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‼️The Brexit Referendum & the 2016 Trump Campaign are intertwined— the same co-conspirators are involved in both.

Brexit (Leave.eu) was a test run for the Trump 2016 presidential campaign.

This thread will illustrate the big picture. Trump = medium sized fish.
Both campaigns focused on common RW themes: Nationalism, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Soros, income disparity, etc.—all issues exacerbated by the actions of TOC.

📌Cambridge Analytica is the focal point through which we can see the relationships in play & reveals the elephant in the room: Britain tying its future to an America that is being remade - in a radical and alarming way - by TeamTrump.
📌Cambridge Analytica was principally owned by Robert Mercer, a Trump backer and investor in Breitbart.

📌Stephen K. Bannon, the former Breitbart chairman served until August 16, 2016 as VP of Cambridge’s board, when he joined the Trump campaign.
Did Mercer lay the foundations of an authoritarian surveillance state in the US & Britain & did he lead a covert, far-reaching plan of coordination to subvert British & US democracy? #Mercer
This is a massive power grab by billionaires via our socmed data.

Our social media data was silently, w/out our consent amassed, harvested & weaponized against us via sophisticated micro-targeted propaganda psyops to influence our political opinions.
Why the story of Cambridge Analytica is one of the most profoundly unsettling of our time. What’s clear is that the power & dominance of the Silicon Valley – Google & Facebook and a small handful of others – are at the center of the global tectonic shift.
📌Nix, Cambridge Analytica's former CEO, has admitted to reaching out to Assange in the summer of 2016 about accessing 33,000 of Clinton's emails that went missing in the course of an investigation into her use of a personal email server.
📌Assange said he rejected Nix's offer, but that wasn't the only point of contact between the two organizations.

📌Another Cambridge Analytica executive, Brittany Kaiser, met with Assange in February 2017 at the Ecuadoran embassy in London.
‼️Multiple Investigations continue about these contacts and any other communication that Cambridge Analytica, its parent company SCL Group, and key executives may have had with WikiLeaks or with Russia.
📌Nigel Farage allegedly held several secret meetings with Julian Assange and gave him a USB stick with data on it, a US congressional enquiry has heard.
📌This is a power network that involves WikiLeaks & Farage, & Cambridge Analytica & Farage, & Robert Mercer & Farage.

📌Bannon, former VP of Cambridge Analytica & Farage.

📌It’s Nigel Farage & Brexit & Trump & 2016elex & CA & WikiLeaks & Russia (GRU)
In July 2016, Banks flew Farage BC to Cleveland, Ohio to attend theRNC

Banks, thru Southern Rock, paid Goddard Gunster £64,064 for a “Nigel Farage Brexit Policy Luncheon”.

At the RNC, Farage met Corker & Bolton—Tucker Carlson paid to interview Farage.
5/31/19: Grand jury still interested in Roger Stone and the 2016 GOP convention

RNC = Nexus
📌BTW: Brexit engineer Nigel Farage was hired to promote effort to break California in two #CalExit

📌Farage & Banks raised around $1M during a trip to California, primarily from technology entrepreneurs and agriculture.

📌Farage & Arron Banks were recruited by REPUBLICAN OPERATIVES Scott Baugh & Gerry Gunster to help raise money to fund the drive to get more than 500k signatures from around the state in order to put the proposal before voters on California’s 2018 ballot.
📌The photo is of Nigel Farage with pro-Russian Republican politician Dana Rohrabacher, who is known in the States as “Putin’s favourite Congressman”.

📌Rohrabacher has close links to Manafort, who is named in the emails released by Donald Trump Junior.”
📌Manafort accompanied DonJr to the TT meeting with a Russia lawyer, who promised dirt on HRC.

📌Rohrabacher also met Veselnitskaya & is the only person who Manafort met in his previous job as a “foreign agent” for a pro-Russian Ukranian political party.
To date, we have only seen mere glimpses of the gory details of this grand conspiracy perpetrated by Russia & TeamBrexitTrump, as it is still under inv’n.

In the meantime Britain & the US are mired in chaos as we wait for the grand reveal via multiple indictments here & abroad.
@SpeakerPelosi understands the enormity & complexity of this global conspiracy, which underlines her wise strategy.
The int’l inv’n is huge, far reaching & enormously complex.

The list of participants in this global conspiracy is long.

The Mueller probe is a relatively small part of a much larger inv’n

Please review this excellent thread by @MsMariaT

#Scott24 🔼🔽
📌How the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ forged ties with Russia and the Trump campaign — and came under investigators’ scrutiny
‼️Nigel Farage’s funding secrets revealed

‼️TeamBrexitTrump Business opportunities
5/29/19: Boris Johnson, the front-runner to replace Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain, was ordered on Wednesday to appear in court for a preliminary hearing over allegations that he lied to the public during the 2016 Brexit referendum.
6/1/19 Of course Trump endorses Boris Johnson: "I know the different players," Mr. Trump said about the prime minister race in an interview w/the British tabloid the Sun. "But I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent." Get it?

The Brexit Referendum - a vote in which everyone (or nearly everyone) of voting age can take part - was held on Thursday 23 June, 2016, to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union.
Leave won by 51.9% to 48.1%. The referendum turnout was 71.8%, with more
‼️Brexit Vote Causes Stocks to Crash

📌European and Asian stock markets crashed Friday June 24, 2016 as Britain's unprecedented vote to leave the European Union rocked world financial markets.
Immediately after Brexit Referendum (vote) the British £ suffered a devastating crash, the ripples of which reverberated around the world.

📌To date the £ has not recovered.

