate the FRENCH Legal System over ours.


You Punched Him Go To Jail
You Punched Him. Cheers🥂

'Broke the Law of Punching Folks' but dang he grabbed her 🐈‍⬛


So I have to Wing it

Hello 👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️
5 is more than 1
Be Illuminated not Illuminati Image

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(That would be 'Me', aka Cosmo aka....) Image

_______________________ Image
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1/20 Let’s look at the budget of a TTRPG project and break it down! Hope it’s helpful and you release lots of cool TTRPG stuff! I also hope it helps ensure paying collaborators fairly (or even great)!

#DND #DND5e #TTRPG #Pathfinder #GameBudget #GameDesign #RPG #GameDevelopment
2/20 Here’s a sample budget, based on the brilliant @jefftidball’s Budget Template v1.1:
• Google Doc:
• Excel:

So start with a title. Easy enough.

Thanks to the late Brian Dalrymple for sharing this so many moons ago. Image
3/20 So first things first—the word count expenses. Unless your project is stock art or maps, this is likely the most important expense. Let’s say you think there will be 800 words per page, without art. Let’s say 10,000 words total. It will then calculate… Image
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Over a year ago, I joined @EVRL00T team and released "One Month of Evrloot(ing)".

Back then i promised myself to release "One Year of Evrloot(ing)"

So let's have it here, on Twitter.🧵…
1/ Towards the end of the previous article said " I don't know what the future will be" and certainly didn't expect what would come in 2022!
2/ As a team, we actually didn't expect to see a playable game in the early days and during Book Of Lore sale. Team only knew one but key word: Work and Conviction.
Well that's actually two words😅
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We played a LOT of games in 2022. And fell in love with a lot of them as well. Now while they all can't get #GOTY, we can give out a bunch of silly awards to show these games just how much they mean to us.…

#indiegames ImageImageImageImage

Our 'The Bob Barker Award' goes to none other than @rednexusgames for Peglin!

"This game lets me live out my Plinko dreams and does fun things to my brain."

Congrats @DylanGedig! We gotta bring you back on the show again real soon.

#peglin #plinko #indiedev #indiegames Image

Our 'The Best RPG That None Of Us Talked About Award' goes to @ChainedEchoes!

@arkheiral is our hero. We didn't talk about your amazing game at all in 2022. Let's fix that. We have a cozy spot waiting for you on our podcast.

#rpg #pixelart #indiedev #indiegames Image
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Interesting news in the #RPG world:

D&D has been under an open license for 20+ years which has allowed content creators to publish #DnD-compatible material free & clear, but the giant corporation which owns the game (Hasbro) tried yanking the rights & the community is revolting:
This is an interesting study in a situation where a game really has become community property (socialized, you might say), and a mega-company tries to step in & pocket all of the third-party content -- not just "fan art" but a huge cottage industry of writers, designers, etc #dnd
The D&D third-party content producers range from people making $1/year off of some monster stats to people raising $100K off of a Kickstarter for a major project employing dozens of writers, artists, etc. The license change would've destroyed that overnight -- currently on pause.
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If you feel the need to comment negatively here you may want to seek therapy for that.
Inserting real world politics to the game table, game store, event, game, etc.. lacks class, speaks towards your upbringing, & is unsportsmanlike, to insert it into a generational ip is foolish 1/3 of america is on the left 1/3 america is on the right and 1/3 like neither 1/3<2/3
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5️⃣Es absolutamente imprescindible saber llevar un control en batalla y combinar la estrategia (planes a largo alcance) con la táctica (maniobras a corto plazo). En resumen: no te atasques. Adáptate según la situación.

⚠️Cuidadito aquí. A muchos devs les encanta reservar
alguna que otra sorpresa según la misión: emboscadas, aparición de nuevos enemigos... Vete a saber. Aunque el combate puede desequilibrar la formación con facilidad, intenta no fragmentar el grueso de tu ejército. Te será más fácil reorganizarte si hay varios enfrentamientos 🥊
6️⃣ Huye de los clichés como: la mejor defensa es un buen ataque, o tips clásicos como "hacer un muro humano". Los mejores jugadores son aquellos que saber mantener el equilibrio entre ataque y defensa. Sobre esto, un puntito:

⚠️A veces hay que saber no hacer nada. Mantener
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Vamos a conocer un poco mejor la estructura de combate de un #RPG táctico 🧠🎮

🧵En este nuevo hilo de #EnClavedeRol vamos a hablar de LAS FASES DEL JUEGO!

