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I just have to laugh at how pathetic #Bannon is, esp his attempted knowledge of what "treason" means. đŸ€Ł I'm a "liberal attorney"? I prob rep more conservatives than liberals in my career, sue every WH & have always been registered independent.

I'm quite proud to rep both @AVindman & @YVindman. As well as @EzraACohen, @LTGHRMcMaster, @Cliff_Sims, @RepWalterJones, Secretary of Defenses #MarkEsper & #ChrisMiller, IC #whistleblower, #KatieArrington, #BrianMurphy & #ChelseaManning.

All these cases pertain to #RuleOfLaw.
Here are some good background articles on my legal career

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1) ICYMI: The last time Biden began processing migrants deported under #MPP who had pending cases before the #EOIR, USBP union along w/a Breitbart content creator took that opportunity to stage migrant crossings for @CNN to film & started #BidensOpenBorder with far-right media...
2) The Epoch Times, which promotes far-right politicians in Europe & has championed former President Donald Trump in the U.S. A 2019 report by NBC News showed it to be the SECOND-LARGEST FUNDER of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign. More...
3) Epoch is associated with Guo Wengui (also known as Miles Kwok), on whose yacht #Bannon was arrested for fraud in We Build the Wall. Bannon & Breitbart work closely with the National Border Patrol Union & produce its podcast.
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Mittlerweile ist ja bekannt, dass RUS Chefideologe #Dugin, faschistischer EinflĂŒsterer von #Putin,enge Kontakte zu #Bannon aka #Trump, #Salvini,#LePen und offensichtlich auch zur #AfD insbesonders zu @PetrBystronAfD pflegt/pflegteâ˜đŸŒđŸ˜ˆ! Die Frage die ich mir nun, in Anbetracht

 des Angriffskriegs #Russlands und der Zusammenarbeit von @querdenken711 wĂ€hrend der Pandemie stelle ist, ist die @AfD aus dem Ausland, genauer Russland gesteuertđŸ€”đŸ€«đŸ˜ˆ! #LandesverratAfD #AgentBystron #StaatsfeindAfD #AfDVerbotJetzt
GrĂŒĂŸe aus dem Schlachthofviertel MĂŒnchen, lieber PetrđŸ™‹đŸŒâ€â™‚ïž!

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Kolumne: Es gibt eine neue Lagerbildung, global, real, hochgefÀhrlich und spÀtestens jetzt wirklich nicht mehr zu ignorieren. Die neuen Lager lassen sich nicht mehr in Himmelsrichtungen unterteilen. Die Grenzen verlaufen quer durch LÀnder. #Putin #Ukraine

Die zahlreichsten und gefĂ€hrlichsten Putin-Fans gehören dieser rechten Internationalen an. Von #Bannon bis #Koeppel, von #AfD bis #FPÖ.
Der »Freedom Convoy« hĂ€tte in Moskau keine zwei Stunden ĂŒberlebt.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
News you can use.

Try not to laugh...
#ErikPrince and James O'Keefe are the ratf*ck extroardinaires #RogerStone Steve #Bannon needed. Sprinkle a little #Flynn in there, and you've got a military grade political hack squad ready to fill their own pockets no matter how bad it is for the U.S.

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1/ What is Moms For Liberty? đŸ§”

This new REPUBLICAN group started in #Brevard County, FL. They spread across the country(like COVID), calling themselves "non-partisan" and "grassroots", they are neither. Last week, they formed 4 large PACs. Let's dive in!

2/ FACT: The Republican agenda IS to privatize public education, and put that tax money into their own private piggy banks. They have already taken several steps down that road, and that's not an exaggeration.

