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While there’s no way to determine if you’ll develop Seasonal Affective Disorder #SAD (or what exactly causes it), there are a few possible causes to be aware of.

Let’s break em down! 👇
1) Distance from the equator

Well, unfortunately you’re a bit out of luck on this one (unless you plan on picking up and moving to Ecuador, in which case more power to you).

Further away = less sunlight = higher chance of developing #SeasonalDepression
2) History of #MentalHealth struggles

History of #depression, #anxiety, #bipolar and other disorders can put you at a higher risk.
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Do you have Seasonal Depression (or Seasonal Affective Disorder #SAD)?

There’s no shame in it if you do. It’s important to *understand* what you’re dealing with, in order to deal with it properly! Let’s talk symptoms 👇
If you notice your mood, behavior, or feelings (you’re #mentalhealth) change during the winter months, there’s a pretty good chance you have #SAD. What are some signs?

Sadness, crying, and hopelessness (you may know these as #depression) are CLEAR signs that you’re affected.
Anger, irritability, and agitation are harder to pinpoint. BUT, they are also signs. You may not realize or notice at first - you could be attributing these to so many other factors. But think back... did you feel & act similar before the winter months?
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Since a lot of us are suffering through it at the moment, let’s hit on what causes Seasonal Affective Disorder (aptly know as #SAD)

While researchers haven’t pinned down an exact reason, the most likely causes all have to do with - you guessed it - the sun. 3 major causes 👇
1) Circadian Rhythm

the lack of sunlight messes with our internal rhythms, which throws our body out of whack. Off kilter natural rhythm = greater susceptibility to #depression.
2) Serotonin Levels

the sun gives our brain’s mood-booster an extra kick and aids in production. Once again, lack of sun = lower serotonin levels = greater chance of #SeasonalDepression.
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If you’re sad & you know it, cry on your couch.
If you’re sad & you know it, cry on your couch.
If you’re sad & you know it, bitch your face will surely show it.
If you’re sad & you know it, cry on your couch.
Expressing your emotions is healthy. I found this in my drafts bc sometimes when I’m in a weird headspace I write tweets I don’t send bc I can’t tell if they’re inappropriate. Given that I’m finally emerging from another seasonal depression episode, it feels ok to tweet this now.
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