Y para que este mega hilo tenga más alcance, agradecería mucho vuestro apoyo ❤️🔁

#tactical #indiegame #indiedevs
🔊 El objetivo de este tutorial es ofrecer una explicación detallada sobre las diferentes fases de combate que existen en un juego de estrategia táctica por turnos, se trate de un #RPG o no.
⚠️ Cada SRPG tiene unas reglas de juego diferentes, y aunque en su concepto todos sean similares, la explicaciones dadas en este hilo tendrán que adaptarse a cada juego en particular. No obstante, la estrategia básica de cada fase de juego debería ser aplicable a la mayoría.
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Let's continue our story of the "The Kaiser's Last Raider: Exploits of the notorious Wolf". 🚢🐺🏴‍☠️

If you haven't read "Episode One: Relief", read the thread below to keep up with Cpt. Jon and the Wolf's adventures.
#boardgames #rpg #adventure #wargames #narrative #ww1
Episode Two: Odyssey 📝

2nd Officer @JohnLyn83159113 scratched his beard. What was the Old Man up to? Why had they returned to the Gulf of Aden after encountering Admiral Sturdee in these waters not long ago? He didn't know. Captain @hexandcountdown didn't always tell the crew.
In fact, most of the time he didn't. 1st Officer @OberstWKlink had the privilege of knowledge, and this suspicious @Johkmil, of whom nobody really knew what his role on board of the Wolf actually was, often seemed to know things even before the captain did.
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Let's play another session of "Arc of the Kaiser's Last Raider" (Joe Miranda, One Small Step, 2018).

It's a #solitaire narrative #rpg #wargame, but I invite you to take part via this thread! The player is "writing" a #pulpfiction novel series about a German raider during #WW1. Cover art showing a point-to-point map of the Indian Ocean,
Needing to keep the readers engaged by a somewhat believable storyline of a daring captain and their crew, trying to change the course of the Great War in Europe. The story is driven forward by a randomized deck of cards, containing incidents, enemies and special abilities. Several decks of cards of the types Incidents, Objective, Ne
First choice to be made: the ship our crew will sail on into the Indian Ocean to disrupt the Entente's commerce and ... very secretly try to acquire objectives that could change the course of the war.

Comment, share or like a post in the thread to become part of the crew.
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#RPG #rpglife life science business analysis,
It's was my diwali pick trying make two cent to add some value
A turnaround company with margins expansion & get rid off from DPCO specially your monopoly product ✨🧵 Image
👉Leader in immunosuppressant segment
👉50+ year rich legacy, integrated operation with capabilities of both development & mfg in API & formulation,
👉company operating in domestic & international mkts in branded formulation,
👉global generic, API🧬💊
👉6 text book brand are trusted by doctor and patient
👉3 mfg units
👉1100+ permanent employee
👉50+ countries presence,
👉Enduring relationship with leading generic players of World 🌍
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Thread time 🧵

Here's how to precisely design a small building in a game (such as an isometric bunker) by fine-tuning #StableDiffusion

This example was inspired by #RedAlert, which I spent countless hours on (in 96-97 - pls don't call me old 😅)

Style-consistency is paramount when it comes to designing #game assets.

I trained a fine-tune using @Scenario_gg (alpha), using 16 images (below), inspired by the Red Alert/Command & Conquer buildings.

Fun fact: I generated them all in... @midjourney.
I actually generated more than 200 buildings (and even some vehicles), from which I picked a smaller dataset, keeping enough variability within a certain consistent style.

I will keep the remaining data for new trainings in the coming days :)
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Okay, I believe this is the most INSANE set of assets I've designed so far with #StableDiffusion. Just ready for an excellent #RPG! Who wants some potions?

Take a look at the first selection below... the complete thread + how-to are coming in about 2-3 hours

#AI for #Gaming
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Everything on here is terrible, so let’s get lost in a haunted house 👻

As a #Halloween2022 🎃 treat, allow me to introduce you to #LonelyHouse - a new game of collaborative fiction

Which path will you choose? #TTRPG #HorrorGame #NaNoWriMo #RPG…
This is available only as a digital release for now

Because #LonelyHouse is an indie release, I could really use your help in getting word out

Any reposts or retweets would be most appreciated - doubly so if you are a writer, game designer/publisher - but every boost helps
Tomorrow on Halloween as a special treat, I will read a few chapters aloud on a Facebook live starting around 9 pm EST

If you haven’t found my verified Facebook page yet, it’s under the same handle as this Twitter account: sethanikeem
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Aquí tenéis un hilo 🧵 con una selección de recursos muy útiles para preparar la vuelta al cole.
Esperamos que os guste. 😊
Panel interactivo para pizarra digital para practicar las rutinas en inglés. 🙂…
#Recursos #Rutinas #Asamblea #Infantil #Primaria #Inglés
Reloj interactivo para aprender a interpretar el significado de las agujas del reloj.⏰
Válido para PC y PDI.