3/ Matt Gaetz sponsored a bill in 2017 that would have completely elimated the U.S. Department of Education @usedgov


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Selon la commission d'enquĂȘte de la Chambre, dans sa motivation de poursuites contre lui, #Meadows secrĂ©taire gĂ©nĂ©ral de la Maison Blanche de #Trump envoya 1 courriel le 5/01 disant que la Garde Nationale protĂšgerait les manifestants pro-#Trump le 6

2. La commission d'enquĂȘte de la Chambre sur l'insurrection du 6/01 a publiĂ© ce rapport pour validation puis transmission par le Speaker au ministĂšre de la Justice d'1 recommandation d'inculpation de #Meadows, refusant de tĂ©moigner, pour outrage au CongrĂš

3. #Meadows est pris à son propre piÚge. Il avait décidé de coopérer, contre l'avis de #Trump, et avait fourni, avant son revirement, 1 série de documents non couverts par le privilÚge de l'exécutif- dont ces courriels qui semblent le rattacher à la machinerie du 6/01...
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A few remarks on Steve Bannon's crypto whatever-it-is. (It's not an "offering" and it's not an obvious scam.)

He claims to have earned $27 billion in 2 weeks. 1/4
The fine print: #Bannon
1. Initial investments were by "private invitation only."
2. Initial investments had to be at least $1 million.
3. The company is not allowed to trade coins in the U.S., Japan, and Canada.
4. Most of the money came from China. 2/4
5. You can only trade the H-Coin at the Himalaya Exchange.
6. You can buy "Himalaya Farm" products (Guo Wengui's products) with the coins.
7. They're definitely NOT laundering money (they say). 3/4
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La commission spĂ©ciale d'enquĂȘte sur l'insurrection du 6 janvier contre le Capitole assigne 6 nouveaux proches de #Trump, citant pour la 1Ăšre fois leur rĂ©union dans l'hĂŽtel Willard pour planifier 1 renversement des rĂ©sultats la veille de l'Ă©

2. Les 6 assignĂ©s par la commission spĂ©ciale d'enquĂȘte de la Chambre sont Bill Stepien, le directeur de campagne, Jason Miller, conseiller politique principal de #Trump, Bernard Kerik, ex- patron de la police de NY et proche de #Giuliani...
3...John Eastman, le prof de droit complotiste qui a préparé 1 mémo de scenarii possibles de renversement des résultats de l'élection, Michael Flynn, l'ex-conseiller sécurité nationale de Trump gracié par lui et Angela McCallum, une conseillÚre politique de la campagne #Trump...
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THREAD: In 2019 @HouseIntel criminally referred Erik Prince for lying to congress in 1/17. Raise your hand if you’d like to see this blatant crime prosecuted by @TheJusticeDept & @RepAdamSchiff before the statute of limitations expires in 3 months. 1/

And the Senate Intel @MarkWarner made criminal referrals regarding Prince, #Bannon, Clovis, Trump Jr, and Kushner for lying to congress, but as with the House referral on Prince, Barr did nothing. Time for @TheJusticeDept to address these crimes. 2/

I would also like to see the @HouseIntel @JacksonLeeTX18 @RepZoeLofgren make a criminal referrals regarding McGahn’s testimony this year on trump’s obstruction of justice. If not, what was the point? The Statute of Limitations expires in about 8 months. 3/

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1/. #PandoraPapers reveal secret dealings of 330+ politicians & officials - including 35 current & former heads of state & govt

Exposé is based on a leaked dataset of 11.9 million files from all over the world & include disclosures about Tory party donors

2/. “The tax system is a haven of scams, perks, City deals and profits" (#TonyBlair 1994)

The #PandoraPapers reveal the Blair’s bought an offshore firm that owned the £6.5m house they were buying so did not have to pay £312,000 in stamp duty @BBCPanorama

3/. The #PandoraPapers expose offshore accounts of world leaders, billionaires, oligarchs & criminals

It should lead to a crackdown on tax loopholes & money laundering...but we’ve been here before

What was the impact of #PanamaPapers & #ParadisePapers?
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“There’s only two things that matter, the 3 November movement, what happened on the third of November, and then what happened in the Wuhan lab.

You get to the bottom of those two, everything else takes care of itself.” #SteveBannon (full text follows)

As promised:

"If you’ve been canceled by social media, dismissed by Fake News or written off by Paul Ryan, don’t worry — there is still a home for you.
Twice a day Monday through Friday, and again for two hours on Saturday, you are welcome to Steve Bannon’s “War Room” for entertainment, education and a crash course in taking back your country.


