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Cambridge Analytica’s exploitation of private data from 87 million Facebook users is a significant piece of the conspiracy to defraud the US, UK French (?) electorates.
I haven’t seen any definitive reporting linking Brannon’s Far R The Movement & the use of CA, to help elect Le Pen, but it isn’t a stretch to imagine it was likely used to assist the right-wing effort to disaggregate the EU. 
#MacronLeaks & TeamTrump
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💰Arron Banks - STM Fidecs Ltd

STM Fidecs Ltd was the first to register Leave.EU as a wholly owned subsidiary. Its ownership then passed to Banks.…
🔑Banks was previously a “substantial” shareholder in the firm’s parent company.

📌And the Panama Papers give further details of Banks’s offshore interests. He is listed as a shareholder of PRI Holdings, together with two other people.…
One of them is Elizabeth Bilney, the chief executive of Leave.EU. Documents show Banks owns 25,500 shares in the firm, and Bilney 12,250.…
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‼️Nigel Farage & TeamTrump

#Brexit2016Elex Thread 2

Nigel Farage has done more than any politician in a generation to yank British politics to the hard, nationalist right.

He is one of the most dangerous demagogues Britain has ever seen.…
Today 6/4/19 Farage slips into US ambassador’s house for secret meeting with Donald Trump…
📌Today 6/4/19: Farage suggests cutting the British government out of trade negations and said will establish a delegation of industrialists & establish trade talks directly with Trump Administration

#AWFDY? #MobMove
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‼️The Brexit Referendum & the 2016 Trump Campaign are intertwined— the same co-conspirators are involved in both.

Brexit ( was a test run for the Trump 2016 presidential campaign.

This thread will illustrate the big picture. Trump = medium sized fish.
Both campaigns focused on common RW themes: Nationalism, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Soros, income disparity, etc.—all issues exacerbated by the actions of TOC.

📌Cambridge Analytica is the focal point through which we can see the relationships in play & reveals the elephant in the room: Britain tying its future to an America that is being remade - in a radical and alarming way - by TeamTrump.…
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‼️#Scot24 ‘Sedition’ Meeting

On June 24, 2016, Trump arrives to Scotland. He had at that time had just clinched, the Republican presidential nomination.

📌What Trump didn’t have was campaign organization and his coffers were dry.…
6/20/16: Trump Starts Summer Push With Crippling Money Deficit…
Steve Mnuchin attended the meeting in Scotland as well. #Scot24…
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Trump’s circle is still in legal peril: “the biggest legal minefield here is the number of different offices looking at this,” said Berit Berger, a former federal prosecutor who’s now at Columbia Law School. “You can’t say they’re all witch hunts.”…
As we wait for Barr to reveal the Mueller Report, let’s review.

This article provides a good overview of the many ongoing investigations into TeamTrump all of which are being handled by the DOJ or have been framed out to other jurisdictions.
Remember Mueller’s focus is narrow.
📌Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating the Trump Organization and his 2016 campaign for possible campaign finance violations.

📌They’ve also issued subpoenas to Trump’s inaugural committee.…
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Trump is raging! He knows something is in the pipeline!

Haven’t heard anything new.

Mueller asked to delay sentencing for Rick Gates, amid "ongoing investigations"

Federal court holds 1stA does not protect Trump Campaign in alleged conspiracy with RU-Wikileaks

Kogan, the Academic Behind Cambridge Analytica Data Mining Sues FB for Defamation

Joint Chiefs Chair says Google refuses to work with US military but provides “direct benefit” to China’s military

Mnuchin Vows to Protect Trump’s Privacy if Tax Returns Sought

📌US bars entry of ICC investigators

📌Pompeo, making good on a threat delivered by John Bolton, said the U.S. had already moved against some employees of The Hague-based court, but declined to say how many or what cases they may have been investigating.
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Trump (Mr. Brexit) makes last-minute Brexit intervention 'after being lobbied by Nigel Farage'

'My Administration looks forward to negotiating a large scale Trade Deal with the United Kingdom. The potential is unlimited!' president tweets

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Hindsight is 20/20. Could be fun to revisit the scene of the crime and take a look, who was present at Trump Tower on the eve of 11/816 (h/t @loonyberg)

One guy says his wife was in Russia 😊…
Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, of course.

Matt Mowers, "...national field coordinator and battleground states director: "I think I was there just before 5 A.M. We had a war room set up on the fifth floor—that unfinished floor in Trump Tower that was the original campaign HQ."
"Scottie Nell Hughes, Trump campaign media surrogate: I woke up bright and early. It was 4 A.M. I headed over to Trump Tower. John Fredericks, out of Virginia, had his radio station going there."
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Thread What if @FBI seeking info on #RISistance? As we have reported, #Resistance is penetrated by Russian Intel…
As we have reported, the leadership of #Resistance is penetrated by Russian intelligence and under FBI investigation…
We reported on "TellYourReps".com, a website pushed by Rogue POTUS Bannon and the @MarchForTruth17 account…
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