Who profited?
#9122001Crash, #IcelandCrash, #2008MeltDown: are they connected?
‼️The Brexit Short and polling shenanigans:

‼️Roger Stone:

“When I had dinner with Nigel Farage who lead the Brexit campaign in the UK he told me the polls had been rigged in that fight. MSM trick.”
H/T @amys_here
‼️Notice how the market always tanks when Trump announces new tariffs?

Who is shorting the market? #PumpAndDump
Brexit timeline: UK's departure from the EU
‼️June 24, 2016:

📌Trump flies to Scotland to celebrate Brexit vote & rev up his campaign.

‘When the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry.’

📌Trump celebrates the massive devaluation of the £ & the devastating stock market crash
📌Of course Trump and his Scottish golf resort profit from falling pound after Brexit vote

📌Turnberry, which president-elect bought in 2014, expects most profitable year thanks to exchange rate (£ devaluation) attracting US visitors😱

📌The Brexit Campaign/Leave dot EU was a test run for the Trump campaign.

‼️#Scot24 ‘Sedition’ Meeting

June 24, 2016

The Kremlin is clearly pleased with the success of Leave.eu / Brexit vote & looks forward to the 2016 Trump Campaign.

The Trump campaign goes into overdrive filling their coffers spectacularly:

H/T to original finder.
‼️Trump Campaign “America’s Brexit”:

With its push to restrict immigration and its appeal to “take our country back,” the Brexit campaign was always a political sibling of the Trump campaign in the United States.
📌The Brexit / Leave. eu campaign was a precursor to Trump’s election — which Stephen K. Bannon, the president’s former political adviser, often called “America’s Brexit.”
Did Brexit help validate & legitimize the nationalistic “America First” ideas on which Trump’s campaign was built?

It supported his notion that the world is a stage on which great powers compete, make deals, while bending weaker countries to their will.
📌Advocates of Brexit have long harbored ambitions not just to fragment the European Union but to wreck it.
📌Nigel Farage, a strident crusader against the European Union, helped push the Brexit campaign, and then became a fixture of the Trump campaign, appearing at rallies and debates. Bannon met with Farage July 2018.
📌Bannon and Farage go back. They are close ideological allies. And, in fact, Steve Bannon actually opened a branch of Breitbart in London in 2012, specifically to support Nigel Farage's mission to take Britain out of the EU.
📌In 2012, Bannon set up a Breitbart office in London to help try to move British culture and politics to the far-right with the goal, when established, it would influence American culture and politics.
‼️Justice is coming:

Nigel Farage is facing an investigation by European parliament authorities over claims that he failed to declare nearly half a million pounds in gifts from an insurance tycoon under investigation by the National Crime Agency.
Bannon: “The populist revolt in Europe is always 6 mos to a year ahead of us,” “These ideas spread like contagion. Brexit & Trump2016 are inextricably linked -the exact same themes: sovereignty, stopping mass illegal immigration & a virulent anti-elitism.”
Note: Bannon’s comment above:

“virulent anti-elitism” is a psyops & projection.

As noted above, this extreme RW ‘populist/nationalistic movement’ is is a massive power grab by billionaires/TOC, to further impoverish, sicken & subvert the will & human rights of the people.
But for those who subscribe to Bannon’s protectionist worldview, the success of Brexit & likewise his anti EU sentiment is closely tied to Trump’s movement in the US & those of populist, nationalist movements in countries like Italy, Hungary and Germany.

TeamPutinBrexitTrump (TOC) seek to deregulate everything to create a feudal, lawless homogenic Master & Serf society worldwide.

Their goal: abolish all civil rights laws, tax laws, labor laws, food, water & environmental protection laws, consumer protection laws, HC, etc.
📌This cabal wants us impoverished, poisoned/sickened (no healthcare) & undereducated/propagandized to render the populace utterly weakened, fearful & thus rendered powerless to fight back. #OpiateCrisis #Flint #AntiVax
📌Since the global economic meltdown of 2008 & b/4, we have seen the rise of wars/violence causing waves of refugees from the ME & S/M America, which via propaganda we witnessed the resurgence of far-right xenophobic nationalism and anti- EU resentments. #Destabilization
Who funded the mass migrations in the ME & M & S America = TOC

Transnational Organized Criminals vs Western Liberal Democracy

Reminder: GRU/Wikileaks/Assange & TeamTrump are responsible for #MacronLeaks

‼️The good news is:

Bannon is starting the feel the heat along with Banks, Farage, Cotrell, & Johnson & many others. Much more to come.

📌5/31/19: Italy to evict Steve Bannon from his far-right training academy which he described as a “gladiator school for cultural warriors,”
📌Bannon’s funding of extremist parties ended before it even started last year, after the Guardian revealed that foreign donations, like the ones the millionaire was planning to make, would break electoral laws in a dozen European countries.
📌📌A U.S. judge on 5/31/19 denied Facebook Inc.'s request to dismiss a lawsuit by the Washington, D.C. attorney general over the social mediagiant's improper sharing of 87 million users' data with British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica
I hope the above illustrates the enormity & complexity of the ongoing multinational, multi level investigations into the perpetrators of the subversion of Brexit & 2016 US presidential elex.

📌Mueller had a narrow remit.

📌Brexit & 2016 elex are intertwined & global in scale.
Also, I hope this gives the reader greater insight into the big picture & why more info & indictments need to drop to educate the public about this decades long conspiracy to subvert Western Liberal Democracy.

May the Force be with the prosecutors and the Rule of Law.
@threadreaderapp unroll please and thank you.

Robert Mercer & Ron Lauder & Alfa bank & much, much more.

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