You certainly won’t be alone.

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1. Voici les 2 déclarations que l'ex-président D. #Trump publie aujourd'hui. Pour nier la victoire présidentielle de #Biden, dite plus grande arnaque de l'histoire et encourager tous les recomptages
Différence avec janvier? Il a imposé sa thÚse à TOUT le parti républicain...
2...non seulement celles et ceux qui refusent de souscrire au rĂ©cit d'1 victoire volĂ©e de #Biden sont purgĂ©s du parti rĂ©publicain comme #LizCheney est en passe de l'ĂȘtre Ă  la Chambre au nom de l'impĂ©ratif d'obĂ©issance Ă  #Trump...#Ă dĂ©rouler 👇
3...mais les nouveaux responsables comme Stefanik, élue de NY qui devrait remplacer #Cheney en no.3 républicaine de la Chambre, soutiennent eux que l'élection a été volée et frauduleuse, en passant chez #Bannon, le pÚre Joseph national populiste de #Trump.

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January 6 has Bannon’s dirty fingerprints all over it. #SubpoenaBannon #impeachment #cartoon #Bannon 1/
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#DOJ can still pursue charges against #Manafort #Stone #Bannon

"It is rare that a prosecutor charges all such counts that could be charged, as it would overwhelm a jury and is unnecessary to increasing a sentence upon conviction”


With #Bannon, there were specific pardons "under chapter 95 of title 18 of the #US Code (basically racketeering type charges)," he wrote.

Those aren't all of the charges against Bannon and it certainly doesn't cover additional federal crimes like "mail and wire fraud."

#Manafort pleaded to a superseding information containing two conspiracy charges

The underlying indictment — containing numerous crimes from money laundering, witness tampering, violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act — now open to prosecution as there was no conviction
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Armed white supremacists who stormed the Capitol Jan. 6 had wanted to assassinate politicians. Much of their hate and threats were directed at female politicians.

Trump’s pardon of Bannon is a reminder of that white supremacist patriarchy run amok

You have probably seen the picture of Richard “Bigo” Barnett, stretched out in the office of the most powerful woman in the country, his feet on a desk. He is now under arrest, but while he was still high on Big Dick Energy, Bigo was happy to boast to a New York Times reporter... A supporter of US President Donald Trump sits inside the off
“I wrote her a nasty note, put my feet up on her desk and scratched my balls,” Bigo told Matthew Rosenberg. His note to Speaker Pelosi: “Nancy, Bigo was here you bitch,” Bigo said.
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My new essay looks at #Trump’s legacy and #Bannon’s role - in getting him in office and in trying to keep him in office via Jan. 6 insurrection. It’s the third part of my series that looks at the insurrection through a feminist lens.
This is part one: on female insurrectionists.

And this is part two: on female lawmakers who supported the insurrection.

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đŸ‡ș🇾 AprĂšs 4 ans de prĂ©sidence #Trump, l’arrivĂ©e au pouvoir de Joe #Biden constitue, pour certains, un espoir d’apaisement.

À #Washington, oĂč la communautĂ© afro-amĂ©ricaine reprĂ©sente la moitiĂ© de la population, qu’attend-on de ce changement de prĂ©sidence ? Reportage @gu__gu
đŸ‡ș🇾 Le dĂ©mocrate Joe #Biden va entrer ce mercredi Ă  la #MaisonBlanche, Ă  l'issue de la cĂ©rĂ©monie d'investiture #InaugurationDay2021 #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021.

Mode d'emploi de cette journĂ©e obĂ©issant Ă  un protocole trĂšs strict avec @FRANCE24 —
đŸ‡ș🇾 "Pour guĂ©rir, nous devons nous souvenir."