Y material imprimible para practicar lo aprendido. 📎…
#Recursos #Primaria #Tiempo #Hora
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We’ve added a new set of fun #p2e games to our roster of partners! This time, we’re exploring genres like move-to-earn, farming simulations, racing games, and MMORPGs.

A thread.
1/ One of our new partners is @Fancybirdsio, a #p2e mobile game targeting the casual mini-game niche. With compelling and addictive game mechanics, Fancy Birds is reminiscent of the viral side-scroller, Flappy Bird. Image
2/ Next is @TheMonkeyLeague, a fast-paced, turn-based arcade football NFT game built on the @solana blockchain. Blending game elements of FIFA Street and Final Fantasy, MonkeyBall sets itself apart by prioritizing an esports component. Image
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If you're a fan of the #RPG genre and are looking for games in the #Avalanche and #Solana ecosystem, these are the top names that you should give a shot. Game on! 🎮

#AvaxholicInsights #CSSADT #AVAXDT #GameFi‌ #Crypto #AVAX TOP RPG GAMEFI ON AVALANCHE AND SOLANA  If you're a fan of t
And here are some of the latest game updates:
- @HeroesChained Minigame: Fortunes of Ventuna
- @PlayAscenders updated the new whitepaper
- @galaxy_survivor ticket sale is opening
- @DCGgamefi updated new elements, repair function, new intro video, etc
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Sé bienvenido a #ProyectoSeeD

Estás ante lo que será una guía no oficial de referencia para Final Fantasy VIII. Es el nacimiento de algo muy grande y que conlleva un esfuerzo titánico del equipo que formamos en este proyecto

Sé paciente y mira este hilo con todos los avances 😁 Empieza la creación de la g...
@ComunidadFF @RpgSpain @TheKhorgar @ProjectMako @Rikkuandyuna23 @Melosdead @lunasyney @LazaPLAYS @GeraruTaru ¡Lo prometido es deuda! ¿Qué os parece?

Os dejamos la primera página de la Guía no oficial de #FinalFantasyVIII

Es posible que haya algún cambio (sobre todo a nivel de maquetación) pero para que vayáis calentando motores. Image
¿Que cómo va la guía queréis saber?

Bueno, pues está tomando una buena forma y, aunque no os podamos enseñar todo lo que tenemos, os dejamos estas imágenes para que veáis que, el PROYECTO SEED va a convertirse en una REALIDAD

#FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyVIII #Guía #JRPG #Seed ImageImageImageImage
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[1] Okay, time to resume this thread. But I'm just going to start over at [1]...

Incidentally, you can find these charts I'm using on the #DefiKingdoms Discord, or at @DFKStronghold's site:

And class growth stats are posted at:…
[2] Yesterday, I discussed how a higher class tier and a higher rarity level will increase a hero's stats, on average (and stats are probably the most important part of what makes for a "good" hero.)

But that difference among heroes becomes more pronounced as heroes LEVEL UP... Image
[3] To illustrate, let's start with an ABSURDLY good, UNFAIRLY AMAZING #DFK hero summoned by @Sovrezd yesterday. (I'll explain summoning later.)

The hero in question is a mythic dragoon, of which only 32 exist AT ALL, only 4 of which have an advanced subclass (here, ninja)... ImageImage
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In 1963, a Cappadocian man discovered a mysterious chamber hidden behind a wall in his home. Investigation revealed access to the lost Byzantine city of Derinkuyu—an underground labyrinth reaching 279ft (85m) deep.🧵 1/3
#inspiration #History #writing #ttrpg #RPG #DnD #dnd5e
Artifact finds suggest construction began during the 5th century, and was completed by the 10th. Hewn from volcanic rock, the underground city’s countless rooms could shelter 20,000 people, their livestock, and food stores, all across five levels connected by stairs. 🧵 2/3
The upper levels of Derinkuyu hold stables, storerooms, chapels, and private homes. An abandoned cruciform church lurks alone at the deepest level. While the city was opened to visitors in 1969, over half of the tunnels—as well as the church—remain off-limits to the public 🧵 3/3
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THE WITCH HOUSE NEXT DOOR is a story I grew up with. In the early 60’s, several illegally-built houses in the woods nearby were being demolished to make room for a public park. One house had an especially poor reputation.🧵 1/12
#inspiration #urbanlegends #ttrpg #RPG #dnd #dnd5e
The story—as told by my stepfather—goes that the house’s owner was a practitioner of the black arts. Shortly after he died, local kids began daring each other to sneak into the house after dark. It took several weeks before any of them dared venture into the basement 🧵 2/12
Dirk, the local ‘tough kid’was a buddy of my stepdad at the time, and convinced him to explore the basement of the witch house together before it would be torn down by bulldozers. The boys didn’t expect to find much, since the upper stories had held nothing interesting 🧵 3/12
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