À la veille de son investiture, Joe #Biden a rendu hommage aux victimes du #COVID19 Ă  #Washington, devant le #LincolnMemorial #Inauguration2021 —
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@Kevinliptakcnn That's a lie. Cleta is a #KochNetwork #DarkMoney lawyer. Come'on PRESS.... Do better than the he said/she said.

@Kevinliptakcnn "Cleta is also on the Board of Governors of #CouncilForNationalPolicy ". h/t Professor, #ShadowNetwork author & investigative journalist, Anne Nelson,
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Ein rechtes Mediennetzwerk aus den #USA versucht, mit viel Geld und politischem Einfluss #Verschwörungstheorien in Deutschland zu verbreiten. Mit dabei: Ex-Trump-Berater Steve #Bannon. #Thread

Mit dem exil-chinesischen MilliardĂ€r Guo Wengui baut Bannon Stiftungen, Webseiten und Aktivistengruppen in mehreren europĂ€ischen LĂ€ndern auf. Sie nennen sich „Himalaya Farm“ und wollen echten und vermeintlichen Einfluss der kommunistischen Partei #China|s weltweit bekĂ€mpfen. Image
Guo betreibt in den #USA Nachrichtenseiten wie Gnews oder G-TV. Sie verbreiten GerĂŒchte ĂŒber angeblichen Wahlbetrug, das Coronavirus und andere Verschwörungsmythen. @NewsGuardRating bewertet die GlaubwĂŒrdigkeit von Gnews mit nur 6,5 von 100 Punkten.

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Ich finde es ehrlich gesagt unfassbar grauenhaft und schÀbig, was da gerade stattfindet.

#Giuliani und #Bannon als treibende KrĂ€fte. Was fĂŒr absolut widerwĂ€rtige "Menschen".

Ich weiss auch nicht, wie man "Wahlkampf" noch ekelhafter betreiben kann.
Was mich auch massiv abturned (und verwundert bzw. enttĂ€uscht), ist die Tatsache, dass hier @bellingcat-Mitglieder aktiv daran mitwirken, die betreffenden Inhalte trotz der "Schutzmaßnahmen" von @Twitter zugĂ€nglich zu machen.

Ich bin der Meinung, dass das kontraproduktiv ist.
Der Schaden ist unwiderruflich angerichtet - die Biden-Kampagne ist gezwungen, sich dazu zu Ă€ussern. đŸ€·â€â™‚ïž
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"Die New Yorker Staatsanwaltschaft wirft ihm [Steve #Bannon] und drei weiteren Beschuldigten vor, Geld abgezweigt zu haben aus einer Online-Spendenaktion fĂŒr den Bau einer Mauer an der Grenze zu Mexiko."

Wer fĂŒr den Bau einer Mauer spendet, ist schon selten dĂ€mlich.
Und was macht Oliver #Flesch daraus?

"Was da wohl wirklich dahintersteckt"

"[...] wir befĂŒrchten, hier soll einer unser besten KĂ€mpfer aus dem Verkehr gezogen werden." Image
Bannon leitete von 2012 - 2016 #Breitbart (eine rechte Nachrichtenseite in den USA), die öfters mit zweifelhaften Schlagzeilen auf sich aufmerksam machte.

Wie z.B. diese ĂŒber Lukas #Podolski:
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#SteveBannon arrestato insieme ad altri 3, accusa di frode in relazione alla campagna di raccolta fondi online "We Build the Wall"

#20agosto #Bannon
⚠Per la cronaca, visto che le accuse e gli arresti VERI vengono annunciati sul sito ufficiale del DoJ?đŸ‘‡đŸ»
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How stupid does @marklevinshow think his low-info dingbat audience is? #Bannon used his relationship with Trump (who assured #MAGA voters he only hired the best people) to raise money to build Trump's vanity fucking wall. Try again, Mark. Even poorly educateds see the connection.
"Nothing to do with President Trump." LOL. Image
As @grantstern wrote last year, Steve Bannon's criminal scam was given added legitimacy at a fundraiser attended by @realDonaldTrump's weird son @DonaldJTrumpJr. The next month, #SheepKiller Don Jr. used political connections to avoid jail time in Mongolia

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